Korean here

U fuccs probably know about current situation in Korea.

About 650 thousand people went on protesting near the blue house (Korea's relevant to white house) and it looked amazing.

i could have went, but too NEET to go outside

But there's something missing. A leadership.

Currently, the protesters are composed of many groups. Liberals, leftists, and probably disappointed right wingers. It is a matter of time this protesters disintegrate if there's no strong leadership or a political party.

Liberal parties are being autistic as usual, while our """leftist""" parties are all neutered social democrats or demsocs, who are pretty contaminated by feminist idpol.

So my question is, "what do?"

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do you have any comrades/cadres near you?

what is the protest about? what is their objective?

you know what to do

I have one in LA, 0 here

Most people want current president to resign

then what?

fuu, this is problem in most post-soviet countries. But I can not imagine you'd have any kind of communist revolution while there is Juche in the North

Is the gender war/megalians really as bad as we've heard?

Re-elect eligible resident, since the current one turned out to be a puppet of porkies.

inb4:implying others aren't


I imagine all talk about "socialism" and "Marxism" is contaminated because of its links to the DPRK.

Just like a good portion of Japanese believe that the Japanese Communist Party has too many close links the Beijing regime, even though it's a great party has interesting roots.

so they're not angry with the system, or the very idea that there should even be a president; they just want one tyrant to be replaced with another. sounds familiar.

Pretty much this.

This woman, Thatcher, Merkel…

A nation must never have a female leader.


Organize people around the idea of introducing direct democracy. Only one thing, so as not to get hijacked.


I saw pictures of the protests. Looked massive.

Is it all because the prezzy was consulting a psychic/culty lady?

She's a daughter of a cult leader who owns a big cooperation



feels good. Even more so compared to the climate at home where Taxes=Theft isn't that far a leap for a great deal of the population.

This is gonna sound autistic but maybe South Korea needs a real anti-revisionist ML party. Most non-meme MLs believe the DPRK is revisionist anyway. The Korean population is pretty woke tbh most of them believe South Korea was responsible for the Korean War