Who is the saddest shill?

Who is the saddest shill?

and so on

If ever there was a genuine shill who will eventually kill themselves because of it this is the one.

Age has done nothing pleasant to man


This is by far, the best/worst candidate here.

What do the other founding members do nowadays? Burnie, Geoff, and Gus are the only ones who make appearances. Did they all leave or something?


Here's your (you)

Joel was removed for being "alt right" on the podcast by telling people to buy gold and mentioned how jews run hollywood in different wording.
Burnie was a fat drunk that made extreme advances on griffon and she wasnt allowed on the grounds for years, his wife left and he cant see his son and he suddenly got super skinny and made jokes about it all being "dark burnie from the bad times"
matt sold the company to millenials that make clickbait and is a depressive drunk
gus sticks with it because its all he has

I don't get it. What it about the gold which might be justified or the hollywood jewry, which is just plain truth?

White women considered such talk "signs of a potentially dangerous male" because he used the term 'red pilled' once when the podcast was called the drunk tank fucking aeons ago.

He's like the paulbots on Holla Forums who sperg out about habbenings any time the global index takes a slight dip, show off screenshots of their survival gear and bunkers and discuss wether gold or silver is the best postapocalyptic investment.

Any time the other boards make fun of retarded tinfoilhatters on Holla Forums, they think of the paulbots.

They fired someone for seeming "alt right"?

I remember some cousin of mine is married to one of those guys.

Thought it was weird they did internet videos for a living, but bit stranger to think they'd seek that sort of ideological purity.

I bet he is one of those paulbots.

Like Joel Heyman? Joel?
I think the sad thing is that they HAVE to pretend to be bad at videogames because of the retards they hired like those faggots gavin and Michael, just because the fan girls like that curly haired little faggot.

Its pretty clear he is Holla Forums as fuck.

CONFIRMED Holla Forums

Joel's still on the team.
He does "How to Play" series with another guy- which is usually just them arguing. He's appeared in their improv shows and usually does well.

Burnie has been a bad drunk, the Griffon thing I thought was BS, and I didn't know he divorced (unless that happened after the Amazing Race)
Gus is on the podcast, very rarely turns up in the games.
Don't ask me how I know

Joel, Gavin, and Geoff have all said shit at one time or another. They make an apology and carried on. If they do something "bad" they just put a trigger warning at the start of the vid. Ironically, RvB did a sketch on how trigger warnings are bullshit.

Joel wasnt fired, when i say removed he was "pushed out of the spotlight" if that makes sense. I think hes been in like 12 videos in half a decade with the core team because they want to keep his 'message' out of the way of the main ad revenue.

why do you use such ugly retard phrasing in your ebin memes, anonymoose? it completely undermines what little merit it has and makes you look like an underage or idiot who can't into english
you're still using it

not to mention the
meme is literally goonspeak

Shit son, fresh off the boat.

Could be. I just figured he was trying to find work outside of RT or something.

Also that How To thing he did stopped like 2 months ago, and that was an on/off weekly thing.


RT was different 10 years ago.

There was also a time where people liked twitter, years change everything.

Geoff had a hard life.
I'm afraid that one of these days he's going to blow his brains out on stage at Minecon.

I think he's gone past that all the way around to "I don't give a fuck".

He's got enough in the bank to walk out tomorrow, and he knows he's popular so he can get away with more shit.

I think he is ready to go, he just needs one really bad day.

Still shit though. I'm not even trying to be contrarian here, the first couple of episodes of RedvsBlue were honestly funny but the joke went stale really fast.
And then they just kept building this obvious franchise around it with retarded fanboys gladly lapping up everything RT through at them.

Blame them picking up a corporate director after season, 3 I think it was? Plus MS pushed them to continue the series or they would shut down the website.

Preparing for the worst is antileft.
Don't question if the system might fail.


They didnt fire Joel, they just use him sparingly since his humor is simply beyond that of the rest of RT.

i went to their website when they started doing the rwby stuff, i didn't even get to the show i just looked at the noscript list and left.
how do they justify having more trackers than news/advertising websites like cnn.

They got bought out by a clickbait company. Look up their jeff gerstman fallout shilling debacle.


I predict you are a long time NEET who has begun to forget what social pressure does to you. It is very difficult to think so rationally when you have a group of peers constantly pushing you to adhere to their way of things.


Reminder that Monty's wife killed him shortly after they got married to get his money and status.

Was there ever a reason given for Ray leaving? Did he see through the shit RT was going through or something?

It was either he wanted to stream on his own, or he wanted to be back with his family. Or both.

He knew the risks

Good. Fucker deserved to die. I got sick of the generals flooding Holla Forums

That's what he fucking gets, I hope the fucking is getting eaten by maggots as we speak.


why do people even like rwby or bother going autistic over it?
the 'waifus' suck ass and are just stereotypes of animu characters

I don't know, try asking that fag in the waifu threads.

You don't get it. The RT drones don't acknowledge this, it's like a cult.

literally who


someone in the waifu reads has a rwby waifu, ask him what he sees in it.


These people are really autistic and have waifu weekend threads too. They basically just use them to avatarfag, I have thought about going in there just to report everyone and inform them of how I am reporting them to piss them off.

i think Geoff finally got out of the curse though.

He doesn't give a shit anymore.

He doesn't care, he's done with gaming and video games, he's done with consumers and gamer, with companies and people.

What's gaming to him right now? a job, and he doesn't give a shit about it anymore, he's over it. And to be honest, that's ok, he's probably the only one who cared about gaming "journalism" content and his work is miles better than anything out there in the medium.

How can he be used as a shill when he's the one using everyone.

Gabe's about as fat and ugly as he always was. He just grew his hair.



These arent e celebs, they are the leftovers when the cycle swallows them up and leaves a husk behind as a warning.

What's wrong with Michael apart from being a bit shouty sometimes. He's good enough at games and is funny. But I'm sure we can all agree Mica is the worse person there frankly all the girls that work there are atrocious. And fuck funhaus and everyone else they colab with.

It's pretty clear he's just there for the paycheck these days. He's probably super thankful he's in a high enough position that he can get away with being the camera man for Minecraft videos.

then why can't you let theses faggots die with no one remembering who they are.

aren't waifu threads just some excuse to blog about yourself?
it's a shame that they spend less time talking about fictional characters and more about themselves

To remember.

and don't pretend you wont enjoy it when pewdiepie burns out and self destructs.

He already is.
Felix is pretty chill and less cancerous than he was during the peak of his popularity.

I mean when his skeletons inevitably out like that one polaris guy that fucked tweens.

Go to /rwby/ and take a look around. Everyone there agrees with you, for the most part. Everyone knows it's objectively shit, it really just tickles a particular kind of autism, and the fight scenes are fun.

Mica is alright. I fucking hate Michaels wife, whose name escapes me at the moment. She was so fucking awful. Holy shit, I can't believe they tried to use her to replace Ray. I was so happy when the brought in Jeremy to replace her.

The whole brand has been getting steadily more and more shit, but I still sometimes enjoy something that they put out, like their worms videos when they have the right people in them.

I fucking hate funhaus and screwattack and all the other faggots they're putting into videos now.

Surprisingly, Camp Camp, their original animated series, is actually pretty good.

You sure bout that m8. I mean everyone has the right to their opinion but Mica seems like a dyed-in-the-wool SJW. On top of not being funny and not good at vidya she's just one big WHY to me.

But you're right too about Lindsey (Michael's wife). At first you get the impression she was trying too hard trying to replace Ray Who even resigned from videos was still funnier then her but then you realize that's how she is. It's almost a Yoko Ono type thing with her.

I like the Off-topic podcast, Hero's and Halfwits and Camp Camp (though I do feel like sometimes the jokes are driven home a bit too hard). Also Day 5 the Member only movie thing was pretty good too, shame Kickass died so I can't pirate the episodes anymore.Also since I'm a fag I wanna watch their ASMR documentary.

I didn't care for Funhaus before they were Funhaus and I definitely don't care about them now Though AH saying their logo looks like a Swastika is funny. Screwattack are irrelevant outside AVGN And I'm pretty sure he split from themAlso the mexican who rarely posted to their site was pretty good too. Also Craig is a noted prick and I'm glad RT is basically using them to play Nintendo shit every once in a blue moon.

Fair enough, but let it be know that white women are twice as vindictive as nonwhite women.
If you don't know that, you'll probably find out for yourself one day.

Isn't he the lead in his own web series on RT?
How was he removed?

When did this happen? Does he have two wives?

Kids are already back in school but it's Saturday you mongo.

Stop being such a fucking aspie and just realize that people like shit that you don't and deal with it like an adult.

You've never been with a Hispanic chick have you?

I respect Ray for bowing out. It was clear that it wasn't fun for him anymore. I imagine having to deal with a fucked up workplace and autistic 12 year olds at cons all day is quite taxing

funhaus is the only good part of RT.

There's two or three RWBY waifufags, but I think I asked one of them if the show was actually good once. He said that volume 1 was shit and that it gets better from volume 2 onwards. I still didn't watch it, and I never will.

Don't pay attention to whatever it is you are. Mustaches.

Talk about things you like. If people don't like them they are wrong.

This is the dumbest shit I've heard. How can someone be scared of getting killed for being black if 2/5th's of Texas is Hispanic? They were all just nodding in agreement with that dumb bitch, instead of convincing her that her fears weren't that valid. Also, censoring 15 variations of "nigger" is a waste of time.

Hispanics also hate niggers, racism and battle for ethnic dominance isn't exclusively against white people. Of course, she'll never mention it because that goes against the narrative, and her chance to get fat stacks.

RT should've died a long time ago.

Let's Play is purified garbage, RvB has become the Simpsons in that it is being stretched for every last piece of content possible, and RWBY is shit.

RT is now simply buying up every content creator they can to keep themselves on life support until they eventually collapse under the growing amounts of trash they keep producing.

RT is becoming Machinima 2.0
"Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it."

Isn't he a vet? I remember him telling stories of him being stationed in pretty heavy shit.

Speaking form experience, Black and Hispanic women will straight-up kill you, and a greek girl tried to trick me into sleeping with a herpes-ridden whore in some half-assed sting because she thought I was cheating on her.

Not to mention she's well off beng the Daughter of an actor and RT must pay decently enough considering everyone seems to join in on discussion of Roombas. Plus you can tell Ryan is covering his mouth to keep from calling her an idiot to keep from being "Future endeavored"

I remember seeing that it was still going on and decided to check it out. The video I chose had so much shit going on I didn't even know about and just fucking Monty out of no where being digitized in. Closed the video immediately. I like the Let's play stuff though it's certainly lost a lot of charm.

He is but he was a Photographer if I remember. Don't recall him sharing any stories apart from doing PT for a movie as an extra

washed out (and/or irrelevant) vidya ecelebs thread?

kat.al/full should work

Are you kidding?

Gaben may be fat and a hack-fraud, but he's gotten handsomer as time's gone on. He's gone from fat ugly nerd to a fat handsome acoustic guitarist from an alt indie band.

As a former fan of AH, I can say that they lost their soul. Even if you compare their current videos with their videos from 3-4 years ago, you can feel the difference in atmosphere. It seems like now they're just putting on a smile to keep their boss happy and stay afloat. Ray actually hints at this in one of his streams since he mentioned that the people you see on camera are actually different behind the scenes (it was during the Unravel stream wherein he talked about Spoole).

Rest in peace, LtMkilla.

So he does that instead of cry racis, multiple sex genders, islam is love, russia is ebil.

Got it.

They really weren't, man. They're just as unfunny now as they were then.

I watched the show, not sure if I'll continue watching it. I watched season 1 because I thought hey, roosterteeth made weabshit and that sounds like it could be worth a laugh or two. Someone on 4chan back in the day told me it was hysterical but didn't specify if it was good or abysmal. Watched it, it was abysmal but I got some laughs pointing out the obvious failures. Then I watched season 2 partly to rip on it some more and partly out of respect for Monty who just wanted to make a goddamn animu. That was better on a technical level but it was even worse on a writing level. Still so much clipping. My god the clipping. Then Monty died so I decided to give it a third chance, I don't know why I gave this shitty show so many god damned chances.

Watched it, not bad. Definite improvement.

Would not reccomend anyone sit through two seasons of garbage just to get to a mediocre season. I hear they replaced the shit program (poser) and picked a better one. Still wouldn't reccomend.

I actually like Roosterteeth, even if it's a shadow of it's former self full of unlikeable new hires. If anything I hate the fucking fans though. I've never seen a bigger batch of brown nosing spergelords in my life. Even channel awesome fans aren't this annoying, and that fanbase is entirely composed of autism. RWBY has a season where dark things happen, suddenly it's the darkest show ever and they constantly go on about how no other show has gone this dark before. Law and Order SVU deals with rape every episode and no, RWBY a girl dies and it's 5dark6me. Everything Roosterteeth churns out is suddenly the best thing ever in it's field because Roosterteeth.

Fanbases fucking suck. If it wasn't for circlejerks like these, I bet half of us wouldn't even hate roosterteeth, let alone care enough about them to hate them. You look at that fanbase and you can't help but hate the source. I've never played undertale but I hate it because of it's autistic fanbase, most people here call it tumblrtale and hate it for similar reasons. It's just how people are.

Did they ever end RvB for reals? Or have they kept it a cliffhanger like they have been since season 6?

Burnie says he'll only stop when the fans stop asking for more. But since it's an infinite circlejerk amongst those fans, it'll keep going and switching writers until everyones out of ideas. Then they'll probably just steal ideas from older seasons.

What did Funhaus do? I lapsed for a few years and didn't even notice they were made, but they seem alright. I like their demo disc playthroughs.

I bought the bluray collection for the first few seasons, and I think i'll be just fine with that. Fuck new RT.

Probably for the best. It was time to stop at season 10. But they are on season 14 or 15 or some shit now. I heard they ripped off star wars and the fans still gobbled that shit up.

Whoever made that image is retarded. I'm not defending that half-assed anime game or whatever the fuck he's so incensed at, but his "baw baw plagiarism" arguments make him sound like his mental development was severely stunted. "Only applies to writing" what the fuck is he even talking about?

Definitely Joshua Ryne Goldberg


Just looked up his article on Wikipedia for anything I had missed. He had a something called the Philosophy of Rape where he would give tips on how to rape and get away with it, he would use this shit to false-flag against feminists


ow the edge

Adam Sessler.

Stopped reading there. Pick up the closest, heaviest object and repeated hit yourself in the head with it you mong.

I wish I were this autistic. Instead I'm just boring.

He was in the army as a Photographer during peace time. I remember him talking about how he got his discharge papers on 9/11. Most of his "war storys" were shit like passing out while huffing gas when ordered to do maintenance lawn equipment or pushing a female reporter out of his way so he could get to safety during a botched white phosphorus test fire. His story's where the best part of the old podcast.

Ah, nearly forgot about that one. Shit's like a Columbo episode.

so, some ledditors want to Stopman?

What even is that

There's nothing interesting about being a retard.
He's facing 20 years on Bubba's dick.

I used to like RT and Achievement Hunter but I stopped watching their stuff after Ray left.
Both channels changed when they joined Fullscreen and Funhaus. The Know became a clickbait jewtube channel. They forced the viewers to go to the Let's Play channel to see every AH shows, then they decided to create their own AH channel…
Jack is fucking boring, always bringing his shitty political opinions.
With Ray gone full camgirl on Twitch, others have joined the AH crew but they're trying too much to be like either Ray, Michael or Gavin.
They used to be a bunch of friends playing vidya, now they're e-celebs playing vidya with other e-celebs.

there's a cut version for illiterate dummies like you ;)

I didn't even know there was a spin-off named 'chibi'
this shit is on par with Holla Forums kiddie cartoons

I always hated Monty's directing style (I can't watch his RvB episodes). It makes no sense, the characters jump everywhere, he always chooses a shitty camera angle etc.

I'm really surprised by the success of his work.

but youre the fish


I looked on there and found nothing

Honestly nothing, I actually like Adam Kovic enough. I think it was being introduced via the news part of RT and not finding them very enjoyable

It was "Gone with the Blastwave" done in Machinma. Then it tried to do some actual plot instead of "What would two sides who were left alone in a canyon who don't want to fight do?"

There definitely is a discrepancy from when they joined Fullscreen. Funny thing is I remember Burnie bought RT from Machinma so they could do whatever they wanted only to turn around and sellout to fullscreen who forced the clickbait shit. Then again I'm pretty sure Burnie is a kike.

And there was a dry spell trying to find a replacement for Ray Little J is actually pretty good but you have to accept he ISN'T Ray and never will be for better or worse.

You're also right that they associate with other people too much. Like I enjoy the occasional Peanut Butter and Chocolate situation but it happens too much with them.

That could only be his best possible ending. He gets to go out in style in front of the very people that have driven him into his current state of drunken depression.

Good taste friendo

Yea Adam is pretty good.

Apparently you didn't get the memo. Holla Forums has abandoned the Paul family and Libertarianism with it. It was a sensible choice in 2012 but Trump has offered something better.

Doom Paul is at a bare minimum usage these days as well, a joke version with Jeb Bush pretty much replaced it for the times when a typical Trump meme doesn't do the job.


People abandoned the Paul family when Ron was replaced by Rand

you can't be older than 14. I beg of you just kill yourself



It's been a long time since the Dorito Pope has done anything good

Rage Quit represents the death of Rooster Teeth in my mind. It had been going down hill since Red Vs Blue Season 5 but Rage Quit was the first time I watched one of there video and thought, "Holy shit, this is fucking unwatchable."

It's a shittier, lazier version of version AVGN, which is sad because AVGN was shit from the beginning as well.

Ex RT employee here

Ray left because Michael was making sexual advances toward him. This is also why Lindsey was kept around, and while originally they didn't actually care about each other I'm pretty sure they started banging and then got hitched.
Geoff actually just has completely shit taste, but looks sad all the time because he hates his job (Videogames are not a fun job).
Monty actually was put into a coma due to a failed suicide attempt, and this is also why his wife pulled the plug so early (assisted suicide). RT just didn't want people to know this was the case.
Gavin is pretty much completely out of it all the time because he's taking some kind of drug (this is just a guess though)
Griffon left not because of Burnie, but because she was close to divorcing Geoff, but they reconciled in the end
Burnie has never been dark, but he was diagnosed with diabetes which is why he had a "wake up call" and got fit.

Hope this clears some things up, folks, and remember not everything you read on the internet is true.

Including your own post.

Pfft, why would I go on an anonymous imageboard and tell lies?

Wrong, I'm a former employee at Rooster Teeth and Ray left because Michael wore his fur suit to work one day and fucked him in the ass with the suits automated dog dick

LOL, pal. I'll tell you I've seen that suit and I'm pretty sure that's just his actual dick.

I'm not necessarily saying you're lying.
I'm also not necessarily saying you're incorrect either.

Alright you got me.
**I'm actually a current RT employee. AMA."

the tumblrtale shills on this board

'SKELTAN! BEHIND YOU!' on this picture

Her dad is the guy that played geordi laforge. The reading rainbow guy.

At one point gabe was santa
Now gabe will become satan

now that you mention 10 years i realized we have been shitting on loss.jpg for 10 years

That image has no sources, it's an user talking out of his ass. Anyone can go "I WORK FOR A VIRAL MARKETING FIRM I SWEAR ON ME MUM" on an anonymous imageboard without evidence.

that's what he gets for using no proxies
how can a kike be so bad at acting from the shadows

bitrate motherfucker, this shit sure as fuck wasn't made when Holla Forums had a file limit of 5MiB

Holla Forums was never libertarian, they've always been neo-nazis. They may have supported Ron, but he was just their best choice at the time, it wasn't because they were libertarian.

Holla Forums has people of differing viewpoints including libertarians. There used to also be commies and leftists until they got ultra triggered and made their own safe space board.


Pretty sure you just get banned for saying anything the mods don't like on Holla Forums. Makes sense to make your own board, really.

De-jure, thats not what happens, you can't get banned for having a dissenting opinion on Holla Forums.

Defacto, you get banned for having a dissenting opinion on pol because "muh-sliders" and "muh-d&c" which sounds and looks shitty, but considering the limited and temporary nature of imageboards is more fair than allowing those kinds of threads. Holla Forums's whole gimmick is make a board for whatever you want. Its clear, though, that Holla Forums barely fits in its own board, and they'd be better off using a different type of board organization, so they wouldn't have to worry about slide threads bumping off important topics, but if they did that they wouldn't have ready access to channers from which they find ready recruits for their ideology.

…What the fuck am I reading.

russia is evil, though.
It's been a cancer on the world and it's own citizens ever since it existed.

Not even in 2012, back on cuckchan. was that the case.
Any threads like this always got shitposted to oblivion.

de jure (adjective, adverb) (/dᵻ ˈdʒʊəriː/, /deɪ-/; Classical Latin: de iure [deː ˈjuːrɛ]; lit. 'from law') means 'a state of affairs that is in accordance with law', i.e. that is officially sanctioned.

De facto is a Latin phrase that means in fact (literally by or from fact) in the sense of "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but not officially established", as opposed to de jure.

You misspelled jews.

russians are cryptokikes

There are two things bothering me right now:

1) I legitimately didn't see that. I apologize, what the fuck.

2) Why did we leave cuck-chan to make an even worse Holla Forums that is, by your own admission, a hugbox by necessity?

I'm a different user, I was just pointing out the defacto dejure thing

Which is why Soros got kicked out of Russia.

Because that's exactly what they wanted.

And now I'm forgetting to even look at IDs.

I am a broken man. This is what sleep deprivation does to you.


The opinion itself is not grounds for the ban, although it does contribute to it, the reason for the ban is that you end up looking like a shill. The obsession with sliding and D&C arises from the fact that half/pol/ would regularly get spammed in order to shut discussion down and there would be a shitload of template and copy-paste threads, even with some threads being made by proven spambots. And so when Holla Forumsacks got the power of moderation after being Holla Forums with politics, obviously the mods on fullchan started getting rid of the shit that was very clearly posted for the sole reason of it being cancer to discussion. And as a result a lot of newfags would get banned because they would unintentionally make threads in a similar style to the autists that were indeed shills.

So, in short:

The mods are paranoid fuckwits who can't tell a legitimate thread from copypasta shills, and so they decide to just ban it all because they're scared of their hugbox changing.

Even in the best case scenario, where this is actual confusion and incompetence, it's like the mods of Holla Forums literally banning all discussion of, say, the vita because there was some spamming of the same months ago. It's absurd and inane, and now that I know this, I trust Holla Forums even less.


Also a few examples of the type of threads
Half of these are things ordinary users could easily have posted but it would still get banned on full/pol/ because users were already sick and tired of it when everyone was still on half/pol/

It is like template threads on Holla Forums but the thing with Holla Forums is that there is a much more diverse selection of cancerous low-effort threads

Lie harder pol there was a concerted effort to remove anyone that did not have a strong desire to be subjugated. There has been bitter debate on the board since its earliest iterations but there was still debate communication between people of differing systems of thought. You have used first spam and then moderator action to create a hugbox and to try and pass this off as spam defence is patently false. What truly annoys me with your dishonorable behavior is that you shitpost in force other boards particularly the liberty board.


It's no use, Holla Forumslacks will be.

Shit like this is why I need to visit /christ/ and calm myself.

It's almost like retards like ffe0e0 love to pretend things like shills, warosu, and tavistock don't exist.

Imagine you came onto Holla Forums tomorrow and literally every single console thread was gone.

Any game on a console, regardless of platform.

When the mods are asked, the response is "Well, we couldn't tell them apart from shill threads and templates, so we delete them. You can't get banned for liking vidya or posting about it, though!"

Not that many users actually agree with moderators, it is simply that often times there are groups of fags trying to use the shitty moderation to shill their own ideas. The previous mods were despised for "changing their philosophy" on moderation by doing nothing against spam but still banning people on the grounds of shilling like when users flooded in during the net neutrality shit, which got them hated by both the people that were against stricter moderation and those that were in favour of it. The new moderators are also just as fucking retarded, imkampfy and therealmoonman were both proven to contribute to shitting up of the board by dismissing reports on all Rachposter threads while banning those telling learningcode to eat shit and die.

You really don't know how cancerous a lot of the spam is, m8. And generally it isn't conservative groups that are spamming Holla Forums with garbage but rather liberals so the tendency to ban newfags and people leaning more left is expected considering the fact that collateral damage is unavoidable.

Great argument, m8

I like Funhaus
Adam could kill himself, and I wouldn't be totally surprised, but still disappointed.
Lawrence hates all the contrarian people that rummage through Youtube comments and image boards, although he is one himself. He just takes it a step further and is contrarian to contrarians, making him an apologist. He'll defend anything.fight me

Or you can do your fucking job and not just wantonly delete everything, creating an environment where there's no point in posting unless it's along the party line.

They already are though, consoles have no exclusives anymore besides Bloodborne and Nintendo, and Nintendo isn't making much beyond censored garbage, Zelda and Mario.

I know which is even more confusing. You'd figure someone like him would try to keep his spawn away from ignorant cults. He's also the detective in the video for Cameo's Word Up.

I kinda wish Ray would cut up his streams more before shitting them out in one video


do you know what the source is i cant find the episode

he also pretended he was a feminist

bloodborne is still a shit game kept in Holla Forums's memory by shills

also that "gamergate terrorist" is a (((kike)))

Mica is fucking awful. Any of the videos that she shows up in are painful. She's either gutter trash at video games, or she's just being completely unfunny. And around the cast that she's with, that's an achievement.
If her daddy wasn't who he was, this bitch would never have been given the light of day. But because they can have a mention of "My dad was in Star Trek" or "My dad did the Reading Rainbow" in the videos, she's kept around in order to keep the millenials coming back.

I'm so glad I stopped watching that podcast after something like episode 12. This rant is horrible and I hate her even more for it.

But the Millennials are already coming back because of everyone else. I doubt they care who LeVar Burton except maybe hipsters. And you can only milk that fact SO much when in the face of crippling worthlessness that is Mica.

Also the Off-topic podcast is actually pretty good provided it has the right folks and they don't get stuck of a boring topic The AH crew minus Lindsey, and the occasional guest. Guess you also have to like the people presenting too if you wanna watch 2 hours or so of them. Them also talking about how rich they are or shilling shit is annoying too.



from experience user, don't deprivate yourself from sleep and nutrition. It gave me autism

Shit, you're right. Still the concept is similar At least until RvB decided to have some plot that I've forgotten about.

Have a new Gone with the Blastwave as sorry.

Jeremy is the reason i stopped following them. You must be a retard to find that unfunny tryhard with a shitty voice entertaining.

GOG shilled on Holla Forums for over a year and some of those retards even admitted it.

They lost their soul to fuel an autistic fanbase. Roostercuck is a fucking joke now, and their fans too.

RWBY is so bad I kind of figured it might somehow avoid this sort of attention, I should have known better.

At least some of the porn is good.

I agree.

She only fuck people of her (((kind))).

ah, blond miku. we meet again.