Project Beat

So, apparently this is a thing; a reconstruction of JSRF from its original assets.

So, taking bets. How long till the Cease and Desist?

I'd give it a week before release.

Do want.

It's not Nintendo, so never.

yeah, that's why we're all playing that remake of MGS1 right now

Jesus fucking Christ, YES.

I would join them, if I could.


Getting paid by the source company to make a fan game isn't a bad deal. In terms of success, it's a fan game creator's dream. It's my dream.

Nigga don't pretend like Sega hasn't taken down fan games or other types of fan made content.

If they somehow allow it to be moddable, and allow custom characters, my life will be complete.

The shader they're using looks like shit on the models though. It was Cel-shaded for a reason. I hope they fix it.

Why can't you join them?

When have they?

They did the same thing Nintendo did to AM2R to the Streets of Rage Remake and they've pulled tons of videos off youtube related to the Shining series regardless of the content of the videos

Someone fix this.

Chill nigger, that's literally a few clicks.

The worrying bit is how they're already talking about adding extra meme features instead of focusing on a rock solid, clean port first.

1) While I haven't checked this one specifically, most projects like this aren't particularly open for random contribution. They have a small team of dedicated people who work together to get it done.
2) All of my programming knowledge is for 2D games, as I have not had a computer which can handle making 3D games.
3) I do not have a computer which can handle making 3D games.

Thats exactly what I'm thinking of at this rate. Its not a bad thing too.

That's why I'm so bothered. Only takes a damn second.

What are these meme features?

If we're dreaming here, I'd really like to play JSRF with the playstyle of JSR

I really do hope they finish it though. It's nice to see the environment on a decent pc for a change.

inb4 "but unity can be good, it's just the devs" I know that, and I'm seriously worried aobut it because the devs don't even want more coders

Where do you see this? What do they want more of?

If they ever release sauce, I'll just fix it myself.





Who cares? Just get the game working for crying out loud.

So this can be ported to Android?

I agree!
That's why Nintendo is a garbage company for cancelling AM2R.

oh. cool!

like an anime fan on prom night

Are you suggesting that that's not completely fucking reasonable?

While I'm with you on that, when you start a project you really have to know EVERYTHING you are going to do before you start.

One does not simply just tack on features and hope that they work. They have to be built into the core of the game or you end up needing to redo everything.

We're not playing the MGS1 remake because that retard was never going to be able to make it to begin with don't lie to yourself and believe some one man team with minimal experience was going to be able to remake MGS1 in UE4 and make it fun, that faggot had no idea what he was doing and was just trying to get attention

I'm afraid the extras will slow down development.

99% of all fan projects are like that.
Odds are this one is too

Confirmed. I'm currently working on a fan game for a different series and I'm having to rewrite my entire battle system from the ground up, because I decided that I wanted it to have online multiplayer. It's tricky to add local multiplayer after the fact, and it's borderline fucking impossible to add online multiplayer after the fact. You have to start knowing that that's what you want to do.

They're either going to do it or they aren't.

Try to follow it from a distance or you'll get burned out before they finish it.

I never follow the dev cycles of games I back on kickstarter for that reason. I just ignore them until they come out.

My point exactly, almost 100% of the C&D'd fan remakes are really nothing special, I guarantee most if not all of them would not have been worth the wait, AM2R was the exception to that rule, partly because the greater actaully worked for YEARS on the danmed thing, shame it got DMCA'd but by that point it was already too widely circulated to stop it, which is really how these things should be, I don't get how most Fan game devs don't understand this

Forcing a DMCA or whatever onAM2R probably got more people interested in that than in Fed Force.

Well it happens with a lot of games from what I see. And I think that just tends to happens when devs, they get a cool idea which they would love to add it in, but doing so just seems to shoot them in the foot despite the noble intention.

does that mean
will they fix the shitty momentum

That's a fair point, but look at it this way:

This is a fan game, which means that there's no monetary reward for these guys. Their rewards are the enjoyment that comes from making the game itself, and the attention/appreciation of others when it's done. The only drive that they have to make the game while they're actually making it is the excitement of getting to make the game that they want. If that's what gets them to make it, then I'm willing to suffer the wait, because otherwise it wouldn't exist at all. We all know that Sega's not about to make it for us. The exception to this is if they over-extend themselves and burn themselves out before finishing it, which is a very real possibility that happens regularly.

I think they do on some level, but rationalize it as an inevitable risk of fan game development and show off anyway, just because they're desperate for the attention. I'm not releasing shit about the fact that my game exists until it's already done.

Someone here has never heard of portofolio padding

Don't do this to me user you prick.
This is going to end up crashing and burning or never being completed and my heart can't take that.

Fair enough, but that's still not a primary drive for making a fan game, especially not for one as niche as JSR. If that was their primary goal, it would make more sense to make something original, wouldn't it? Also, can you really put it in a portfolio? It'd be strange to list something that game companies tend to hate among your accomplishments while trying to get hired by one.

The good guys don't have to squabble over who did what. They'll do something better.

Could be good advertising for them. People try to live up to glorious Seeeegah, Sega outdoes them because videogames.

Hires people to be part of superior project maybe if modders can add some cool things. No carbon copies, things have to be better than before to be true. If it was the same people would go that's not my graffiti gumdrop saturday night tokyo, it doesn't make me silly, not the same.

Modders need to get it or get out.

Honour JSR by putting them in more pastel peril to roller blade up down and around tagging the town to give the cops targets to chase around. Rest more funky in the aura of activity.

Cell shaded and geometry. Gradients, lighting, speed, representation, palm trees, jumps.


Why the fuck would they even announce this before it's done? Are they just a bunch of faggots who require attention for every little thing they do?

If you're playign on PC, you can just insert your own graffiti. There's a fucking tool explicitly made to do just that.

Human beings in general are, user. The very fact that we're here and not on Reddit or NeoGAF or something makes us abnormal. That's not to say we don't like positive attention too, we're just not as immediately dependent upon/controlled by it.

One month before release and also only if the people behind the project go around posting about it in their twitter and facebook so that Nintendo can know exactly who to threat

they literally made it look worse

this shit isn't necessary when PC versions exist

I see you're new to this suffering.

A PC version of JSRF doesn't exist because it was an Xbox exclusive, and working out a deal with Microsoft to put it on PC would be a legal nightmare. It's also impossible to emulate it, because the Xbox hueg has unique, sparsely-documented hardware, and nobody has the time or know-how to reverse engineer that shit.

So yes, this is completely necessary. They say it'll be open source, as well, so the shaders can be fixed.