Now would be a good time to start learning some Japanese...

Now would be a good time to start learning some Japanese? At least by the time it comes out you can look at a dictionary and get a general idea of what they're saying. But let's be honest here user-desu, you can't learn Japanese.

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Name a single jap game that isn't grindy moeshit that would make it worth it.




I could do it if I try


shut the fuck user

you can't aim for the top when you can't even aim for the ace.

there are people who watched Aim for the Top and not Aim for the Ace

Are there any GOOD recent Japanese games that I should bother learning moon for?

The time to start learning Japanese was 9 years ago.

If you want to learn a language you should be doing it for way more reasons than to play games otherwise you'll never make it.

Was the anime any good? or was it shit?

Good point. Were there ever any anons here that learned Japanese just to play games? How did it go for them?

there a ton of em.

It's been good, but there's still some episodes left so there's still time for everything to be ruined.

the last few are too happy, I'm scared now

What is this TWGOK?


Any that have must have had ulterior interests or plans.


I learned it because it filled out my college credits and I wanted to read Japanese porn, games, and porn games. I can read Japanese now, it's nice. If you want to learn nip I suggest a course because most people get sick of grinding a language by themselves all day- having a teacher and a schedule can be a good motivator.

Nothing ulterior about it, it was better than taking shitty liberal arts courses instead.

Wow, just what gaming needed, MORE "cinematic" garbage. Why even bother learning Jap to not-play that when i could just go dumpster diving on steam or any old piece of trash and it'd be the same shit.

I like the idea of VNs as a medium for storytelling, they just need to be more like manga/graphic novels. Basically a manga but with more text, audio, etc.

You mentioned credits and porn (but why not non-H?). That's what I meant by ulterior interests.


VNs and dating sims don't have anything to do with the cinematic meme of Western devs.

but i can't learn japanese

I enjoy non-H Japanese games too. Also various anime and manga, but these days so much is already translated for you. If credits counts as something ulterior, okay, but either way you can learn Japanese to the 半人前 level easily, reaching 一人前 if you stick with it past the first year.

sage because blogpost

Unless its Ace Attorney or Ghost Trick its all shit.

i want more vns to be like zero escape. the mystery of the story integrates really well with the puzzles in the game.


I wish there were something in the style of Namasensei's shit to guide me the whole fucking way through, even if it's not that time efficient. I have all the time in the world, but zero motivation to spend 2+ fucking years grinding this shit out every day just to have a basic enough understanding to play games. I'm such an undisciplined piece of shit, but that guy really got me motivated for the first few weeks.

No you don't. You have less than 25 years left before you're statistically likely to die of old age.

I like VNs too, it just seems to be a waste of all the materials you've been given

How do you learn to recognize kanji, because I've been using multiradical searches to figure some out and everything still just looks like scribbles.

I used (and still use sometimes) Halpern's SKIP method because it's a lot more straightforward until you begin recognizing radicals.

That's from an online dictionary that lets you look up kanji using a lot of different methods, including SKIP:

I'm only 21. If I die at that age, I'll fucking kill myself.

Some people suggest the alternative of studying words and sentences instead of individual kanji. Has anyone done this?

They're the exact same shit, just wrapped up in a different bow.

A lot of VNs (well shit in general) are made for profit in mind without risking too much. Naturally that means they turn out generic without pushing the limits of what they're capable of.

No they aren't.

Yes, they are. The only reason you think they're different is because one is japanese.

Yes they are you dumb fucking weeb.


I'd personally recommend it. I find it absurdly difficult to remember kanji if I'm not seeing it used. I think it's more natural, regardless.

The only reason you think they're the same is because you're using the old "guilty by association" trick. You associate something Japanese with something unrelated that the audience considers bad, and make the Japanese thing seem bad by association. Even though the association is actually imaginary.

They aren't, and I'm not a weeb.

The only reason you think they're the same is because you're using the old "guilty by association" trick. You associate something Japanese with something unrelated that the audience considers bad, and make the Japanese thing seem bad by association. Even though the association is actually imaginary.

They aren't, and I'm not a weeb.


Jesus you're retarded.

"Cinematic games" are a degeneration of games:

Visual Novel is something designed specifically for the purpose of being a novel with visuals and has no allusions to being anything else.

Fucking delusional nigger.

I saved that one and I also posted the YOU DESERVE RAPE one the other day

Fuck off. Re:zero starts off with a somewhat interesting Groundhog knock-off, but almost immediately devolves into waifu wish fullfillment anime #9999. Garbage. Why does this happen every time in every show?

Cinematic games are something designed specifically for the purpose of being a game with cinematics and has no allusions to being anything else.

It's not guilty by association if visual novels are literally the exact same as cinematic games except for the manner of presentation you dumb weeb.

If you had kept watching longer you would know this isn't true.

They aren't.

I'm not.

It's like a mixture of Groundhog's Day and The Butterfly Effect. The main character is a Holla Forumsirgin who gets pulled into a typical fantasy world, and has to figure out how to survive there. Inevitably there is a nasty plot, or a crisis of some kind that kills him and everyone he loves. When this happens he automatically respawns at a previous checkpoint where he must try to do things differently to get the best possible ending for that situation. The same black magic that summoned him and respawns him also prevents him from talking about it so the best alternative is to be proactive and gain the trust of everyone around him. Which sometimes involves romancing waifubait.

What does a visual novel offer that a cinematic game can't provide, you dumb weeb?

Doesn't exist.

This was already answered:

And where's your evidence that I'm a weeb?

How does that post answer my question whatsoever?


No, really, how does it address the question at all?

That post, translated to apply to visual novels:
Visual novels are watching a shitty fucking """novel""
Press X you did so much wow!
bells and whistles
Note the utter fucking lack of substantial distinction? Unless you're suggesting that the novel aspect seriously separates it from the "cinematic" concept? Which would be ridiculous considering that's only a change in presentation and not gameplay or content.

I'll ask once more because you've clearly taken a severe beating to the head recently: How are visual novels any different in any major sense to a cinematic game? Stop dancing around the question you goddamn retarded weeaboo.

Where is your proof that I'm a weeaboo?


If I stop hurting your fee-fees will you actually respond to what I said?

I already responded.

Where is your proof that I'm a weeaboo?

You're on Holla Forums.

No, you literally didn't, and I addressed that, you stupid fucking faggot.

What about it?

I literally did.

Where is your proof that I'm a weeaboo?

You didn't, though, there is absolutely nothing in anything you've said showing any major distinction between visual novels and cinematic games.

You're a weeb because you're so defensive about it, and because you refuse to admit that you're wrong because of your serious love for visual novels. Dumb fucking weeb.


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You're on a weeaboo image board.

Great argument.

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I did though.

Acknowledging the fact that something in Japan is different from something in the West has nothing to do with being a weeaboo.

I'm not wrong.

No I'm not.

The argument was already presented.

I only like 2d qts so its ok
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Yes you are

This is a video game board.

They're not different, you only think so because you're a stupid weeb.

Cinematic games are literally identical to visual novels. Actually, cinematic games probably have more to offer considering voice acting and whatnot. What do your weeb games have?

You're a very stupid weeb. Go watch moeshit or something.

Re:zero is fucking trash

Video games are anime.

I'm not wrong just because you say so.

I already did.

They literally aren't.

I haven't said anything about any weeb games.

Where's your proof that I'm a weeb?

There is no such thing as moeshit.

You're wrong because you still can't provide one difference between the two.

You're a laugh, weeb.

Reminder that moeshit is literally the best kind of anime.


what if its actually the worst time to learn japanese?

The difference was already explained.

Yes, that's what I said. What about it?

Where is your proof that I'm a weeb?

It literally doesn't exist.



Where is your proof that I'm a weeb?

You cannot learn japanese

You can not learn japanese

You can't learn japanese

You can (not) learn japanese

You are unable to learn japanese

Learning japanese is denied to you

Your ability to read japanese doesn't exist

Understanding of the japanese language is unobtainable for you



Where is your proof that I'm a weeb?

Where is your proof that you are not a weeb, weeaboo?

Here's your proof.

Lad, give it up. weeb

The burden of proof is on you.

Where is your proof that I'm a weeb?



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Fucking hell. Just go watch your Chinese cartoons you fucking weeb.

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I learned Japanese exclusively to read visual novels and games. Not 5pb's shit though.

Fuck Japan. Be English.

I am. Furthermore, Japan is one of the few allies English-speaking countries have left, and that's including other White and/or English-speaking countries, many of which are excited to commit suicide, or even genocide against their own people. I'd rather have Japan at my back than a country as cucked as modern Germany.

If I had authority to write a last will for America, and knew that we were dying, I would give California to Japan. They'll need somewhere to go soon, and are the only East Asians worth saving.

It is alright… I dropped it because I couldn't handle the "deconstruction" of the self-insert main-character, which just consisted of autistic fits of screaming, with a dose of despair. So Shinji from Eva, if he was less developed, and screamed more. The lack of character development beyond Subaru and Rem made me lose interest. Hey, maybe it's improved though, but I think the show isn't for me. It's an over-hyped anime that will probably be hated by many of the beloved fans once they realize it was far more vapid than it initially seemed, or because it becomes too main-stream.

it's the evangellion of chinese cartoons

To anyone who did learn Japanese how much time did it take you and what was your method? As in your regiment, how many hours a day, how many days a week, what you did/used, etc.

I want to learn but I wonder if I have enough time, I certainly have it some of the time but I don't know if I could sustain it, and I've heard the second you stop doing your reps you're boned. Sometimes I have to leave town for work and it can take a few weeks of my time, I suppose I could study in a hotel though.

why learn japanese when you can get a head start and learn Mando or Arabic?
chyna is scary, so is indonesia