Why do Holla Forums servers for games suck?

Whenever I see some shitter advertising their server on this retarded site I always join, and this is what happens
Why the fuck does it always feel like these "Holla Forums servers" are run by tumblr/reddit/9gag/neofag prudes?
Please fucking take note - If you're running a so-called "Holla Forums server", you shouldn't be banning people at all unless they're doing something like hacking, and I don't mean hacking like fucking botting or using alt accounts - stuff that's restricted by the gameplay, ("soft" hacking) I mean shit like banning other people, or killing them instantly without a weapon.

All in all, why the fuck do these fags come to the place with the loosest of rules concerning shit like manners or rules, and then fucking advertise their servers where you can't step out of their razor-thin line?

You sound like a real shitter.

they probs just want more people on their server
dont no why they call an Holla Forums server other than to try get more people
i honestly havnt been fucked trying to join those kind of things


op has a good point
in all the fucking servers here you get fucked if you make one wrong move, and the worst fucking thing is that if you get banned from one of these "Holla Forums servers" there's never a fucking alternate one to go to because everyone's going to the first one, so if you're lonely and you want to play a game of X you're forced to play with normalfag killjoys.

Unlike some retards here I don't go around spouting "Holla Forums is bad at video games, Holla Forums is stupid, Holla Forums is the worst thing ever XDDDD", but the only types of people here that actually want to play online with other Holla Forums users are absolute shitters with maybe a few exceptions for certain games.
If you identify with an imageboard outside of that imageboard then you're a faggot.

You should post specifics, because this whole thing reads like bullshit. I've never once encountered this kind of behavior on an 8ch server, and even on 4chan this kind of thing was rare.

If this is happening, then it isn't an 8ch server, it's some random fag who's advertizing his server here, trying to get traffic.

Every time I see someone bitch about "Holla Forums is bad at video games! You all suck and are nazis!" I begin to wonder what happened to them, because my experiences playing with Holla Forums have been high-tier on average.


I was playing a game of barotrauma a few months ago that was advertised here:

Not exactly the same experience but I remember last time people got together to play EYE it was basically impossible to make any progress because there were like five or six people all micspamming over each other and people kept killing the mentor or aggroing the temple so it just kept turning into an endless cycle of everyone getting murdered by NPCs and restarting the levels over and over.


This. The only exception I have found is RTS games, we're not as autistic when playing them.

Why in the everliving world would anyone subject himself to that? Holla Forums has shit taste and everybody here is fucking retarded and underage too.

I can't even begin to believe your sincerity. If you hate interacting with Holla Forumsirgins, then you have no reason to be here. If you like interacting with some Holla Forumsirgins, but not others, and feel like you can't call your disliked subset retards while playing with them, then you have no concept of what this place is about and don't belong here in the first place.

There is literally nothing wrong with playing with other Holla Forumsirgins, as long as you're not creating an identity around it in places where it's irrelevant.
This is probably something that's subjective based on experiences, but I've always found Holla Forumsirgins to be relatively chill, and above average in skill, in general. The latter point isn't just my perception, but is statistically upheld by our success in-game. Back on halfchan, even the worst players in /aceg/ would stomp the shit out of randos. Though admittedly, AC: Infinity is actually an exceptional case, since the only players who consistently gave us a run for our money were literally some of the best in the world.


Isn't that basically the plot of EYE to begin with?

In all seriousness though, I can totally understand why you get server admins who are just absolute ballbreakers. Having played my fair share of SS13 I've seen just how easily one person, if given absolute freedom with zero consequences by a mod, can completely ruin the game for an entire server.

It's cute when someone fucks around once or twice, but it gets pretty fucking tedious when it happens for 6 hours straight every day over the course of three weeks.

Pick one.


Jesus Christ OP fucking kill yourself

Isn't that basically a chan, though?

Because they usually are. Most people I know that host a server are insecure Holla Forums tards who sperg out over memes and would rather isolate themselves to the server as their own hugbox and also happen to be massively underaged for what they claim.

I saw a server like that hosted here where anyone the admin didn't like was banned and told to deal with it. I've always been more relaxed with my ruleset of simply don't be a dick. What ends up happening though is that you get people playing NIGGERS on KIKES and other ironic funny gamemodes while micspamming over each other.

I found the opposite effect, where Holla Forums servers get less people than a standard named server. It's part of the reason why I never call mine 8ch or Holla Forums or anything chan related simply because it scares playercounts away and only attracts the worst of Holla Forums to it.

Yep, this is a problem with multiple Holla Forums servers running. People will always go on the older or more well known server than the secondary server. I had a game I hosted here on Holla Forums experience this issue where my server was dead but the other guy had a full lobby for hours.

I have.

It's like the people who identify as from Holla Forums are the most obnoxious people to play with.

The worst is the ones that impede progress for lols such as killing everyone in the temple while people try to progress with the story. I once had a server where nobody got past the first temple mission because people kept killing the NPCs.

There's a plot there and I spent about 50 hours to figure it out but it makes sense.

The worst are when the person with the freedom is also the host, taking the server quality hostage because PLEASE LIKE ME DAMMIT.

The problem is it's never taken seriously to the point where there's no point in playing. I've had days where I had to come in and tell people to actually play the game because people were too busy fucking around like friendlies on TF2.

t. server owner who has hosted over 50 game titles for sites including Holla Forums and Holla Forums.


Why would 8/v/ EVER ban anyone FOR THAT?

I just read the OP. Holy fuck. That some autism right there.


I bet they don't even frequent.

This is now a bowser thread

If this is true then they were never Holla Forums to begin with and it was just some faggots advertising their garbage server.

Playing with Holla Forums on games is fine though at least so far in my experience.

The server was a newfag test. You failed. Lurk moar, you faggot.

Unless it was posted a year ago, this is the first thread in months I've seen relating to Holla Forums servers. However unlike what OP claims, Holla Forums servers tend to be the opposite in that they go overboard with the off color comments.

I've never had this problem and I've played a dozen or so games with sexy Holla Forumsirgins
Maybe you're just dumb user


i get the feeling OP is one of those guys who immediately upon joining a server yells GAS THE KIKES NIGGERS BIX NOOD HAHAHA AMIRITE GUISE HOW ABOUT THOSE FAGGOTS

why are you even here?

This has never once happened to me. Perhaps you just join up for shittier games than I do. Most are either hosted by someone here or it's obviously stated it's an outside server. If you're too ignorant to hide your power level in that situation, you're probably irredeemable and lack self awareness, blaming everyone else for the problems you create for yourself like some common female.

Just join the fucking minetest server and you will have full insight of the pile of shit that is playing with anons.

damn negro


Maybe it's because you talk like you're twelve years old.

It's either someone raiding a server or there's some nigger trying to get IPs.

No exceptions.

this is what Holla Forums actually believes

i never had any problem playing with Holla Forums, and i've played EYE, sven co op, terraria, pulsar, wurm, project gorgon, and dont know what else, you are just unlucky

But I have never played in a Holla Forums server where racism/homophobia/sexism was banned, in fact more often than not it was promoted.

The last time I played with Holla Forums, people got really butthurt at the pirate server and went and made their own server, but it took so long and I never knew where everyone was going, so people just slowly stopped playing.
At let me tell you, there were some real niggers on that server, and the worst ones were from Holla Forums.

Whenever I played with Holla Forums I had fun. People goofed off but not to the point where they ruined it for everyone else.

It must be certain games or genres. The games I've played with Holla Forums are usually silly and quite laid back, and I've never seen anyone act up in those userbases.
Then again, the last game I played with Holla Forums was before the 4chan debacle, so I have no idea what this Holla Forums's players are like.

I've played with Holla Forums on Dragon's Dogma Online, I played on the "comfinity" Final Fantasy XI server, and I've played a bit of Minetest. In all of these instances, people were generally friendly and willing to help one another. Don't know which servers you're going to, OP, but they sound gay as fuck and you do too.

As for the "racism/homophobia" all I can say is that the server admin has the right to devise and maintain any set of rules/regulations/protocol, or lack thereof, for his server and that if you fuck with them, regardless of how stupid you think they are, then you can expect to get fucked with in return. It's a simple concept; learn respect.

I wish I could find that video of people going full retard in CS:GO.

It isn't as bad at least on what I've experienced. What bothers me is that a lot of the admins are underage

I've played games with Holla Forums but never went to servers with them. I always have fun.


It amazes me that so many admins are underaged. Typically when they talk in public they say they're anywhere from 18-21 years old but then in private they'll mention they're actually 15-18. It's not that I'm too old to deal with this shit, it's that there's too much underagedb& holding the keys to Holla Forums servers.

I used to have about 4 servers regularly at one time but after I found out people on Holla Forums talk about playing a game more than actually playing the damn game I've pulled out of giving Holla Forums exclusive access and opened them as pubs.

Holla Forums pulsar > Holla Forums pulsar