Comrade Barnie is laying the smackdown on liberals

Comrade Barnie is laying the smackdown on liberals

Is the """""""""""""left""""""""""" finally crumbling?

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twitter was a mistake

Kill me.

It's splitting apart into the camp that is genuinely left and cares about policies, and the SJWs and niggers that want to keep LARPing about their "great idpol war".

Everywhere I see people getting tired, people are even getting bored with the shticks of John Oliver and Bill Maher at this point, whereas the LARPers are just doubling down on the idpol to the point where they actually try to convince themselves that "workers" is a racist code-word for le evil white men.

Honestly if we are going to build a class focused new old left Bernie is going to be central to it. He started the spark in the primaries, made himself known, and now he has a fuckton of dissillusioned liberals to snatch up from the Dems. Not to mention all the angry Trumpenproles who will look for an alternative once Trump sells out to the establishment. He has a platform and popularity, he needs to strike while the iron is hot and build a genuine class focused left wing movement to unseat the dems.

What place does "the middle class" have in socialism anyway?

Obviously ignoring the fact that TMC no longer has meaning these days.

It's probably pretty important since Trump may or may not reform the Republican party into a white workers party.

It's fucking sad that this guy is already a crusty old skeleton who will probably have turned half to dust by the time of the next elections.

Even though he kind of sold out he's still the best we have.

He certainly won't. He is already showing signs of selling out and backpedaling on his promises, and even if he doesn't there is no way he will get any of his policies through congress, at least not the ones that challenge the corporate or political elite and their stranglehold on the country.

Sanders is white. He comes from the working class. The working class is predominantly white. You go outside of the cities, it's almost entirely white. If you're not going to embrace these demographics, you will lose elections. These are facts.

Indeed it was.


What, NOW he realizes that idpol is cancer? Too late you clown.

That shit is a ticking time bomb. American leftists are cannibalizing each other.

Not completely defending him, but don't take that quote out of context.

"working class" in the USA seems to just mean "poor", which is why people seem to say that black people are "the most working class". It's a bit sad that it has come to different races talking about which among them is more of a worker. Do we really need anymore proof that identity politics and focusing on race and gender issues divides the working class?

I would love to see something happen because of this in the US. Someone or something new that doesn't fall for all this my race is more important to talk about than your race bullshit.

Who does he think is dragging people out of cars in this country? Somebody's doing the dragging!

if this thread is any indication, I'm going to have an erection for the next 4 years no matter how bad Trump cucks

Is he white or Jewish?


It's even worse in context

Oppression Olympics is the result of a total misunderstanding of the processes that create oppression and hierarchy. It isn't just a set of racist/sexist/homophobic ideas. It's part of a superstructure that uses racism as an extension to justify the poverty of the proles. That superstructure is created by an economic system that exploits all workers and creates these racists attitudes.

What did he mean by this?

So basically oppression Olympics is pointless, because all hierarchy and oppression stems from the same processes and economic structures anyway.

he meant, he's a brainless, spineless class-traitor who deserves a bullet through his skull

We need to get in touch with Bernie and tell him what to do






ah yes, a hero of the proletariat
tell me more, lefties



Sanders is our man.
Actually, he is. Or was, depending on who you ask.


he's a fucking kike who scammed a bunch of reddittors and college morons out of their college fund to buy himself a new audi r7 and summer house

[citation needed]

Steaming hot idpol here, get your steaming hot idpol.

Didn't his wife sell some old thing from her family to afford that beach house or whatever


You know, I'm seeing liberals being divided over the question of the WWC into two camps:
1. Those who realize their mistake and are willing to turn to the left to appeal to more of the working class.
2. Those who hear that argument but can only understand the "white" part of the phrase "white working class". i.e. liberals who can't into class politics and somehow manage to only perceive the world in idpol terms and in their minds the argument "the Dems should appeal more to white workers" is translated into "the Dems should pander more to white nationalism".

The second group is again getting divided into two subgroups:
1. The opportunists, who are absolutely willing to turn into white nationalists if it gets them Trump's voters. This group wants to limit the number of non-whites in the DNC, appoint whiter politicians, and generally move to the right so they can be more racist and in that way (supposedly) appeal to white voters.
2. The idpol hard-liners, who are outraged by the idea of trying actively to appeal to any white person. They don't want to change because they think people demand of them to be more racist, so they just stick their fingers in their ears and shout "LA LA LA LA LA" whenever they hear a leftist critique of why Hillary lost.

yeah, if you believe jewish lies

You linked to the snopes article that says your claim is false.

Ok, but where's the proof that he used donation money for that?

Also your Snopes link says in big bold letters that your claim is false.



Quality posts, man.

He's /ourguy/

Absolute fucking state of Holla Forums posters

guys don't make fun of hillary, she's autistic

they can't read, no big surprise

he still bought a house out of college moron money
I won't bother effortposting with you blue-pilled shabbos goyim

Nazis don't read anything, and just believe what they want to believe; what else is new?

Good post. The voice of reason needs to be the loudest one now, because blaming whites for being racist Trump voters is going to get even louder as things go on.



the first article

Do you have any proof that he got to pocket the donation money from his campaign?

clearly not, because you didn't even bother to scroll a little bit down on that snopes article and see that big red FALSE.

And there are people who still don't realize how bad and divisive idpol is.

no I didn't
you aren't worth the time arguing with; you're irrelevant

HAHAHA. This is what happens when you start catering to niggers and spics. Your shitty helots have gotten pretty uppity.

If we're irrelevant and aren't worth your time, then you're free to leave.


but then I won't get to witness the meltdown of the communist wing of the bernout mass grave

He spoke carelessly one time, at the height of blm fervor, when even newt Gingrich came out and said something about white people not appreciating the trials of black people.

The article says that he and his wife bought it by selling his wife's old family home.

I'm sure most people here are critical of government officials earning more than the average worker, but are you?

Lelwut, Nazis think lefties actually support Bernie

unironically kill yourself

I was a former BoynieBro up until it became obvious that HRC would steal the primary as seen in Nevada. Went to Trump for the lulz thereafter. Would gladly come back if Bernie repudiated the entire DNC and called on a complete socialist revolution while declaring that his government would work in concert with Wikileaks to be 100% transparent.

It is amazing. They've stirred up so much hatred for white people that any notion of catering to them triggers countersignalling from the frizzy-haired mulattoes with problem glasses who use the word "folk" a bunch.

We're playing chess in 46 dimensions

welp that's it looks like #imwithher now
gas the electoral college popular vote now

god-emperor trump is playing quantum warhammers

They angered a beast.

y'all bernie people denied QUEEN HILL her rightful throne




If the white working class wanted Bernie why did they vote for Trump? Checkmate.

the lib in question is a fucking nigger
you think he will ever give a shit about anything but mo money fo dem programz?

Because the working class doesn't like spics or niggers

These people have never ventured outside major cities.

Buddy, you can't pocket campaign donations.
There is no mechanism that allows for that.

So unless he gave the money to the DNC and the DNC gave him a house and a car, then there's no way this is related to his campaign funds.

oh my sweet summer child

If they're saying "whites can never be really working class" they're wrong, but if they're saying "blacks are more likely to be working class" they're absolutely right

Holla Forums isn't sending their best

Peter 'Sabracadabra' Daou is a phalangist war criminal despite his queezy liberal rhetoric, remember that.

You can't. There's no evidence that he did.

The article you linked to even says where he got the money: His senate salary.


jamelle bougie has to be one of the most insufferable liberal cunts around

Statistically speaking, that's incorrect. Blacks are more likely to be lumpenproles and whites are more likely to be among the working poor.

This is a pretty good summary. It's the sad result of focusing on intersectionality to the exclusion of the mechanics behind oppression of all peoples. I didn't think Trump would be the one to btfo out of the modern liberal narrative, but the end was coming.

Sadly, I don't think lessons are being learned at all right now.

Where are all of these classcucks spewing from

That won't happen, the RNC is going to run DC and they have no interest in doing that despite how politically advantageous it would be
Trump is backpedaling hard on his former positions

hey retards


Do you have proofs? Not being a dick, I just wonder what statistic this is based off.

Fucking kek

>>>Holla Forums

You sound so genuine, lmao.

i'm literally shaking, so reminiscent of hitler's rallies when he spoke over that poc smh

working class doesn't mean poor, dipshit.

You realize you can actually be working and receive benefits, right?

is Holla Forums mad its God king has sold out, even before being sworn in?

Take your fake outrage elsewhere.

Only one of those graphs is relevant. Try harder.

Nice to see mods taking care of the retard spammers. I approve.

spooky af tbh


Then you shouldn't be derailing the thread, tard.

heh.. filter strikes again


These idiots need to be called out & shamed at every turn.

red hot hotpockets

Well the middle class basically came into existence in the post-war union controlled factory environment. Basically socialism wants to turn everyone into the middle class, but not in the shitty bullshit way that usually means.

This is the perfect time for a socialist movement and party to rise up. There are already riots against the Trump candidacy, and tons of people behind Bernie. I'm interested what will happen in the coming months.

Spoiled liberals rioting (and who wouldn't have done the same against Hillary) only alienates the workers who voted Trump and/or are sick of the establishment.

then the answer isn't to not do anything at all, it's to make it clear that regardless of the election outcome the working and middle classes are fucked


Middle Class in this usage isn't distinct from the proletariat.

Liberal conceptions of an "upper class, middle class, and lower class" are based on possession of wealth rather than labor relations.

I'd say most middle class people (teachers, nurses, corporate pencil-pushers) are proletarian from a strictly Marxist definition.


not with the funding cuts fucking everywhere has become so fond of.
And yeah i'd like to repeat that the original middle class was union factory workers, aka The Most Proley of Proles

lmao :^)


Yeah, we pay our teachers dogshit, basically. It's so wrong. I remember how I clearly didn't pass the 8th grade, but I was at a bad school, so the teachers gave me a passing grade just to get rid of me. I was a bit of a trouble maker. I still carry guilt for being shitty to some teachers.

Our state of education is so bad in the US, it's not even funny. We really should pay them better. But that's a subject for another day, I guess.

America is crumbling, and that's just one reason.

no ur a dick



So everytime Bernie mentions his Vermont voting base, he has to include POC in the same sentence? How do you do this simultaneously.



Shouldn't liberals cry about how it normalises white skin colour?


He didn't even mention race in that tweet and that white bitch decides to bring it up.

PoC = people in other categories

Will we hang liberals first? The right can be spared at first cause they might be useful idiots to our cause.

It's unbelievable, really. These have got to be young people who don't understand that was a racist term. It's like calling them "coloreds".

PoC, I've always felt, is a nasty term because it homogenises countless different cultures, skin colours, languages etc. into a singular thing of "not white". People who love using that word also love using "erasure", but the term is classic erasure tbh.


funny greentext xd

Congrats, you're as retarded as all those liberals on twitter.

You're fucking illiterate lmao

He had a reason, retard. It's the context. Trump won all the white working class & it's the majority in this country, right now. Can you into nuance & context?

Everytime I'm on twitter, I feel like an enlightened genius, when I know I'm really not.

You're the idiot from the general election thread, right?




Can you actually post reasonings and type like a normal person or do you only know how to use meme arrows?

Can you address content instead of form?

Liberal purge when?

I can't believe how much third way politics has corrupted the left. Truly a cancer. I just hope it doesn't poison the well for left wing politics in general.

Maybe if you didn't ostracize the white working class, all of those precious minorities wouldn't be suffering under Trump.

everyone that is seriously leftist on this board is against racism and discrimination

but how many liberals are against classism?

Better question

There isn't any though.

Liberals want class society without class antagonism. Impossible.

Hitler did nothing wrong except not killing all jews

I see what you're saying.
You have to be careful about these things.

Everybody really cares about your cunt with extra flaps meme, look how much


When has anybody here been bothered by Bernie's opposition to discrimination? Never.

How often have liberals been bothered by his attempts to address class? Frequently.

Identity politics is when identity is considered the central category of politics, therefore Sanders has never espoused identity politics, he has been at pains to form a multiracial class-based movement.

Oh shut up. you see his retarded non-point about idpol & you also don't understand what it is?


Never forget.

We see you, posting to yourself.



It can be both, actually. Like the drug war laws that were targeted to black people, which now affect all people who are poor, no matter which color.


I just told her to throw herself off a cliff, lmao. I try to reason with people, sometimes, but Jesus Christ.

Wall street would probably rather let putin take over america than give bernie sanders the presidency so maybe you should rethink that, lady

I'll tweet that to her next, if she responds. Good one.

I'd. Like. To. Knife. Some. Of. These. Idiots.

I'm. So. Triggered. By. Them.

Seriously. It. Makes. Me. Irrationally. Angry.

what a fucking retard

Why does nobody call out these liberals on their blatant racism? Using terms like PoC or treating non-white people as some kind of exotic pets. It's sickening.

To acknowledge that liberals politicians have been paying minorities in welfare for their votes as a more subtle form of institutionalized racism is heresy.

I've been doing it with these idiots on Sanders' tweets. It needs to happen. Nothing I hate more than some uppity cunts acting like they sympathize or can understand what poor people go through. And acting like they give a shit about racism, too.

I dunno all my anecdotal evidence from interacting with liberals is showing me that they are doubling down on idpol even harder then before. I've been shouted down multiple times for daring to suggest that maybe every Trump supporter isn't a fire breathing Klansmen just waiting to start lynching niggers and fags and instead are mostly just people worried about their economic future which Hillary offered no solutions for.

My sample size is entirely college students though. Honestly this whole election has made me realize trying to convert college students is fucking hopeless and I'm better off talking to working class people after a few years of Trump not actually fixing their economic problems.

I'm not American, but as a white persom with friends from basically every continent (including an African ex girlfriend), I'd want to punch someone out if theh called them coloured in front of me.
Its demeaning and treats them like something out of their childish millenial fantasies like a Marvel movie or Skyrim
This is real fucking life you fucking liberal cunts

They're in denial, honestly. I've been pointing out that America(working class people) rejected their politically correct, idpol bullshit. They can either accept it or continue to be irrelevant, like Clinton.

No shit. College students were not a revolutionary force in the sixties, when many had a basic education in Marxism, and they certainly are not a revolutionary force today.

Back 2 Base-ics

I was honestly shocked when i first heard people using the term again. These younger americans think it's ok or something because their black friends are using it, themselves. They all need to be schooled.

It feels like we've lost an entire generation to idpol.

It's going to be an uphill battle bringing back logic and rationalism to the "left".

They also use the terms "uncle Tom" & "house nigger", I'm not joking.

At least they're being called out on this sometimes & also being called out on their insane segregation missions.

Absurdity. Some American college students are so goddamn stupid.

I was very surprised by it too. I remember reading a poem protesting the use of the word "colored". Strange to hear it coming from libs.

Sixties was when college students brought about the New Left, Maoism-Third Worldism and Critical Theory. It was the beginning of the end really.

i blame internet, stupid people and the confirmation bias.

basically retards will always go after what confirms their pre-made ideas (lefty or stormfag), they'll basically radicalize themselves.
instead of watching the world for what it is, they go seek the infos that please them and ignore the rest.
and since most people are retards, most people will keep radicalizing till the whole thing blows up.
i'm very pessimistic about the future of humanity.

This. I fucking hate when this shit happens.

Centrist master race.

I've been seeing a lot of black people saying coon or cooning lately too.

What a fucking retard, it was an r8

Read and everything will make sense.

It's insane. That reminds me of growing up in the south. All the racists some in my family, too saying that. I heard "coon hunting" used often. :/ And they weren't talking about raccoons.

I usually don't like it, either, but that dunce was derailing the thread. Gotta happen, sometimes.


it has to be this way

Bernie plz

it's not about salvaging it, it's about taking it over

third party politics is a dead end in america

entryism is the solution

Perhaps the Democrat party no longer represents the working class?

Tough pill to swallow but Hillary was mainly funded off by big banks and multinational corporations, and countries like Saudi Arabia for fucks sake.

it never did



Hillary never renounced her endorsement by George Bush, never disavowed her relationship with "former klan leader" Robert Byrd.

It did when it was the party of the KKK and segregation.

Ranked ballots just became a thing in two congressional districts through a referendum in different states last Tuesday

it's just getting started

I can't tell if this is satire/falseflag or what

They're paid shills, they have to be fucking shills; how can these cunts be this stupid?

Say that to my face fucker, not online, and see what happens.

I don't know, but it makes me want to ram my head into a wall, repeatedly.


I honestly thought the same. It's hard to accept it's possible for some to be so fucking blind. I know some are out there, but in these numbers & not being called out constantly or better? Whaaaaat.

FDR made the prudent decision to make concessions to the working class in order to forestall revolution and for not other reason

What are you going to do, assault me with your wheelchair gramps?

i'm absolutely saddened by this, but after this year, i can't help but agree. no 3rd parties have ever gone anywhere.

and yet here this user comes to give me back a shread of hope. i thank you comrade.

the "deal" of the new deal was the upper class FDR was part of agreeing to moderate loss of wealth to forestall permanent loss of wealth to all the fucking socialists




america is a society divide, when anybody expresses an opposing view one is encouraged to see them as an enemy from the opposite tribe

it is as primitive as pitting red against blue

the two-party system was consciously created for its stability and efficacy at impeding revolutionaries

every level of american society is infected by this ingenious social engineering

What can we do about these people? There has to be something we can do. Do we need to have a propaganda game on twitter?



Holla Forums is winning the twitter wars imo

The new deal was made becauseof the pressure CPUSA was exerting on American politics at the time.If FDR hadn't died, American's would've also had their second bill rights too. It's one of the few times reformism actually worked.


New twitter thread to network everyone might be a good idea.

That may be so, but that doesn't need to be the case. We can start to turn the tide, if only a little bit.

I may as well be shitposting for a cause.

(create one & link here)


The anti-war/draft movement was pretty radical. More so than anything we're seeing in the west today. They were setting off bombs and meeting with Castro ffs. They weren't all socialists obviously but most of the leadership was.

And all those concessions have been rolled back. Reformism doesn't work.

This is why we need this thread

Would be nice to counter this bs with fellow Holla Forumsers

This shit makes me irrationally angry.

sorry, i got it wrong–there are numerous municipalities in the U.S. that use ranked ballot voting, but Maine will be the first state to use it statewide, including for federal congressional/senate races


still a good start :)


It hurts cause its true.

check out /r/enoughsandersspam right now. He's being called a white supremacist and compared to trump.

I'm going to kill your bird.

they need to be leftysplained into submission

do it

Oh God, those retards are always good for a laugh. Their hate for Sanders knows no bounds. And they claim to be left.

The question should not be "how to we appeal to white people", it should be "why the fuck are white anglos still a significant voting bloc".

right, because a horde of third worlders with vastly different cultures, all speaking different languages, is more likely to come together as a unified class…

shit were you being sarcastic? I really can't tell on this board anymore



Welp, figured out where some of those retarded tweets to Bernie came from.

These people are actually poor. They are the most likely to be unified by class, unlike the armchair socialists in the universities.


that first reply to how did the dems let rust belt down… exact same rhetoric used by margaret thatcher and her ghouls

Kyle and jimmy are the only liberals I respect

kill them all

They're just the worst, aren't they?

what is this and where can I learn more?

Neat, I didn't know she did twatter.

Dialectics son

What person would make an account solely for the purpose of bashing Sanders all day long?

The CTR is real.

If that were the case, then why is the bourgeois so insistent on bringing them in?

While that is nice to hear, I am skeptical due to his endorsement of one such liberal elite.

why wouldn't they be?


They were rolled back because revolutionary spirit was stamped out thanks to McCarthyism and the red scare propaganda of the neocon's. Reformism works as well as the revolution; it needs a strong support structure so it doesn't become corrupted.

These people need to be gulag'd.


This tbh, but since reform is by nature slower it has to be supported more vehemently for a longer period of time, or else it will be rolled back.

i remember how well this tactic worked before tuesday

Yep, we're getting eight years.



I don't know.

Like, 93%? 70%? 50?!








because they have nothing left.


Bernie was controlled opposition from the start. He was just in it for the money.

Read the Podesta leaks, you lazy fucking LARP queens.

they started at 0 and now they're at -1

cite the email

the more you give them, the more they demand

don't leftists ever learn?

which email?

I read the emails, constantly. That would have been front page news on Holla Forums & possibly even MSM.

It didn't prevent it, it only stalled it. The same forces that opened the way for revolution in the XXth century are coming right back as Reform is reversed.
Class contraditions are timeless.


Class contradictions don't exist as mechanic with marxism as it's inevitable end. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that can't even fulfill itself.

ITT: Retards that dont understand political strategy

Funny, we're the ones who won the election, yet you losers are trying to tell us how it's going to go down, as if your doomsaying has ever worked in the past.

no, we do understand it - his political strategy was to get elected by making false promises to you retards

He's not even in office, you lefty fucktards are just so desperate to find something bad about Trump that you go on cherrypicking to make it look like he doesn't know what he's doing. Its obvious to anyone with half a brain that he's deep in strategy though. But sure, I'm positive a fat, balding shitposter who masturbates to anime knows more about politics than someone who worked his way up to billions of dollars from basically scratch and won an election despite a massively rigged system.

Sorry, I forgot Trump is playing 23-dimension chess.

You mock the idea for now, but Trump is far beyond the puny thoughts of a leftist. You couldn't begin to imagine his plans, so of course you delude yourself into thinking that you do.

we'll see, bucko.

yes, he's not even in office and yet he's already reversing his positions on every major issue, including obamacare, the wall and the indictment of hillary clinton

if he continues on this trajectory he'll be a democrat by the time he's sworn in


it's basic marxist economics

his dad's money in safe bonds would get him what he supposedly has today
the electoral college is the reason he won and also the media gave him constant coverage and made him the story of the election, he had a decent hand helping him even if they all believed they were hurting him
I for one am kinda glad that a supposedly far right dude will end up being a neoconservative so idiots like you will have the wind taken out of your sails and we wouldn't have that if Hillary was president, but the Don did not have a massive fight to win. The situation was right, that's all it took.


You are truly a disgrace. You fat lazy bastards must be spoonfed everything. You are literally the definition bourgeoisie.

When the revolution comes your kind will be the first to be strung up.



not an argument

what's up Holla Forums?

I told you all Hillary Clinton was the real accelerationist choice


I did, you are lying.

opinion discarded

So Trump ONLY won because of racism?

Are these people brain damaged?

Comrade Bernie is so based

Sauce on pic?

But his work is so good? The TSSI is the best reclamation of marxian economics.

I got it from the gen. election thread. Someone said it's all over Twitter right now.

Also no one made a Holla Forums Twitter thread? Balls.

Should we post ours here to connect & shit on or try to turn idpol users in the future?

@JessPro86 is me. Add me comrades.

Democratic Party =/= liberals

I think we do have one labelled something like "STRATEGY THREAD" that never explicitely mentioned twitter, but I'll have to go check for that again.

Here it is!:

thanks fam

Being smart and well-read is, sadly, not a vaccine for getting caught up in stupid hysteria. It is this mistake that led the far left to Maoism.

And leftism =/= social liberalism

Go on…

Got 'em

This is exactly why these fuckers must be stopped.

99% of the people who upvoted that shit aren't poor. I'm being generous with 1%, too. Proles see right through that shit.


okay, i just set up a twitter specifically for the propaganda/meme spreading/dissemination

just followed you comrade, do you know any others i should follow and get in with?

Especially because of the Reagan era, a lot of poor people in the US genuinely dislike or even hate themselves for it.

:DDDDD I started mine as just a trolling account, but then started trying to talk class, etc

I've followed a lot of bernie supporters, progressive accounts. I'd say to follow @HillaryClinton(to find targets), @[email protected]/* */, @JillStein, @ggreenwald is a good one, it's Glen Greenwald from the Intercept. Good, actual journalist who broke the Snowden leaks.

I don't know about fellow comrades, but I've seen them around. That's why i was eager for the /lefty/ twitter idea.

I'll follow you back. It's not showing that I've got a new follower yet, maybe it takes a min. What's your handle?

He's right to compare Trump to Hitler if he's talking about him as an economic man. The relative racism shit really isn't there.

D: It is a big problem. On one hand we pride ourselves on being more self-sufficient & having been through actual hardships. On the other hand, fucking society pressures you & other people look down on you. Just from reading your post I felt a tinge of it.

Years of being broken down, especially from policies enacted by Reagan, have taken a toll on the prole. You'd think we'd have come farther since it's fucking current year.

spooky tbh

Also, for targets I'd say Vox, Salon, Huffington Post, Washington Post, NY Times would be prime spots to find ammo.

How so? Economically I mean.

This is true. Kliman is still a baby boomer who lives in New York after all.

Yeah, i'm not one to use the current year argument, but as "civilized"/modern as people try to make the world out to be, it's shitty for workers in general. I've seen more Clintonites shitting on workers recently than Trump supporters, which makes me especially angry, since they claim to be more civilized.

Ok, just say "stronger' then. That's tangible.

And I'm admittedly emotional about the subject.

if you niggers are such perfect examples of working class, why do you emphasise on being a nigger instead of creating class unity?

these cunts are fucking worse than open nazis with their class division, bunch of useful idiot tools to capitalists



In the same way that Bernie is talking about. He's appealing to a mass of unhappy working class people and agreeing that they have serious economic problems that need fast resolution. The racial shit really is just a side-show to keep blame from falling on himself and the rest of the elite, because otherwise it just falls straight to "Your leaders and owners fucked you over"

Naw, there is a fair amount of class consciousness in the black community. It's just that it is infused with some idpol, I mean idpol and class struggle aren't 100% opposed. But its just that idpol is garbage outside of the bounds of sexual politics. And idpol can easily be used by liberals to pacify communities that buy into it.

But your attitude that proles should be discarded because they are ideologically spooked is itself a massive spook.

i should be @DamLeftyJar, im retiring for tonight though. gotta rest up for college courses and the like.

"spook" is retarded and a cancer of this board
your attitude of strawmanning what i say is pure faggotry (oh gosh, did i just use the f-word?)
i never said to discard them, you have to call them out tho
if they want to be niggers, call them niggers



It's like if everyone on an imageboard had a tripcode.

nigger, you're retarded (did i just say the r-word??)

get sleep, I'll add you in the meantime.

Hi dad.

You seem to be a bit mad there, my dude.

I was implying that your original post failed to convey any solidarity via "calling them out." In fact your post seems to be mad at black folks because they predominantly believe in liberal ideology. And your solution seems to be literally walking up to thugs and calling them niggers, or a more metaphoric simply standing up against liberal ideology by discussing it with people. But tbh I don't see how anyone could have concluded the later by your original post alone.

What the fuck? It's clear he's talking about how the white working class have bailed for Republicans.

What the fuck is it with IdPol'ers anyway sperging the fuck out whenever anybody brings up classist issues? Do they not think that that rising the tide also helps black people? Most those blacks in the rust belts also worked manufacturing jobs as well.

Here's the interview from which the Sanders tweet came from. Watch it, there's some zingers. Of course, these tweets didn't show the good stuff.

Do you think it might be a better idea to stop saying 'white working class' in this context and just say 'the working class' instead? Because HRC lost a lot of minority votes this election while the republicans gained a little, so it's not just the white folk who won him the election (though they were probably a better part of it).

It's specifically talking about the white working class that decided to vote rep instead of dem.

You need to keep in mind that the majority of the population, that is, working-class whites, don't vote at all. In part because for them it doesn't make a difference.

He doesn't. Obama's staff had to tell them that they had to staff the West Wing, which his people didn't even know.

No it doesn't. If support fades after a revolution, you get what happened to the Soviet Union. A dictatorship of the proletariat becomes a regular old dictatorship.

this. it's fucking concerning

was this Porky's plan all along? mass immigration to pit workers of different races against one another?

I accept African Americans were treated appalling for a long time but lines like that help nobody. Fighting over scraps.

wow you don't fucking say?!

Comrade Sanders is looking to rally the people. True leftist politics around about to be established.

how would reparations even work? who pays? who gets reparations? what form?

he constantly moans about whites despite having a white gf. sad! low energy!

That probably wasn't the initial plan, but it is used by porky to keep them fighting among themselves when they're all being screwed.

Children shouldn't have access to Twitter. I keep seeing pictures of what look like kids with adult glasses trying to lecture people.

Stephen Colbert as always, trying to shit on his parade. Bernie's having none of it, and neither is the crowd. Good sign..

Stephen is salty because he was caught with his pants down on live television when Hillary lost. He was not expecting it at all.

It's funny how now the liberals are the ones who endorse McCarthyism

god it's soothing to see him actually giving his stump speech again. I know he's just a socdem, but he's so much better than basically any other political figure or commentator in the American mainstream.

While I suspect that story is true, be aware that the outgoing staff leaked that story. This is just politics. I recall when the incoming staff of Bush the Younger claimed that the outgoing Clinton staff had completely trashed the White House on their way out. It was probably a bullshit story, but that is the kind of game they play.

They are fulfilling their function of creating a distraction even if they are not aware of it. Even the pomos here do the same thing.

Colbert was destroyed in seconds.

Yeah but that was true to an extent. Clinton's staff pried every "W" key off every keyboard in the white house lol