Can someone give me a rundown of the best emulators for there respective consoles...

Can someone give me a rundown of the best emulators for there respective consoles. I'd Like to play goldeneye on my pc and some gba/gbc games (mostly pokemon) on the go, but gameboid can't get to the directory where my bios and roms are stored and last I checked project 64 still sucks. Also Android and Windows based emulation thread.

Other urls found in this thread: 2 BIOS & ROM1.BIN (SCPH10000, SCPH3004R, SCPH39001) JAPAN, USA,

Only if you tell us how old you are. Be honest. You're underage, aren't you?

Retroarch for all everything generation 5 and lower. BizHawk if you can't figure out the former.

Is being out of touch with the emulation scene make me underage?

Doesn't Retroarch offer diffrent cores for most of the consoles? should I use the default ones?

Not that I care, but is it still illegal to download a PS2 bios, even if I own a PS2?

Use whatever works.

I don't think anyone will go after you for it, but yes it is. I think it's legal to dump it yourself.

Yes, be sure to delete them after 24 hours. But really I doubt anyone will go after you just for playing old PS2 games.

Being too much of a faggot to Google it without needing to be spoonfed does.

What even?

I think you replied to the wrong guy. I guess I was trying to make a joke on how most rom sites always say to delete a rom after 24 hours and it didnt work anyways



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N64 emulation sucks all around, but I thought Project 64 had made headway. Not sure what to tell you on the mobile front, I don't emulate on phone much aside from NGPC.

Anywhere I can get a ps2 bios without a virus? I just got one, but PCSX2 says it's the Japanese ps2 bios. Do I even need a different one, or will that not matter?

I have one user, do you want me to upload it?

EUR: scph3004R.bin
USA: scph39001.bin

All of the PS2 Regional BIOS's 2 BIOS & ROM1.BIN (SCPH10000, SCPH3004R, SCPH39001) JAPAN, USA,

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Top pages across all search engines has stuff like digitaltrends, lifehacker, and reddit. I'd rather just ask anons here. And searching for my Gameboid issue doesn't bring up anything. Stay triggered.

Maybe it did I will try it out. I was mostly just hoping I'd find a mGBA or Dolphin equivalent for the n64 That I might not have heard about yet.


Should I link this in the share thread?

Why not download the source remake and play on steam? Did you just want to play the single player campaign instead of multiplayer?

Danke bernd.

I'm emulating for single player and playing source for the multi once I'm done. It's too bad nobody gave a shit about pic related. I'd love for there to be a remake of it.

Good taste; that game is awesome.

I remember the PlayStation version of that being a cluster fuck. The N64 version was comfy as fuck though.

NES = Nestopia
SNES = Snes9x [ZSNES for ROM hacks]
N64 = Project64 with the Glide plug-in
Gamecube/Wii = Dolphin
Sega Genesis/Master System/Game Gear/CD/32X = Kega Fusion
Dreamcast = nullDC
GB/GBC/GBA = Visual Boy Advance M
DS = DSemuME
Arcade = MAME

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Why would you use vba-m over mGBA?


Make a MEGA backup, then do it.
If it gets purged, a lot of other people will suffer.

nice trips m8

the link is on the pcsx2 page or it hints at where it is, i ve re-downloaded it like 3 times and don't remember having to look for it besides downloading stuff from the official page, so i think it's pointless


For systems newer than 4th gen, emulation is largely unviable. The systems are often pretty cheap and you are best off sticking to the original hardware and using back up solutions.

this looks like a bloated disaster