Disavowed Games

Share games you completely disown from a series and the reason. I'll start with Sly 4.

The only thing I remember liking was Bob's montage mission. Sanzaru tried, you can tell in some parts, but it's clear that they didn't have the chops to follow-up. And some things(like Penelope and the ending) are just, inept, if not malicious, and unnecessary.

Yeah, I agree on most of those. I thought the gameplay was well handled, but all that other shit was dragging it down. The humor seemed more hit and miss, but that Murray geisha crap was the worst. They made up for it a little with Carmelita at the end (too misogynistic for current year), but it was really gay. Maybe you could play it off as a Bugs Bunny thing, but it was still weak.

The sad thing about Penelope was that they could've easily written it differently, but they had to have that twist. Bentley had a hard life, but he bounced back despite it, best character still.

That ending was such bullshit. 100% for potentially ANOTHER game about time travel after reviving the series 8 years later and having no clue if they'd get a sequel. Every other Sly game was nice enough to end on its own terms. I hated The Darkness 2 for pulling the same shit.

Tennessee Kid best ancestor.

My pick is Kingdom Hearts ReCoded.

It was a fucking mess of a plot that added nothing to the series aside from making another handheld spinoff instead of KH3. It's not hard to disavow it though, as it does that itself due to the pointless plot.

Sly 4 was great you massive fucking faggot


I liked sly 4 but it did have some problems, which SHOULD have been banged out with the sequel. But of course it didn't print money so the investors decided p2w freemium scams were more important.

I don't know exactly what game, but when kingdom Hearts decided to go backwards with the plot rather than forward.

It made deadly shadows look better in retrospect.

What did they do to penelope? I haven't played 4 but I really liked her dynamic and Bentley's.

My pick is Splinter Cell Conviction:

That would've been Birth By Sleep. I thought that one was great, second favorite in the series and a well handled prequel. What bothered you about it?

Sly 4 is about time travel, which was what Bentley and Penelope were working on at the end of Sly 3. She turns out to be a villain and helping the main bad guy. She never cared for Sly's Robin Hood approach to thievery and wanted to steal more shit. Bentley was crushed but bounced back. The game has ending slides, one is her ending up on the run.

Its not even out yet and I can already tell that this will kill the series for good and destroy any chances left for a better game or sequel.

But DR was always silly and never took itself seriously silly goy :DDD
Fuck the morons making that game

That's definitely gonna be the final nail in the coffin, but I would nominate 3 as the one where it went completely to shit.

Some people say 2, but I think that studio did a decent job for being a small studio that hadn't done much. It kept a similar tone to 1 and expanded on it decently. Terror Is Reality does up the schlock factor, but it felt grounded enough for that universe to work alright. I like the idea of people having a revenge show for having to deal with the horrors of a zombie outbreak, along with hippies protesting it. It would've been nicer for the game to keep expanding with stuff like that than mostly retreading 1, but it was still good. I bet part of that was due to shoving plot content into Case West because Inafune wanted sweet DLC money.

Gaming really does rewrite its own history more than most industries. Or some people are retarded and latch on to the most superficial parts, forgetting all the work underneath that makes something work.

Yeah, the gameplay was fine, but the new mechanics were meh, and most of it was base Sly Cooper stuff.

I still don't know why that had to be its own game. You could justify the other spin-offs like 358 and BBS as plot integralwell, 358 less so but it was still a blank space in time that I appreciated seeing filled, though it could've been done better, since we already saw the important bits of it in II, but I don't see what Coded added to the story that justified a full release.

Hi, Sanzaru games employee.

So after KH2 with 358, BBS, and Coded then? I can understand Coded and 358, but BBS too?

They assassinated her character. They made her greedy and want to steal more shit, so she works for the main villain as "The Black Knight", re-treading her "Samus is a girl" plot. She also never cared about Bentley and only wanted the Cooper fortune. It's just a massive punch in the face to Bentley for no reason, and a completely out of nowhere turn for Penelope.

Oh I agree 3 is the one where Dead Rising as a whole just pretty much said Fuck it, not denyin that. I would've thought that OK, one shit game was made, the next one has to at least fix its problems and put the series back on track (After all, 3 despite being so bad still has a time limit offered as an option, unlike 4) since mistakes are eventually going to be made

But nope, thats not the case.

I really hate it whenpeople who have zero idea of what the fuck they're talking about pull that "X was never serious" excuse.
Ninja Gaiden was never meant to be serious, Yaiba will be good!
Transformers isn't meant to be serious, don't hate the MB movies!
It's not the fact that it's serious or not, it's the fact that these chucklefucks make it too whacky to the point of it being retarded. At least Volition has the right idea of just taking that shit to a new IP but it's after SR3 and SR4 so I guess too late.

everybody who enjoyed Mass Effect 1 disavows either Mass Effect 3 or both 2 and 3.

It's the best one in the series, but that's not saying much, you know.

I still find it weird though that the same studio made 2, but forgot about what people liked about it so much and tried but failed to do their own thing.

It was a remake of a mobile game, so you can't expect that much in terms of story. At least the battle system was fun. I'm surprised it wasn't Days that made you drop the series.


Well to be fair, they started out very small as a team and Keiji PleaseFundMe was still at Capcom

Yeah, most of the stuff they added was just a gimmick move for ancestors, rather than trying to expand things. Then the overworld was them going back to Sly 2 after 3 was a little emptier on things to collect. Those stupid Sly letters were just pure filler to pad the game.

Son of a bitch, that game. I tried twice to get into it and quit at the exact same place both times. The mission where you parachute onto the skyscraper listening to Kanye West. The gameplay also feels like shit compared to the other two, which is insane for an SR game, since one thing it has going for it is better gameplay than GTA.

At least DA:O let you kill people you didn't like. When Bioware let their pet characters take over, it was the end. Cerberus alone ruined ME, everything else just compounded on it.

It could be the same case as SR2, where they upped the goofiness and were already walking a razor's edge, then fan feedback along with their own shit ideas made them go full retard.

I did drop it at Days, but after watching the cutscenes on the Final Mix pack, I'll at least give it justification for the story. Yeah, that's true that it's a crappy phone game, but I'm still never getting that 3 hours of cutscenes back. Days kept me a little engaged with watching the villains work and finally understanding the plots of CoM and 2, but ReCoded had nothing.

I guess BBS? I'm not adverse to a game being a prequel… aside from ones that seem to literally retcon the game into something else.

I guess it was just 'I'll get the next main console entry' that slowly poisoned me on the series as all these shitty (I have no idea of their actual quality) handheld games keeping me from a new one.

And now it's skipped an entire generation and on a console I don't own and don't plan on owning.

Honestly I'd say this is the opposite. Transformers were never (consistently) serious. Then MB came and tried to make it serious, but with explosions instead of story.

I agree but the transformers never acted like hood rats

But its contemporary goy! And we also need the diversity they bring. Its 2007!

Holy shit I didn't even realize the first transformers movie ALSO came out in 2007

I can't blame you for that. I quit the series until the PS3 compilations, then got a PS4 for dirt cheap. That's the only reason I got back in, which I'm happy for due to BBS being so good with two sticks. SE won't start serious work on 3 until FFXV is out, which they've insinuated could sink the company. Wait until 3 is out or don't bother trying to get back in, not worth your time.

Transformers cartoons didn't have DUDE WEED LMAO levels of humor.

Did they even do a lot before they were hired by Inafune, or was it a case of cheap outsourcing that actually managed to do good?

Even then Saints Row 4 felt like mouth wash and an apology card compared to SR3. DR4 makes me worried if they ever realized why people were mixed on it.

They made these 3 games before they became "The Dead Rising company"

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - the Cawadooty of the franchise.

Not to be confused with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy - a nice remake of Ace Combat 2 for the 3DS.

You're gonna want to get the PS3 compilations. To jump from KHII to KHIII would be… Dicey.

You should know why.

Fortunately smaller dev studios were there to pick up the slack. Pretty sure EA wanted it to die anyway.

I don't agree at all. Game was great, no worse than 3 really. Nothing wrong with the characters or humor. The twist with Penelope was definitely pretty shitty but it's really not worth trashing the whole game for it.

This fucking game right here.
How did the devs go from Rearmed to this? Thank the fuck christ Grin shut down before they could ruin Strider.

Everything in the franchise after this game
I know Gladiator's okay, but it has nothing to do with the original trilogy, both in terms of the world and how it plays.
I especially disavow the weird 4-player one.

The multiplayer was fucking amazing tho when it was active.

Anything where Humans had an empire before chimps piss me off but this shit on all the backstory Bungie built up for the Forerunners

That game shit on all the everything Bungie built up. Fuck 343 and fuck Karen Traviss.

There's a sort of irony in 5 in that them ruining the lore of the original Halos is actually the motive behind the new big villain of the game and the cliffhanger they left for 6.

I couldn't even bring myself to watch the cutscenes online after witnessing the bullshit that was Spartan Ops. What went down aside from Cortana wearing evil clothes?

There also seems to be a theme with disappointing games and cliffhangers being the shit cherry on top.

God fucking damn this game.
I think this may be the game I hate the most, after Infamous 1 and 2 being one of the few great super hero game series with pretty crazy plot, some neat twists and moral choices that actually changed the ending to 2 drastically. Then this shit comes along with its half assed story, everyone has weak motivations beside Delsin's brother (the only acceptable character), the side characters that show up twice, once to be established and the second time during the final pissing stage. I could go on for hours about how much this is an awful game and one of the worst sequels ever.

I consider it the Batman v Superman of video games.

>Game is essentially Chief hunting down Cortana while Locke and his group of mary sue S-IVs try to arrest chief Vale is the worst, her backstory is that she taught herself an entire alien language at the age of 12 because she was bored in space and then ended up performing in the top 5% of candidates including ODSTs for the S-IV program despite never being in the military
>Covenant remnants are pissed because the Arbiter is now letting female warriors fight in the military now There's little no point to this part except MY PROGRESSIVENESS YES

Multiplayer has microtransactions, and only allows the helmet and the rest of the body to be customizeable instead of individual parts like the arms or legs like older games

I'm really fucking glad I didn't wait for Halo 5 on PC, because there would have been no hope of ever getting my money back.

I almost forgot to mention,

It's like they didn't realize people hated this in Halo 2 where you played as the Arbiter for a good portion of the game and made it worse with boring characters.

Sure sounds like BvS. I don't know what's going on with the writers over there, but they sure have some disgusting hardon for Cortana, like Mac Walters and Cerberus. So Cortana has gone rampant with control over Forerunner tech and rogue AIs. What happened to the Prometheans or whatever the fuck they're called? How hard was Blue Team raped?

Also, I just replayed 2 and I think part of the reason Arbiter's levels sucked was due to most of them being Flood, which were even worse than usual. Chief only got one at the end. Fuck Quarantine Zone.

There's some shit I really didn't pay attention to, but based off of Halo 4 I'd assume Cortana now has control of the Prometheans being connected to the Forerunners and such.

You don't have as much screentime of Blue Team as you do Osiris, so I don't remember how awful Blue Team was. I do know that Osiris was cringey as fuck and the only decent character out of them was Buck. Though if you read the books, how he became a Spartan is absolutely disgusting.

I stopped reading after Glasslands. Handing a series to that butcher was a mistake and shows how much 343 gave a fuck. Glad I never paid money to play Halo 4. I did end up hearing about what happened with Mickey and Rookie. Total horseshit.

Basically in Halo 4 it was that the Prometheans are actually dead humans that were turned into robots in order to serve as Forerunner defenses. 4's story was that The Librarian was pissed at The Diadect who force gripped too many humans to death and decided to give Chief the keys to everything Forerunner because humans dindu nuffin.

And you beat the Diadect in a QTE after a trench run sequence, but the Diadect isn't actually dead until he's killed in a book.

Oh and don't forget Halsey is now somehow a criminal for making the S-II program by stealing children to the point she loses an arm escaping ONI in Spartan Ops despite the fact that the S-IIs helped turn around the war and win while Palmer screams EGGHEADS at everything and everyone.

It's absolute dogshit that they handed the series over to someone with so little care about their work and the previous work that even Star Wars of all IPs told her to fuck off and retconned her shit even before the massive Disney retcon.

I liked the gameplay but everything else was so laughably bad. Even the music in rearmed was much better.
As for strider I assumed Double Helix would ruin it but thankfully not

I thought there were only 3

Ohh Sucker Punch… How you've fallen. They hit the ground running with that Rocket game and the Sly Cooper series, took and interesting path with the first two inFamous games, and then fucking Second Son comes around… Goddammit. Everything declined, the powers are just different gun-types and slightly altered methods of travel, the karmic choices fall flat, the Side Conduits are barely there, God forbid you do evil karma otherwise Reggie starts to look crazy… Everything was bad.

The humor was seriously hit or miss, with far too many in the miss column. I direct you to the geisha scene. The villains were completely flat and boring compared to those in the previous games. The ancestors were wasted one-note characters, which is sad since going through the vault and hearing Sly talk about them made me interested in seeing them in game. I was disappointed, though another user was right about Tenessee Kid being the best. And you forgot the "fuck you" cliffhanger they threw on whilst having no real plans for a sequel, ruining the high note Sly 3 ended on. Really a fourth wasn't NEEDED. Bentley's line about the time would've been fine as just that, a line.

Missed this guy. This guy is right. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I guess Other M is so obvious nobody even bothered to mention it.

Sakurai can suck my fucking dick for ruining my favorite game series. Whenever one of my friends mentions it I change the subject.

I don't think you understood the OP, you're supposed to post the worst one in a series that is so awful or different from the rest that you don't even consider it to be in the same series. In a way, I would agree with you except the reverse. For me the Dragon Age series began and ended with Origins because 2 and Cisquisition were so impressively terrible that they feel nothing like Origins, which like you said wasn't really all that great to begin with.

This isn't just a thread to post games you don't like.

this is not a "personal taste" thread you retard/

But it's objectively worse than Melee and Brawl. When a game is so bad that I refuse to discuss it, you've done something wrong


It really is awful. Or maybe just so mediocre when it could've been so much better. The gameplay is still mostly intact, it's just so dumbed down and so much more boring. The powers are terrible and switching fucking sucks. Smoke is shit because giving up good mobility sucks. Even though your mobility is really good with Neon and TV, they're still really boring ways to move around and far less interesting than stuff in 2 like the Lightning Hook, Ice Jump, or even just gaining speed from a rail and jumping off with your float power. It's just not interesting to be able to dash/run wherever the hell you want, including straight up buildings. The open world is complete garbage, there's maybe three different types of side quests and you do one of each in each region. The exact location of Blast Shards is now put on your map without you having to do anything. Exploration doesn't exist any more because of this, you just go to a certain point, look around for the stupid floating robot, kill it, and move on to the next one. This shit only exists to suck up time. And as you said, the story and characters are complete shit and not remotely interesting. Not to mention the loading tip where the game tells you that 99% of conduits vote for the Democrats. I guess First Light was able to make the powers a little more interesting, at least.

This and Knack are the two games I have for my PS4. I liked Knack more.

What makes it worse than Brawl? I know why both are worse than melee (lack of techniques like wavedashing) but the only problem I had with Brawl as a casual player was the random slipping which is something Sm4sh fixed.

I've also barely played any of the games, excuse my ignorance

It means you have autism, especially if you think Brawl with all the glitches, terrible hitboxes and tripping was somehow better just cuz it had Wolf or Snake. mechanically brawl is fucking terrible.

You are letting your nostalgia dictate your tastes. Don't do that. Smash4 is perfectly fine for casual play with friends. When you try to play it like Melee of course you are gonna be fucking disappointed.

Look, I love Melee just as much as you do. When I'm playing Smash4, I do have moments where I see some stupid decision Sakurai made or some inconsistent hitboxes and I get that same feeling you are getting right now. But those moments are brief, and I'd say… 90% of the time I have no issues with the game as something to do with friends. Do I play it solo? Nah. There is no SP content that interests me. But the fact remains I've gotten more fun and more enjoyment out of Smash4 than anything else on the wii u, and the number of hours my friends and i have put into it already justifies what i paid for the DLC (despite the prices being FUCKING OBNOXIOUS regardless)

When people say they like Brawl "more" than Smash4 (or occasionally more than Melee even) it's because of the short list of things it has that the other 2 don't:

why did they do this

The thumbnail made me think the bag on his hip was his balls

Sly 2 > Sly 4 = Sly 1 > Sly 3
All of them are great.

You say that, but I thought Brawl had a ton of single player and multiplayer content, same thing with melee, I sunk who knows how many hours into both games and had a blast. With Smash 4 on the other hand I barely played it in comparison, maybe I was too burnt out at that point but I just didnt care.

Excuse me while I post a blank image.

It didnt even need to exist, Infamous 2 had a perfect ending no matter what ending you pick. They didnt even make a better continuation and have it set after the evil ending where Cole is the beast, so much they could have done but instead they move it to Seattle and give us some graffiti artist

Fucking EA

I wanted it to exist. They should've been able to make the gameplay better or at least on par with 2. The story is definitely a problem but I never really thought of it as the most important thing in 2 anyway. I could've dealt with them ruining the Hero ending of 2 if the story of Second Son was actually good.

Stop talking about things that don't exist.

Sly 2 > Sly 3 > Sly 1 >>> Sly 4

After thinking about it, 2 did show some bad signs on the horizon when I remember playing it. I don't think I noticed as much since it was a long time between the two games and I was so happy that my favorite game was getting a sequel.

The formula was pretty much unchanged, and the story was alright. I thought zombie hippies was a pretty sensible thing and I sorta agree with their standpoint. But I didn't like the focus on combo weapons over normal weapons. I gave it a pass since it was the new gimmick and all, but I never felt there was much tension since I could bounce between workshop rooms that are about 13 feet from one another and just pick up another thing that kills 80 zombies by sneezing at it.

If you really think the tone was similar, you're wrong. Dead Rising was a pretty depressing and bleak game. A scene that actually got me was when Frank was dealing with the PTSD psychopath talking about losing it after he saw his granddaughter ripped apart. Compare to Chuck going "I SAW what you did there." after a boss dies by falling onto a sawblade. It's uncomfortably hokey and the Japanese team from the first game would have slapped someone with a paper fan for that horseshit.

Once the Triple Pack comes out, 2's gonna be regarded as shit too once people are able to compare it to Dead Rising 1 a lot easier. I also didn't like 2's graphics over 1. I don't know, maybe it was something about the lighting, or maybe I just really liked the physics engine in 1. I'm not sure.


And now it's back and stronger than ever!


God dammit it was so close, that patch can't come soon enough.

Dumbasses are going to shit on DR1 for not being wacky enough and for the AI partners. Don't assume anyone will have taste.

Were these actually good as far as licensed games go?

I remember that fucking shitty voice acting in the early games along with puzzle solvin' collectin' and explorin'.
Why do they have to destroy fun things?
Sage for necroposting.

some good some bad. Check out the gameplay for each on youtube. You also have to remember there are different versions of the games based on the platform.

I'm not autistic enough to consider the loading zones in Deadly Shadows a mortal sin. They're doors, who cares.

However getting rid of the rope arrows was real bad.

Remember when you faggots swallowed bait, line and sinker and repeated feminist drivel about Samus turning into a damsel? And this was totally sexist?

The game had huge flaws, but characterization of Samus wasn't one of them, it's not like she's not blasting enemies in every other scene. But no, even you autists can prove a good useful idiot if feminist frequency sends you into overdrive mode.

That game had some legit music, though.
I watched a friend play through it when it first came out, and I can agree with almost all of the complaints. But fuck, some of the music in it was real solid.

shut up faggot


I think he thinks this is a forum, because that's the only place I've heard that term.

Nice fan out, when are they going to release 4 for real?

I mean art. What am I, retarded?

I'd rather see her get enraged. After killing Ridley, just fucking up the corpse while yelling and screaming at it. "Why won't you DIE?!" This leads her to using more force than necessary to do things.

You anons just don't know. To go into a game with both low expectations and open mind and just feel like there is no hope for man. Game series overall was cringe or great. And I expected cringe, I expected cliche story. I expected all that but I did not think a game could be so terrible and yet run bug free at the same time. Game is piss easy but getting from point A to point B is a massive chore. Battle screen is a fucking chore. I wish I could blame bugs but there are none. Just fucking terrible design choices.

so this game happened, dont run away. RTS has long been fucked with by EA, you cant deny it.
i dont even think it was even ready for beta. everything about it just feels dull, some of the units look like those crappy mechs youd find in the custom warcraft 3 models. RDZ or whatever, remember those?
it could have been an interesting game if EA werent involved. completely different but something that i might have been able to enjoy, because hell i even enjoyed red alert 3. the story is ass too, but its by far the least of my concerns.

das right
and Gladiator wasn't even subtle about being "sellout" material.

the only one after deadlocked i played is crack in time, i dont remember disliking it

Chain of memories, the second game. I remember getting KH1 the christmas it came out. Story was a little convoluted at times but easily followable. I got CoM for the GBA and it was okay, felt more like a mini non canon story. Then KH2 game out and took at lof of stuff from CoM which by then I had forgotten about and the story didn't make any fucking sense. First 5 hours of game play following that Roxas faggot then it switches over to the main Sora plot, then at the end of the game you find out Roxas wasn't even real. Made no fucking sense. I've only ever played those 3 games, but with all the remakes and side stories they've added in the past 15 years if I ever play KH3 I sure as fuck won't know what's going on.

Same, but I tried to power through Days before giving up. It doesn't help that you also need Days to fully get what is happening in 2, even more so considering that game didn't come out until years after 2. If you play both PS3 compilations, it all makes sense. It's nothing to write home about, but you can at least understand what the fuck is happening.

I can't even be arsed going over why it's inferior to the previous games.
let someone else do it for a change

The story was nonsense in the first game as well, but at least it had charm. The reason everything went downhill is because they made all these fanfic tier edgelords and made them take center stage, in a series that was supposed to be a Final Fantasy/Disney crossover.

Also experienced burn out with Smash 4, but I feel like that may have happened due to the 3DS version and then having to play through as every character and unlock stuff repeatedly in that was all good the first time. With 40+ characters it's pretty time consuming.

Then the burn out started to happen because I had to repeat it again a few months later with the Wii U version characters and its unlockables.

I hope they never make two versions handheld/console release of Smash without some sort of data transfer to instantly unlock rewards for playing through the other version.

Am I the only who understood the KH plot pretty well up until Coded and 3D?

As I said, I finally got it when going through the series on PS3. I haven't hit DDD though, waiting for the PS4 port.

Strike Coded, it's convoluted for the sake of making it a game, but it's point is pretty simple and could've been done as a single cutscene. Be prepared when you try 3D. It has Time Travel and "Sleeping World" which I'm still trying very hard to wrap my head around.

I'm not sure how well received it was in Japan (wikipedia claims it came out in February, but I can only see this being a shitty catch 22 situation for fans of the prior games. Either it does poorly and the series gets tossed back in the freezer, or it does well and they make even more games of that kind of ilk. Because it's doubtful they're going to look back at the past games if it does badly and try once more to make something the prior fans would want.

Capcom (and many other companies) pulls this shit with literally every franchise at some point.

True. Going off Wikipedia though BoF6 was developed by Capcom themselves (an internal team most likely) as opposed to being whored out to some third party team.

Just sad that apparently admitting one fucked up is a sign of weakness in the industry, as opposed to showing acknowledgement of having done wrong by the fans and being willing to rectify that in the future.

There's a few times I suppose it could be argued that a company learned instead of killing off the series. With Tales of the Tempest, Namco split the series into Mothership and Escort designations, shuffled Tempest to escort to keep it away from the main series, and kept on keeping on (and rather than ignoring Tempest entirely, they even toss it the occasional bone with a cameo). I also hear that Ys V very nearly killed Ys off (Ys VI not coming out for another eight years or so afterward), but it made a comeback.

Wish I could find the better one but it seems to have been removed and lesser quality versions of it with a retarded sound and most of it being cut is all I could find.

It'd be easier for me to pick which games I don't disavow when it comes to Sonic, but this is just a painful reminder that the fourth entry in any series after a conclusive trilogy usually blows.

Really fucking worthless now that Sonic Mania's coming.

Moviebob defended the game out of his hateboner for FPS games and for giving Samus a "more fleshed out personality", funnily enough.

First realistic thing about "Might as well have been a man for all it matters, Samus" ever done.

Ah one of the unrealistic things about that woman.

You cucks and your soft 1980s-1990s feminism.

Playing through Max Payne 3 right now I'm starting to really hate it.

Oh christ wasn't this the game where every spell was a literal equivalent of a modern weapon? Like I remember one spell came with a sniper scope or something.

So making Metroid, a space adventure series, more realistic means its better?

No, retiring the series after Super Metroid instead of milking it with barely similar sequels would have been better. Writing Samus to act like an actual female is just realistic, not necessarily better or not. Not making Samus a female to begin with, since it served no purpose other than "ha you thought girls couldn't be super space bounty hunters, surprise", would have been better as well. Can't change the past though.

You faggots crying because "badass samus" acts like a real woman in a few scenes is just pathetic.

its not better for an action series about fighting space pirates like the Metroid series. The point is that its unrealistic, so having a female bounty hunter is fine.

There's tons of unrealistic Japanese games with badass chicks fighting. Its like a badass fantasy setting, and its hot to see chicks fighting and being badass. Its a fucking fantasy. Do you complain about Senran Kagura or Dead or Alive for featuring women fighting as well?

Nobody cares about real woman in a fucking fantasy series, that's the point of a fantasy setting is to have unrealistic scenarios and stories you realismfag.

the future games were not bad man, tho it could be nostalgia since they I got tools of destruction as my first game for ps3 back in the day.

man the first game on pc was so comfy, and the second on gc holllly fuck

I wasn't even aware there was a stronghold 2.

I wish I wasnt aware of it either, but its acceptable compared to 3 which is pic related tier

You've opened my eyes.

If you go back in time to when Metroid came out your "tons" turns into "practically none". Amazingly this is true for western gaming too. I wonder what kind of games metroid were part of changing that?

If it doesn't matter and it's just all unrealistic fantasy, then why complain that Samus suddenly isn't badass? Oh, that's right, because you're full of shit.

Stronghold 2 = Crusader. It was the only follow-up to Fireflies original hit castle sim. Strangely, the company never released another game.

The HP games were pretty great for licensed games. The level designs were fun, the not-John Williams soundtrack was great (based Soule), and it was amusing to see the teachers make 11-12 year old kids run through obstacle courses where they could brutally die in a number of ways (falling, being burned, crushed). Oh, I mean, "passing out."

Pretty true to the books then. Hagrid's creatures could easily kill a man, the fucking schoolbooks could eat a man's face off and teleport lessons could leave a man crippled.

huh firefly is still around, they are producing classics like embed. and of course crusader 2 dlc trail.

Japanese Fanservice games with hot chicks would have existed with or without Metroid.

It contradicts her established character in the series and it ruins her as a cool character obviously. Nobody likes real women so why have them in the series that's a fantasy? The point is that she's not like a real woman. Why would you want her to act like one?

All this seemed to have done for the plot was remind Malificent of the Book of Prophecy, which was able to generate worlds through holograms. Which, of course, is being retreated in Unchained X

I will never understand why people get so hard over BCR, it controls like garbage compared to the sequel, and even compared to BC2009's awkward 3D gameplay.

It's not the loading zones. It's that even with them the levels are much much tinier than the continuous ones in the first 2 games. Amazingly they made them even more small and linear in Thi4f.

A character that is only a girl for sex appeal is not the same as one that was covered for the entire game unless you beat it within certain time limits. There is a fundamental difference between the two.

That she was a "cool character" was part of the problem. She was barely a character. What characterization did she have? Oh, that's right, none. She was nearly 100% an avatar for the player to run around with. The only reason "she" was cool was because of the gameplay.

This is why fundamentally Samus might as well have been a male character. The only reason Samus was made female was to subtly push feminism. You just don't want to accept that.

Other M didn't ruin Samus' character. It fleshed it out in the only realistic way. The alternative would be to make a masculine woman, which is again just feminism. It doesn't matter if you recognize it as feminism with your stunted cuck brain, it is what it is.

Other M was a mediocre game. That would be a fair criticism against it. Other M's writing of Samus was good though. The only good version of the character to exist. What is so jarring for faggots like you is that it pokes holes in your illusion. You are reminded that this character is actually a weak woman that you have been playing pretend with.

for once something I saved was useful

yeah I'm sure those Japanese devs cared about feminism and not that they wanted horny NEET otakus to draw doujins of their main character and get that crowd to buy their games.
yeah keep pushing the realismfaggotry argument yet again, I'm sure this time it'll work.

I knew you were retarded, and that statement wiped out what lingering doubt I had.

What the about the metroid prime games? Those were great. Would you prefer they make the same game over and over for 30 years?

What the fuck are you talking about?
What the fuck do you mean by "act like an actual female"

You can't expect realism from a game that has the main charterer raised by aliens. and the final boss is basically a fucking space dinosoar.

"Not making Samus a female to begin with, since it served no purpose other than "ha you thought girls couldn't be super space bounty hunters, surprise", "

How would that make the games better?

Literally the only time her being female had a negative was other M. It was because instead of making a good game, they made a dumpster fire of a game. Instead of just having her defeat the bad guys, it's about her wyomn problems and have her guns restricted for no reason by the sargent, other than artificial difficulty.

No it wouldn't.

No-one's crying you stupid cunt. We're legitimately complaining about other M's writers being complete dogshit and reducing her charterer to nothing more than just a fucking gender.

To be fair, the Deathly Hallows movies were also inexplicably fucking terrible compared to the rest of the franchise.

Kind of agree but I really liked that one animated part with the story of the three brothers, that was really well done.

The majority of modern people carry around feminism. It's a cultural taint you moron. Also, I already blew your whole "sex appeal" argument out of the fucking water. Samus initially didn't even appear out of her suit unless you beat the game in a reasonable amount of time. Samus was meant to be taken seriously as a warrior, not to be just sex appeal, and to do that meant hiding that it was even a woman to begin with.

That is all historical fact. They hid that Samus was a female in the first game for that very reason.

So you would be okay if Samus were a space unicorn that shot chocolate icecream sprinkles at flying space hydrants on planet milkshake? I mean as long as realism or narrative don't matter, why not? For that matter why not have Samus actually act like a woman for a change? If it all doesn't matter then conversely making it more realistic wouldn't matter either.

Oh, right, feminsim doesn't exist in Japan. Women act just like they did there 50 years ago, right? Oh, wait, no they don't.

You don't really think "feminism" means just current year died hair shit, do you? I mean that would be pretty retarded.

Thanks user, I needed filler on BBS and FM because I'm just a poor faggot that never had a PS3 to play the HD remakes.
At least sony's making that thing that lets you play PS4 games on PC so I'll get to play KH3.
Please tell me it's not a subscription or some bullshit like that.

Are you talking about PS Now? That only lets you play PS3 games, and yes it has a subscription.

I never said realism and narrative don't matter, I said that the series is unrealistic because its about fighting space pirates on the planet Zebes so trying to portray Samus in a "realistic" manner is retarded and doesn't fit witht the rest of the series, she wouldn't break down after seeing Ripley after beating him multiple times in previous games, that doesn't mean you can just make retarded shit up and say "well you said it was unrealistic XD" That's incongruous with the interal atmosphere and lore of the universe, equally as shitty as Other M's portrayal of Samus. Fans want a continuation of the character from the previous games, not a portrayal that's a betrayal to the cold stoic badass who's more of a self-insert, either a unicorn or Other M's portrayal.

Not in video game development and otaku culture, not now and especially not in the 80s.

Fuck, I was lied to by the friend that told me
God fucking damnit.
I'll just get a fucking used PS3 from an op shop then.

Bait, but whatever.
People over coming initial fear after conquering it is nothing knew. I know you're a troll because only a true faggot would ignore a movie series like Aliens. From which Metroid was obviously influenced by. Ya faggot.

I neither said nor implied either of those things. I simply find the idea of 1980's Japanese game devs caring enough about feminism for it to be a main factor in making the main character of their soft sci-fi shooter a woman laughable, much like your posts.

Sly 4 was better then Sly 3.

Sly 2 and 4 were better then 1 and 3.

It's so obvious that the series itself disavowed it before it even came out.

What makes you feel Sly 3 is so bad?

Tiberium Wars, Red Alert 3 and C&C4.

They don't exist.


Right, so presenting Samus as a human instead of a space unicorn is also retarded.

You don't seem to understand what feminism is. Here's a hint: It didn't start in the 1970s. A female warrior who is serious and is meant to be taken serious is a feminist construct. Samus was not sex appeal. Samus was meant to be taken seriously and Samus's identity was originally hidden for this reason. This is admitted to by the creator of the first game.

It was influenced by a feminist character in a movie made by a feminist. How is this helping your argument?

It doesn't matter how you find the idea. You are retarded and are incapable of using logic to come to a conclusion. Samus is a feminist character, this is undeniable. Your assumptions about 1980s Japanese game devs are irrelevant.