I honestly believe Jet Set Radio was the greatest franchise SEGA ever produced

I honestly believe Jet Set Radio was the greatest franchise SEGA ever produced.

Prove me fucking wrong Protip: you can't

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Phantasy Star exists.

Phantasy Star is pretty good, but none of the games stuck with me the same way JSR does. Plus it doesn't have JSR's soundtrack.


It even has better music.

Horseshit. Also the controls are horrible.

Also you can't deny that these character designs are memorable as hell

Hara Kiri is the only way to regain your honour now.

I'm not saying it's a bad game user, it's just not as notable as JSR.



Because Future didn't get an HD port.

Don't remind me user…

There's only 2 games in the Jet Set Radio series. Granted they're both very good, but I wouldn't say they're the absolute best.

Are you just talking about internally-developed SEGA games or anything published by SEGA?


Lets go with anything published by Sega, it sounds a lot easier.

I still don't know why they didn't port it, it was an Xbox OG exclusive, the odds of anyone playing that is fucking low. Heck the odds of people that were able to play most Saturn or Xbox Sega games is low.


I think they said that they lost/destroyed the source code for JSRF, as well as Panzer Dragoon and others.

A Jet Set Radio 3 would be ballin' af, why doesn't SEGA make that? It's not like JSR is extremely niche or anything, and colorful, cartoony games seem to be doing really well nowadays. Plus I'd love to see how JSR would look in the Hedgehog Engine.

Did they ever do anything with the Hedgehog Engine? I remember them being really proud of it with Unleashed but it was never brought up again


Now what do i win

I'm pretty sure it's still being used for Sonic games. All the recent 3D Sonics appear to share Sonic Unleashed's style of ambient lighting.

That's all that was made.

JSR3 was pitched to SEGA for the Wii years ago. SEGA, apparently, was uninterested in the concept of love. Pic related is the concept art from that proposal.

It's gorgeous.

I know right? SEGA keeps on shitting out horrible Sonic games while shit like this is left in the dumpster. It's almost like they want to keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Games like JSR encourage crime and gangs. It's nigger propaganda. I'm glad it's dead.

Did you play more than 10mn of the first one ?

It's like you hate freedom and artistic expression or something.

The main reason why is because Sonic has been their mascot for so long and thats what they use to experiment. Like from what I hear they had a bunch of HD remakes of fighters early for XBLA and PSN, but when they released Sonic The Fighters and that shit rightfully flopped, they stopped.

Get out of here Onishima.

Sega doesn't develop games any more, who the hell is going to make it?

Kuju Entertainment was interested in making the 3rd game for the Wii.

It's one of the best, without a doubt.
I have to be honest though, I don't think a sequel could work today. They'd try to update the atmosphere for the current day instead of leaving that late 90s urban style goodness. Like what happened with Toejam and Earl, the games were a product of the early 90s, and the third game modernized them and it looked terrible.

I think it could easily survive with its current aesthetic.

The games were fun and they were very unique. They had a certain charm that comes along once every decade - mostly because everything just sort of came together. Great music complemented by great gameplay (skating at speed, tagging was great) and it was all dressed down and brought together by it's great graphics.

However it's not perfect. ultimately, JSR is the kind of game where you need to memorise everything like the back of your hand to have true success, to have mad high score runs, or even to be succesful. Remember the first time you raced Yoyo? He takes a completely un-neccessary side-route for some reason, and because you don't know where the finish is, you follow him, only to realise he just turns around eventually and goes to the finish.
When you play the second or third time, you'll beat him by an easy 30 seconds because you know not to follow him for his stupid side-track route. No skill there at all, just memorising where the AI is told to go.

Still a kick ass pair of games, but as another user said, Phantasy Star (PSO and PS4 particularly) is a big contender for the "best" sega has ever done.


I'd put Skies of Arcadia right up their with their top tier masterpieces. The obscene random encounter rate and grind might put some people off, but it was oldschool JRPG to the fucking core… and the characters, music, and atmosphere were all top notch.

But then, it was made by a lot of the people who made Phantasy Star 4… so, that's to be expected.

Sonic has more games.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was the greatest SEGA game ever. Even truck from Sonic Adventure 2 first stage was actually a reference to this game.

And sonic is shit. So what?


Sonic is a product of his time, his attitude, and very being is the embodiment of the culture of the 90's.


There are far better representatives for 90's culture. Sonic is probably the cringiest example.

OutRun was better.
Magical Sound Shower>everything else

never got to play the game back in the Day. Got a free copy recently when Sega did there “Make War Not Love” promotion giveaway. Not great too be entirely honest family. You kids with your nostalgia goggles. Aside form Sanic Sega didn't make many good games. Maybe Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Bayonetta, Ecco the Dolphin, Shinobi & Streets of Rage would be the top of the list.

jet set radio is meme hipster trash, up there with sonic the hedgehog

virtua fighter and the rest of am2's catalog are objectively sega's finest

Too bad its a one game franchise

Fight me

It really suprise me how Sega has all this amanzing IP's yet they only want to make Sonic games. I mean Sonic mania looks cool and all but look how much they take to made it. Like, couldn't they make another game from one of their old IP's in the mid time?

I got mine back then as well.
You have shit taste.

They ignore their old IP's because Sammy killed off all their studios except the ones that make Yakuza/Super Monkey Ball, and Sanic.

Thank you Sammy.

You think that the new president can realize the mistake they made and go back to their golden age?

Why bother when it's just more safe to make some shitty Sonic game which kids are going to buy anyway? SEGA's management is absolute shit even today and fucking Dreamcast wasn't enough to learn the lesson. They could make even more money with the same Yakuza which could become more successful with PC release alone because they have no competition on the market, no one is making beat em ups with open world and interactivity today. The series is clearly inspired by Shenmue and Shenmue is one of the best games of all time and it was released in 1999.

Guess what would happen if they released new Jet Set Radio? It would blow them the fuck out and I'm pretty sure SEGA can do that, they're one of the last companies which can make big budget games right, but they shitty management is just fucking shit and is killing them. I hope they get rid of them one day, SEGA can save this industry even without their own console, though it's too late for a comeback in console business. Good management is the only thing they really need.

2 games isn't a franchise

*faint clangs echo in the distance*

Than what it is, a duology?

Well I guess, at best it's a series but it's not a Franchise, even if it was 4 games none of them are spin offs so then it'd be a series and not a Franchise

At least Classic Sonic's return in Project 2017 and Mania is pissing off their more hardcore cancerous furry portions of his fanbase:



Watching Adventure fags throwing shitfits over getting cockblocked from Sanic Adventure 3 is bliss. Fuck them. They probably don't even care about Sega's other IPs either and deserve nothing but mockery for bitching about 2D Sonic as if they were that Richard Kuta diaperfur autist.

That reminds me.
Is Hover any good?
Any torrents?

Hover is good as a proof-of-concept. There's not much of an actual game there yet. The devs are steadily adding more things though.

I completely agree

Of course thats not saying much since most SEGA franchises are trash

Different strokes for different folks,I guess.
Also,can SEGA still use testarossas?


It's quite logical that they're pissed. I always assumed they never actually played Sonic or the rest SEGA games at all in the first place, with some of very few exceptions maybe. And original fans are finally happy that SEGA is doing Mania, though some people are expecting bad things from Project 2017.

It's good that SEGA learned their lesson with Sonic, now it's time to use other IPs.

Why responding?

user. That is not what Streets of Rage 2 looks like…..

Billy Hatcher was the best thing they ever made.

SEGA will never learn their lesson

I feel bad for Dreamcast fags.

They missed the best era to be a Segafag.


JSR also had the best waifus

Arabian Fight had great potential. Too bad the game was basically unplayable.

I honestly don't understand how people can say the Dreamcast was the best console SEGA produced. Like sure it probably had the greatest potential, but it did not live up to that potential in any way. It has some great games, but not many.

I have nothing to add to this thread except this

I always wondered if the victory dances in JSR were possible. Is there a name for this? Is it considered a sport?

Personally I don't see what people see in Sonic, at least to the point that Sega should ignore games like Otogi, Gun Valkryie, Vanquish, Jet Set Radio, Binary Domain, Alex Kidd, Vectorman, Daytona, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Echo the Dolphin, Golden Axe, Gunstar Heroes, MOTHER FUCKING House of the Dead, Jet Set Radio, Madworld(but I guess Nintendo and Wii have that now?), NiGHTs, Panzer Dragoon, Out Run, Jet Set Radio and Shinobi in favor of Sonic games.

I honestly don't understand how people can say the Dreamcast was the best console SEGA produced. Like sure it probably had the greatest potential, but it did not live up to that potential in any way. It has some great games, but not many.

Shit fam didn't mean to send that again.

It's because SEGA desperately wants to keep their mascot character alive and pretend as though he isn't drowning in Mario's shadow.

But user, who could live in a world without AAA titles such as Seaman?

Get out of my board

I also like skies of arcadia

Stop being mad on the internet and start listening to mad jive tunes bros


So OP is going to ignore the fact Shinobi exists?

I didn't know this existed, but now I can't live without it.

bump for the concept of love

Doesn't have to be a franchise. While I'd like a sequel, it doesn't really need one. It's fine as it is, and the potential for fucking it up by trying to extend the story is too great.

Game series should, as a general rule of thumb, never really extend past two entries. One to introduce the concept/gameplay/characters/etc, the other to polish and refine the formula. Then move on to new things.

Sega please get your shit together

So does anyone play this anymore?

Honest question. It feels like after the first month or whatever interest for the game dropped quicker than a sack of bricks.

Whoops! This is the wrong place for that!

Shinobi and Panzer Dragoon exist.


Can be done the game was innovative in all different ways and is still not matched


Here is a free game I like gamejolt.com/games/zineth/8926
Heres a thing I saw a thread about in the catalog recently and was 404'd before I got to it so I know nothing about your guys thoughts on it and and I want it to be good youtube.com/watch?v=BcM50A1YcL8 >unity >places loaded gun into mouth
Heres a different thing I want to be good in its own way, it wont be jet set radio but it will be an inspired new take on its formula store.steampowered.com/app/280180/ I despise the story though

Here are 2 cool websites jetsetrad.io and jetsetradio.live

Fuck, I ruin everything that was supposed to say *Can't be done

Shit opinion.

This reminds me
JSR AR game when

It's actually very typical of Nips. They always prefer to play the long game, and would rather absorb losses than innovate (their reasoning seems to be that sometimes focusing on innovation takes a huge chunk of R&D budget anyway). Also they do not care what westerners think as long as there is still a significant enough number of western kids buying their pseudo-Disney shit. If we can call western companies as pandering to normalfags then Nips actually do it even more.