Succubus in Vidya: Thread II

You know how to goes, folks. Post instances where succubi appear in vidya as well as, please, try to cut down on your /fringe/ autism.

And remember: Paladins drool, succubi rule

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what the fuck are you saying

Why is Xana the best waifu?


Oh shit wrong video. Would bobby Roode make a good incubus?


A male succubus isn't a succubus, it's called an incubus.

What, you think you just came up with this shit?
You think in hundreds of years people didn't think of this and just used a single name for both types?

Fucking idiots.
Stop learning this shit from second rate doujins and read a book.


Tee hee.

the catholic priesthood spent a lot of time thinking of this shit, they can differentiate the demons that do and don't have dicks like you wouldn't believe.



Someone had to user, they just happened to have the time for it.





Shaking off two decades of multiple daily faps is difficult user, old habits die hard. I went a whole day last week, that was pretty good.

shut up nerd, and let me enjoy kind, faithful devils


I wonder, is there a comic or a story or anything of a paladin/knight setting out to slaying a demon, and the demon sics a succubus on the paladin but he's too pure/manly to fall for her dirty tricks and instead the succubus falls for the knight instead? Doesn't have to be porn.


That word is wasted on them.

stay triggered

They're already onto their next game


Yeah, read about king Arthur and his pals.
You can't get more chivalrous than that.

You cannot trigger the holy order with a woman user. Women are sanctioned and allowed.
Now demons, those ain't.

thats SCP-166, the teenage succubus, actually, in case youre not familiar with SCP.

That's not D&D paladin, though, that there is a Pelinal. He's about killing elves, not demons.

So yeah.

Nofap is reddit

now fuck off back to reddit, padre

Diablo series as enemies. Rift as a couple raid bosses. WoW as summonable warlock pets and some enemies. Might & Magic 6/Dark Messiah. Castlevania as an enemy type.

This has a small list of others:

It's not a demon, and there's not much of a fall, but I can relate to you one rendition of the story of Gawain and the Green Knight:

The Knights of the Round Table had gathered in Camelot for festivities. Their meeting was interrupted when upon them came a giant knight dressed in green. He offered a challenge: That any man could strike him, yet in doing so, they must be prepared to be struck back. To this, the bravest knights of Camelot hesitated. To what end did this man offer this challenge? Yet among them stepped forward a single man: Sir Gawain, the bravest knight. With a single blow, he decapitated the giant man. And yet the man merely laughed as he picked up his own head. In one years time, Gawain was to seek him out, and meet the blow on his own.

In a years time, Gawain traveled out in search of the knight. He came to stay in the home of a local baron, who was fond of hunting. The baron offered him rest, but with a rule: He would bring Gawain whatever he had caught hunting, but in exchange, Gawain was to give him whatever he had caught. On the first day, the baron went out hunting, while his wife the baroness came upon Gawain. Gawain rejected the baroness, so she asked to at least give one kiss. When the baron returned, he brought a rabbit for Gawain, who returned the kiss, but said not from where it was from. On the second day, the baroness offered a kiss once more. Gawain returned this as well, in exchange for a deer. On the third day, the day prior to the challenge with the Green Knight, the baroness gave one additional thing: a belt which was to make the wearer invincible, in return for his constancy against temptation. The baron returned with a fox, and Gawain returned only the kiss, keeping the belt.

And so Gawain went out to meet the Green Knight, belt girded to his waist. The man raised his axe high, and brought it down. And yet he left only a slight cut. The Green Knight then revealed to Gawain a truth: That he was the baron, disguised and strengthened through magic, and tasked to test the honor of King Arthur's knights. The belt had no such magic, and was a mere part of the test: And as Gawain had not returned it, he was to keep it, and the single axe mark, as proof of his shame.

Gawain returned to Camelot, where he told the other knights his tale. And yet they agreed to one thing: That the belt he wore was no mark of shame, for though he had wavered, his bravery was still the brighest amongst the Round Table. And so he was to wear the green belt, not as a mark of shame, but as a mark of his bravery.


NoFap is a halfchan thing, I'm not even him, but you should go back in his stead.


Good call. To work then.

nofap is nofap, it's on chans, reddit, forums, it's own webpage etc

Its webpage has fucking Reddit links as the first thing you see on it.

Shit thread.


But why?

Post some then, ya slut.


ROOOOOOOO gives me a boner, no homo

Not him, but I have some of dubious quality.

I'll keep her to myself since you fags are too plebeian to appreciate her.

Is it a sign?

Too bad, I've already started


Here, actually good game where you can play as one

And I'm out.

wait that last one wasn't etna at all

A reminder for all your sourcing needs

Heard Dark Side was more of the same from previous King's Bounty games. That's not a bad thing, but is it true?

Pic not related to King's Bounty.


Its the second best game of the saga, I totally loved it

And its "the same" but its not the same, in other games you run around doing bitch hero things and you don't change anything, just do quest kill baal and thats it, there you build a dark side zone out of nowhere kidnapping pure elven maidens to turn them into bitches to fight for darkness and light beings to let an orc poke them with a stick to build weapons and recruit a lot of NPCs to do stuff


Demons don't have dicks, they're spirits. They take on dicks to spread the (now corrupted) semen they gathered in female form. Get you're shit straight. And yes, that makes succubi literally and metaphorically and morally and anagogically traps.

But is it gay to fuck them?




What is the purpose of this thread? Why did you make another fucking thread? Just go to one of the all too numerous porn boards or learn to find porn on your own.

Any game with women.


Clearly, but OP means from an aesthetic standpoint.

/r/ing the Lucifer image from the CYOA in hell thing, it never loaded properly for me in the last thread. In exchange, here is an Etna. She's not lewd, but boy is she smug.

Lesser devil from 2hu



There were actually a few doujins on /d/ kinda like that. Board is slow enough that they might still be there.


I got a cap like that, but i don't think such a comic exists.

does this character count as an incubus

Guess the game.

Planescape: Torment

Yes, but user this is a succubus thread.

I don't think I smiled a single time throughout this whole picture, user. It's just not funny.

Says you

anime-tier succubi are trash

Your face is trash

And this one?

user please

I heard that game was released a half finished buggy mess.

was pretty obvious to be honest

that rear on the second picture is so fucking delicious I'm actually saving it for reference for my game


Female bodies are fucking great, man. It's a shame these ideals are not achievable IRL without rigorous dieting, incredibly good genes, workout or surgery.

You mean just like male ideals?

To be honest female body shape is a lot more dictated by genes than male ones. If I suck it up and work out, eat well and such and such I will build mass.

Women can't just work out to make their asymmetrical titties even or their flat ass fat.

No, just like a man can't work out to make his dick bigger, or his jawline more prominent.
They can though, the ass is probably the easiest muscle to build mass on.

nah fam, the problem isn't the genetics, its women and men's difference in thought and problem solving.
If a man sees Arnold Schwarzenegger, he thinks "I want to be like that" "that guy looks fucking cool" "I need to start lifting". He sees a high mountain and thinks about how awesome it is at the top, so starts climbing.
When a woman sees Jessica Alba or Emma Watson, she thinks "these standards are bullshit" "photoshopped to appeal only to men" "no one can ever actually look like that" "she must be a giant whore". They see a high mountain and call it sexist, then state the flat ground they're standing on is just as good.
2/3 of american women are obese right now, and many other countries like the UK are getting there. Finding one that's not obese is hard, finding one that actively tries to keep herself maintained is nearly impossible.

What does a succubus do again? Just have sex with you and thats it? They dont kill you? They arnt really enemies just sluts that waste your time?

they're supposed to kill/ suck your soul out via the dick, but anime/ monstergirls/ horny nerds made it into a ravenous cockslut who eats semen to live.

Sounds like an improvement

The original succubi just took your semen and gave it to incubi to go make illegitimate kids with.

Here's the original Malleus Maleficarum on this extremely important subject:

People had a lot of time to come up with a lot of crazy shit back then.

Anyone have the other half?


I got a fetish for the spade tails, but I only want virgins. Odd, I know.

Mhyrienne for life nigga.

Or they really, really hated the sluts of their time.
Given that STDs were not really treatable properly, they had good reason for it.

Fuck it. I'm going to fish out a D8 and see how it goes.
Might lend for some good fap fodder to fuel this kink of mine
I got a 2 with an RNG. And this is more than okay.

there is an angel one too if people are interested

Speaking of King's Bounty, in the first remake the demon waifu is definitely the cutest. Sorry for the small resolution, only picture I could find.

Get /fit/, find a reasonably attractive woman you like and start nudging her subtly to get /fit/ with you.
And whatever you do, if you ever get married, the worst thing you can do is to let yourself or your partner go. My wife had kind of let herself go after birth and after a stern talking to and some cockteasing I got her back into shape again. And I know plenty of people who complain their wifes don't find them attractive anymore but they've let their bodies go to waste after the marriage.

Laurette, Ea, or Irinael. I can't pick. I do like the shy girls, but Laurette sounds like a fun time. Looking at stars and making halos is a pretty cool job. Ea sounds nice too and she would be fun to play coop games on the go with.
I guess I would go with Ea, just for the all roundedness. She sounds cute as well.
Angels be pretty nice.

I fucking love these, have any more?

Whats the sauce on the 5th image?

Nice. Azriel, Esme and Laurette look amazing. However,
Heresy in my heaven?

And people have wilingly contributed and supported this movement for years even here.

these are all my "waifu" ones

Its an ok concept, taken too far. Reducing the amount of porn you watch is probably a good idea especially if you're an isolated individual, NEET or whatever. Going cold turkey is only for people who have porn/fapping addiction which most don't.

I simply try to do something productive or objectively positive for my life, and then reward that with some fapping to porn.

Anyway Princess Peach is the most sucessful succubus in vidya. She controls a whole kingdom from it and most genius of all, nobody knows she's a succubus. A crucial but forggoten skill for them.


So is there any games where you can romance a succubus/demon girl?

almost forgot this heresy

just report yourself and ask the mods to spoil it.

Full list here because I had more than just in that cap.

Semen Demon
Jizz Genie
Baby Batter Bringer
Cum Caresser
Lovegoo Lass
Sperm Summoner
Ejaculate Empress
Mayonnaise Maiden
Jizz Jockey
Spunk Monk
Sperm Worm
Sodomy Sentinel
Penile Perpetrator
Erection Confection
Salami Tsunami
Boner Condoner
Fluid Druid
Urethral Umpire
Wang Wizard
Knackers Knight
Prick Pirate
Dong Dominator
Cock Khan
Stiffy Sultan
Sausage Sergeant
Middle Leg Major
Pole Privateer
Shaft Specialist
Pecker Prodigy
Boner Benefactor
Baloney Poney Behemoth
Dick Juice Masseuse
Tallywhacker Smacker
Man Muscle Steam Shovel
Baby Batter Bladder
Willy Ghillie
Butt Hut
Glans Fans
Spooge Scrooge
Ejaculate Advocate
Skeet Treat
Wang Wrangler
Jism Prism
Smegma Savant
Anal Aficionado
Testicular Temptress
Spunk Trunk
Nut Slut
Cum Chum
Testicle Vestibule
Dick Duchess
Cock Sock
Testicle Tamer
Cock Clairvoyant
Scrotum Totem
Mattress Actress
Prostate Magistrate
Penis Machinist

Let's get spooky

Hard mode with Inari Okami and Amaterasu living in a comfy pocket dimension.
Depending on how the divine blessing works, if it means you'll eventually end up with a kid- I'll take a mix of increased endurance and increased strength/divine blessing.
I'd like to have a cute fox or wolf daughteru, if divine blessing just guarantees that it will happen after some time, or if it can happen without it- I would just take the increased strength.
Just think of all that fluffy tail.

oh man, this is good, new ones I havnt seen before

I used to always see the same ones posted all the time, glad theres more.

She is the only one that can carry 2 weapons so its the best one too


Go find some non-animu images of goddesses that are cute, appealing, and sexy then.

Patrician taste

and the mystery box.


Sorry i can't stop laughing

didn't mean to spoiler that

Now I know what my spirit is going to be doing after I die.

Come to think of it the most I can think of is Smite and the models for that are fairly low quality and flawed.

I got an interest for scary succubi. Especially the ones who do not have a human or anime face, or are otherwise threatening.

What the fuck is this autism ?

Is her coronet glued on or something, that it does't fall off during dicking?

Well, a good excuse for a bastard appearing out of nowhere, isn't it? :^)

even more new stuff I havnt seen, thank you user

cyoa stuff nigga, have you never even looked at tg? sure this is all on the waifu scale, but I assure you a very good chunk is not so.

Pretty much.

Succubi need a fat tail so they can give good tailjobs.
That's a fact.

Wouldn't a thin tail be better for that?

Thin tail is like small boobs.

Yeah but it is more flexible than a thick tail, so it can wrap around a dick better.

What about more tails? Like, a dozen of thin tails that can go anywhere.

It's fat tail or nothing.

post some fat tails then so we can look at them and decide

Off the top of my head, I can only think of Morrigan from Darkstalkers, her sister Lilith, and the hot bitch from Dark Messiah.

I don't think I've seen any others that aren't in a VN style hentai game, unless you count Lilithmon, who is the digimon embodiment of Lust.

When you say everywhere, you mean that?

>become demon king who judges the holy warriors who come after you to see if they can overcome you or perish into your harem of "defiled" and failed holy warriors


Have some porn.

Bonus points for a spade tail who can use her spade tail as another fuckhole.


Yes, I do. Here is a handy diagram.



Have some more.

That second image is an Au ra, not a succubus, however FFXIV does have succubi as an enemy type.

I have the second game on my external hard drive because I heard the first one is eh. I couldn't find too many seeders for this groups works outside a few I didn't really want. I still haven't tried the one I do have however but I may sometime

wat gaem?

Trance Doll there's two of em' I'm not sure which one however you can find it on nyaa

Oh it's just a censored video collection. Looked like an Illusion game.

Fuck it let's go

Cause those Lovecraftian Goddesses are gonna need more than one place to escape too from their escapad.. average day
And I'm keeping a token in reserve.

So how fucked am I?



the fuck outta here

You seem to have an egg on your face ;^)

Shit taste, my man.


Hacker Tomoko a best we gonna jailbreak that chip and then rant about Windows and the NSA every day.

anyone got a link for this?

top-tier taste


drunky seems like best girl, plus she worked in construction so she probably doesn't complain a lot

Stephanie > Irene > Shelly > Josie > Jimmy > Sammy > Shit > Daisy

It's not the WoW thread so you should be fine


I'mma start saging since this is so off topic
well the first one is at least a little related



I don't understand the point of this shit. Some sort of character creation with no game?

this one is pretty good

there are some people who do rp with this stuff though.





Holy shit you are a fucking idiot.



That is not the full list

You are welcome.

tip top tier


Second pic in the OP is actually an Au ra and not a succubus, true they are demon spawn but they aren't succubi.

Wasn't there more of those comics?

Also, Shamsiel is the best vidya succu titty monster.

I want to support their shit but DLSite are jews on steroids. What do?

Do they have a way you could donate to them directly?

can't read moon well. I'll look for one, though. Failing that, I'll go through the superjews. I just want an alternative to jewery

That's just the cherry on top.

What the fuck are you bitching about now nigger?

I require source for fapping, what else?

Too hard, eh? It was Catherine from the game under the same name. Now try guessing the game again. this time it's not a video game

you forgot to mention how he beat the demon king by fucking him
try using iqdb or whatever, man

What is it with my attraction to eccentrics?


Maybe it's just the appeals are to your hidden fetishes?

there is no waifu in history better than her
Also "bad" xana ending is actually the good ending
if you disagree you're a cunt, xana might get mad at you but it's understandable given how much she loves you plus you know she will forgive you in no time since she wants that dark messiah cock


Figures it was prerecorded, no real-time engine I seen can do that

why the fuck are there random spoilers on his cock

It has to do with Japanese laws, I forgot the specifics.

but wouldn't they spoil the entire weenie?

Japanese censor laws are awfully specific.

they censored the tip, the break and the base … so technically : i guess it is censored

So they can pretend it's censored and avoid the law.

Fucking why

censorship brought tentacles.
tentacle was born because it wasn t allowed to openly show human penis.
thus mangaka decide to use tentacle as replacement

now i m not a fan of tentacles, quite the oposit in fact but that s one thing tentacles brought back

Because japs can't into progress unless something dramatic happens. They literally spent all their mental resources building their nation after the war. It takes a new war to remove censorship

Fuck it, Grasping the Ungraspable and comprehending the uncomprehensable.



what a lovely lady that is.

I want to have sex with her.

Neverwinter Nights has a module called Tales of Arterra where one of the romance options is a succubus. She's a little different from what you might expect, though. A lot of her character is built around the "ignorant about the world and wants you to explain everything" trope, and she's a bit emotionless for much of the story. It's a very good module, though.

As for that CYOA you posted:



Succubi love and treasure their pets. They delight in taking care of them, and would never hurt them.

you can't fool me, demon

I choose Lynneth without hesitation. She'll give me everything I want.

Here are some more waifu CYOAs.



Egregores GTFO!

Back into the pyre with you !


I…have an obsession with imps, I want to be an Imp girl's slave and do whatever she commands me to do

I'm truly a loser, to be seduced by some of hell's lowest servants

the real demons



titty imps are pretty neat especially if one of them brings her even tittier mom

Nice accusation demon. No punishment is too cruel for you. None of your deaths too boring.


Who's the sadistic fuck who thinks of such things

WTF, this kind of character never got to me before, ehy the hell she made me hard as diamonds?

Whitestrake would kill him the fuck out of some demons if it ment getting closer to killing the Aylied bastards who summoned them

/r/ing porn of a succubus (not necessarily pic related) getting wracked on these devices. Are there any guro artists ITT?


the idea is that they're insanely barbaric to make people scared

realistically it's a lot easier to just cut throats and dump them somewhere

Unique Abilities and Potentially Overthrowing Big D with wacky shenanigans here I go.

Row, row, fight the Powah!!


Human guro is one thing, but that's not okay. Succubi are solely for loving.

I can see where the horror angle is supposed to come from, especially body horror with way too many breasts, visible veins and shit, but the fact that I've seen not one but dozens of people who'd want to fuck that even more than a disguised succubus kills any horror present for me. Human dick knows no boundaries and fears nothing, fucking the universe itself into submission truly must be our ultimate destiny.

The fact that I'm among those people who'd fuck it makes things even worse.

Fuck this gay shit, where my incubi at?

no incubi on female


Yes, Jon?

you are referring to this thread which predominantly revolves around the fucking of female demons as gay, but request an incubus, a male demon, instead. You then follow this by requesting that no one posts incubus on female.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Kill yourself

Well fuck me, I'm dumb.


I enjoyed the CYOA stuff. Thanks anons.


Hasn't it been proven that a lot of those tortures never actually happened? I know there's no record of an iron maiden actually being used, for example.

Lynneth probably has more than a few Amazons in her brothel, and she doesn't expect me to do any work besides helping her audition new employees.


If you're looking for more, halfchan's /tg/ has a thread dedicated to them, and there's also Both /d/ and halfchan /d/ also have threads specifically for sex/waifu CYOAs.

Almost too comfy.

RIP Pepin

Replacing terror with lust was one of the biggest mistakes I've done. I can't watch movies or play horror games regularly anymore.


oh shi…

the world needs more demon nuns

This image gives bad memories for all the wrong reasons.

Aren't succubui male demons who have taken the form of a woman?

not anymore
now theyre faithful waifus

No male succubus is called incubus.

post more smuggubi

It's possible to be into Xana without being evil.

technically I think they would be genderless they take the form of a female to collect sperm corrupt it and then impregnate a female as a male form incubus.





Feel free to use the designated porn boards that are direct linked from here anytime.

No, a succubus and an incubus are both sexual demons, but they are gender counterparts of each other.

Someone post more incubus's



Why not Morrigan?


Fun fact: each of the demons represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and each of the angels represents one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues. There position on the page is the same as whichever they are opposed to in the other version (eg Pride and Humility get the same spot). The 8th slot of course doesn't apply.

Also Mhyne a best.

Enjoy that chastity device on your dick.

Esme would be lots of fun to tease. I wonder how aroused she has to be to drop her reluctant act.

Chastity and denial are two different things. Chastity is just straight up no sex, with maybe a little bit of teasing to make sure you want it. Denial is more sex than you can handle, but you can't cum unless she lets you. She's also interested in having it done to her as well.

Isn't it just edging?

I've never been fond of either. I've always wanted the opposite: continuous orgasms that overwhelm my mind and addict me to my mistress.

Nah man, orgasm denial is the best, its one way to keep up with your partner by physically restraining yourself until you're both ready.

Delay of gratification makes it all the more sweeter.

No, edging means you're gonna cum and know you're going to. Denial is just not cumming until you're allowed, which I prefer.

This, made me and muh girl's sexlife a lot more fun too. Especially when switching roles and such.

We're talking about demons who have magic to keep you hard forever. There's no need to restrain yourself. That's what I like about it. You don't have to hold back. There's no more worrying about cumming too fast or anything like that. You can just completely let go.


But what's fun without risk?

any futa succubi ?

Risk isn't fun. Pleasure is fun. At least that's how it is for me.

If you chase pleasure recklessly you'll end up desensitized.

Right here pal.

All you have to do is fall once, and we win. Remember that.

they can still repent

We can't see the inside of these armors. There could be several succubi in there for all we know.


Holy Batman!

Not as long as you have enough variety.

And with a succubus's shape-shifting powers, you'll have infinite variety.


cyborg, sayama moma, immortality since i already have resources

She literally turns hell into heaven
Then i live in the floating fortress, enslave lynneth just so i'm in control of the relationship and let her live more or less the same as before. Then i get a siren as a maid and she will sing me to orgasm while lynneth grinds me, i get a job at styx hq just so i can have some spare money but otherwise i leech off of my brothel owning slave

Wouldn't dicks that big kill you with all the blood loss?

I hate it when they add balls to futa.

You mean all the blood that would be needed to get it erect? Maybe, but if you wanted to argue it I guess you could say they are magical creatures and don't follow the same biological laws.

Fair enough. I'm at a constant battle with myself because I can't fap to unrealistic fetishes even though they're hot

If you think they're hot then you can fap to them.

Not if you have porn autism.

Well then stop being an autist, user!

Not possible.

I have over 400 hours in Oblivion alone, purely because I make and edit porn mods. That doesn't even include the actual porn I fap to

Also new bread when?

Right now.

Morrighan is not a fallen angel you dumb fuck.

Man that was a weird poem.
>Green Knight who's actually a fairy laughing at Gawain and calling him a fag for not cucking the shit out of him

Hey, I didn't make it.

No, denial is more in BDSM category, where a partner is the one who controls what is happening- usually with some sort of restraint on them- it's hard to find denial as female-sub though.
Still very different than chastity.

Probably because a lot of the denial in male-sub porn is based on the idea that being submissive means a guy doesn't deserve pleasure. There's no such contempt for female submissives.

I'm talking about how to actually do it. Typically the girl would use some ring or tie something around the guy's dick to stop him from cumming, what do you do with a girl? Shoving something in her doesn't stop the orgasm, so you can't "overload" her past the limit while not letting her feel the relief of orgasm. It seems physically impossible outside of fantasy explanations.

Mhy probably has the (magic)tech to do it though.

Even if the fetish isn't quite to your taste, I find it cute how she's so self conscious about her appearance, especially since she happens to have the perfect body type from my point of view. She's also got lots of neat gadgets outside of her sex toys and the undisputed best power in either CYOA (you can never go wrong with shapeshifting).

I like to imagine using her tech in the colosseum. With her as my "slave" I'd have access to all of that, if she could adapt her teleportation tech operation "unzips katana" is go.

I know you feel user, since she's also my pick in that one as well.
I'll love her origonal body, plus she can change into other forms to switch things up a bit. How the fuck can one not think she's best girl. Plus she has tons of tech shit in her lab and she'll talk to you about research stuff, while also living in the fucking sky.
She would also seem to be one to casually strut about in a nude long sleeve t-shirt, which I find pretty hot.

I'm conflicted. Anyways, whoever wrote up that CYOA is a tremendous normalfag, to pretend that Mhyr wasn't the cutest on the list.

People like different things. Tomboyfags need their fill as well as those who like the rockstar life I guess?
I kinda like most erotic stuff as long as it can be french vanilla flavored.;

Another soulless gook thread. Fuck off.