So how soon until we see anti-gamers video games? Or at least games that take jabs at gamers?

So how soon until we see anti-gamers video games? Or at least games that take jabs at gamers?

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They only reason they haven't yet is because it would be a fantastic blunder that can be used against them.

isn't that what meta and parody games are?

or are we talking about caricatures of gamers?


Undertale, unironically

Games have been taking jabs at games for a very long time just like movies that take jabs at movies.

webm related

MGS2 takes jabs at people who play video games for shitty reasons. Have you ever spoken to someone who likes Metal Gear Solid solely because you can be a badass super spy and kill people? They exist.

Undertale plays almost the same card, but the way it handles it implies that playing video games in general is bad. This probably wasn't intentional, and was just a sloppy handling, but it happened.


the whole game was a jab at RPGs

Ah of course tumblrtale would attack what it's supposedly based on.


There's already millions.
Nobody plays them because they're shit and people that are genuinely anti-gamer suck shit at making games that Most you're going to see is jabs put in localization or writing because writers are fucking faggots and cry about being an industry a shitdicktillion times bigger than hollywood, because among the writing community writing for vidya is still looked down upon despite the body of written works for a single game commonly being utterly massive in scale compared to some of the books and movies they put out.

I really want the "Undertale is metacommentary on games" meme to die already. Stop getting your opinions on games from people that don't play them.

The game works on a meta-commentary, where the Gensokyo-esque monster world that the game takes place in, the "Underground," is metaphorically the video game itself, and everything above ground is real life. The story focuses on two children who left the real world and civilization, to climb a mountain that people are said to never return from, where they found and fell into the entrance to the Underground.

The characters are both almost completely silent, but other characters' dialogue leaves clues which ask the player to speculate on why they deliberately turned their backs on their own world and left, whether it the want to conquer something dangerous, an act of escapism, or even a protracted form of indirect suicide.

Their actions within the Underground give clues as to what kind of person they actually are. But one of the characters, which is controlled by the player, doesn't have a set-in-stone path, because he's controlled by the player, and the way their story turns out is a metaphor for the fact that a human player is controlling a character, even though they're supposedly their own person, and the character's personality might not necessarily coincide with the player's personality. Actual spoilers: The character you're controlling isn't the one that you think you are. One of the characters is dead, and you play the ghost of that kid, who's subtly possessing, or otherwise influencing the other. The personality of that character is initially dubious, but will change based on what actions you take.

It was a cool concept that was sloppily executed.

Anyway, the way it handles the "Why did you climb the mountain" AKA "Why do you play video games" question doesn't really have a good answer, because of course there isn't one. It moves towards breaching a deep subject, but never really commits to it, and instead feels like the point it was trying to make was that you shouldn't play video games in the first place.

MGS2 did it way better, and over a decade earlier. Spec Ops: The Line, also did it in 2012. Metal Gear Rising did it again, with a different take, in 2013.

tl;dr, Either you hate people/real life or You Enjoy All The Killing.

But I did play it. It's the entire point of Chara's character, and the entire point of the conversation with Asriel in the ruins after you've gotten True Pacifist end. It's also the entire point of the Genocide route, and basically explicitly told to you in the final fight with Sans and the final conversation with Chara. The fact that it wasn't done well doesn't change the fact that that's what it did.

Pretty cool. Now this is lining up nicely with Johnny's video. I might actually play it now.

It really IS a very meta game after all.

I wouldn't look down if I were you, AYYYY.

Or you know, it's a reasonable direct statement from one character in the game to another, and isn't metacommentary. Nobody ever considers once that it's perfectly in character for them to ask why they would climb a mountain that is rumored to be certain death, and the whole thing is theory crafting bait, while everyone overlooks the two actual bits of direct fourth wall breaking.
Referring to people that watch the genocide ending instead of playing it, and making fun of you for finishing hard mode and taking a picture to brag about it.

Anarchy is right, everything else is wrong.
Rest are on leavings.

Stop for a second and consider this, and I mean actually consider this.
Imagine, you (as in you, not any of the player characters or Frisk or Chara)
Now, consider for a moment the exact same conversations between the characters. Being between the actual characters present. Shocking concept I know, but just hear me out on this. Thematically, does it not work if in the genocide ending Chara is speaking to FRISK not you, and that the questions posed to "you" by Asriel are directed towards FRISK, not you. Does it stop making sense thematically?

It's worth a play or 3, but bear in mind the driving force is the plot. The gameplay is serviceable at best and isn't really gripping it is used as a vehicle for the story at times, which is pretty neat admittedly

I know part of this, this is one of "those" games. Which is fine, just wish I could pirate it in Wii U or something. Oh well.

I'm not going to argue that those questions sound like they are meant for you, the person playing the game, however. What I am arguing is that it's deliberately set up philosophical fluff designed to dupe people into thinking that there's an underlying message there that isn't there, and everyone took this silly faggot's bait and ignored the actual meta commentary for metacommentary that isn't actually there.

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Was that what Undertale was going for? All I heard was one person talking about it saying that going down the genocide route was like playing a bad creepypasta with the flower saying "I AM GOD" and having a spooky face, and the idea of needing a fan made patch to remove permanent bad ends sounds stupid from a gameplay perspective. Granted I still havent played it yet so that info could be false or outdated.

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It is false/outdated and commonly repeated, spoiler warning for actual spoilers the flower becoming god is part of the normal ending and the genocide ending adds a save file so that when you play through the good ending you can get two more alternate endings.

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Thank god, I was worried going one route or the other would basically force you to get the same endings constantly.

My only question now is do the large amount of characters actually appear in the story constantly, or do they only appear for 5 minutes tops to deliver a joke and give a "POWER OF FRIENDSHIP" ending?

He's really been doing this for year? I can't imagine having enough time on my hands to be able to lurk Holla Forums 24/7 just to find and shitpost in a thread for a game I didn't like.

thanks for the warning.

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This is pretty on-point. Especially the bit about it sacrificing gameplay for an artistic statement. In the art/product balance, it becomes dangerously close to outright insulting you for wanting to experience everything in a game that you paid money for. This is one of the things that it dropped the ball on, but MGS2 and MGR got right, which confront the idea that yes, killing is fun and that's just part of being human. One of the primary reasons we play video games is because we also know that killing is wrong, but in a game, we can do it without actually harming anyone, and therefore without consequence. Undertale acts as though there is consequence, even though it's just a fucking video game. And then it doubly cucks itself out of its own themes by outright admitting that pacifism is not an option in real life even though you just saved the entire underground through sheer willpower/pacifism.

I will. I know it's hard to get people to do, so I will actually try.
No, but if it did, it wouldn't be metacommentary, would it? Even if Snake isn't meant to be a player insert, and it was just an action movie, it still makes sense for a character to accuse Snake or Raiden of enjoying all the killing in their respective contexts. Why would it subvert the meaning of things like XP and LV if it wasn't meant to dupe the player into participating in the commentary? Your question implies that it's necessary for metacommentary to not make sense in the context of the actual story. I'm willing to be wrong on this. Please explain further.

No argument there. It would have made more of an effort to explore it if it was anything more.
This is the part that I question. I'll give you that it's shaky, but I think that he just did a poor job of it more than he was just deliberately vague.
Which are you referring to?

They really only show up in their area and at the ending with the exception of Flower and joke skeleton with The flower being at the back of certain rooms when you backtrack and the joke skeleton being essentially your bodyguard for the duration of the game, because of a promise to the character you meet in the tutoriel/demo you can go back and visit them in their respective areas and you can call two of the characters with your cellphone for information about the room you are currently in.

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In the genoiced ending where it refers to people who watch instead of playing which can be interpreted as directly referring to exactly what people did, which was watch other people play the game.. and at the end of the Hard Mode demo where It cracks a joke about hard mode not actually being done, and probably not being finished, and suggesting that you should take a picture because people will think you are cool, and this is unambiguously referring to the actual person playing the game as no other character could actually be referred to to take the picture, and show it to other people, which it then immediately mocks. and I know it shouldn't actually count but in the bug placeholder ending sans refers to the person playing, as in actually the person playing, not something that could be directed at a player character, tells them to contact toby so that he can fix it, or maybe make a NEW ending, and then calls you a dirty hacker, and that you probably cheated to get that ending

and when it comes to "XP and LV", these are things that exist. In the game nonabstractly as part of the User interface, and that things like saving and loading specifically to "change fate" being an innate power that humans have it's something in universe, rather than an abstract concept that is representative of something else.

that part was always retarded

Maybe we're working on different definitions, then. In the sense that I mean, the last two are just direct fourth-wall breaking, whereas when I say metacommentary, I'm referring to instances where the game's content is a metaphor for the experience of the game and the game itself.

Retarded, but important because it sets in stone that these are in universe things that can be observed by characters in universe. Maybe I can make it more clear in a graph

Here's my point though. I propose that, it is not referring to the experience of the game itself rather it is something in universe that is being referred to and isn't an abstract metaphor for something outside of the game's universe, caked in mind that people were going to assume that it meant something, but in reality it does not.

It's metacommentary on metacommentary, by not actually being metacommentary, if that makes sense?
Does that make sense?

Yes, and it's sad.

So many things in-universe are set up to be metaphors or subversions of things, and from the start, the game implies that it's going to subvert the idea of what LV is by Flowey calling it LOVE. It's only at the end of the game that it then subverts itself, and is a metacommentary again. LV, although under a different name, is actually exactly the same thing you expected it to be from the get-go, before your expectations were fucked by Flowey, who by that point is established to be a liar. In that sense, it's like a double negative. There's no subversion and no metaphor. It's just an approximation of power.

We've spent so long with media obsessed with being "deep" via meta that we now have people trying to meta the meta.

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Precisely, and by meta-ing the meta, it cancels itself out. because.

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It's a good thing because the game isn't actually meta bullshit pretending to be deep because, shocker, an independent developer was self aware for a change

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