Reminder that unless you're a plain-old, black flag...

Reminder that unless you're a plain-old, black flag, anarcho-nothing anarchist the IRL Stirner would have considered you spooked.

Stirner was an egoist anarchist though…

Do you not see the irony here?

Thats the best kind of anarchist to be

how dare you sir

Jokes on you, I'm whatever I want to be.

How did a guy who was not even communist become the Jesus of Holla Forums…

Because he provides the individualism necessary for communism to remain anarchic and pure instead of forcing everyone to conform into a solidified block a la fascist pseudo-communism like North Korea.

communism is just slow, gradual anarchy for pussies anyway

You mean Not Socialism

National socialism

Basically. It's what keeps Holla Forums from turning into Holla Forums.


Because he was the greatest person to live

Didn't you read the previous thread?

Stirrer never called himself an Egoist and for that matter never considered beheld himself to any ideology. He would probably consider Egoism a spook.

Holla Forums is for anarchist making fun of tankies.

I think the tankies have been my favorite people here since I started getting into this board.

Sorry, those are just parody posts made by anarchists.

I doubt he would since he actually knew what spook meant.

Bob Black is a dumb fucking hack

Are you going to try and claim that calling yourself an Egoist and shilling for the Church of Egoism isn't holding a fixed idea above yourself? It doesn't suprise me really that Egoist have never taken their own philosophy to its logical end, Stirner is rolling in his grave.

I don't think anyone here uses a flag for an identity, just as a way to hamfist ones post's joke/meaning.

You know people who put the ideology of egoism above their own self interests?

Yeah they post on this board. There's a group of "Egoists" in my area that like to show up to protests organized by other socialist groups and yell at them that protesting is pointless. I haven't seen them in a while though, they probably realized the irony in their actions.

I see reading as work

Keep up the quallity posts left-com comrade!