Comfy general

What are some comfy games?


This makes me happy, yet at the same time, really fucking sad.

Maximum comfyness.

epic choice my friend

Easygoing sim games or sandbox games tend to be comfy as fuck.

Sometimes I like to start GTA V just to fuck around

Recommending one of the worst HM titles…. ok

Kirby, Animal Crossing, STALKER

Does it actually drive?

I guess try the Shenmue games, Phantasy Star Online, or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.



It is the opposite of comfy due to several poor choices. Marriage on rails, a set timeline leading to an actual "end", and ridiculous pitfalls with shops (no permanent shops, fucking goats, having to birth cows for milk after time because "features"). The ps2 version is passable due to the inclusion of Endless Mode but that doesn't save the game from being shit or the other titles from being objectively better.

Maximum comfy.

"i hate it cause it has plot points and gameplay mechanics"
shit like this is why i made this thread, so i could expose myself to stuff of nightmares

I can understand why after hours of replaying or playing the numerous user made levels

Gameplay mechanics should always focus on realism rather than good design?

Plot =/= forced progression. All of the HM games have some form of plot. AWL is one of the few that forces you ahead if it doesn't like your pace. That is the opposite of comfy.

Almost every location is filled with stuff to do or talk about, you can't go bored, and there are even places in which you can be at for hours just doing errands or just listening to what others have to say.

If you're playing it on GZDoom, try it with RetroShader for ultimate comfy.

Most any game with one of these three.

I know you've played them already, but give them another go

Why is Mario talking to Sold Snek?

I was snugged up playing air conflicts vietnam.

its not a flight sim, far too arcadey for that. Its surprisingly good despite the game getting raped up the ass by critics. I don't even know why they ragged on it so much besides the shit graphics which really didn't bug me.

Because he has no shit games to joke about.