Oy vey not the antisemites

rly made me think hard

Fuck, Huffpo is pathetic.

It'll be funny to watch the Breitbart retard get pushed out by the neocons though, kek

Are Jews spooks?

why do liberals like to link everything to Harry Potter?

No but their ethnocentrism is bad

Why? It benefits them.

Most of them are children who think of everything in terms of pop culture.


It divides the proletariat. Zionism and Jewish ethnicity are just tools to dupe working class Jews into thinking they have something in common with bourgeois ones. Communists have always opposed ethnic nationalism and religion.

Admittedly the question of who is a Jew is complicated.

I swear to go anybody who uses fucking Harry Potter references to describe this shit needs to be immediately gulaged.

"Lower" Jews in the west still are better off than the median citizen of those countries. I don't see how they would benefit from opposing their ethnocentricity.

Sounds spooky.

Neither would whites, yet they're told "white muh privilege" needs to be destroyed constantly. Can't have it both ways.

Because ethnocentrism is a tool to pacify the working classes. It doesn't matter if they're better off than other workers, they're still exploited, parasitized, and ultimately powerless in their society.


Why not?

Are you sure ethnic Jews would be better off as part of the other proletarian instead of as the lower tier of their ethnic group in current society?

Because it's just ethnic dick waving. Zionists, Nazis, Nation of Islam and the like can all fuck off

What's Holla Forumss quasi-religious piece of modern entertainment?

Food for thought


That doesn't seem like an actual reason. Giving up something that benefits the Jews would be betraying themselves.


So would capitalists giving up control of the means of production, but it has to happen anyway

you suggest something then comlad

How does it benefit them?

People of Jewish descend in USA have generally significantly higher education and the median worth of a Jewish household is 4 times larger than for the rest of population. Clearly the Jewish benefit from connections and accumulated wealth in their "sub-society". We can extrapolate that these various factors make it easier for them to become capital owners too.

Of course this doesn't apply the very poor among the Jews found generally in more recent immigrant groups, but among the American Jews they are quite a small minority.

Looking at every communist revolution, those with accumulated capital are always those who are targeted, how is it beneficial to be apart of this sub-society in that scenario?

Communist revolution isn't a very common occurence, but Jews being well presented in academical positions and politics, Jewish ethnocentrists could potentially have significant power in the said revolution.

You know, I think Althusser made a very good point about this in regard to France's somewhat poor socialist intellectual tradition, in that in other countries, socialist intellectuals mostly came about when they didn't have any opportunities except for servile or modest employment, and thus they ally themselves with the one revolutionary class - the proletariat, whereas in France, which had its recent origins in a liberal revolution, petty bourgeois intellectuals of this sort could be easily adopted into the dominant power structures because they've always had a role in it since the first revolutions.

With Jews you'd be doubling down on this, especially in the 20th and 19th centuries, since not only do they have a cultural tendency towards intellectualism due to a high priority being placed on education in Jewish society and literacy and textual interpretation playing a big part in Jewish religious rites, but they also would've had comparably less legitimate opportunities as opposed to petty bourgeois individuals of the dominant ethnic groups, which would go a far way to explaining the prominence of Jews in revolutions both liberal and socialist, and how they were able to reach such positions of prominence by allying themselves with successful revolutionary causes. (Remember, there was a global liberal revolution that overcame feudalism in the past, although we seldom think of it in precisely those terms.)

And Jews being a small minority and a traditional favorite scape goat, ethnocentrism, or in-group preference, would remain beneficial for them even during a communist (or similar) revolution.

I guess it comes down to one's positioning among the Jewish hierarchy for it to be worth promoting ethnic Jewish superiority since the spook of Judaism works both ways.

A Jew may look at a Gentile with contempt, but a (comparatively) bourgeois Jew would look at both with contempt, though only make his thoughts known to one of them in order to keep the spook alive.

How convenient. One sided disarmament in which only whites have to give up racism.

She's not incorrect in her analogy though.


you can say the same thing to Jews

the left is more antisemitic than the right

t. hasbara agent

This thread is proof Holla Forums is crawling with disgusting kikes that push multiracialism for everyone except for themselves.

I'd say They Live or The Matrix.

Bannon's antics are going to cause a war within the GOP. Good.

Because Hitler gassed those who were too poor to get away from him.

The fuckā€¦?

Any time you make comparisons with real life to a children's book about little kids casting magic spells - you are wrong.

Secretly an accelerationist this was his message to us

the alt right hate establishment conservatives. they're in the mould of Ernst Juenger style radicals, or so they like to think

Junger would be more New right. Hell his right wing man practically spawned Nouvelle Droit. Alt-Right is more like Rockwell/Collins NSM trying to be Socialist Reich Party.

I'm all for leninists disguised as Alt-RIghtists in the white house, but I don't want to die because my dad happens to be from a jewish family. I don't want him to die either.

At least we have a pro-israel congress.

A lot of these SJW types won't shut up about harry potter all of the sudden. It's sort of like the SJW answer to the alt-right anime comparisons.

I feel like that's a bit different though since they were explicitly commentaries on contemporary society

I highly doubt that a Trump admin would go full nazi death camps, even if/when things go to complete shit.