So, is this game any good. Full and half Holla Forums (just Holla Forums really at this point) don't have much to say about it other than muh es jay dubyoos because your overlord is of indeterminate gender or something. I don't really give that much of a shit.

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I think it looks pretty good. Usually RPG Codex is the place to ask if an RPG is good, but they have a Holla Forums infestation of their own. It's from Obsidian so it should be decent at the bare minimum. Pirate a copy and see for yourself.

The game is made by Obsidian, Paradox simply produced it.

Pirate it. For CK2 I bought a base copy to get mod forum access and have been pirating every DLC since.

It's got some bad writing but it has a few people that discuss things that trigger Holla Forumsacks

How bad? Like Baldur's Gate bad or a lot worse? I don't expect Chris Avellone tier writing, but I would hope it's serviceable.

What's not to love?


I don't think it will ever happen after EvW got cancelled. Honestly don't want it after the new HoI turned out to be shit.

That's a shame, I tried the NWO mod for Victoria 2 but it doesn't really fit the period's politics

I just want to get up to dodgy post-colonial shenanigans in (former) French Africa, is that too much to ask?

Obsidian? It should be good then.



Yeah, because they used the same engine than Bethesda and even then they actually patched many glitches Fallout 3 had despite only having one year of development time.

Post map painting simulators.

Never played KOTOR so I don't give a fuck about that part of your funny greentexting but if you honestly think Fallout 3 is better than New Vegas then I don't know what to tell you.


Will try it, but Pillars of Eternity's shitty combat burned me out on Obsidian games for a while.

More like ideology simulators amirite?

Socialism in V2 gets a bad rap since they're almost exclusively anti-war which makes the game much harder.

Communism is the best party for smaller nations or if you're gud, and there's no real option to actually oppress your pops.

It's called lazy fairy for a reason.

How did you made socialist rise to power? I can't get rid of reactionaries and conservatives from the senate. I can't even make voting for everybody REEE.
Then communists start riots and i have to kill them, even tho i want them in power.

KotOR 2 wasn't finished. It got forced out earlier by the publisher. The recent update actually makes it run better than the first game. Also, the fan content restoration patch adds the missing content.

You're a fucking retard. Go back to playing your casual trash like Skyrim.

I mean I'd say banning public meetings and free speech is rather oppressive, which is what happens if a communist revolution takes place in game, not to mention voting rights are rescinded, which is just factually innaccurate

What did he mean by this?

Doesn't excuse them from making a boring story and a bad map.

Fallout 3 and WET were the only two Bethesda games I liked, fam. I couldn't even bring myself to finish Morrowind, despite it being the best Elder Scrolls.

Go back to Holla Forums.

That's the point, you have to let Communists take over your country/capital so that you can switch government type.

So you don't care about worker conditions? Obsidian have been fucked at least twice by big game studios.
Why are you even here?

The best way to steer your pops is to have 24/7 elections and pick the voter issues of your desired party. That pic I'm still a constitutional monarchy so I can pick whatever party I want, but the party that's in control has a conversion bonus so it's good to do that. Reactionaries are only a problem when you try to do political but mostly social reforms when your pops are still uneducated. It's alot easier when you have a large craftsmen/clerk population and obviously when your literacy level is higher.

Let them hold your capital for a year = communist revolution


The game only tracks which party gets votes, if there's only one party to vote for…

Freedom only for the members of the government, only for the members of the Party - though they are quite numerous - is no freedom at all.

Where do YOU think you are?

Yeah, you're a casual. RPGs aren't for you fam.

What are you talking about I don't understand?

Tell that to my Ultima collection m8

Best game with a socialist message coming thru.

I think you're looking literally at the game's political decisions instead of mechanically. Freedom of press and political meetings decrease a pop's chances of converting to another party and increases suppression points (which doesn't do anything since the suppression system is counter intuitive). Seems correct to me, other parties don't get any breathing room to subvert the population. If you want your pops to be able to pick and choose what they want, then there's an ancap party for you.

lmao bye

But in Fallout 4, you actually get to build your communist paradise…


Anyone wanna play vidya with me? I don't like 4chan's Holla Forums and they're mostly unsufferable, I don't feel like sifting through all the trash to find people I'd enjoy spending time with.

I play Dota 2, all sorts of RPGs, Strategy games, I also got myself Deathwing because I really like 40k. I have like 350 games on steam so it's not like I'm hard to play games with.

If it helps

These groups are always impersonal, I feel overwhelmed by a large list of users.

How would a Marxist play CK2? As in, would a monarchy or a merchant republic be preferable? Centralized versus decentralized?

I want to do a play-through as Zizek eventually, which is why I ask.

They may be buggy, but at least Obsidion knows how to wrote a story. Can't really say the same for Bethesda.

I say that while fucking up on my spelling…

I always just play pragmatically with all the incest I can throw in.

Probably Basque culture.

Centralized IMO. Try to move away from the feudal paradigm towards a centralized state with a social contract. Later Socialism and Communism.

Download The Restored Content Mod, Satan.

I really wish the peace conference AI functioned.

I wish the game had some actual fucking depth.

Chatbot or serious?

Sorry for your loss. They're moving towards multiplayer since that's where the money is.

What. That's literally what Marx is all about, moving from exploitation to emancipation. A modern centralized state with unified laws is better for its citizens than a decentralized feudal mess with private wars.

Don't listen to Satan's lies!

I understand you read Marx and are excited to apply it to everything, but the "government centralization" option for CK2 determines 2 different things, and you can't go socialist or communist.

I probably didn't express myself properly then, forgive me. I meant a centralized, strong state with a social contract is a step towards emancipation, so a Marxist would play CK2 like that. I'm well aware you can't switch to socialism or communism.

In 1250, pic related, Enguerrand de Marigny transformed the feudal France into a strong centralized state under the reign of Philip IV The Fair, which actually brought rights comparable of today's to a lot of people.

Unfortunately Louis X, Philip's heir was weak and undid most of this, still it allowed France to remain one of the top world powers for centuries as most countries took a lot of time to transition into modern states.

Political-flavored topical boards are a dumb idea across the board. Just come to /svidya/ if you're tired of Mark's Holla Forums diarrhea.

lolwut, they have a hard-on for some of the worst isometric and storybook pieces of shit from the late '90s and early '00s. They should remove the G and call it RP Codex because most don't have a fucking clue what makes a good game.

Considering it's Paradox Interactive I would expect it to be a DRM-crippled piece of shit OP.

They've all around got a much better idea of what a good RPG is than any other community I've seen. They're the only guys I know of that haven't been suckling Skyrim's cock the past several years.

t. babby who got rebuffed about Skyrim or some JRPG

On the other hand they can't get Black Isle Studio's cock out of their mouths.


Play CK2+ and create a character with the Tondrakian heresy. Then follow Trotsky by spreading it as the dominant Christian faith.

That's true. Did enjoy FO2 despite the writing downgrade. Will never understand why people love the Infinity Engine games as much as they do. Particularly the trash put out by Bioware.


There's something very Hegelian about that line.

How does Marx explain the rise and influence of people like him? I know Marxists aren't vulgar "great man" theorists. Something-something material conditions.

Enguerrand wasn't a nobleman. He got friends with Philip IV and the latter enabled Enguerrand to pursue his reforms. However the material conditions weren't really ripe for that situation so most of the progress made was undone. I think that's how they'd explain it.

Also Enguerrand ended up disgraced and hanged by Philip's arguably politically weak heir, so the "great men" vision can't really be sustained here.


what is this vid?

I was hoping you would ask.

Well he's left Obsidian so maybe he'll do it. Though knowing EA it's more likely they keep that shitty MMO running around as a zombie.

He won't. Fortunately he is now doing some work at Larian so at the very least we can expect some good writing for D:OS 2.

Gonna play as Karl Marx when Mount and Blade Bannerlord comes out.

I wanted to do a EUIII playthrough. Should I do one as:

Hegel is drawn on frequently by Obsidian, Caesar in NV openly says is rationale is based in Hegelian dialectics

Got my closed beta invite to Gwent, the best CCG ever made.

Fuck hearthstone.

he's actually working on system shock 3 right now i think

eiger is best girl

Stellar is changing individualism/collectivism to egalitarianism/authoritarianism in their next patch


Very inclusive, are we?

The weirdest part about this is that the meme comes from Sawyer DENOUNCING SJW pandering!!
I guess if you spam nonsense long enough it becomes the truth. Im so sick of the internet.

Jesus Christ I didn't know leftists were responsible for 90% of the shitposting in Holla Forums

no wonder it's so fucking terrible

If it wasnt for Porky Obsidian would own Fallout. Uneducated fucktard. Not their fault when the company they work with shafts them. Alpha protocol and South Park had no bugs

Biofags were rendered into eternal asshurt by ME3 and their company flushing itself and all its dreams down the EA bidet so they force memes about the company that was somewhat close/somewhat considered a rival.

it's been going on since the days of 4/v/ and flares up every time Obsidian announces/releases a new game




Politics are everywhere.


Alpha Protocol is severely underrated

Video games are propaganda for the system. Just go to steam's site and look at all the ideology.

Victoria 2 is the best one they've made anyway

Play as a Mazdakist character, obviously.

Posadist Galactic Union 4ever

Help Bourgeoisie defeat Feudalism, I guess. This means Republic. As for ideology, we have Jainism.

Primary focus would be advancement of technology and economic development.

What's wrong with that? Their depiction of individualism/collectivism were retarded anyway, this chance reflects what those ideologies actually were within the game.

Also, Vicky2 has it's own problems with ideologies.

in stardew valley, you can pretend to be an anarcho-primitivist

also it has great sympathy for the proles

I was playing this just a moment ago and had an encounter with a bum getting caught digging through the townspeople's garbage

Then of course the start of the game you flee to your grandfather's farm in order to escape capitalism

And after that there's a scene where the item shop owner is fretting because the supermarket is undercutting him and threatening to put him out of business

yeah the whole ongoing story with MegaMart is good

who /dune/ here?

never played the mother series. What is the socialist message?

excellent troll.

anyone play killer instinct? thinking about giving it a shot.