Location, location, location!

What non-shit left-wing communities are there on the internet, besides the chans?

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bunkerchan.xyz leftpol for people who fears cooties
bienvenidoainternet.org for the hardcore weeaboo that speaks spanish

Oh wait these are all chans, my bad.

Chans are cool, too. I'm just looking to expand my horizons. I want to spread out like that Stalin octopus.




As far as I know, there are none.

Kinda sucks.

Maybe we should try and start our own somewhere that isnt an image board, more normie friendly ect, but I have no idea where you would even start looking to do that.


Tbh in order to be more normie friendly you'd first have to change the way we speak and behave

There's a large group of Clinton supporters breaking down into tears on Facebook right now. Perhaps the time is right to try to convince them that liberalism is a dead end. Maybe start a group. It would probably be a good idea to steer clear of imageboardisms that they might find offensive, coming from such a background.

Yea, we really would. Though that dosnt mean we have to change our ideals of being anti-idpol. Really we would just have to be more 'PC', which in most cases is being polite when you're not getting into the really snowflake shit, there's just no place for that on image boards.

Well it's not really enough to just make a Facebook group. What do we do from there? How do we reach people?

reddit is full of liberals posting "seize the memes of production" and thinking it's the most hilarious, radical shit ever. and you get banned if you don't walk on idpol eggshells in leftist subs.

Hm… How do Facebook groups normally grow? People seeing posts from them and joining?

Cant say I'm an expert on the algorithms Facebook uses for that.

At the very least I know with twitter the best way to grow it to get someone with a big twitter following to reply or engage with you in some way, even if it's getting them to attack with, which with some people is quite easy.

any of you tried i2p irc? We can go there if you want. but its still a central IRC server.

how about zeronet? heh Holla Forums like to hide out there but we can make our own version of 0chan. c^:

if we want to really be secretive we can try that retroshare thing.

I personally have been thinking of taking to the shitty meshnet via piratebox. I live around a lot of old conservative right wing people and just the wifi name "piratebox" makes them worry. lol

I've also thought about moving to diaspora or gnustatus.

I'm down to start whatever you guys want to keep in touch and help one another spread communism. >:DDD

Have you heard of Matrix? It's basically decentralised Discord.

you can literally do a "oh fuck, I am a capitalist" thing and throw money at jewbook to show your group to specific demographics.

Like if you want to get liberals that specifically like Hillary, you can target them but… capitalism. :c

Are you dumb? How would that help us 'spread communism'? You have to make a community that's more accessible, more visible, not less.

I thought discord was already a little decertralized with wbrtc.

but I stand by it if you think its worth while. I'll join.

They fucking banned me for "whining about identity politics". And they say Tankies want a purge.

well I am a paranoid person… so excuse me for my dumbness.

we can use matrix, fine. jewbook. ok.
Whatever my comrades think will help us band closer together, I'm game.

I advocate for making Holla Forums the go-to for the far left. At the moment I don't know of another community like ours. From there we can work on pulling thos in the centre-right and the centre-left more towards our direction. Sort of like Holla Forums during its Trump phase or the_donald.

The fuck happened to my trip

This pretty much.

Unless the places is proposing to go to already has people, dosnt even have to be normies, there's no point going there, we already have an obscure place online to shitpost on and it's right here.

Although if that list was suggesting potential communities to break into, then that's different. I just feel like though we could go to any one of those places, set up our own IRC room/whatever each service has, and then be another isolated group on that platform.

Idk, correct me if I'm wrong here.

I don't know how centralised the servers for Discord are, but it's still controlled by one company that keeps track of everyone's accounts, and can ban them at any time. Matrix is not a service, but a protocol. It's like Usenet for chat.

All octopussing aside, having a chatroom would be nice.

On discord, as long as you're not posting CP or anything, they seem to be cool with freedom of speech regardless of content. I'd be up for a permanent discord server.

I would be okay with either Discord or Matrix, but Matrix is pretty cool. Another option is to use both, and add a bridge, so everyone can see each other's messages, no matter which service they use.

/r/politics is getting better now the the CTR are gone.
its not perfect, but it beats the hell out of Tumblr.

How long until they shut us down for posting illegal drawings?

That makes sense

If we could inject some leftist opinions on /r/politics that would be great.

I'm setting up a room. "Leftypol" is a good name, right?

it would be a lot easier if this board were on 4chan

the fact that we're on Holla Forums alienates people

I say this as someone who made the transition from 4chan recently

This board needs a demonym.

That's fine. People outside here, and maybe halfchan, won't know what that means, so won't be too suspicious.

Believe it or not many people can't tell the difference between anime and CP.

Tumblr's a great website if you just use it for aesthetic interests.

To my knowledge both of those still exist, tho I think everyone on the IRC has moved to #bunkerchan these days.

no your right. My idea is moot since we have here.

ah I see, thanks

matrix right? ok.

do we spam asian moot to make a board?

we can, however we need some news on our sides.
some rondom user on internet won't have much impact.

we need to inform anyone willing to listen, not waist our time with Holla Forums and the alt-right.

Matrix guy here, I just realised that we could have a three-way bridge between Matrix, Discord, and IRC. No community division – everyone can see everyone's messages.


Maybe we will have to be a bit more cautious about loli and shit on a third party group. But there isn't any reason to post that shit on a leftist board anyway.

Yes pls


oh wow. lol

pointless considering he'll get rid of it soon

I haven't been there since moot's going away party.
that sucks. :c


Fucked muh trip


Alright! Check out "#leftypol:matrix.org". You can join with a client, such as the aptly named "Riot", which is also available in-browser I'll try to get some bridge bots set up.


Could use rizon rizon.net/chat


You mean IRC.

yeah 4chan's hemorrhaging and hiroshimoot wants to get rid

he was talking about putting up malware ads to help with the financial side of things too lmao

omg did she just assume that rifle's model?

Rizon is a specific IRC client. We already wanted to set up an IRC server, I suggested using Rizon.

Link: matrix.org

This, gentlemen, is progress.

Rizon is a IRC server. We already have #leftypol and #bunkerchan on Rizon


Seriously? Then what the hell is the point of this thread

lamo xD

Yup also I'm admin of both channels.

Well… fuck. Might as well join that one. Is it active much?

Bunkerchan is. Leftypol is dead


Fuck off space, maybe there's a reason nobody joins your dead channels?

New guys, ignore this little bandit trying to hijack your thread.

Calm it prickles.


What would you think of setting up a bridge?

No one answered my question

Cactus the Prickly is a fucking sperg and everything you touch turns to shit.

Ok you're either comrade_vac, ComradeLeMeme or paint/goods :^)


sounds like a fun place to hang out and engage in light-hearted dialectics with some comrades! I'll be sure to check out #bunkerchan for sure!

None, an anonymous poster that has noticed you only seem to pipe up to hijack any organising and shill your bunkers, Comrade Cointelpro.


Fuck off space

whatchu meme fam? :^)



Get the fuck out the thread and let these guys organise.

Seriously what you mean hijacked?

We should get into identity politics in a "civil rights activist" way i think, to have everyone equal rights and not have one above the other.

You do realise this literally proves that you're space

NO SHIT SHERLOCK. You missed the point of the picture. I removed the trip so you could post as me m80.

We should do some anti-discrimination stuff. I'm not sure how much we should focus on it. We can't let it consume us.

Then why the fuck did you take your name and trip off, faggot

Forgot to put it back on :^)

just as long as we're not πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€affirmative actionπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ shills i think we'll be fine

Is that you yeah

I'm not. Those people are what got Trump elected.

haha yeah I'm what you could call a regular at the ol' #bunkerchan. We're always looking for new recruits so why don't you come on down and check us out sometime? We don't bite haha!


exactly but trump really isn't a problem, at least muricans get to keep their guns now




fucking tripcode

Apparently there's a Matrix client called "redpill".

yeah uh no

Nah, if half/pol/ is still one board unlike here, we'll be able to deliver a crushing blow to Holla Forums's ego by eventually dominating and conquering it.

Good thing there's the magic of client choice!


twas but a jest my most illustrious friend


Wow, I'm dumb. I didn't realise the connection when I mentioned it. I just thought it would be interesting because of the connection to Holla Forums.

I'm sure Trump is a compassionate capitalist who will pay to keep it going as a thank you.

Bump, channel is active and there's Serious Intellectual Discussion going on.

which one


not sure if another circle jerk is gonna help the cause imo.

I agree, but threads here never get traction because Holla Forums will either fuck it up when it's in motion or concern troll the shit out of it.

This one is all new faces afaik, come on in and help it not be a circlejerk and steer it towards some action.

The great thing about this is that we can ban polyps.

good thread tbh

I know, right?

fuck Holla Forums, why bother with them ?.
its like playing chess with a pidgin.
he'll just knock of the pieces, crap on the board and stand there like he just won the game.

its pointless.

we should get support, attract people to our cause.
we should start with reddit, then move to fb, twitter…etc

That's what I mean m80, but doing that takes the sneakiness and some planning. Holla Forums take the bait too much here to focus and Holla Forums has so many cringey faggots in their ranks they'll fuck up anything we do even if it hurts them more than it would us succeeding because muh board wars and spite.

What you're saying is pretty much what I want to do.

can someone explain to me what exactly means in retard terms

Basically you can see everything on one platform

I don't think using Holla Forums would work.

Image board culture is not exactly welcoming to normies. Even Holla Forums which is relatively mild by comparison to some boards has elements (anime posting and the prevalence of porn spring immediately to mind) which keeps normies away. Even just general terminology like "tripfag" would trigger them.

We could use bunkerchan :^)

riot.im/app/#/room/#lefty:matrix.org now

I got banned on /r/socialism for telling an american girl of scottish descent that she isn't actually a scottish person and she whined to the mods

that's how bad they are

There has to be some way of maintaining a polite forum that is nonetheless free of PC without resorting to a mandatory hazing period of lurking, forced user, and reminders to HTFU in the form of a constant barrage of profanity, slurs, porn, gore, and tankies.

why the fuck isnt this spammer banned yet?

How rude. I literally do nothing wrong, prickles.