Why does this even exist?

Why does this even exist?

There's literally only one game that uses its enhanced hardware, and it's a port, and there will likely never be another before the NX handheld or whatever comes.

What a waste of time and money.

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any game that supports the circle pad pro uses the enhance hardware, actually.

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the n3ds is also capable of running snes vc, which the o3ds is not

That's an awesome reason to buy it!

I'll give them 150+ dollars for something I can run for free!!!!!!


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That's why, we gotta beat them at their own game, gotta kill this thread by the root.

It's made for shitposting.

visit the homebrew thread

At least it's a change of pace, sure. Fuck dubs.

You're a fucking idiot for buying a 3DS for SNES games.

You're still giving them your money for that. Dumbass.


No, it's OFFICIALLY able to run SNES vc.
The 3DS has all the hardware required to run SNES games, I mean for fucks sake, the DS could do it with amateur emulators.

It's just nintendo being kikes again


Just homebrew it and then you can force the improvements on any game you damn well please, Metal Gear Solid 3D really benefits from it. Big baby.



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Who is this faggot and why is he in every thread I see?

I didn't buy it for just snes games
I bought it to pirate nes, snes, gba, NDS, 3DS, and other games I want to play.

For this thread, it's pretty good.

Anyway, e

The DSi also had it, iirc.
Keep giving them money though, you're feeding them mediocrity.

This is why I'm so glad the Wii U flunked, because shit eaters like you kept giving them a reason to put out the same dull pastey samey shit.

Just buy a used Wii U then, It literally does the same shit.

3DS's specs are still a bit crap to run SNES games natively and with good accuracy for whatever reason, lord knows those Retroarch cores run even simple SNES games like Earthbound or Mega Man 7 like fucking dick even with near-full control of the 3DS's power. You'll notice that GBA emulation is accomplished by making the system load GBA firmware and then running it through that, rather than an emulator program as with the NES and other Game Boys, hence the system needs to soft-reset back into "3DS mode" after exiting back to home menu from a GBA game. Chances are if they tried hard enough they could get something useable but we're talking modern Nintendo here, not to mention the New 3DS doesn't really have any claim to fame and depending on how you feel about SNES games still really doesn't.

DS could do it with amateur emulators but not to any degree of playability without being extremely hacky, to my memory, and this is even taking into account things like the DSTWO's on-board processor.

The only reason you should buy a used/cheap N3DS is if you don't have an older model nor anything to play older games with

If you already have an older model, you're a fucking faggot.


There's also the TBoI: Rebirth port.

This user gets it.

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a wiiU plays 3ds games?

I'm surprised people buy more 3DS models even though they have one.

Oh boy, a port.

Just funpost like I am, you'll shrivel up any possible discussion and kill motive to contribute, make it hit the bump limit and end it there.

Nintendo babby is fucking mad.

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I really hope they at least buy them for other people. Unfortunately, people are autistic enough to horde them.

Ask me anything.

What is it DSi had? Unless you're referring to the rudimentary app store for the later 3DS which was basically a couple camera-based games, Petit Computer, and a metric fuck-ton of calculator and calendar programs. Otherwise it was just a DS Lite with a camera and no GBA slot. Piss off with your console wars.

Runs like horseshit, from what I've read about it, but that's actually Nicalis's fault. New 3DS would be able to run Rebirth just fine if they could into optimization (maybe even O3DS if they were hacky about it) but they can't even manage optimization on PC (I remember Rebirth and Afterbirth flatly refuse to run on a number of Intel systems, along with graphics-changing effects ie Retro Vision from pills crashing the whole game), and waiting for the N3DS's release was them trying to brute-force acceptable performance with the increased specs instead of being forced to do optimization if they wanted a handheld release.


Should all tripfags die?

Just admit it's a useless, inferior product. I play plenty of Nintendo games I like, but you should be able to easily admit when they've made a bad decision.

You faggots would be praising the Virtual Boy a couple decades ago.

Let's go.

I don't give a shit about Nintendo one way or another, I just don't like the tripfaggot

You bet your ass I would've been praising the VB if I'd been able to play Virtual Boy Wario Land at the time, pick up a VB emulator and play that shit, it's fucking fantastic. Hands down one of my favorite Wario games.

you mean the emulator that hardly runs that great and can't use .cia's, the most common file used in 3ds piracy?

Can't use cias because cias are an installation file, though why it can't pick up .3ds files out of the gate and needs a special decrypted .3ds file instead of handling the decryption itself is fucking baffling.

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Me either, I agree with the cunt, but why a tripcode? What the fuck.


It added a little more processor power like the N3DS. People ate that shit up, like you.

It uses regular .3ds files.
As the old saying goes, a fool and his money part easily.

You're the fool, btw.

You have to go back.

It's OP a faggot?

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That's why I have a Vita and a N3DS.
I don't have the older model, or else I wouldn't even have bought this one in craigslist.

Jesus christ, you fuckers are just like iPhone fags.

the specs are better for piracy because it requires emulating the OS

I agree. Buy it cheap second-hand, don't give Nintendo any money.

No, it needs decrypted .3ds

Which did nothing for the game itself unlike N3DS. I also didn't buy one, again fuck off with your console wars.

WOW! Nice dubs thread OP!





It's not that hard to do, give it a few months and it'll run at full speed. It's already looking up.

Oh, I no longer have any quarrel with you then.
Also, N3DS does nothing either, unless you homebrew it.

It's ultimately useless having it in stock.
saging now because thread is dying a slow painful death.

should I get iphon7?

Holla Forums's dead enough as it is with all activity being corralled into generals, you can shit on the trip and at the same time not make things even deader. Other people already managed it just fine.

Not true, improves performance on a select few games designed to do so as well as play SNES games. Though it's definitely true it makes a better system for pirates than it does for consumers due to the inherent uselessness of the improved specs that only apply for a few games.

Oh, guess the thread is still bleeding out, like a camel.

Depends, what phone do you have now?


Only game I've personally seen improved is smash bros and one other I don't care about. Overall, we're both on the same boat.

Honestly, the bottom line is, don't buy it from the source, if you're gonna get one, get it as cheap as possible, don't give Nintendo any more money than they have. Buy the games you like, and be the change you want to be.

The only reason the NX is coming out so soon is because the Wii U failed, and that's a good thing for consumers.


I'm only doing it because they are.

I have iphone6, the normal one. Not sure if I should upgrade or not

Off the top of my head the games improved by it are generally Circle Pad Pro games like another user mentioned as well as all games that use the extended-RAM mode, ie Smash 4 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. There's also Hyrule Warriors Legends which gets a better framerate and higher visual quality (though the latter may or may not be me making shit up, my memory's hazy on it).

The thread's bumplocked you fucking mongoloid, quit proving the ebin sage downvote joke has a kernel of truth to it.

NX will fail too

why did kike bumplock it?

Oh, nah. It ain't worth it.
I have an HTC M9, and wanted to upgrade to the 10. I'm just going to wait for at least the 11+ to upgrade.

Only because this piece of shit fails at loading the entire gallery at times, and battery.
That's all I care about really.

What does the 7 offer that your current phone lacks? Is it worth the $600+?

Visual quality is dogshit, but you're right on the framerate, it does make it better.
Which Monster hunter BTW? There's like 4

Please be right. Nintendo needs to step it the fuck up.
If not, at least they tried.

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Maybe yes and maybe no, if it's really a console-powered handheld like people claim it will be and in the unlikely scenario that it doesn't have any hardware problems holding it back in this department that shit'll sell like hotcakes amongst both "core" and casual gamers. Hell, even with hardware malfunctions or shortcomings it'll probably sell well.

The absolutely astronomical amount of shitposting that immediately resulted from the thread being started by a tripfag, I assume. Though the board log says LaBattaglia bumplocked it, so it's just a hotpocket and not the jew himself. 8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=v

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Literally Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, called Big Guy Edition as a joke in some of the MonHun threads I've seen here since shortened it's 4U. I've dumped around 100 hours into it so far and it's kept my attention quite well, I couldn't really get into one of the PSP games I tried with PPSSPP but 4U held my interest excellently even though they're roughly the same core game. Way better environments (actual verticality to maps ie cliffs and overhangs instead of just slopes and maybe a climbable wall) and a slapdash story helped, though I'm quite partial to the Charge Blade weapon and also picked up Dual Blades and Sword & Shield.


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