New Duke Nukem game?

>These are official. This is a Duke 3D remaster. In many ways, you can look at this game as a Duke Nukem 3D remix as there will be a lot of new/original content added in as well. From my understanding, these screens are just a handful out of a bunch of press shots that will be coming out in the following days.


The 'remix', or whatever it is, is being developed by Nerve Software (, and surprisingly not Gearbox Software, though the extent of Gearbox's influence cannot be determined at this point. The official Duke Nukem site ( is holding a countdown for Duke's 20th anniversary, which will probably officially announce this game.

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It just looks like another remaster á la Megaton Edition with additional episodes, if you ask me. The graphics don't seem all that improved either. Hopefully eDuke32 guy talking about JSJ voicing TBBT lines is not a thing too.
I don't really know to what extent Nerve was involved with making Cowadoodies and Dooms, so all we can do is wait.

a-always bet on duke?

Could be worse at this point. Still skeptical as hell on it.

of course

oh yeah, can't wait to hear Duke Nukem say bazinga and other [CURRENT YEAR] memes.
Perhaps the maps could be good, but I don't have the slightlest interest in playing them, not even if they rip them off and make them playable on eduke32.


It's shit.


No fucking way. Thats fake, its gotta be. Also, why is Gearbox doing this, are they trying to copy what Sega did with Sonic Mania or what?

It's dead Jim.
Just let go.


Gearbox must really be desperate at this point if they're resorting to these tactics

They had this on development long before sonic mania was announced. Selling the Duke Nukem IP to gearbox was a mistake.


is that chris chan?

So, is the porn here yet?
I wanna see him pound it.
Webm related

Are you serious? It looks like they threw it together at the last minute. Didnt they try to make Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded before?

I just want to know if its worth a pirate or not.

fuck is just like a bird

He's so going to die from some horrific infection, it's not even funny anymore.

Duke Nukem reloaded was just an attentionwhoring cashgrab for interceptor entertainment. Neither them nor gearbox were interested in seeing it to the end as far as I recall.

This shit doesn't seem to even be worthy of piracy, I bet the mapping can't hold a candle to the creativity of usermaps of recent years.

Is Nu-Duke going to suck it down?

Yes, Duke will become the thing he hates.

Remember that one interview, with I think who was Randy Pitchford, who went "Duke is cool and all but he's outdated, I want to make Duke for a more mature audience, where Duke is broken by a powerful villain similar to Bane from TDKR"

I can see Duke will treat women with the respect they deserve after nodding politely towards them and then die forever to the hands of cultural enrichment for justice.

>They make a new engine for it and it plays like shit.

That's sad.

It could work, but it would require someone to out-Duke the Duke. They'd need to create an even bigger ham to steal the spotlight only to have Duke rip it back.

And I don't think that's what he had in mind with that statement.

I bet they'll remove the ability to kill captured women, thus removing the element of "If I shoot too carelessly Octobrains are going to spawn and rip my ass apart"

I'd be up for that. What they do with old school engines nowadays blows 99 percent of modern shooters out of water.

underrated comment

It was that faggot from interceptor when they were still up to do that top down duke nukem game that became bombshell. I'll paste the quote:

Basically, just turn the Duke comic into a video game.
comic which is actually VERY good, by the way

Guess I will pirate it
inb4 denuvo

I heard the bombshell build engine game is really good but I haven't played it yet.



woah it's like he only played the first two levels of L.A. Meltdown

I hope its alright, even if its the last thing Duke gets

It's not even a new game, it's a fucking money grabbing reboot, why won't they remake the first two duke nukems? why even bother?

Why the hell is Jon St Jon wasting his time voicing duke when he could be voicing big the cat and fucking around at cons that no one cares about

There are community made mods that are WAY better than this, judging from those screenshots.

The community was very active for at least a decade. Don't know how it is nowadays, but due to the build engines ease of use, the release of the source code and all that, some pretty awesome things were created that makes these screenshots look like garbage in comparison.

So if you want to play quality levels or even total conversions, there's a decade worth to choose from already.

What the FUCK is that?!

Nerve did the Call of duty esque DOOM multiplayer and has been working on cod since the first blops.

That's one of the gayest paragraphs I've ever read.

256 color palette gives the game character, and I'm not saying that in a retro hipster way. Because new doom had to resort to pissfilter to try to emulate the atmosphere and it failed miserably. With all "muh shaders" and posprocessing, it just doesn't have the soul that games used to. There's something about the 256 color palette restriction that makes colors "pop" more, like the toxic sludge in that screenshot.

I think in fact the phenomenon is simple enough as this: that we have been stuck in the uncanny valley of polygon 3D since it's inception. It's sort of real, but not real enough, so that's worse than something obviously cartoonish like the old DOS games runnin on 256 colors.

JSJ is an actor so through time they burn through money.

As for not remaking the first two Dukes in either an upgraded 2D remake or as a shooter, I won't be surprised if they think "Duke Nukem was only worth it with 3D"

You just summed up 99% of "remasters". Banking on nostalgia and in virtually all cases other people's work because they can't (or won't) make new games that can even come close to what they're cashing in on.

The old Dukes are fine as they are though

What's the excuse for not making higher resolution enemies/weapons/monsters/textures? They don't even have to be ridiculously high, but they don't have to be stuck to 1996 capabilities either.

I laughed.

Although Randy is a faggot I'm going to have to agree with this. I'm tired of aliens and Pigcops. I want Duke Nukem to kick not-Alan Rickman in the dick off of a skyscraper.

I bet half of the material they're using for this new Duke game is mostly borrowed from already existing mods, I can already see the meltdown.

Nigger, it wasn't Pitchfraud the one who said that.

fake pussy, in other words a lobbed-off dick.

I want to see a game where you play as the babes fighting the guerrilla war against the alien bastards.

cant wait for duke talk shit about trump or use outdated internet memes like doge, fuck maybe even cuckchan memes.

I can't wait for them to transform Duke into a MtF transsexual with a gay lover

Yeah. Duke has the subject matter of the entire action movie genre to play with. It doesn't always have to be Duke 3D nostalgia.

Is the classic remix trend starting now?
First Sonic Mania now this. What's next?

If this is real and this is the best they can do, I don't even see the point in them having a countdown timer, this is literally just a slightly different Megaton edition, and in all likelyhood a shittier one too since Megaton had close to fucking everything you could want in a port sans completly new levels, which you could also make because of the included mod tools

I seriously doubt Gearbox's ability to be able to make good original levels

There is a difference. Mania is a new game. This uninspired shit is simple cashgrab re-release which is even worse than Megaton Edition and there is going to be only one new episode. Also, unlike Mania, this re-release is handled by Gearbox themselves plus Nerve. I would be more happy if competent fans who understand Duke worked on it, however.

Let me guess, it will have a bunch of new voice lines, some of them talking about how great feminism is and taking shots at Donald Trump, it will have "problematic" content missing and will have some new mediocre content.

no no no no no no no why no no no no no no no

Wow, it's fucking nothing. I was really hoping for something I could laugh at or cry myself to sleep over, but this is barely even worth a reaction.

Is the Duke a faggot now? I used to always bet on Duke, but I'm having serious doubts this time.

Depends. The classic Duke which has the large-ass chin isn't but the Duke with the delicate baby chin from DNF and beyond definitely is.



It's quite true though. Duke Nukem 3D was the most popular and everyone associates Duke Nukem with that game, not the first two 2D ones. Not many like DNMP either even though it's my unofficial DNF.


They should make a little apartment for the guy who makes Dook comics. Go to shooting ranges, save the world and tell them how to flatter him.

Oh, then disregard the Randy part though keep the

games already dead


BLOPS is a success among edgy teens, and Duke was the edgy teen game of the 90's so why would it fail

i mean dead on a quality level, you can make any game break even with today's marketing strategies

Time to kill, zero hour and land of the babes were all great.
Manhatan was a neat game as well, come to think of it, the only bad duke game is DNF, and it wasn't even made by 3d realms.

I managed to get Duke Nukem Megaton edition before that dickhead Randy took them down, Whats the difference between these two games?


This, but opposite.

Feels like green hair today.
Someone stole all the green wigs.
It was aliens.

you can noclip through walls if you get damaged

Those are mostly not games designed by them, though. I think Resurrection of Evil was mostly done by them, and that was a pretty solid expansion despite being ten years old.

I apologise for my moronic remarks they are exactly the kind of thing not to do.

What should be done:

Take it seriously. Without false humor put exactly what is needed for life to be good and for saving the world.

No story needed. Babes are in trouble, the world interupts porn with a newsmessage. All very official.

In the manual.

In game Duke starts already near the scene.
No conversations, no questions. Enjoy the scenery on the way to whatever is trying to clean up the streets.

Tricks and ingenuity come as needed introducing game mechanics.

A stealth game without the stealth in first person. They weren't expecting that.

Blow away bad guys without thinking once.

Babes grateful. Give them money in appreciation of their gratitude.

Defend them as cops arive. Take them to strip joints for the girls there to look after them.

No attitude adjustment. Consider the oposition, find a way on the way.

All in a days work. This is the standard.

Enemies intent on what they are doing having assessed risk correctly. For everyone else.

No self references. References to anything else fine. Like endorsement of them, good enough to be in his arsenal.

Real danger, resolution is aim and shoot immediately and move onto health.

Provide your own humor to correct the world and in accurate commentary.

Recognise similarity to pop settings. Doing similar as what was done in them.

Turn a serious encounter as a challenge. Teaching their corpse what they did wrong in commentary.

Neither pessemistic or optemistic. Realistic and real is winning.

Not happy or sad. Firm. Everyone else is right and they are betting on Duke.







Oh hey, it's this guy again. I love reading your insane posts, you crazy bastard!

The last guy I heard had called me crazy wouldn't ever do it again. And he was a friend.

Another guy said it to my face in a friendly way, later related something in apology.

I put spaces between the scentences so all together they aren't as intimidating.











I can always tell when it's you, man. You're completely crazy, and it's great.



Ooooh, check out the internet tough guy over here.
He's tougher then nuDuke.

You have to realise with your friends how they think is how the world is and you are on that side.

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I was training at all times every day. I memorised morse code in 3 days with a pen and a notebook. It was filled from front to back with repetition. Because I read 11 words per minute was the minimum needed.

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I was not crazy. I don't believe crazy is a real thing. You commit, you do. You are. Someone calling you names doesn't have that right. You have your own name. And you are that. You are the only one that is. And you make it something. You have a past and a future you determine, you ready yourself for it. It's not a small thing and it's not for someone else to put a summary upon. Not to ascociate you with something beneath them.

I was right and I was making him right. He took the easy option which is always there. You can always deny what you are. Should remember your past well enough and make it memorable so denying it would be absurd.

I had a necklace as a gift. Faith to have them proud. Them to affirm.

He was already with lies and getting him better showed him the truth. World is a great place, large, whatever satisfaction gained from feeling superior to people who were punished for struggling is nothing compared to living. Being a man. Man is the best thing there is. And girls go with that well. Wanting it different is cowardice and I was never that. Life is hard, seeking it easy is the problem of enemies not the standard of us.

Didn't they give a trigger warning to the game?

I salute you, mate. I'll never call you crazy again.

Everyone should be saying through their actions they are the best there is.

And be eager to demonstrate that.

If someone is wrong then you give them the example that shows why you're so fucking good and if you can they can. The one who does something impossible first so the rest can showed you the ability of the group, the fun, the triumph was more important than their pain, injury. They do it well, make it look easy. Everyone else thinks it's easy. And you do something even harder.


I want to play it, but I definitely don't want to give a single cent to Gearbox, Randy can go suck a dick.


Daily reminder that the bruhaha around Duke Forever's sexism was early SJWism, which you swallowed hole and cucked like good guys.

Don't ever make the same mistake again, because Duke will always be attacked for this.

What are you even talking about?
Duke was always attacked for sexism, ever since the 90's.



Can't we just get another modern engine style sequel? Duke nukem forever was preety fun honestly.

It's gonna be corridor maps. Nothing else.

People told this shit was to go away.


Oh yeah, Bombshell. That one fell under the radar pretty quickly. Came out like early this year, right?

Anybody that has played it, was there anything at least remotely interesting in it?

Unfortunately USPS took 2 months to deliver the tweet by which time it was too late.

Probably because most people who buy video games now have no fucking clue they exist. If they were just slightly better made than Manhattan Project I'd probably be interested.

Killing them is doing them a kindness.

The line is "I came to kick ass" not "I came to fuck ass", why would I fucking pay them. They pay ME by delivering more shit to kill in their death.

The twin stick is pretty bad, the effects on it are alright but the rest of it is meh and it falls into the trap of having a "wisecracking" protagonist say the same three lines over and over. THIS IS FOR WRECKING MY CAR

Sup Goober.

What the hell is this? Why are the graphics so bad?

Its a reskin of a game from 1996. What did you expect?

underage leave

Bombshell Prequel is going to be FPS on Build engine and they have talented people who worked on some good DN3D mods or maps, so there is a hope the game will be true old school FPS game, something we never experienced after 90s.

This is nothing when there is no good level design, something what was a big part of DN3D. I fucking loved city maps.

He's not wrong though because their version looks like shit. These screenshots feels like shitty fanmade mod and they going to charge people real money for this garbage. They have to be really ashamed because people who are doing DN3D mods and maps are better than these people who are getting paid to produce this shit. I'd rather play DOS version.

Seriously, just look at flamethrower or on the wall with the fence in the first screenshot, or look at that background in the last screenshot. Does it look good to you compared to original game? Modern devs are seriously untalented hacks who can't even do the lighting right, not just sprites, but the fucking lighting. Why is this allowed?

Those alien bastards are gonna pay for screwing up my game.

Did they ever pay royalties or some shit for this? Im pretty sure jewwood would a find a way to make the dvelopers pay nowadays

I know Bruce Campbell was really pissed off about Duke stealing a shit-ton of Ash's one-liners and wanted to get paid for them, but it's just a reference, so they didn't have to pay royalties.


Man, it were just references, don't go full jew on it.

He got super triggered by Duke 3d, them and ID software.


Blow it out your ass

Blunder of the week.

No, in the 90s no one gave a fuck and that's why it was possible to make games like this. Millennials didn't start to ruin the good shit until the 2000s.

I grew up playing Duke 64 where when you found a babe you could actually save them just by pressing the use button then they get teleported to safety.
You could also do this in zero hour

It felt weird to go back and play Duke 3d on pc and be unable to save them, with my only option being kill them or leave them.

Spotted the underaged piece of shit that doesn't know that duke got banned in multiple countries with one of the reasons being depiction and treatment of womyn.
Stop posting anytime son.

Everything wasn't magically better before 2007 you faggot, it was better but it was far from perfect.

bet on dude

This one was in Blood, not Duke3D. And Blood also had:

You really need to stop thinking this. Jack Thompson has always been against violence and sex in media. He made himself a name during the Columbine Massacre of 1999 but was active even before then (so that was he nineties). He used the Columbine case as an example of how video games turn people into blood thirsty murderers. Being the obnoxious and noisy prick he is, he lashed against anything the politically correct crowd found objectionable (yes, that was already a thing bakc then), which, more often than not, was popular pieces of media: anything you'd hear on the radio, anything you'd buy to feed your video game console, anything you'd pay a cinema ticket for (remember, nineties, the internet was as fast as it is today, or even reliable; which is one of the reason why the constatly outraged weren't as loud as they are today).


Sims 2 content "worse than Hot Coffee" use

Player Two: Jack Thompson Has a Point

Jack Thompson Reaches Out To Take-Two Exec’s Mother
Does that kind of intimidation and shaming tactic sounds familiar to you? We all know the Mafia tends to go after your family to pressure you, but I'm not talking about these fine gentlemen.

Battling Janet Reno
>His response? To file a police report claiming her very touch on his person constituted battery, or in other words, demanding that police officers were needed to defend him from the Death Grip of a fifty year old woman.
Those tactics do seem familiar.

It's always the same shit. Always the same type of people. Always the same targets.

This. The only difference is that now even less people have enough balls to fight these parasites, although some of them have positions in gaming companies thanks to nepotism and their cheapness because they're untalented hacks. Not even gaming journalists were good back then.

When America get its shit together? It's seriously getting worse and worse with each day.


I don't think people are unwilling to fight these parasites because they are helpless lambs: I think people never learn, and they actively don't want to throw a monkey wrench in their plan because they believe the argument and trust the "well-intentioned" motives. People tend to have a short attention span and forget bad people/experiences… so they completely erased the previous snake-oil salesman from their memory.

Hell, even Sarkeesian was afraid people would make the parallel between her and Thompson, that's why they made that stupid "we're not Jack Thompson" song: to make sure people would go "oh yeah, this time it's completely different", while it's not. Sure, Jack went from violence to sex while Sarkeesian went from sex to violence, but they both want to control media, both want legislation to be put in place, both resort to the same shaming tactics, both present real-life events as "yet another example of that issue everyone should feel concerned about". And of course both want a slice of the cake when requested changes are enforced and money starts to flow in different organizations.

Note: here's an archive to the wayback link that got broken by the word filter if anyone's too lazy to Google quotes interested:

Damnit! I didn't want to see the axe-wound again. Have some eye-bleach

Holla Forums will never come to terms with the fact that just like (((Anita))) they too want to destroy modern gaming.

True. Holla Forums is just like SJW's.

Oh, I still remember the shitshtorm about Sims 2. Because of this scumbag it was a pain in the ass to disable censorship with a simple cheat.

Yeah, in the end, Holla Forums wants the same thing as them, the money and big attention, Holla Forums doesn't care about video games and is a true hypocrite. And both of you are a part of this Holla Forums, you're both just like SJW's, parasites that kills the entire world and entertainment industry only just to get that sweet slice of the cake.

Meant to say that it was a pain in the ass to disable censorship when before you could do that with a simple cheat.

That play on word. Anita wants to destroy modern gaming, not "modern" gaming. Same with SJWs. Please also note that they are making a business out of this; they are engaging in misrepresentation, deception and manipulation to create a morale panic. They are destabilizing people to get money. And they need to keep it going to ensure they keep having money.

I don't know how you can connect the two.

How do I play duke3d in the (((current year)))?

Im just kidding guys. Relax.

EDuke32 is the most stable port. Otherwise go for DosBox v0.72 (for some reason, more recent versions seem to crash Build-engine games).

Someone post the trigger warning tweet

Yea thats what I thought.
Ofc they didn't have any of the content with the download and finding the actual .wad equivalencies was proving difficult.
I eventually found some and EDuke32 wouldn't stop crashing.
Oh well.

Come on, mate, everyone except joked too.

Get EDuke32, original grp files and play the game and find both original game grp and expansion packs. Get GOG release, if it doesn't has expansion packs, I can give you these grp if you want, but later, I want to sleep.

Don't forget to get some mods and maps too. For vanilla, I especially recommend using original ost recorded on real SC-55. Could use PSX version though or better both like I do, though you will need to edit def files if I'm not mistaken.

I hope that this is fake because it looks like shit. I'm fucking tired of remasters for old stuff.

That sounds like ass, get Weeds or Arachno soundfont.

Also checked.

It'd be pretty if their Facebook and Twitter PR people weren't the same, especially if the former is a typical San Fran type.

It's not, Gearbox legit want to profit from DN3D re-release, hence they removed every other DN3D version from digital stores and these screenshoots are from the new episode, the selling point of their cheap cashgrab with no efforts, although someone mentioned on Duke4 forum that new episode has good level design. Don't think level design alone can save this new episode.

Guess Megaton proved to them that it's still possible to milk DN3D after all these years and Gearbox will do everything to get some easy money, even though they're too stupid to realize that DN3D was still a complex game and you can't just slap some shit for cheap if you're talentless hack who can't make even modern games right. Ironically they decided to port DN3D to Windows by themselves when the job was already done with EDuke32. They didn't bother because they would have to pay royalties for using EDuke32.

I wonder if this piece of shit even get a multiplayer. It seems like even for Megaton devs it was complicated to make it and not even EDuke32 has online yet.

I don't know, I liked it just fine, real hardware sounds very good and the music was written on SC-55 so there is no instrument loss either.

This is amusing that Duke Nukem is a very shitty Sonic twitter account rip-off when it could work way better for Duke. Not surprising though, Gearbox owns Duke. Not even Aaron did trigger warning tweets, I think he said sorry only once during interview and that was it.


Realistically, how well do you guys think this version of Duke will sell?

wait, what the fuck

That theory that it was managed by two different people probably isnt that far off.