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what fucking gives?

Who even owns a 3DS? It's a literal meme handheld

i want game theory to leave

have you even been outside of your room?

It's more common than the Vita for sure, but it's still peanuts when compared to the number of people you see playing on their phones every day.

That's because
has a phone you dingus

both of you need to go outside more

The 3DS is currently the top selling console this generation though?

That'd be the PS4. The PS4 is selling a lot more a lot faster, 3DS has been out for longer. It is the best selling handheld of it's generation though.

It's really not an understatement and is a factor people take into account for mobile development
Personally, I think a sans model would better fit wario, because well, Wario literally always has that stupid fucking grin on his face all the time, but that's just me.
They also both ride bikes, but whatever

thats wrong though?

Now you're being a parrot. It's a cell phone. Everyone must have one, be it a smartphone or a 3310.

No, it's not.
The PS4 has been selling a lot faster and will surpass it in a year or 2, the 3DS has just been out for longer.

But the 3DS is currently outselling the PS4 by 10 million units. I don't care what is selling faster m8. You're wrong, you stupid fanboy

Fuck, I mean 20 million units. The PS4 has a LOT of catching up to do

Now I'm not sure if this is just the alcohol or not sleeping but I'm pretty sure a year of two is not "current"

Don't forget your "I suck at math" shirt and your hipster glasses while you're at it, friend.

ok first, I know people that don't own cell phones. and second he's not obviously talking about people playing fucking snake on a 3310s nigga,

user is talking about smartphones


I don't have cell phone.

nice gay theory there faggot
phil collins vice city stories model rip when?

Are you talking about modding a background character in smash or a background character being modded in?

2nd one

The PS4 is selling 150k a week on average. That means it'll take 6 weeks to sell 1 million units. it'll take a year to sell 8 million PS4s. By that time the 3DS will have sold an additional 3 million units on top of the 20 million it has ahead

The buzz is kicking in so my math might be wrong though

Okay, you fucking retard.
Let's simply visit, the best source for hardware sales.
Let's open up the statistics for this year, starting from January.
PS4: 6,050,917 units sold, from January to July. No statistics on August.
3DS: 2,389,683 units sold, from January to July, again.
Feel free to see for yourself.

But the 3DS has been out for 2 years longer.

It doesn't matter you stupid retard. The 3DS is outselling the PS4. You're wrong, your source even says so. Stop changing the goal post here. You said the PS4 was outselling the 3DS, on a week by week basis you'd be right, but overall, you are wrong. And it is very unlikely the PS4 is going to outsell the 3DS by the end of this generation by this rate. The fact the 3DS is over 20 million ahead shows that it has been outselling the PS4 for a very long time too

What a great Smash thread

I'm pretty smashed right now niggerell

Right now the PS4 is selling like hotcakes and they got more games coming up to sell more. 3DS sales are slowing down while PS4 sales are increasing. 20 million units ahead isnt that large of a gap to close in 3 years, which is when I assume 3DS and PS4 sales and production will mostly stop. Don't forget, Christmas is coming up and the PS4 is a lot more desired then the 3DS. Christmas generally sells 1-5 million units depending on the hype built up that year.

Holla Forums's been getting exponentially worse the past couple days, what the hell's going on?

Both of you are niggers.

3DS launched at the beginning of 2011, PS4 at the end of 2013 - so let's round the PS4 to beginning of 2014 for comparison's sake.

We're about halfway through 2016 now so

and through that we can get an average of:

3DS has sold more only by merit of having a 3-year head start.

How am I a nigger? I said that the 3DS was released 2 years earlier.

Because you both argue and fling shit like niggers.
Who gives a shit about sales if both platforms are shit?

Why would you want to mod the 3DS smash when the WiiU smash already exist? I think Smash WiiU modding is already a thing.

Of course, everyone have a phone. Is a vital tool in the life of a lot of people, unlike the 3DS/Vita. You do see a lot less of people using a 3DS/vita compared to DS//GBA/PSP

That's not this whole generation, retard. Overall 3DS has sold more units than the PS4. The PS4 might catch with the 3DS in the near future, but right now is a fact that the 3DS have sold more. In any case, that's not even the point, the point is that there are a lot of sold 3DS.

That's irrelevant. The 3DS already have sold more than the PS4. If it catches in 2 years, the that would only meant it sold more than the 3DS but by then, not by now.

That's why the board feels slower and only shit threads are bumped more often. Either that, or Holla Forums as a whole is dying.

Yeah, that's it.

Nigger please, the PS4 is going to need system sellers to get any real advantage. Its been shown Monster Hunter alone drives 3DS sales up 300 percent on launch week. When Pokemon Sun and Moon come out it'll be the same shit while the PS4s sales will slow

Mark my words niggers, the generation end totals will be PS4 -80 million, 3DS -90 million

nigga, it's been 5 and a half years and the 3DS is just about scraping 60 million. Sales are going to slow and slow because everyone who wants a 3DS already has one.

And what makes you think the PS4 is going to retain its momentum when it literally has jack shit in its lineup as far as system sellers go?

A lot of things could happen
And so on. Stop being autistic user. Is a fact that for now 3DS have sold more than PS4, but that would probably change in the future.

That IS the Wii U version, numb nuts!

Shit like CoD sells a lot of copies, and the console still has some exclusives coming out like The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War and Death Stranding (which all Kojima cocksuckers will buy).

Sorry user, I correlated the OP with the first post. My first line was mostly directed to

Weeb games only move units in Japan. The price drop will most likely happen along with the release of the slim, which I can see moving units past the 3DS for at least several months

My prediction of 80 million PS4 to 90 million 3DS is pretty fair considering the 3DS' headstart. But just as the 3DS lost momentum, the PS4 inevitably will as well, which I predict to happen after it pushes 60 million units, similar to last generation with the 360/PS3, while the 3DS is already ahead

Consolidation of threads into generals isn't helping, apparently the reason is because a bunch of threads made for one-off topics of discussion would "crowd out the board" even though the entire fucking point of Holla Forums is it's a general video games board and /vg/ is where generals come into play.

The PS4 still has 3-4 years of life in it, even more so if Project Neo will be what it claims to be.
3DS I'd argue has a lot less, I'd only say maybe 2 years at most.

Best selling multiplats, historically, have rarely resulted in significant increases of console sales for individual consoles. Because its mitigated by the fact its spread across multiple platforms. If Sony does have a chance, its with its exclusives. But I just don't see them pushing units like Nintendos exclusives always seem to do

Handhelds typically will always have a longer life than home consoles, as its been in the past. I think you're completely wrong. But we'll just have to see

Are you aware of the amount of exports Sony user make?
In any case, you're being either too optimistic or too autistic. The PS4 have a lot more on the 3DS. The 3DS already outlived it's time. If there was a recent boost on sales, it was probably for the piracy, while, as user said, there are a lot of exclusives for PS4.

That's a good point, but you can't have more than one thread about a game because you intermediately hear faggots screaming "THERE'S ALREADY A THREAD FOR THAT!", hence the generals.
Also, /vg/ is a dead board, the same with any other board that isn't the first 4.

The 3DS will die once the NX comes out, and it's kind of close.

As the other guy pointed out, most people that want a 3DS already have one, I don't think that MonHun or Pokemon will push any more as most people that want MonHun or Pokemon already got one.

Pushing the 3DS out to 7 years might be a bit of a stretch, and the New 3DS hasn't sold nearly as much as the old one because there isn't much reason to get one. A 3rd party dev making a game only for new 3DS is basically financial suicide.

Just wanted to add that we're not even considering the fact the 3DS is cheaper to begin with. Its foolish to compare handhelds with home consoles to begin with. And its even more foolish to say that a home console is going to outsell a handheld. Historically this has never been the case and I don't see this changing at all.

That's making a lot of assumptions though. And I would in addition point out that Pokemon games almost always result in increased console sales despite the age of the console. Pokemon Black and White, for example came out in 2011 and actually may have hurt initial sales of 3DS; because it resulted in more people buying DS'

I'm just saying, its very unrealistic to me to say the PS4 will outsell the 3DS, thats completely ludicrous actually, considering history

Consider that Pokemon Go alienated a lot of normalfags that would probably buy the 3DS only for pokemon games Not as much, but is certainly something to consider.

There are a lot of reasons to buy a N3DS right now, specially with CFW around. You can overclock the thing to make run 3DS games at steady FPS, plus you have more options with emulation, SNES emulation, for example.

user, I have a PS4. And you're wrong. Very fucking wrong

My bad.
In any case, and as I said, most of the games are Japan exclusive anyway, and most of the people that would buy a PS4 right now is either for normalfag shit like CoD or Japan exclusive games.

I suppose so, but like I said, multiplats, even the best selling ones, rarely sell hardware. A good example is GTA V, the fastest selling piece of media of all time. And it hardly boosted PS3/Xbox 360 sales compared to a game that sold a similar amount of units like New Super Mario Bros that gave the Wii a huge boost. I ended up investing in a decent PC after realizing my PS4 was just a GTA V and Bloodborne machine

You just don't like the PS4 because you're not a weeb I'd kill for a PS4 so I could play shit like Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X
But you're mostly right. Hyped games don't help to boost hardware sells. But we're talking about a normalfag/weeb console against a relatively niche handheld.

At the same time the "niche" handheld currently has a larger install base. Despite the PS4 quickly closing in on it. I'll stand by my sales prediction unless something spectacular happens and the PS4 somehow moves above 500k a week

by the time the ps4 reaches its limit
there'll be dragon's crown 2 or some type of game made by vanillaware on the ps4 and everyone will eventually buy a ps4 just for those 4 or 3 exclusives

I still don't get why Smash autists don't just make their own, easily modified game engine, like MUGEN, and use that if they want to put all these wacky characters in?
Like fuck, these fucking autists waited three fucking years just for the WiiU to be hacked. In those three years you could have easily have put together a beautiful engine and gotten the same results without needing to do stupid shit like hex editing.
Smash autists are the fucking worst because they're so fucking lazy they'd rather wait 3 years to even have the ability to access the game. Then go through all the complicated bullshit of hacking a console game when they could have just made their own fucking engine to do so in over that 3 year time period.