Rimworld Thread

Basically Dwarf Fortress in space, but easier and more user-friendly.

It's on the volafile, find it in the share thread.
Here's the link, if you're too lazy to go back to the catalog: volafile.io/r/HF33Go

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I know some of you faggots play this game, come and shitpost about it.

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How big can the maps get?

400x400, but it can lag somewhat.

Wew lad.
Guess I'll have to survive on hunting until I can get some sun lamps set up.

Basically Prison Architect in space.


Sex slave mod where?

player-created robots mod when?

Sex robot mod when?

Prison Architect where the inmates run the asylum.

I think I kind of hate the research system, too. A lot of the research is junk, some is redundant you gotta research cryosleep TWICE for the ship and there's one that does nothing but unlock ship research, and there's not a whole of futuristic tech in the game.

Yes, you're on the frontier, but the game feels like you're at a tech level below Fallout.


It's not about graphics- the management feels very similar to me. The top down approach, the need bars, hell even the combat feels a bit familiar.

Is there any mod that makes the mood system not bad? Something like df where the dorfs just do their job without becoming sad because its too cramped or too cold or because rng decided that someone should be unhappy.

Here is the chokepoint I have set up for my base.

I have a few mods installed but you can do the same yourself with vanilla.

The Autodoors act as shutters so I can pull back someone from behind the doors in case of heavy fire.
Also the things that look like fucked up walls are portcullis, from the medieval mod, they work like castle walls with slits, however enemies can still crawl through which why the doors work well with them.

They also close a room for heating purposes.


My heating system using the geothermic reactor supplying most the heat for my base.
Fucked up the first time and nearly killed several people from heatstroke.

Alternatively you could probably make an execution room using a vent to kill unwanted prisoners with out executing.

Yeah this would improve the game, especially since you have so many projectile weapons so it would benefit a lot from the added depth for combat.

No one ever said that. It's sure as hell not anything like DF, that's for sure. There is no game like DF. Only pathetic wannabes that don't even live up to 10% of what DF is.

This also looks like the exact same fucking engine. Is this made by the same people as Prison Architect? Because I would be very, very surprised if the two games didn't share like 50% of their codebase.

Also I wanted this to be kind of Starship Troopers but with incestual lolis wives, so I dug several areas out near and far away from my base to trigger infestation.

I sealed these guys up and let them do there thing and they've built quite a nest, however they are making the roofs collaspe on them killing quite a bit.

Supposedly it only uses the art for characters and these were supposed to be only placeholders but they haven't been changed for a few years.
The game has some serious flaws and the dev is a lazy shit who could of doubled the amount of depth in the game.
He was losing interest but since he has found a way to monetize it on Steam maybe he will focus on adding more shit.
I only play it because I bought it years ago when EA on Steam wasn't a thing and neither was greenlight.

Forgot pic

how many of your colonists have tried to break into security today?

What the fuck is the point of building the ship? I know that's how you "win" the game, but that was the opposite of satisfying. We roughed it here for three fucking years for that?

How does this guy get away with straight up stealing art assets and selling them in his own game?

It's an unfinished game, user. Right now they're getting all the stuff already in game working. I'm sure they'll be adding what you want.

Also, the ship was a fucking chore to build. Pointless research, expensive parts, only one part contributed to the colony, no customization. Hell, I had to build the damn thing out of doors. Building a colony ship in Civilization is more involved.

user, let's not pretend.

I did the smart thing and killed all of my units who were assistants.

There is a mod that adds in robust weapons like tool boxes and welders.
Adds in multiple syndicate factions with unique armor and weapons.
Also adds an assistant faction so you can fight a greytide.

He didn't steal anything from what I can tell prison architect guy know each other.

Yeah and it will probably be a year before the dev realizes he needs to add more.
He should allow make linked gameplay, you build a ship and can move units to a new map and found a new colony then establish trade between the two colonies.

Fucking Sierra did it for Zeus.
I have hope that is where its heading eventually.

The dev is pretty based in his politics too, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be a lazy fucking dev either.

Mod name bls

sage for doublepost, my game just slowed on max speed to sub-normal speed unless I put it to normal speed

I think its time to change my modpack


It doesn't FEEL like a space game. There's only, like, two alien species in the game- the thrumbos and the infestations. Everything else is a genetic hybrid or just a vanilla animal from earth. The most common creatures I've seen have been boars and squirrels.

The tech level is too low, in general, and there's nothing really spacey about the setting. As I said, the level of tech feels lower than stuff like Fallout.

Whoever told him to put "lol this animal is genitally modified" into every descriptor is a mother fucking retard

There's an awful lot of terrestrial worlds with Earth's ecosphere. We need alien planets with purple plants, sentient gelatinous cubes and other weird wildlife. Also, what the fuck is up with "compacted resource X" bullshit? It's retarded as fuck.

There's nothing especially BAD about a planet having modified animals. The idea is that you'd be seeding them to help terraform the planet.

However, why the everliving fuck would you seed alphabeavers or bears? Muffalo make sense- they're hardy, yield wool and milk, and can eat anything. Deer make sense. Wolves don't. All the apex predators should be alien species- it would explain why a fucking fox would randomly decide to attack a berry picking colonist.

I imagine it's because the developer wanted to limit how much your colonists can do and the availability of resources but didn't want to spend the time to include ores and smelting. You have to research shit like stonecutting and brewing but you start with the knowledge on how to jury rig solar panels from lumps of steel and the innards of old electronics.

Is it really necessary to make a new thread just so more people can see it? I mean anyone who really has a craving to talk about Rimworld can use the catalog anyways.

Clever. I kind of prefer being a smug snipeshitter though.

Your optimism is inspiring but a little heartbreaking.

You are a tech level before Fallout. Maybe if he actually delivers and lets the ship take you somewhere else/crash or lets you move multiple tiles he'll also make more space stuff. Imagine, space battles, just your ship with turrets n shiet moving along on a blank black map with other ships moving around, and your people can move back and forth to different controls inside of it and do maneuvres, jettison traps, etc. Then you go through a few scenes of that and if you survive you can crash on a new world and/or save out your people (and some well-chosen cargo) to a custom scenario.

I thought about making a lewd mod for the game but everyone being a disembodied torso sort of turned me off. Besides, I was thinking something more along the lines of Magical Realm than dicksdicksdicks traps lolis and dicksineveryorifice, so I dunno if Holla Forums would want to play it.

DF romanticists and Prison Architect yellers are starting to get a little old in these threads, frankly.

The gasmasks are from a mod that user installed, not the base game.

It's not sci-fi, it's space opera, explicitly based on Firefly. There are tards mad at him just for putting in psychic drone because it impacts muh realism and suspension of disbelief even though River was a full-on fucking engineered voodoo psychic in Serenity.

All of you fags complaining about the stylization of it and wanting it to match your disparate specific autism…

I think it's supposed to be crashed spaceships. They hit the ground fast enough that the stuff all just gets crushed together.

The lore is that they were all terraformed for colonization like in Firefly, though with some variation in results. Don't be a femfreq, learn the game lore before you complain about the setting, it's in early access, there's barely even anything to learn to begin with.

Bears are part of the ecosystem and shit fucks up if you have none. Instead of trying to engineer new wild things, a good seeder would try, especially with the low budget backwater Rimworlds, to just throw all the normal natural resources in to reduce risk of fuckups or needing micromanagement. Rimworlds being more rural and backwoodsy than hubworlds which are shifty but populous worlds that fell with the galactic empire's decline or whatnot, and glitterworlds being worlds that kept their shit together (like well-prepared states or city-states). There are also medieval worlds specifically for Luddites.

tl;dr - get lored on, son
Additional note - If you start examining any good game for total feasibility of the enemies and challenges and snafus therein, it will more than likely fall apart. See: Mario.

They hit, specifically, a wall of rock while falling. Chunks of manmade space debris. Sort of like that Darwin Award guy who put a jet turbine or mini solid fuel booster or some similar shit on his convertible and they found some metal scraps and like, one tooth embedded in a canyon wall a few miles away from where the rubber marks were. Same principle only re-entry from degrading orbit of satellites/derelicts/pieces left over from pirate fights in orbit, instead of flying car. It talks about the pirates and how they operate in space in some of the lore bits too, like Space Marine backstory.

Summarizes a lot of how I feel, I like the game I've played it for quite a while.

However there are so many areas where things could be improved if the dev really cared.
There are so many SMALL things he could add which don't take much effort.

Adding creatures and aliens would do wonder yet he hasn't added anything in the last 3 years except slug cybos, and insect, everything else has been earth animals.

There has been only 1 type of even when breaking into a area, which is cryo areas with cybos and people both hostile and neutral in the cryos.

Its been this way for YEARS.
Why not add in an event where you break down the wall to find some mutated monstrosity which grows the longer you leave it alone.

Why not have a friendly which joins but turns out to be something like the Thing?

Why not expand on cybernetics, I know there are mods that do this but he could add depth to how they work.


Meanwhile, this just keeps happening…

Of all the things to complain about, you choose the setting? The game sorely needs stuff like: z-levels, end game content, new map tile exploration, better diplomacy, better win condition and result, better and bigger research tree, better AI narrator, and a shitload of other content. It doesn't need retarded bullshit from random sci-fi books and movies because autists don't find it "spacey" enough, when being "spacey" was never the point of the game. This user got it right

If you sell all of them at once, you might just cause the naked Dorna market to crash

What's with all the doors?

Looks like none of you read anything about the Rimworld universe…
You should know then that the reason all those worlds are earth-like is because humans terraformed most of the galaxy and things went to shit.

An exotic goods trader just came into range as she was finishing it, too.
But if I don't sell them, I could potentially have every single person in the colony never have to lose sight of Dorna's sweet sweet motherly figure day or night.
On the other hand, if I DID sell them, they could become novelties on glitterworlds as the rare, painstakingly made products of a deranged and exceptional Rimworld artist, carved out of pure pain and passion between bloody battles and days full of back-breaking lonely labor…you know, like a schizophrenic cats thing where relative scarcity without complete lack of availability drives high-class trendfagging.

He explains the purpose of the doors in the post, lol

I'm not talking about asthetics.
I'm talking about environment and shit to do.
Its boring breaking into rooms because the same shit ALWAYS happens.

Its boring going to new biomes because they animals are always the same and you've known about them all your life.
Some natural animals which had abilities or more in depth mechanics would be great.

All the other shit like new map tile exploration I would imagine would take a good amount of effort.

My problem is small shit like animal diversity and more events are relatively easier things to do but have yet to be done despite how much they would add to the game.

The Ancient Danger isn't meant to be unpredictable or a gameplay staple, it's just a risk-reward type of thing that you can do when convenient/necessary and serves as a lazy final boss because the game's in the early access meme and has no real ending just derp your spaceship leaves yaaaay

Man they're just pets/food, it's not Spore, the colonists don't even have mutant abilities.

Don't get me wrong I'd love more (real-world-related) animals but I'd rather he unfucks all the spaghetti code he has undoubtedly accrued in his first iteration of the coding first, and adds things like the long-overdue low tech cooling.

But yeah, it is the early access meme so limited content should be expected. Rather a slowdev than a nodev, and let's face it, industrious solo dev types like hydrus_dev are a fairly rare breed anymore.

And? Lore exists to support good gameplay, not justify bad gameplay. As it stands, everything being earth-based makes things boring and bland. You want a sense of the alien if you're supposed to be on another planet, no matter how well terraformed it is.

You are retarded. Gameplay has nothing to do with whether you fight a regular bear or an ayy-bear

It's not just about the wildlife. It's about everything from robotics to threats to differences between colonists. I don't just want vanilla humans, I want cyborgs or aliens or psykers or abhumans.

There are backstories describing characters as being vatgrown or manipulated- I'd like to see stuff like that have more of a mechanical impact. Shouting down any criticism with "muh firefly" is counterproductive.

The gameplay isn't bad, you just want your personal tastes in the environment fulfilled which is not what the game intends.

No I don't. Watch Firefly or just quit making shit up. It was like the one overall good thing Whedon actually did with his life.
The problem here is that you're looking at a jigsaw and bitching like "how the fuck am I supposed to cut down a tree with this? Shit has this weird blade that I have to lead around and doesn't even go in that deep, what the fuck, what kind of RETARD would use this saw? Saws are for cutting down trees. This saw is fucking useless and stupid."

There are basically none. Like in Firefly. You can't use the absence of something not intended as a point as if it were wrong, you're just being fucking stupid.

"This game is not how I imagined it would be despite no one implying or stating that it would be anything like that, I cannot conceive of any space setting without it being completely generic 40k or Star Wars, oh god help me I'm choking on dicks where's muh pew pew"

What about that is NOT being a raging faggot?

Is it PROBLEMATIC too, dipshit? What, were you really helping the game progress along by pirating a copy and bitching about it in a thread the dev will never ever ever ever read? What makes you think he is not planning vatgrown stuff in-game? This is the problem with Early Access but also what you should know very fucking well by now and was never a hidden feature of Early Access, okay, get this:
When you play an Early Access game, the game is….holy shit, wait for it…here it comes…NOT FINISHED YET. Oh man no fucking way!

Also, objecting to people citing the series which the dev himself cites as the flavor for the series while bitching like a complete fucking idiot about things that the dev hasn't put in yet to make it "more spacey xDDDDD" which he isn't putting in specifically because of the atmosphere and gameplay style he's going for, which is based off that series, is some mongoloid-tier shit. The problem is your ignorance of the setting, not the setting. The setting does not need to suddenly become another setting just because you think it's supposed to be a setting it isn't, especially when the contributors are already thinking it's losing its way by having psychic drones, tinfoil hats, and reaper-like mechanoids because they're not really related to the inspiration's theme.

It's counterproductive cause it's a fucking early access. "Muh developers vision" means jack diddly squat when it leads to a bad game.

The setting IS a problem when it does nothing to recommend the game over alternatives like Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, Dungeon Keeper, Subnautica, or even Gnomoria. It's also being sold for thirty dollars which outprices MANY of its competitors.

This makes no sense. You are not being productive, as the dev isn't here in this thread. As such, countering you cannot be counterproductive.

The fact that you've got people calling you a faggot should give you a hint that maybe, just maybe, not everyone sees having half a dozen clichés thrown into the setting as a plus. The game itself offers the same gameplay concept as dwarf fortress, only casualised and with graphics. Believe it or not, DF is not to everyone's liking due to looking like ass and having shit-tier UI and controls, so having something that fixes these issues (albeit at the cost of a lot of content, which is a damn shame) does set it apart and for many even above the things you listed.

Who cares? Since when do we care about whether the dev could use some marketing advice to move more copies? I don't believe anybody in this thread actually bought it, rather than pirated it. Stop trying to argument with irrelevant bullshit.

Finishing a ship is boring and anticlimactic, I just build forts and set my own goals and experiment with weird shit. Right right now I'm trying a cannibal embark on an ice sheet.

Wait, you weren't ironically trying to sound like some Kotaku writer?

the dessert biome would be really good if your colonists needed water

it's clear the engine can't handle that, it takes one day to move from one end to another

the research needs to be redone

get prepare carefully and make them all psycho, you can make them be a family so it fits well

what mod you use for those chairs?


it doesn't.. and fucking faggots play it as dwarf fortress.. pick up icesheet or install toxic fallout mod

the dev might just have no imagination


Well, I don't.
The author was clearly going with a specific universe in mind. I don't like everything in the lore, but I'll be the first to complaining if changes it because some faggot doesn't like it.

There are no aliens in Rimworld. That's part of the lore. You're on a planet that was terraformed and had humans on it long ago. That's why you find earth-like animals. That's why you find machinery and ruins. You seem to have an image of what a "space game" must have, but that's just your image, not a law

What I would like to see is some more extreme mutation in animals. Like animals that can spit poison or darts at short ranges or more bizzare stuff (like blobs) and fleshed out water biomes.

Now you're switching goalposts, given that the other an0n blew you out of the water.

So it's shit, okay.

I just ensured the survival of my base thanks to slaughtering my animals.

If chickens join you, keep them at bay, because in half a year i ended up with nearly 40 chickens. Pic related, it's part of my base. I'm planning on expanding into the mountain and make my main base inside it (Found several zones i can plant crops and a geyser) and leave the best fighters in what i use now as a main bunker. Scythers have started to appear and they are annoying as shit

Are you sure? Wouldn't you be me? Or him?
Or anyone else? How can you be sure user?
You stupid fuck.

It isn't really desert. Just winter.


Yes, now be sure to not play it or talk to us about it.

Thanks for filling in for me.
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Tynan seems like sort of a typical "mild" case of indie trendfaggot to be frank, but that doesn't make user any more coherent.

Yeah they'll fuck you up if you don't give them a fenced allowed area (to keep out foxes, etc) and just let them eat grass. I hate that crop devouring shit, if I wanted locusts I would mod them in.

…actually, that could be cool…


Gee I wonder why there are mostly vanilla animals in an unfinished game.



The Alphabeaver event is great, too. They're pretty much harmless and have great pelts. Colony will eat for a week on them alone.

He didn't have to make every ecosystem rely exclusively on earth animals.

Is this a bug? There's no way it could have been eaten, it was there one minute and gone the next. I checked my colonists and none of them were carrying it either. Where the fuck did it go?


And before anyone mentions Muh Firefly, the dev claims he's taking inspiration from DUNE as well. And the thing about Dune is that the titular planet where the book takes place not only has alien life, but is harsh and deadly and requires humans to adapt to the native ecosystem just to survive.

What part of THE CORE FEATURES AREN'T EVEN DONE YET are you having difficulty with?

Besides bitching here will change exactly nothing

There are no alien lifeforms in Rimworld. Absolutely everything has a human or Earth origin.

Capitalism is nice on paper but it doesn't work in real life. All you get is a bunch of families running everything like medieval history. Absolutely zero competition, information control and censorship absolutely everywhere. It's like a form of fascism except personal greed is a good thing.

I'm not sure if you have reading comprehension problems, or if you're mentally incapable of conceiving such a complicated idea, but you still fail to grasp the essence of what we're trying to tell you. There are earth-like animals because the setting is supposed to be earth-like. The reason why space is even included is to explain the differing tech levels of various raiders and characters and why nothing is inhabited – it's not fucking supposed to be full of ayys or strange life forms or whatever. The dev is already getting shat on by people for even including psychics and robots and shit like that


I think we should let Uncle Addy put an end to this wearisome conversation.

What is it about you porkie bastards always wanting to make money off of other people's work? Why don't you go till that field yourself you lazy fuck.

And what I'm saying is that it's fucking boring. You might as well just have it take place in a post-post apocalyptic earth for all the difference it would make- the setting doesn't feel like an alien planet so why set it there?

For you. It is boring for you. Not for many others, many of whom even urge him to be even more grounded than he already is.


Go away Holla Forums, we know that all of you Communists are nothing but NEETs.

How could you forget about your favorite uncle?

Refusing to debate the matter eh, porkie?
Could it be your ideology is purely cover for enriching yourself at the expense of others. A way to massage your selfish ego and appease your guilty conscience at your abusive greed at the expense of others. Truly what lower form of man can there be than someone who despises competition and urgently slips away whenever his nature is confronted. How long can you continue to hide behind the laboring backs of better people?

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The Allies did nothing wrong.

So, everything is jolly roger so far.
But one day I take a look at the corner of the map and see this.

Was it a Space-Were-Wolf?
What in the fuck.

I'd say the muffalo were caught in a crossfire they've got wounds all over them. So I guess they bled all over the place.

Tell that to the Cossacks
Oh wait, they're dead


maybe something bleed to death and just ran around for so long it left that much blood

So the update looks pretty good, deep drill for late game resources and drug production.

A major sacrifice, but probably worth it if you're just looking for a casual experience
Pic related

Weren't those mods? Is this guy pulling a Starbound?

I don't know could be.

Lack of z levels is buttfucking this game hard. I get the feeling it's never going to be a thing though or we would have seen it already. Plus we just got those new resource extractors and if he is adding something like that he clearly doesn't have plans to expand the map.

They were mods before but to be fair pretty much everything you could want has already been modded into this game
Even fucking stargates


Exactly my thoughts, I'm only playing until DF stops updating so often.

Yep, he is not going to add more z-levels.

I dunno maybe but they weren't too up to date and come with a bunch of other shit. At least this is implemented by the dev in a balanced way.

Anyone got a download for version 15 yet? I'd like to start mixing drugs and creating a stoner colony.

It's not out yet, still on unstable branch/testing in Steam.

You are lying, they are all up to date, in fact I'm using them right now.

Did you even try the mod, or were you too busy sucking the cock of the developer? Fucking shill doing it for FREE.

Nah I didn't like that industrial mod because it adds a ton of unbalanced shit with crappy sprites. Thanks for recommending it. So I never use it.


I didn't expect that to ever happen, the problem with that is the same problem with something like that happening in dwarf fortress.

By moving a tile over on the map, it has to generate a new map keep it aligned with the old map, then when you move back the game has to save that map as the nearby area increasing load.
What I am hoping for is that he actually does something with the ship, like allowing you to go to either a new square or new planey generating a new map.
It would be only 2 squares being updated, and a modder has already shown its possible to trade resources and items through the internet so should be possible with two different maps.

It just came to the main branch like a minute ago.


Hang in there me mateys. Booty on the way.

Back in my day DF didn't have z-levels either.

Multi-z levels fuck performance and the current path-finding system wouldn't work with it. They also take a ton of coding. Not convinced it's worth it. Maybe an underground level but I doubt it.


Z-levels added to the game though.

At the small cost of your framerate dying if you don't build your fort as optimally as possible

They eat like 16 at a time sometimes, it's not one-meal-per-pemmican, it's a by-quantity like crops.

If you could stop repeating the same complaints I thoroughly addressed last thread that'd be cool. Or go make your own game since you're convinced this one is "wrong" for not having the alien animals your autism requires. It's not a "space exploration" game, it's a "retrofuturistic settlers" game.

So take your autistic complaints to him then, email him about how terrible it is. Like I said you don't fucking know the lore. Thrumbos, like all non-standard animals, are products of genetic engineering, not muh aliums. Want more of those? Great, only the paying customers for the most part don't seem to, and the dev didn't necessarily plan for more, so it would be idiotic to suddenly do it on the whim of some random asshole who didn't buy it, but even then he can't possibly know he "should" if you bitch about it on fucking 8/v/ instead of emailing him. You massive twat.

"Capitalism" isn't a form of government, it's "the idea that only money matters". It only exists as a defined system in the depths of your schizophrenic mind. Take your brainwashed tangential propaganda to >>>Holla Forums
Protip: People trading things is not new and does not rely on the existence of formal government.

For the love of god, euthanise yourself for the sake of the dolphins or some other masochistic-yet-pretentious bullshit. It's always the liberal faggots who have to whine and DEMAND that something they got free conform to their shitty arbitrary tastes.

Because the entire fucking theme of the game is "using your limited contact with and resources from the outside world, escape this backwater planet and get back". Everyone has their backstories from the larger galaxy. Are you actually this stupid or just fucking roleplaying as a retard?

None, really, which is why you insisting that people shouldn't be allowed to agree to do consistent work for a consistent payout in order to let someone else handle the risk, accountability, and coordination for part of the value of the product they create makes you an irredeemable shitty thief. Socialism is about FORCING each individual prole to do exactly what you tell them to, namely, pay for your bullshit and everyone else's. There is no fairness or justice in it, it's just enforced theft. No coincidence that all of the various Marxist dictators who are "no true socialism" started out as con men, murderers, bank robbers, or rich kids.

Translation: "But punish other people for being better at it than me and give me training wheels so I can enjoy the same wealth they do with less risk, commitment, skill, planning, and effort"
Yeah, ban that problematic language and take their porkie money if they don't use the words you like!
Have you gotten your new 10th-edition Newspeak dictionary yet Brother?

Sure faggot, you're just the essence of a reasonable moderate.

Rimworld could use pseudo-z-levels: just basement and roof, no need for full autism

I don't know if it's worth it at this point. All the mods are still for version 14 and the only big things in this version are… stolen from mods. Oh, and a tutorial that nobody will use.


Yeah but vidya gaems.

The timer shot to 51 minutes now
Mods will probably be updated by the time I'm done uploading anyway

I've yet to really delve into this game's mods. There an essential list of them?

Pretty sure it was just you slightly wounding all of those clearly slightly wounded muffalo because your people can't shoot for shit in the process of hunting one of the muffalo that maybe you didn't even realize they hunted.

Nice. Not a z-level but good.

And like clockwork, muh z-levels.

No. Try, just try to think about this rationally. He specifically used the term "chemical fascination" as a trait and generic terminology in its description, so it's absurd to think for even a second that he didn't plan to add drugs. Pretty sure he explicitly said he would be adding drugs, too, and not just alcohol.

Second, drilling for resources is NOT a rare thing for a dev to decide to put in a game of this sort. Just because someone made a mod doesn't mean he's "stealing their idea", I mean motherfucker get real, it's not like it takes a lot of creative thought to think "oh they could drill for stuff" given its wide application irl and constant inclusion in games. What's next, he stole the idea from Motherlode? Come on now, just let him be a regular indie faggot without pre-emptively kangaroo-courting his dev process

I never said it was a system of government, and I consider it a social structure. Similar to how communism works. For the purpose of the argument it is clearl you see no difference between profit and exploitation. Good job demonstrating your complete lack of sense. What we have currently is not proper capitalism. In fact it's closer to how socialism works given the welfare system and the amount of industrial subsidies. The monopolies of several corporations. I think people often throw the term 'corporatism' around to describe it.

Society needs social mobility and fair competition. It's stupid how you argue on one hand that people undeserving are rewarded and pushed to the top. While failing to understand it a system like this that ensures that the undeserving rich stay at the top, afloat on corporate domination and family inheritance. This is not a system of capitalism where the consumer is king. It's a system of cronyism where the tyrannical rich abuse their success to artificially inflate their status and keep others below them.

I would like a free and fair system and I simply cannot understand why anyone of decent moral temperament and good judgement would oppose that. As a matter of practicality or simply morally.

Pretty sure the reason it's not a thing is he'd have to have the whole screen blink and flash to new level or have some kind of godawful offset+translucency on each level and try to work out lower levels showing through open spaces (unless just strictly one-tile traps/chutes/etc between levels with black tile under "open"), and beyond that the equations for distance would get way more complicated even if he actually coded it well. Weapons/combat/pathing/prioritizing tasks based on distance would be a nightmare compared to a nice flat 2D with obstacles. Or he could just totally gimp it and you could just leap between levels and send people between them but zero actual interaction cross-level, basically "teleport" people into different map layers as needed.

It sucks but I can appreciate why he's not doing it and focusing on other features instead. Despite the Early Access thing, I figure he actually intends to finish and release the game officially. You know, before he dies, unlike DFdev.

See this schizo bullshit? Cut that shit out. That's social-media-tier follower behavior. You didn't put any personal thought into it whatsoever, you just parroted what you heard, and not even in a funny way like copypasta.

Uploader is not a faggot, good job.

That could actually be pretty cool, especially having faggot raiders dig into your root cellar in a meaningful 3D way and…fuck, now I don't want it anymore.

Holy shit guys I'm gonna revolutionize your entire computing and gaming experience forever by introducing you to a magical technology known as: the Virtual Box. Angelic choirs sound right fucking now. You can install whatever the fuck you want zomg 1337h4x welcome to 2009!

That surgery and prosthetics one with the long name.
Whatever else you think is good which no one will ever really agree on.

Profit: Any money someone makes in a way other people have agreed with and will support by working and buying that you like.
Exploitation: Any money someone makes in a way other people have agreed with and will support by working and buying that you were taught to dislike.

Say "educate yourself" for me, baby. Say it one more time, I'm almost there. God forbid you actually pick up a fucking book or think for yourself in your long, dreary life.

Oh right, I told a guy to hunt with his minigun.
I figured "more shots = more training"
Doesn't seem so.
He has two peglegs though, so maybe that's why he can't hit shit?

That darwin award is a fake sadly.


Another thing, stop fucking lying. Don't pretend the bullshit propaganda you were spewing has anything to do with a free and fair system. A free and fair system entitles anyone to ownership of what they have traded for or produced, and ownership implies the ability to bequeath one's things as one pleases. The risks, sweat, and innovation of a man are his to pass on to his children and anyone who would deny him the legacy he fairly won and demand he ask permission or submit to scrutiny in order to dispense charity, not even to strangers, but to his own offspring, has no place talking about fairness or freedom.

You just can't stand that some trust fund asshole has a nicer car than you, because you're a pathetic shallow person.

wait are you guys talking about communism

Nah it's weapons with the least amount of time between shots that are better for that, try a pistol.

Even if he gives the proper credit Rimworld will always be a dumbed down DF not in space, filled with fauna and flora mostly found on Earth while supposedly it is a different planet.

10/10 game would buy 10 times.

Maybe it's "like clockwork" because it's right.

At least sage if you really want to talk about politics, you're shitting up the thread with unrelated shit. Communism is shit, free market is better, whether other systems are better than free market can be debated, but any kind of communism is fucking retarded. And let's leave it at that.

On a related topic, there is no reason to play this over Dorf Fort, unless you want to get a hang of how you should think before entering Fortress mode. And still it's not really that worth it, as Fortress mode isn't really that hard to get into as it seems. It's not really complicated, rather, there is a lot of stuff to do and consider and you can get lost in the amount of things the game does, not the complexity of them.

The only thing more obnoxious than off topic posting, is when the people doing it have no idea what they're talking about but still think they're correct because it agrees with their personal values.

That system is inherently unfair if you have parents that are less capable. It dooms people of talent to a mediocre existence and poverty simply because of bad luck. How is it fair in any way that a complete dingbat asshole lives the life of luxury while so many live in abject poverty?

You think just being born with good fortune entitles a man to keep that fortune? Where is the morality in one man taking credit for another's work and allowing people of limited talent to thrive while so much real human potential is wasted because of a system that requires a wealthy background. There is another system similar to what you describe, it's called feudalism.

I completely disagree with you on this, I believe that anyone should be able to succeed based on personal merit alone. Failure shouldn't be based on anything except personal merit. Someone who is frivolous or stupid should live an uncomfortable existence.

Certainly a person deserves the right to be able to look after their family, but you have failed to understand the crucial point here. Absolute luxury is not a requirement for a successful life and is no more providing for your family than simply raising a spoiled, selfish brat who cares nothing and appreciates nothing. Someone who will only destroy others lives with little to no thought of their struggles.

That is a pathetic shallow person that the system creates. Not to mention the other problems that come from this pattern continuing. You can argue for it but just look how the gap between rich and poor is growing wider. We are regressing back to the days before the renaissance and you're looking at a new underclass of peasantry forming. I'm not even talking about blacks. I mean it's literally the 1% of rich people and the 99% of everyone else. At the moment there are enough resources for the middle class to live comfortable but not luxurious lives. How much longer can that last with the wealth increasingly being concentrated?

Doesn't it make you even remotely uncomfortable that the end result of that system you described is extreme poverty for almost everyone except the fortunate few?

Do you think that's even remotely sustainable?


Isn't it unfair that someone is subjected to a lower quality of life because their brain can't perform on the same level as others?

Cyber limbs and laser guns and frames per second

Maybe but then the world will be a lot worse if idiots with trust funds continue to inherit and own it.

Please don't pretend to care about the world or your fellow humans when you think the definition of exploitation is things people don't like. Excess that damages the majority is bad for the world and bad for human beings. There is a reason it's a 'thing I've been taught to dislike'.

Also fairness isn't taught, it's an inherent human emotion. It's even evident in some primates and even lower down the evolutionary chain in monkeys.

Upload is done.


thanks bud


Okay, let me rephrase that.

There are not enough reasons to play this over Dwarf Fortress.

That's the unstable version right?

Whatever happened to honor amongst thieves?

Can't argue with that I suppose.

Stable, they just released the patch a bit ago.

The only people paranoid about getting viruses now are fucking brain dead halfchanners. Anyone with 2 brain cells knows how to remove virus the second they get them or run linux.

oh good, downloading then.

No such thing ever existed.

Dwarf fortress and Rimworld are intended to be story generators. Which one is better?
I think rimworld is going to be more interesting to play as a game after it's had some more dev time. Depends on the scope it goes for. It's supposed to have xenohumans and a bunch of other shit in the lore that hasn't made it into the game.

DF doesn't really have any set lore, everything is pre-genned, even history. In Rimworld the history is set and only the events are generated.

It's not hard. Common Sense (tm) is freely available.

I don't, but that only because I've never been dumb enough to get one.

It used to be more shots = more training but the minigun exploit was fixed long ago by a change in the algorithm.

If true that fake, that is sad. One of the most stylish deaths.

No we're talking about how socialism is trash.

Like I said, take your schizo bullshit anywhere else.

It is right.
The game does not have z-levels. It is not a DF clone. It has some DF elements. You know what it does have? Infinite times more graphics and animation than DF, even if they're all of shitty beans and TRIGGERWORTHY PIG DISGUSTING EARTH ANIMALS. It takes more time to shit out mid-tier small graphics that don't clash obnoxiously with each other than you'd think. The DF guy has also been working on DF for quite a while longer. How many years of dev was it even before it got z-levels? Just pure back-end grinding. The DF coder is also almost undoubtedly a far better designer and programmer from a complexity management point of view than Tynan.

The DF dev also, as far as I know, isn't a tranny-acceptance virtue-signalling cunt shoehorning that into the entertainment media he produces (though that may actually be a specific character backstory of some special snowflake who bought the "put in my retarded OC Donut Steel with my fitting backstory", and he just shrugged and said "they paid" and put it in). The DF dev is a lot of things Rimworld isn't and DF is a lot of things Rimworld isn't. It's also totally and legally free to download for anyone ever! Hey is there a DF thread up on Holla Forums? If not maybe there should be, DF is famous for a reason. I don't want to play it, though, because the keyboard-only controls and ASCII maps/menus make my eyes bleed, though if an optimized "lite" version can be loaded onto a virtual floppy partition and booted and played in a Windows 3.1 VB, I might add it for the novelty.

Monarchy is better than a free market, entirely contingent on having a really fair and competent monarch

I won't sage because my post is a mixture of on and off topic.

See above.

Relation to OP decreases with every single post.

No, it doesn't do that, because the US has more class mobility than basically any other working, stable government has ever had in human history. You're a lazy vindictive shit who would rather cry about how you'll never be the richest instead of setting yourself (and any family you might in pure theory beget) on an upwards path yourself, even when the majority of the tech billionaires are people from middle class families.

Beyond that, anyone who cites the growing wealth gap as a failure of trickle-down economics is ignorant of the entire point of trickle-down economics, which was not "to give you as much as the people who have a lot", but rather to "enrich the nation". Given the dramatic and continual rise in quality of life, medical care and living conditions, as well as the constantly-growing number of commodities, utilities, and even things people now consider "necessities", it's obvious that trickle-down economics worked incredibly well. That is also, incidentally, the reason you have such an easy time being a whiny shit, and the reason our parents' generation had the same experience, whereas the Silent Generation was…silent. Because they were basically the last generation in the US to not be totally disconnected from real and present dire need for lack of basic resources like food. Your stunning ignorance of the unprecedented material success of muh evil capitalism is the product of continual "re-education", because otherwise you couldn't fail to notice how material goods keep getting cheaper or staying roughly the same price despite continual inflation and even counterfeit-style inflation by the Keynesian retard club known as the Federal Reserve, which runs the US mint. Despite all of the reasons the system should rightfully fail, the sheer power of not punishing people for succeeding keeps it all rolling and the goods flowing in. As taxes reforms crash down and start taxing people even more for having things (already higher tax for being rich, not just offset but significant percentage offset, for no good reason), they'll shut down or fuck off somewhere else (already happening, in fact) leaving people who love to complain to quibble over the few crumbs the higher taxation levies. After all, the lower-middle class unbelievably outnumber the upper class; you're not all going to get that guy's sports car, you'll get pennies.

You live in absolute luxury just by being in the first world you pathetic deluded asshole. The internet is a luxury, one unheard of just decades ago.

"You have more than me so let me tell you how much you should be ALLOWED to have and also how you need to raise your kids because I know better than you and it's not free and fair for you to do what you want with what is yours".

Nice ingrained strawman, you brainwashed fucking faggot. Guess what, the "rich asshole" stereotype is largely manufactured, and all of these fortune 500 companies being run by the heirs are full of rich kids who could just fuck off to some golf course working hard, taking on massive responsibility, and trying to keep their cool while making decisions that affect all of the employees of their companies. And, again, material wealth has never, ever, been higher.

Yeah and the guy who passed you in the street LITERALLY RAPED YOU.

No, because that is your fantasy dystopia which rarely intersects with reality. "Oh poor me, I own a computer but I'm in such extreme poverty".

It's only gotten better so far under their management. Nobody on imageboards wants to listen to your generic bullshit straight out of the ass of your social studies teacher. Every single post you write is a brainwashed fucking cliche, no original variance even, and you're acting as if you're "just this guy you know, just saying". We've all heard and considered it before; you are the neophyte and the bigot here.

Oh, so if I deeply feel that it would only be fair for you to drown yourself in the nearest lake for being a dumb cunt then that must mean that it's true and it's fair, because fairness is an emotion! Cool doublethink brother!

Subjective term, and you live in excess, you cunt. You don't need your computer to survive, sell it and give the money to someone for groceries.
"I'm right because my premise that states that I'm right is axiomatically right!"
The sky is red because it's the color next to orange which is the color next to the color the sky is you dumb porkie, educate yourself xDDD

Yeah I sure do fucking hate having a life expectancy of 80 and being able to buy a days' worth of food for an hour's pay and then spend an additional 15 minutes prepping and cooking it thanks to microwave. It's just such a terrible agonizing burden of oppression to live under. Someone end the injustice!

Yes, there is, because "those who cannot do, teach". Hey, post that pic of Marx with the beard, you know at the age when he'd already realized he was a dumb cunt and basically issued a written apology saying "oh, yeah, I was just this leech living off my rich friend and it made me too stupid to understand how trade works, my bad guys, don't actually do this and fuck up the world for eveyone".

It literally is a DF clone tho. Tynan said so himself. It's heavily inspired by DF and is intended to be a story generator like DF. The dev himself said so.

He said it's heavily inspired by, or if he used the term clone he fucking misspoke and misrepresented more than a little.

It is a story generator. Not on the calibre of DF, though.

It's also still not done yet in case that part didn't get mentioned :^)

The world has only gotten better by what metric? It's only gotten better for the few in position to profit from it. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Sounds like classic denial, and I'd certainly the argue the world is in a worse or same position it was in a 100 years ago. There's still a great deal of poverty the only thing that has generally advanced is technology. In fact I'd argue that the generation previous to the current one were better off considering they were able to live comfortably on a low-education industrial job. That now pays minimum wage.

There is more wealth overall but its even more concentrated than it was then. Meaning that for the purpose of your argument, people actually feel poorer and have to work harder to have the same basic necessities.


Isn't it unfair that someone is subjected to a lower quality of life because their brain can't perform on the same level as others?

Well, a lot of people have running water and electricity.
That's pretty nice.

Dorf Fort, without a question, both in terms of generated history and things you can do. And it's only going to get better with updates.

Not really important but still a plus

Get a texture pack man, but really, you don't need to, you would get used to ASCII if you would play Adventure mode for a bit.

Monarchy is a political system not an economical one, free market can exist within a monarchy.

Also, monarchy is only good as long as the monarch is good, there is no way to guarantee that the next ruler will be a good ruler. It will eventually dissolve into tyranny but any political system does really.

Timothy McVeigh would disagree about how nice that is.

DF. I remember the original thread when this happened.


DF's biggest problem is probably simply that it's getting so bloated that it's hard to track down neat stories in Legends mode.


when is dorf forst going to have consistent interface and better grapics ?

Who would've thought getting shot in the head would be better than not being shot?


I hope Toady improves things in a few years.

Bullets are actually really good for brains, just look at the courier.

It's unfair but a world with stupid people in charge means everyone suffers. I'm arguing for a world where the least amount of people suffer. In this case most the suffering is caused by the unnecessary concentration of wealth in the hands of the few.

Relatively speaking, people in first world countries have their necessities for life covered. The best argument I can give is for people who have excessive wealth, more than what they need should not infringe on the rights of others to have meaningful employment. That is to also share in profit and gain. I don't understand why so many argue that only a few people should be able to profit, those on the top of society while everyone else scrapes and bows to get by. Do you actually believe that celebrities and their ilk are a superior form of human? Most of their fame is down to chance and good fortune.

You do understand the extreme poverty of people working but being close to starvation even so? That is the result of the system of exploitation.

Of course, but people who argue that tyranny and greed are good things are a terrible joke and a leading cause of much of humanity's current distress. We can do better with current technology. There is no need for such an extreme and selfish hoarding when there is such abundance.

Obviously someone needs to hold much capital to fund great projects, social works etc. I mean crowd funding that sort of stuff might be possible but it'd require a lot of changes to society that aren't really feasible in real life.

But how much of this money is actually reinvested? As far as I can see the vast majority of it is simply wasted on mansions, private jets and other crap egotrips. How can you justify this waste of resources when men, women and children starve even though they work. The same people who this man benefits from to gain his wealth in the first place.


And DF is?

I'd say DF's biggest problem is that goblins are immortal, don't need to eat and breed like rats. If you actually kill off all the goblins, as in completely extinct world gen spawns in more. It does not do this for any other race.


Theres wanting good graphics and then theres wanting a game you can actually understand without learning the matrix first.

I'm too, user. That is why I'm waiting until he stops updating so often so the graphic sets can keep up.

tbh, it isn't that hard to understand the game but I do prefer graphic sets.

To this day I still cannot understand how so many people can have such a big problem with a fucking list of hot keys.

The thing is people think DF is some hyper complex bullshit to understand but it isn't
The UI is probably the easiest part of it, doing complicated machining and stuff is the hard part

If you can read a 5th grade dichotomy key, you can play dwarf fortress

The graphics aren't a problem if you aren't retarded, but the damn interface is way too inconsistent and lacks even basc features. Just makes playing unnecessarily big pain, which means "slightly irksome".

wow what a graphix kid

The complicated part is not suffering FPS death.

haha, good luck


I don't play DF because I don't like the asciishit, as I already mentioned, and Tynan's an attention-whore who puts his name in the homepage and menus no less than like four fucking times. Open up the menu to save/load? Tynan's twitter, Tynan's site, Tynan's patreon, Tynan's cat's fucking blog. No one who plays Rimworld can avoid knowing his name, he made sure of that.

The poor do not get poorer, I gave and explained the metric of material wealth, and you sound like the sort of educated-but-emptyheaded retard who gives the formulaic, defensive "you're in denial" whenever you are…ironically…in complete fucking denial.

No. That's wrong. That's not true in any way. The first world and the third world have advanced incredibly, you're just an ignorant stoogie who doesn't know anything about the world beyond the few pre-programmed lines you diligently shit out over and over and over. The reason jobs now give minimum wage is because retards keep insisting the minimum wage be raised and the "poverty line" be raised (because the poverty they want to point to as a poor excuse for their theives' mentality keeps disappearing so quickly before their eyes), while insisting there must be no immigration controls or borders, ensuring you will NOT get as good a wage to support your country's median standard of living and you will NOT get job security.

Poor is not a "feeling". Saying it's terrible for someone to "feel" poor is exactly like complaining about micro-aggressions; it makes it completely obvious the speaker has never even incidentally encountered genuine hardship and is terminally disconnected from reality as a result. But no, that's too generous; neither have I, and I've still learned and gained perspective while you're still repeating the same old lying shit.
Feel poor, topkek retard

Yeah, we work so much harder than people did prior to and during the industrial era, someone said so, it must be true! Better not study it for yourself, the authorities told you and they always tell the truth! Unless they're The Man which always lies…and funds the people who tell you what to believe, who always tell the truth. Good cognitive dissonance there, top shelf.

I wasn't lamenting it, I was pointing it out. It's one of the Rules of the Internet newfag.

I like to read my books and play my games.

Last I checked there was one tileset with a broken download link and when I checked the forums it had been broken for years and everyone was still telling every newcomer to get it.
Developed economic systems rely entirely on political systems, even if it's only to not interfere and fuck shit up like retards always want them to because it's so "fair" to have governments take your shit at gunpoint and give it to lazy lying assholes.

Thanks for restating exactly what I said as if I didn't myself point out that exact dependency and weakness in my post m8 :^)
The real tricky bit is no matter how good a system is, even if it were perfect, it has to always change even if it's to something shittier to maintain something close to the median delta-V that citizens overall wish for. Novelty bias and familiarity bias compete to fuck up any good thing as evidenced by retards like this brainwashed pseudo-revolutionary faggot thinking he's very clever for repeating the same stock propaganda over and over in exact order.

It's pretty ridiculous.

Congratulations you are now half way to a self-sustaining fort, build a still and set it to brew and you win the game.

Aren't you a dense motherfucker?

I'm pretty sure you are the newfag believing that shit chart 4chan made about muh rules.

bad idea, toady recently made crop rotation important, so if you don't the ground gets shitty and you can't grow anything

Interesting, I guess when I go back to playing it I will read the wiki.

Really? I haven't played in a couple months. That's fucking awesome.

Any one tried the soylent green mod yet? Best way to get food with out upsetting the colonists

It's not even that damn hard, people who say you have to "learn" how to look at dwarf fortress are full of shit. You just start playing Adventure mode, use the look function to understand what shit you don't know is. Most of the symbols make perfect sense, the up arrows mean that you can go up a Z-level, and down arrows mean that you can go down a Z-level, it's fucking obvious where the walls are, it's obvious what the water is, and once you understand that "," and "." signs make the ground, you're pretty much set to go. The rest is just shit that you can look at at any fucking time, to check what it is, you will find that you are starting to remember what each symbol means and will have to use the "look" function far less often.

And if it's really still seems so hard to understand, you can just use either a tileset or stonesense (pic related, the graphics might have changed a bit, I don't know, I don't use it because I don't need it).

I haven't played since the 2+ years update hiatus ended.

Do you have a source? Because as of right now the farming page still says that "Note that, unlike in real life, crop rotation is not necessary; soil productivity is only affected by fertilizing, and the same crop may be grown indefinitely without a decrease in performance, even without fertilizer. "

Unself aware retards insults retard by calling him a retard.

Don't forget to put up a wallgate so nothing can get in or out.

The minimum wage has not been raised in the third world. People are still earning the same amount they did decades ago. You still keep defending frivolous waste and opulence when people live in dire poverty. How can your moral wiring be so crossed that you don't realize how wrong that is?

You are literally taking the food out of starving beggar's mouth so that you can laugh when you crash your brand new car into someone's son disabling them for life. Then paying off some ultra elite lawyer to 'handle things' so you only have to attent a drug rehab clinic. One that costs so much it could have paid the kid's medical and educational bills for life. Which his father cannot afford because he can't afford a lawyer because you're a greedy kike and support this selfish retardation.

The net result of unchecked greed is a shittier life for the majority of people. Yes people feel poorer when they have to work the same hours for the same quality of living from decades ago. People are essentially keeping less of the product of their labor. That is virtually the same as paying someone less for the same work. In some cases it's true they are being paid less if you account for inflation.

The reason certain jobs pay less is complex, so I don't get into that typically. But what I can say is that they could certainly afford to pay more. How many billions do people really need?

There are limited resources on this planet and we need to make efforts to ensure it is shared fairly or it simply will not work. People having more disposable income doesn't change how many luxurious get produced, and purchased. It just changes who can afford them.

Is it so hard to countenance the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy their work and get paid decently enough to also enjoy a few luxuries?

At the very least people should live a better quality of life than they are doing now, in the third world.

Just get the lazy newb pack if it's really that much of a deal, it has some tilesets in it if I remember correctly

Fuck talking about political shit, this is a video games board

How is he revolutionary for suggesting we keep doing the same thing that isn't working?

I literally cannot fathom why anyone would be opposed to porkie having one less zero in his bank account that he never checks anyway before he buys something, so that some brown girl doesn't have to whore herself to feed her stick insect kids.

ah so your from Holla Forums. That place that unironically still believes in the labor theory of value.

Funny you mention this. I remember some left wing group getting sweat shops shut down somewhere and the former female workers ended up having to resort to prostitution to feed themselves.

That must be a recent change because it's been that way since before 40d.

OK so capitalism is around because people who work get money and that's how it goes because if you don't work and get money society collapses because if someone else isn't working and is getting shit why should you work


Emotional appeal but based on unfortunate reality of wealth hoarding and exploitation. You know sweat shops shouldn't exist at all, they are not profiting from their work. It amazes me the kind of mental gymnastics it takes to say that billionaire deserves a right to their own profit and then say it doesn't matter that these ordinary people don't get that. Some kind of messed up messiah worship.

I should not be held responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for other people's stupidity or mistakes. Don't have a stable job before you shit out kids? Your problem, not mine.

so they can live*


No education and no contraception. Even if they had it, they couldn't afford to buy it because they aren't paid enough to afford non-essentials.

You guys realize I'm talking about the third world t-shirt maker here? They can't even afford to give their kids a basic education at school. Even the kids have to get jobs. Many of them lie about their age just so their family doesn't starve.

Women don't even have a choice to not have kids. It's the man's decision. Are you really saying that they aren't allowed to have sex at all? Maybe if porkie paid them a higher minimum wage they could afford contraceptives and an education to know not to have them.

Also third worlders have kids to look after them in their old age because they have no savings, no retirement plan (they don't get paid enough to have these things they live meal to meal, not day to day.)

If they don't have kids, they spent their old age in dire poverty until they die in the street cause no kids.

If you can't keep your legs closed or pants zipped until you're in a position to raise a child then that's your fucking problem. In fact, dumbasses like that should be jailed for bringing kids into this world and dooming them to live an objectively shit life thanks to their lack of consideration.

I live in Brazil, pretty much a third world country and contraception is wide spread and still we have thousands if not hundreds of thousands single mothers whoring themselves out to pay for their 5 children.

There's always anal.

you haven't lived until you've been fucked in the ass

OK you chucklenut i'm gonna lay down some fucking truth because you keep posting off topic in this fucking thread

They have so many kids because they all fucking die at a young age because they're all stupid and kill everyone who would help them
they're easily blinded by religion because they have nothing else to live for
they don't have food because they destroy their food or steal if from people who do
they don't have to put their children through school, they can just send them to work in a field to make food, which makes food for the rest of the people if they didn't fucking destroy it all
it is literally their own fault they live in poverty, there's nothing else about it, they fail to think things through longer than the few seconds they have to actually think
also, do you honestly think that them not having contraceptives is a thing that contributes to this?
you can just stomp the baby or throw it in the street and it's as good as dead, not a waste of resources no more

Holla Forums is flooding with shitposts and le ironic trolies, so I came here for a bunker thread. So what is this game about, it looks like prison architect and I liked that game so I wanna try this one out. This is singleplayer only, right?

Yeah this is singleplayer but this thread isn't safe from the stupidity

Yes, you should check out volafile.io/r/HF33Go and download the game.

Try it yourself since it is a small game.

Come back here next week, because if you scroll up you'll find what you're running away from.

Someone post that "We are all equal, we are all dead" picture with the boat sinking.

Because DF is excrement from a visual standpoint. And games are a visual medium.
I have some fucking bare minimum of standard and there's plenty of old games that still look acceptable.


Props for posting my man Yang.
You still suck tough.

So the early adventure text games were also visual medium?

No, games are a set of rules complimented by visuals and music. The programming is only here to enforce the rules and create an environment in which the rules function. The only thing that matters about a game is gameplay, other things can be very beneficial for the game, but gameplay is the most important, always.

Those games incorporate storytelling in their gameplay, changing the story and roleplaying is also a part of their gameplay.

At least you have a decent taste in anime

Thanks user. Do you happen to know any good mods as well. I could go digging on websites, but anons here have good taste and I don't wanna slug through filler (if there is any).

Yeah, I don't know if we're being raided or all the lurkers decided to shitpsot unanimously.

It's funny because the counterpart is the boat sinking and only the billionaire stands afloat on a sea of dead bodies.

"Well life doesn't look so bad from up here."

There is a difference in value of currencies, you are aware of this yes? Paying someone in a third world $1 an hour may seem terrible, yet due to this value difference those "sweatshop" workers are able to afford additions on their houses. "Sweatshops" are helping these countries grow into more wealthy, modern and overall better places. The alternative to sweatshops is doing backbreaking labor in the fields for 14 hours a day or prostitution. You want them to stay impoverished and you're too stupid to realize it. Are you aware that there have been multiple massive protests in nations were sweatshops have been banned (thanks to clueless ignorant lefties like yourselves) to get those jobs BACK. I'm not saying sweatshops are perfect or anything, just that in typical lefty fasion you are fucking over the people you claim to want to help because you're a bunch of ignorant fucking morons.

i feel like we're being raided or something

Yes, because he paid for a bigger boat
Fuck off

For this new version? No, I don't. I'm still playing A14a or something.

Anyway, try the game without mods first because I don't think there is a mod that will change the game completely.

Paid for with other people's money. Generated from other people's labor. Interesting moral concept. Shouldn't they be the ones that survive from their hard work?

Why does this man survive when they were working for their own survival?


Well for one the Cou…

Fucker sniping me while I'm disillusioning retards who think the world began in 1950…

They scratch pretty deep, train a horde of disposable attack birds. /sp/ would approve.

vim is easy but not worth learning unless you actually have reason to believe you'll ever be in a situation where you can A) not boot into GUI and B) can actually fix the GUI problem by writing something in vim

Otherwise just use gEdit like everyone else or go full emacs if you really must be a CLIfag.

It's just annoying for the same reason any CLI program is. I don't want to memorize the keys or commands or write them down because it's another list-style thing in my memory which are harder than say music or logical details of how something works. Also they're generally poorly-named or arbitrary or "because this key was left over". If it doesn't make sense why it's that way, I have more trouble remembering it as just an arbitrary data point unattached to a reason.

Also mouse + keyboard is best and most fun control scheme if done well.

8ch's servers are fucking retarded so I'll just post in tiny pieces instead of normal 5000-char posts to see if it can unfuck itself.

It's not about being able to it's about it not being fun. And ASCII graphics are just a pain, cool in concept but really annoying in principle. Oh what's a carriage return symbol again, a shrub or an elf? etc

I'm pretty sure you are a Redditor thinking rules of the internet are about "belief" or "lack of belief". They're references to things that you were too busy doing some boring shit to care or know about. In this case, the "rule" referred to a general observance that threads got less related to original topics over time, mostly on Holla Forums but anywhere on 4chan. Because it's true, and it's not a big deal you need to get autistic about anywhere. Including SERIOUS BUSINESS FORUMS WITH KARMA, even.

I tried playing adventure mode but it just didn't really draw me in, takes too long just to look in/through inventory because no mouse so you need to hit one key per nav action. Great for some things, absolute shit for others.

But no DF is not actually that hard to understand and I gather people thought it was hard to play because they dug too deep and awoke the Nameless Fear and didn't expect that a dorfs text game would play out like Tolkien wrote for some reason.

Do you know how businesses start?
with blood and sweat, I own a business, it's not as simple as just forcing people to do what you want
You're ignorant and uneducated, leave while you still have what's left of your dignity

A logical fallacy since the only people who die are the poor.

Why do you keep responding and enabling the off topic shit?

Codemonkey fix your shit

Who willingly paid for products his company made.

Who were paid for their services and who used his property to create things.

Hard work isn't just physical. Pull a bum off the street, he will flip burgers just fine. Pull that same bum off the street and put him in control of a company with hundreds of employees and watch it crumble. We live in a society that favors brain power over physical strength. That's why we ended up so technologically advanced instead of a third world shithole. Don't just work hard, work smart.

Yeah, it's probably best to play the game without mods first.

because i can't believe someone is this stupid

So everyone dying is better than a few surviving.

They were not paid fairly for that work. It's lopsided profit model. Why are only business owners entitled to profit? At this point its nearly impossible to climb out of being poor because there is so little social mobility compared to between the 50s and 70s. And they were recovering from a global war. What's our excuse other than out of control greed?

Yet if he paid for his goods fairly maybe that family could have built their own boat. If you're going to use that analogy, get it right. This guy doesn't just have some wooden rowboat. He has a 500 foot yacht with golden staircases. Yet won't even share a single plank on his deck to save someone. Meanwhile families are drowning around him.

It's a selfish kind of evil, and how does that make you any better than a murderer? There's a concept in law to be so irresponsible, so neglectful its actually a crime.

If you play as an alligator that goes around and bites people's head off, you don't have to worry about equipment that much.

It's more fun that way.

No wonder every single last socialist country shit itself and died. Basing an ideology entirely on jealousy results in failure, who would have thought?

Venezuela socialism isn't socialism.

heh :^)
Too bad now we aare suffering with an horde of refugees since their country is pretty much dead.

It sure would be great if I could make posts Codemonkey

Fuck it, if we're going into analogies then try to debunk this you fucking nigger

Let us say that this rich man is really morally responsible for death of this one family. Let us say, that you're morally right and that he not only should but also must save this one family to still be called a good person. Now if we go with this logic, imagine what happens in the case of a gigantic flood. What makes one poor family better than others? Nothing, exactly, so going by this logic, it is the moral obligation of that single man to save ALL the families in need. Now let's imagine, that this man actually starts following this insane philosophy and gives away money to every family so they can build a boat to survive the flood.

Guess what happens if someone goes with that kind of philosophy in business?





What does this mean for our businessman? That means that he will himself have no fucking money to actually build the ship to survive the flood himself.

I understand the idea of sacrifice, but going by your logic, you imply that a man has an OBLIGATION to THROW HIS FUCKING LIFE AWAY in sake of others.


If you really insist that money should be distributed "fairly", that means that it has to be distributed in a way that doesn't exclude ANYONE.

If you imply that one family must be saved by taking away the property of a rich man just because they're poor, that means that all poor people have the same rights. Unless you can provide me with a reason of why that one fucking family has bigger rights than other families?

Not only that but think of what happens to the workers of the rich man when the business will fall. Don't you think that they themselves might suffer because of it? Maybe they were trying to save up so that they can buy that fucking boat and you just cut their source of income?


an excellent post

The real dilemma is:
Is there a harem mod for rimworld?

I might start working on one is the answer. Could post more details if 8ch would stop spamming post errors on anything longer than a few characters for me.

He has the obligation to save as many as he can. But when you say obligation you mean duty. And specifically a moral duty. It's not something we look or ask for. But it's asked of us by society. Because we reap the benefits of society, we expect them to return that to society when it is required. That's what being a citizen is supposed to mean. I think many people lose sight of the meaning behind the way we live our lives.


you can expect all you want, human beings are greedy and selfish, no one is so morally pure as to be so altruistic

You can easily create a custom scenario with only starting waifus. Then manually castigate any males who come to your colony.

Let this silly debate end.

Life is shit, the only way people can be equal is when they don't exist.

So if you hate inequality so much and aren't on the anti-natalist spectrum, fuck off.

Men are not animals, they have the capacity ro reason and should seek to better themselves and the world around them. I expect only this.

We ARE animals you dipshit
we're just self aware, and think for ourselves, and have a way to see the world that isn't in terms of life and death
people are greedy, people are awful, people are corrupt
there is no greater good
there is no reason to believe in it

I hope you realize that 'seek to better themselves', stands first, ok?

Some men do, many, if not most, do not.
Socialists, ironically, seek to gain the support of the latter.

Do not assign to malice what can be explained by stupidity. As a species we've been grown a lot, through writing down our history and remembering. Many of the ills that plague our society boil down to ignorance. No, the world will never be perfect. Of course you are right. But it can always be better. That is what your and my ancestors did. They went to sleep each night, and every day was a little better than before. They handed down this world over the generations through their work. Now it's in our hands, and our duty to hand it down to our children in a better state.


Can you have one colonist having multiple relationships?

That is why men who do relatively well compared to the world around them have a duty to help their lessers progress. Which is the logic and reason behind arguing for better working conditions and wages.

Interesting question. Never seen it happen but they do split up and can reform another relationship.

This poster is so dense, i can feel my own ancestors calling for me.

So if a woman was being raped by a massive gang of people 3 times my size I am obligated to risk my life and most likely die trying to save her? People aren't obligated to save/help one another.

We are in fact animals. Congrats on looking like a holier than thou twat who loves the smell of his own farts though.

You would think he would have realized by now that virtue signalling on an anonymous imageboard won't get him likes on facebook or upvotes on reddit.

There is a significant difference between animals that incapable of reason and man that has foresight, imagination, understanding and creativity. We are the greatest lifeforms to evolve on this planet in hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Maybe we should act like it?

Are you obligated to stand by and do nothing?
Could you not run and call for help instead of intervening physically?


Don't think so, hence mods.
Still waiting on posting to unfuck so I can post the last of my replies, then I might get into some features I was considering.

Don't involve MGS in your commie delusions.

Also video games.

If we really were that great then we wouldn't need to act. The very foundation of your beliefs is a giant steaming pile of bullshit. People aren't perfect, moral, just, whatever, they are terrible, any belief that doesn't take this into account is garbage and bound to fail miserably. How fucking sheltered and ignorant of the real world would you even have to be to buy into what you're saying right now? Pull your head out of your ass.

Terrible compared to what? It's a subjective term you gloomy retard.


You fucking idiot, you cannot just post something as vague as "as many as he can". WHERE EXACTLY DO YOU DRAW THE FUCKING LINE?

The actions of the businessman do not only impact him but also the people who work for him you fucking nigger. You fucks are looking only at one side of the medal, ignoring the rest because it doesn't suit your utopian vision. He has to get the money to help people from somewhere, and that somewhere is his business, being too charitable means only moving the wealth from one person to another. Wealth is LIMITED and trying to increase the amount of money we have leads to MONEY LOSING IT'S FUCKING WORTH. Do you even know what it means to take a part of wealth from a person and give it to the poor? It might look like small harm to the businessman who won't buy another product for himself, but you don't understand that this product is ALSO MADE BY PEOPLE. If he doesn't buy the product, the company will not get money, and they will not pay their workers. When left in it's free state, the economy works on the principle of supply and demand. If you take money from rich, it will lower the demand on the products that they buy, if you take money from anyone it will lower the demand on any fucking product, if you lower the demand on any fucking product, less products will be produced and sold. This means artificially lowering the number of product sold, this means artificially raising the number of people who will work for a business, and sometimes artificially lowering the number of businesses that people can work for. Which in turn leads to more unemployment, which in turn leads to more poor people. Which means, shittier lives for everyone involved, but hey, at least it's more "fair" and "equal" :^).

Not only that, but your idea hurts the poor more than it helps them. Giving money to the poor is only a temporary solution, it allows for laziness and eventually, for the decay of society. Giving poor men a JOB is the correct way to go. Most poor people don't have the necessary education to start a business, so you're moving the wealth from people who know what to do with it, and in turn, can lead businesses that can hire more people who can better their lives by the money paid to them, to people who don't know how to use it and might use the money to buy idiotic unnecessary products. How do you even know if by giving money to a poor family that they won't buy drugs instead of a boat? By leaving that money with the businessman you can lead to a state where those people have a chance of getting a job, learning responsibility if necessary and saving up for a boat that they so much require.

Calling and running for help does not fucking require you to sacrifice anything you dumb fuck. Sacrifice is not a moral obligation, it is a moral right.

You are 15 at best.

This thread can't hit bump limit soon enough

Mate, there's a point where you should stop making Bible-long posts and realize you're shitting up the thread.
Same goes for the guy you're fighting with.
Take it to another board.

Yeah I went a little bit too far, my bad

Not the same person, everyone hates the faggot he's fighting with (I can't make long posts right now because 8ch post server is being a faggot)

I think his post about "humans bad hurr durr" is pretty shit tbh but not as dumb as the marxfag.

If staying on-topic and avoiding "those uncomfortable issues" is so fucking important to you, gb2facebook frankly.

Also there is no reason whatsoever to shit out another thread as soon as this one hits bump limit, let it hit post limit or 404 before the next one instead of reposting at bump limit so you keep getting more attention.

I really wanted to stay on topic my IDs changed because I quit the thread by accident and something got fucked up but I was talking about video games, before the thread was completely derailed by that shithead and I lost my cool.

To be fair, the old thread had sunk to page 12 by the time this one was made.
Also, there's a difference between getting slightly off topic and completely derailing a thread with unrelated bullshit.

I apologize for wanting to talk about Rimworld in the Rimworld thread and saving my political squabbles for the several boards dedicated to them.

I didn't lose my cool, I was just wrecking his shit is all :^)

Anyways some faggots with sniper rifles just rocked up in my neighborhood right when I'm trying to scrounge up cash and supplies to try and buy plasteel and steel (I ran out totally) to build my ship and GTFO.

Fair enough.

Apology accepted, try not to be a pedantic faggot anymore wewewewewewew
But seriously what are you doing in Rimworld?

Did we go to a new thread yet?

No, but everyone in my colony immediately after fighting these filthy raiders.

*got malaria immediately

Huh? I wasn't arguing for welfare. I was arguing for jobs that pay enough. There is a large distinction between reward unearned and no reward.

American corporatism and this attitude is a large part of the problem the world faces right now. The economy won't implode from giving higher wages to the poor. They will spend that money and it naturally flow back up into the hands of those with the means of production. This is really not hard to understand, this marginal change in how we conduct society could have massive benefits. In the next few decades we will likely have to do it anyway due to the robotic replacement of the workforce and now due to computer replacement of analyst and thinking jobs.

That is unfortunate but you can get anti-malaria drugs that prevent it for 5 days. Also don't ever settle in a jungle biome. You will shit yourself with rage over the sleeping sickness.

Is that why you guys keep responding to him?
Picture this: One faggot is yelling at anyone passing nearby. What's the best course of action?
Now picture this: Two faggots are yelling at each other. What's the best course of action?
You get my point.
Only posting this, because I think it's worthwhile to warn people that feeding discussions like this outside of their board is always bad.
On another board, it was actually an interesting exchange, minus de ad-hominem.

It's one the screen. So yes.

VIDEO games.
Gameplay might be the most important thing, but DF isn't exactly stellar in that regard either - because (news flash), the UI and visuals are part of gameplay and user experience…and as much as I like DF, they suck.

You sure the malaria medicine isn't in some mod?
Anyways, they started with partial immunity so it should pass soon.


No nigger, you are the problem. A worker is worth as much as that worker and whoever he works with agrees on.

If you think they're worth more, start a company that pays them more. Of course it should be easy for you to not be porkie and sell cheaper while paying them more because you're not corrupt, right?

And if you raise the price, your customers are also the people, so you're eating your tail by paying more but charging more, which is useless.

So do it. No one's stopping you. If you think it's just so fucking easy running a company and they're profiteering, do better instead of demanding that someone else wipe your ass. Be the saviour instead of just lying online. If you can't start a business because of corruption, fight actual fraud instead of demanding higher wages be legally enforced and pretending you give a shit about a free market. You pay more and sell lower, the people will flock to you. You can't do that? Well then that means you're fucking lying about the existing companies profiteering. It's that simple, it's basic fucking addition.

It's part of the new drugs in alpha 15. It's called malari-block, stops it for 5 days so you can set it to be taken automatically using the drug regime.

Play video games with him? Maybe that is all he wants. Maybe that is why he's yelling all the time. He just wanted to play video games. ;_;

Picture this, a third faggot comes in just to continue complaining about them arguing.
Picture this, he wants people to just lie down and ignore/block/filter/report whoever they dislike.
Picture this, he should fuck off back to Reddit.

That's cool. Haven't updated because I want to win this game first and can't transfer.

yeah mate, it's much better to cover a thread about RIMWORLD with "socialism sucks".
Everyone knows socialism sucks. You don't need a fucking essay to elaborate on it.
And you most certainly don't need to cover 75% of the thread with that shit.
Especially when people are already talking about something slightly more interesting than your shit.

Paying workers a fair wage isn't socialism, retard.

There's a DL link to alpha 15 earlier in the thread. If you don't have it.

In turn, you don't need to sperg out and shit yourself over unrelated comments in your sacred thread.

Advocating governments forcing companies to play wages socialists decide are "fair" is the definition of socialist, retard.

You know what else it isn't?

What the FUCK has happened to this Rimworld thread? Stop responding to Holla Forums and Holla Forums offtopic bullshit. Stop feeding the trolls.


Or what? What has happened? What's the cataclysm? Was your safe space violated?

I want this game to have z-levels and build all of my shit under 10 meters of solid rock, with dedicated kill hallways and atom smasher drawbridges and corridors that can be flooded with acid and bullets at a moment's notice.

I can do things like this in DF, but I want to do them in RW, too. The combat in this game is extremely half-assed, and the lateral-thinking style nefarious devices are non-existent.

Hopefully, physics will eventually get implemented, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it anywhere in the nearest year or 2. Tynan is slow as fuck.

He's getting faster though. I think cause he hired some other people to help with it.

I remember he was a 1-man team a while back. So he actually has more people now? Granted, what's coming in A15 is not particularly impressive, just the drug system and tutorials, fucking yay.

As as I understand it I hired a programmer to help him with some code for a year while he designed/planned the stuff for future releases.

No idea really maybe he was just taking a vacation like Notch.

He got 220 thousand dollars through Kickstarter and gets a trickle of money through early access. I wouldn't doubt that he's procrastinating and vacationing since he already got paid.

Well the updates have started again and with the Steam release I'm not too worried about him dropping it suddenly.

Remember Starbound's "thick and fast" updates? How about Minecraft's sluggish update schedule and cut features? What about Towns or Banished? How about the myriad of other games abandoned in what is effectively a public alpha?

Once they have your money, incentive to work goes way the fuck down.


Since when do you need seeds?

Why the fuck can you sell shit for less money than they're worth anyway?

Pretty simple.

Makes sense, but when you have 4000 potatoes and the guy can only buy like 100, the game should not let me sell more than 100.

I have to wonder- why isn't this just a game set in the wild west? You could be a small community of settlers attempting to build a thriving town on the open prairie. Instead of tribals, you have Indians. Instead of pirates, you have bandits. You could have traveling traders, itinerant preachers and doctors, wagon trains, and caravans pass through. One of the end technologies could be to build a railroad.

Honestly, the only thing you'd lose out on are end game bionics and turrets. Everything else can be easily refluffed.

Or you can exert some basic self control.

Because space is cooler.

How to beat infestations

But it has very little, if any, impact on actual gameplay. It just raises furda questions.


When this game decides you're fucking done you are DONE.

An Oh Fuck moment with happen, then as you are licking your wounds the next will happen leaving you going "NO, FUCK, NO!"

My last game ended with three groups of animals I was hunting attacking my hunters, killing multiple huskies. Then after I had buried the dogs and my main hunter that's when the game decided to spawn a fucking MANHUNTER BOOMALOPE HERD to my south.

Needless to say I face rolled on the keyboard till my last person died.

who the fuck burries his dogs?

I had more then food and fur/leather and didn't have a crematorium yet and damn it I loved those dogs.

This can only go well.

unless you're wanting hilarious death you're starters should be Shooting, Cooking/Growing and Doctor (I'm really addressing this at anyone I guess)

That destroys all the jelly though. I tried building a bunch of heaters to kill all the bugs with heatstroke but then I couldn't send anyone in to kill the hives because they would get heatstroke too. Plus the newly spawned bugs wouldn't have heatstroke and could kill my guys even if I tried some hit and run cheese to slowly kill the hives. With the new patch it might work since now the hives need to be maintained by the bugs.

I know. I just can't always be bothered with trying roll for perfection. The combo I got was just too sweet not to take.

There's always prepare carefully, thought I don't know if the points limit feature is balanced or not

Somewhat. The problem is, the traits do not cost any points, so you can put some very favorable traits on all your colonists for a really easy start. Something like industrious + iron-willed + optimist.


Drugs, drugs and more drugs (and beer fermenting)!
Low-tech cooling solution.
Caves temperature adjustments


Having exhausted my fun playing on the easymodo jungle, I am trying my hand at the boreal forest. So far, it's pretty fun.

neat but pointless.

It shows where all the colonists are, as well as the power grid (and parts of it in red if they are unpowered). In any case, I did not install the minimap, it came pre-packaged with the Community Library Core I think. Weirdly enough, I play this modpack on 2 different PCs, and the minimap refuses to work on one of them, while working fine on this one.

since mods


It's not that hard, just make 2 wooden autodoors with a 3-tile corridor between them.


Wooden doors will suffice for now. Anything that opens and closes as quickly as possible.

well it was fun while it lasted


The fact that even the tamest animals can go berserk while hunting them infuriates me.

and this is why I always start as rich researcher, free salt rifle and a years worth of ammo


And then that happens to the alphabears.


They're 4x4 but should be 4x5 min to avoid the cramped debuff.

Animals definitely should have the same threat response you can set for colonists (flee, attack, ignore) decided by what animal they are. Deer definitely should flee instead of rampaging while things like wolves should attack in groups.


I just realized i could breed rats and have a giant pack of attack rats

Cooked stuff was.



In any case, you can click on the statue and cancel it. You will lose like 25% of plasteel, but it's better than finishing it and losing 100% (it would sell INSANELY to traders, but I doubt they have that much silver anyway).

Every Friday or two is sluggish? It got faster because he let that other guy from his old business mostly run things and then took in Drybones and a few other modders, who were all good coders and decent designers but had their own take on what would make Minecraft fun…when what made Minecraft fun was the atmosphere and content Notch had put in it, it was a little unique even if frustrating sometimes.

Seeds? Why would…

Oh okay, your fault then lol
Sounds like a decent action movie though.

You can do it as a way to get rid of your wealth faster so you can stop getting rekt by swarms of well-armed bandits since they seem to be armed and numbered based at least partly on wealth.

And also this

I'm pretty sure you're the same autist who keeps spamming about how you're mad it doesn't have ayylmaos but…it's because…

Because…wait for it…

It's based on Firefly! Not just Firefly, actually. It's based mostly on the genres "space western" and "space opera", which are about the eclectic blend of low-fantasy high-tech scifi and the limited availability of resources and actual high tech which would be almost certainly realistic with a terraform-seed-settle-spread human initiative.

But if you're not just bitching about the genres because you don't get them and are genuinely curious, then yeah, you could refluff it with a good mod or two I imagine.

Like I said, it's actually not an unfamiliar concept. Not all space fiction is Star Wars type, it's just the most popular. But yeah, it is absolutely meant to have Western themes and elements, like you even can make dusters and cowboy hats.

A real human bean. Playing "hick space assholes" is ezmodo and for Redditors. I'm serious, I read a thread on the sub because it showed up in my search results when I asked a question about the game, and they all play hyper edgelords "just to survive" because they can't into planning. This is the perfect kind of game to make the small gestures you can afford to and agonize over the hard choices instead of just going "haha lol free silver XDDDDDD". You're settlers, not murderhobos. Unless you do play a cannibal-psycho settlement which is fun once in a while but a shit crutch to use all the time.

I did a custom scenario that started with tribals with about eight animals, and I had Suicidal, Illness, I think Mourning, maybe Melancholy, etc

Reminds me of the animal hallucinations from Wurm's Path of Insanity.

Or just git gud tbh m8
Hilarious death and uncertainty is a part of Rimworld, though perhaps too large a part sometimes

Boreal's not even that bad, try permafrost, it's fun :^)

Pointless if you play on the default almost-smallest map size and/or have the positions of all of those ores you wanted to mine memorized, probably pretty cool otherwise.

Or just bite the bullet and put in one or two more coolers, then you'll get fucked in the ass a little less. If it's the kitchen getting cold you're worried about, get off your ass and make vents between the non-frozen rooms in your base, and never worry about it again.

hory shet!
If they're not starving just fast forward until someone wanders in (or raiders come and finish you).

That's actually completely accurate though. That's one of the reasons we hunt deer from up in a tree or far away with a rifle. I mean you think they're just deer, right? Seems like you'd just mask your scent and get really good at sneaking with a knife…which you could, but you might get your head cut open by hooves. Any animal really can attack. Rats are vicious, rabbits can be fickle, and deer can be fucking frighteningly aggressive when cornered or injured. Not if you have a rifle, though, because the fuck is it going to do?


16 tiles per room isn't terrible, actually a great way to start while they still have the beginning buffs so they get rid of the bedless, outside and interrupted buffs quick. You can just make 4x9s out of them later, which is still poverty-tier but they're fine with. 15 is sketchy, 14 they will pratically go hang themselves. I tried it once because I had this extra person and I could just barely mine out a 7x2 space on the end…

They have percent chances to attack; I think the 0.5% for most creatures is quite realistic. However, they should flee the other 99.5% of the time instead of standing around like assholes. The whole herd attacking actually does make some sense for plains with a herd of deer, though I don't know if it would actually happen, but they're treated as a fake faction as a herd, I think, so decision carries.


If you used Prepare Carefully you could make a psycho cannibal named Dracula with manual labor, healing, social, etc disabled, and high tame skill to start, and a manual laborer named Renfield, and start with like 40 tamed rats via scenario editor.

Breed them in a pen and have Renfield eat them raw. Ideally have a mod that made him like raw meat and corpses instead of hate them. It would be cool as fuck. Dracula would have them all tamed and bonded of course, but psycho so wouldn't get debuffs from them being butchered.

downboated ::::—-DDDD

at least when the raid arrived after everyone was downed the bear went and killed all of them too but god damn.



he literally won't do any work besides art or shooting things

You can still save him! Just wait for the next one!

Savage burn, sculptor.

eh that what any of us would do if we had the chance tbh fam

I'm throwing 15b on vola for anyone who wants it.

Also apparently alpha 16 is supposed to be big.

Is there any way to get people to be less shit at hunting? They always shoot from maximum range, which I guess is done for safety, but it means they can never fucking hit anything.
Usually I just draft them and walk them right next to the animal, but it's a pain to have to babysit them like that.

up their shooting, remove trees or obsticales, or just draft them and move them closer manually

I'm gonna open up this thing that said it had ancient horror in it
wish me luck


So far have to draft them, sadly. Would be cool to see a caution vs aggression settings thing, or better a way to set their hunting behavior to one of the four ranges that's listed for accuracy purposes on weapons. Only good solution is to get sniper rifles for the long-range accuracy, but they shoot sort of slow. Still, good for assigning someone as hunter and not worrying much about watching them hunt.

I'm sure it was an educational experience for you, user. Surprised no centipedes.

The sculptor and her now husband are fucking in their room with the Dorna sculpture with a stack of 3 milk buckets next to the bed, and the other carpet tile next to the bed mysteriously dirty.

I don't even know.

Familiarize yourself with the "new game" button in advance m8

sauce? What are some of the upcoming features?

From the patch notes on steam, he doesn't say anything more than "large".

Also, I took this screenshot of the kickstarter just to prove you wrong about "muh firefly" once and for all. Sure, it's an influence. But so is Dune, Revelation Space, and Warhammer 40k. The latter two have xenos, though Revelation Space is almost entirely focused on humans. Dune has an alien ecosystem, as well, in the only good novels. Sand worms are one of THE single most iconic alien species.

How much did you give to the kickstarter?

I see you do not know what the word "inspiration" means

And apparently neither does user. He keeps saying that the game has to be JUST SO because it's inspired by Firefly.

It doesn't have to be, but it is. The author chooses just how much he wants to be inspired by something.


Thanks for proving me right with the screenshot, since my claim was that it was based on Firefly, which is listed there as its primary basis, and I was saying that was why it didn't have alien creatures, which it doesn't.

You'll notice that FAQ says nothing about ayylmaos. Can you please kill yourself and stop sperging about animals that don't even exist now?

I would NEVER EVER "crowdfund" anything, at least anything that did not already exist.

No, I provided the reason why it is the way it actually is, because it is that way, and that is why. The supplementary reason I gave is that the playerbase and donators like it that way and bitch if he does anything sci-fi, which is also completely true but you decided to "forget" because your autism is so severe it causes you to lie by omission to try to enforce the ridiculous idea that the only point of ever setting anything in space is to have ALIUMS.

Fuck off faggot.

That's nothing, I once had a colonist berserk and attack a cassowary, and it ripped her head off.

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NEW THREAD >>10549620
NEW THREAD >>10549620
NEW THREAD >>10549620
NEW THREAD >>10549620

Links don't work with red text? Since fucking when?

They never ever did

Really? I could have sworn they did.