What do you think of this game? Recently played it (what a time vampire), it hit some right notes with me, but felt dragging as it went on. It's obviously not a real detective game since you barely investigate anything yourself, but the unfolding of the mysteries was amusing nonetheless. I think it became considerably less fun as more people would get eliminated, since there was less interaction between different characters, producing less interesting setups. By the end, the original gist of surviving in a reality game about deception and murder was totally gone and replaced with uncovering the convoluted plot, which should've been more simple instead of this ostentatious bomb.

A turning point for me was when Toko was revealed to be the legendary serial killer in one of the class trials and she wasn't tied up afterwards and nobody gave a fuck about a murderous maniac walking about, who just became an annoying character anyway. That was dumb. Junko and the 16th student bullshit was probably even worse, but my expectations were already warped by then.

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I want Brian Beacock to fucking drop dead so I can replace him with my superior voice acting skills.

I hate him so fucking much.

You're that user that sent some voice sample but got rejected?

forgot to add

top soundtrack

This has been on my backlog for a long time, is it worth to play the games or should i watch the anime instead?

Don't watch the first anime. It has horrific pacing issues and the games don't take that long.
The currently airing anime is pretty much the third game they decided not to make. Spike Chunsoft is developing a reputation for questionable decisions for a series' third installment


You got some brownie points!


I gotta learn Japanese and Japanese Vowel sounds, I'm so damn close. Nobuyo, I will do this in your honor. I will repay the joy you've brought me, you may have forgotten us, but we won't forget you. Anyway, I'm gonna stop here. The rest will be done purely through requests. If anyone cares enough that is. I need to do vocal cord training, so fire away, boys.

You got some more brownie points!

Wait the game doesn't have dual audio?!

Fuck fuck fuck.

I refuse to play a VN in English, it's just wrong.

Oh thankfully the Steam version I pirated does.

Close call.

It does!

Yes you can, calm down, I just heard the voice in english and hated it, now you can also mod your vita to have the more faithful fan translation! Everybody wins!

I was just so inspired and motivated after hearing Nobuyo Ooyama has dementia and will no longer voice monokuma due to her condition

I want to help.

oh, and steam too.


Calm your shit. You can't even tell if it's good voice acting or not if you don't understand the language

My native language isn't English either.

But you're right, I taught myself English when I was 12 because of all the books TV shows and videogames I was missing out on.

If only I could go back in time and learn Japanese as well!

I can tell shitty Californian voice acting.

Besides been watching/playing Japanese entertainment for years. Grown accustomed to it.

That's very true, but could it POSSIBLY be worse than what we have here? Besides, the Japanese take voice acting VERY seriously!

What's it like to have autism so severe? I ask because voice acting boils down to being able to use the proper emotional intonation in the voice at the proper time, and it's completely unnecessary to understand a language to be able to understand the emotion in the speaker's voice. The only exception to this is people who are severely autistic.

I thought 1 was pretty good, like you said the last two cases suffer from a lack of variety in character interactions. 2 Suffers even a little more from that since more of the characters are wacky so most of the cases are carried on the backs of the same two or three characters throughout. I don't agree with the common criticism that the series goes "too anime" though, I think if they'd made it more serious and dark it would have most likely just felt like a real slog and the faults in the writing would have stood out even more like what's happening in the Future Side anime currently.

I agree.

I haven't played two yet, I will soon though.

Fucking everone says that. You don't even know what they're saying or how it's supposed to be pronounced. You have no idea what words they're emphasizing. For all you know they're hamming it up harder than the English VAs

Soundtrack isn]'t that great, but this track in particular is incredible


Even before I knew a word of Japanese, I could still hear the difference between characters speaking normal Japanese, the kansai dialect, and "stereotypical foreigner butchering the language" Japanese. You really do have a speech center related disability or severe autism if you can't pick out the flat, phoned in performances in Cardinal Arc compared to other games.

Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure if you project hard enough it'll become true

Y-You too…

The anime is killing me right now
Chiaki is making me feel so happy but so damn sad also
And in Future I know either chocolate waifu or bacon hands will die soon and I dont want that either

The last episode was a nice change of pace with Toko
Id like another ultra dispare girls but if the anime clears up all of every happening I dont see it being made

Also really interested in how the new game is gonna fit in


Trust me if you listen to a foreign language for years you pick up on stuff like that. It's how we learn language as babies.