#GamerGate #NotYourShield Kek is Great, Kek Is Not Merciful Edition


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5. Gawker dot com is down, but it's cancerous outgrowths remain alive. Keep a keen eye on Kotaku et. al. and use Univision's Ethics Policy against them.
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youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics;
youtube.com/watch?v=ipcWm4B3EU4 - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds;
archive.is/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address.

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Benis, ride never ends etc.

Good bread. Not french baguette levels of quality, but pretty good.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

gaymergays is still going on?



never EVER draw me mirandas for my birthday tomorrow
its super gay

Archive of previous bread


Reported for cyber bulling

The ride will literally never end.

So, can we say GamerGate officially won?

only galko cats

Destructoid, Polygon and Craptaku are still alive. The war continues.

More or less. Still rages though.

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone

I'd say so. Anytime GG comes up on normalfag forums it seems for the most part that people either don't know, don't care, or admit that we were right all along.

If this was a battle for the hearts and minds of gamers I'd say we won it completely.

TB apparently responded to the supposed conversation he had with Quinn.

Because the world is full of fucking retards and I just want them all to die.

What exactly does the second symbol stand for? I remember seeing it a couple of times, but I don't know its exact meaning.

I love that faint praise.

So possibilities to move forward:

It seems we've only scratched the surface to milk. The info on Dina/Mighty No.9 and Zoe/Game Jam are really good but I feel there must be more

Articles of the usual crew to be released, hopefully Nichegamer, Techraptor & Breitbart join in though I'm sure tgg, usher, heastreet and others will join in as well

Zoe Quinn sabotaging the Game Jam is big news, and could be worth a try to get their notice. Disney acquired Polaris/makers mere days before the Game Jam but I don't know if they had final acquisition when the Game Jam actually went down, so I'm not sure if the Disney route is optimal.

Articles on Dina and mighty No.9 might be a good way to beat the horse that is MN9. Everyone loves shitting on this disaster, and it is the perfect way to get normalfags in this conversation. Even if you don't mention GG or Zoe, Showing the Dina may have been involved more then we think on MN9 is sure to get some laughs and more shitting on MN9 (and possibly salt)

After all they've done, Zachattack, and CON, there is no reason why they should be officially enforced by twitter. There has to be a way to fuck them over for this. All the shit they pull in the chat, we should throw it right back at them tenfold.

They were giving orders to Ryulong in the chat, correct? Wikipedia should surely answer, even though Ryulong is long gone

Thoughts? Any other ideas?

Gamergate won after it's first week.

Everything after that? A victory lap of neverending keks.

can someone make "the CON logs: a Twine game"

Also I think we need to use any pertinent information we can link to Vox/Vice, and send emails to advertisers.

hieroglyph of the egyptian god kek

Also remember beside the logs Broteam spoke a lot about Zoes relationship with a lot of people and how she literally fucked her way to power aqmd how abusive she is

Good point, although I don't recall to which grade the leak has incriminated them.

Furthermore, advertisers may brush it over because it happened back in 2014.

That isn't usable though. Although it is very, very probably true and even if it weren't it's fun to believe it, it's only hearsay and can only ever be accepted as such.

TB, why? I know you want to do right, but when you try to help someone who is this much of a sociopath who has already attacked you publicly, you just look like you're grovelling.

which is when Gamergate got it's reputation as kitten eating twitter rapists so showing them that the narrative they believed is 100% wrong and resparking the outrage with normalfags might actually work

Email campaign to those who reported on CON?

He's done that for a while on his twitter. The problem with Brote is that no matter the juicy shit he says, it's never sourced, so it's lost in the sands of time.

He said it was naive himself.

He more cock teases what he knows
But he let out a few juicy stories today

I agree there isnt much you can use any of them for like facts but however it is also knowledge and that is also important

Brote's only in it for the keks. No ideological stake, unfortunately. The concept of archiving things to preserve evidence is a foreign one, to him.

Still, can't deny that what he did was effective. Those streams reached a lot of people who otherwise didn't care about GG. Even if they want to sneer at us or GG's other goals (as you'd expect from edgy neutrals who want to laugh at everything and stand up for nothing), they now know that CON is a con.

Overall, I say this is a huge win. Not only are these logs out in the wild, but this will stick in their minds as a boogieman moment. Now they're going to be afraid to talk with one another, lest any one of them be a rat.

CON gets monies from FemFreq as well IIRC, and I'm not an accountant so I'm kinda slowpoke on what 501(c)3 non profit charity means in plain english. But that's what it says on the femfreq tax exempted donation page.

From previous bread discussion seems to basically be calling all diggers to comb through the log for now. But also prepare to start up the letter campaign when articles and publications drops. Get ready to send those letters to shareholders and investors, and marketing dept and marketing head bosses.


See, this is how you properly respond to questions of validity of leaks–move quickly and respond concisely to quell rumors and false speculations, like Ian "never getting his ads back" Cheong did, and not the wishy-washy non-response LianaK put out though I can understand her reasons, as her family received death threats, not just herself.

Archived this, just in case: archive.fo/X9FmC

I'm doing some independent digs of the logs, but mostly for personal reasons that I'm in no position to divulge. All I can say is that the goons and sycophants in the chat are very free in discussing details about their connections, and it might be worth the time to look for links and patterns there.

Heavy01 died for our sins.

850k worth of logs on the #ConLeaks? Holy shit, and I'm here reviewing "Kate" Edwards and his paper regarding the "culturalization" of "problematic" video games. I don't know if I can read all of it in one sitting without any painkillers or liquors near me.



too soon

too late

I'm very wary of her. She claims to be a neutral party yet her actions seems not consistent with that claim. I have this suspicion that she is always angling for something behind the 'oh but I'm neutral and just wannabe friends and civil with both sides' facade.

I hate this game.


You gamer gabbagoos are really something else. Don't you get tired of being on the wrong side of history?

she's a feminist, and not a second wave equality one like based mum. I think Liana is a neutral, but she leans away from gg because we don't like feminism. She's neutral in that she doesn't want us to win, but she also doesn't want the anti-gg personalities win

Can I get those logs?

Her opinion changes with the winds. Fuck her. Nothing but an opportunist without principles.


Click the GGHQ link in the OP.

The deal breaker here is that she's friends with anti-GG, and not just "neutral but friendly to both sites" but the "buddy-buddies that I'll willingly give away confidential information from my place of work that might compromise the company & my employers" kind. It's even in the logs.

I miss this series already. Fuck you BamCo for killing it!

Which link again? Not implying you're wrong, implying I'm retarded.

Fucking read the OP it's not that hard jesus



reposting these in this thread after encouragement last thread

Stop fucking derailing you piece of shit
don't you see we're discussing important stuff
no one cares about your pseudo-art
I'm kidding I hope you make more

It's really good

Yes, but it's a comfy kind of tired.

I raughed

Pretty sure she's bipolar.

No user, that is just called 'being a woman'.



Possible early menopause


Why does Holla Forums brush it's teeth before having breakfast.

Age doesn't help

When is Literally Who going to end up with a lawsuit for intentionally sabotaging a game jam?


all game jams and gamejam related activity is under the sole ownership of Zoe Quinn, it can't be recognized as sabotaging if you own the thing you sabotage.

You faggots may not be as crazy as I thought you were.

I love Vivian in this.

Apparently, it's a really common thing to do. I don't get it either.

When we said gamergate would never EVER end, we weren't joking.

You know the world is going down the drain when the crazy ones turn out to be right.


Ive never been wrong

A bunch of autists on a Malaysian fresco forum simultaneously being right and burning down the internet's safe spaces.

I love how the last two years have panned out.



Yeah you have, you've been wrong whenever you say you aren't a furry

You're wrong by default

Do you have the full version of this fucking pic ?

I believe thick white load is the proper answer.


You're a furfag and an avatarfag, you're automatically always wrong.

Brianna Wu here.
As a woman, I feel it is my duty to raid this subreddit.

Use this opportunity faggots, don't go back to just being observers.

Why is there so much fucking incest shipping?

Not that I mind.

Oh gee look the shills and revoltfags are all back now also
Never mind all the people who have actually been doing shit for the last 2 years but you faggots just rock up when shit happend and shit up the place
Fuck off back to halfchan skinwalkers

You're so cute, user.

I can't tell you how much I love seeing things pick up at full speed for GG's 2nd birthday. I'd post more, but I need my rest. Hope I can keep up with the latest happenings.

┌─────────────────────────┐│               Death Penalty                 │└─────────────────────────┘  ∥∧∧  ∥∧∧ ∥∧,,∧ ∥∧,,∧ ∥∧∧  ∥,∧∧  ∩・ω・`)∩・ω・`)∩・ω・`)∩・ω・`)∩・ω・`)∩・ω・`)   (    ). (    ). (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )   `u-u´  `u-u´   `u-u´  `u-u´  `u-u´  `u-u´

easy user, it looks like just the usual marche bashing that happens in every thread. If it didn't happen I'd be worried

Reported and im telling mark to keep an eye on your ID shill

So were doing emails towards disney & subsidiaries against ZQ's game jam fuckery right?

furry detected

Those sub-sentient rote responding degenerates can go fo a shover.

Oh, I better be mind my P's and Q's then!

The plan is to contact as many people as we can to make articles/videos and then use that content to contact Disney about Polaris and twitter investors about the safety council shit.
List of people to contact


youtube.com/user/Thunderf00t /


youtube.com/channel/UCC1rjUKeELaSKsxg0O1bNGw (harmful opinions)



















send them this:





Plus anyone else you think of.
Bonus round:Find anything you find on CP angle to Wayne Foundation and feds.


Thanks bro, I'll get to work in a few minutes after I'm done playing video games

Marche, you're a furry.

t. a furry

Sorry. I'll stop.

Add twitter.com/TheGamingGround to this list.

I'm just gonna come out and say it.

Half the time when people post tans they treat them like precious daughters, but when people post Danielle they explicitly want to romance or simply fuck her. Why don't I just commission her becoming Vivian's adoptive mother already? She's not really a daughter anymore.

Fuck, disregard. I'm a retard. You already have TGG there.

The DP sisters aren't Holla Forums's tans, they're Bonegolem's. They're the hot daughters of our next door neighbor, and therefore fair game.

There is still much to be done. We have won the battle, sure. But we have yet to win the war. Gawker is down, but Kotaku lives on. Polygon still exists and games journalism is still an utter cesspit bar some sites.
Not to mention Operation Torrential Downpour. We need to keep spreading awareness while celebrating examples of good localization.
Like I said. Still so much more to be done. Which is why we need to keep at it and never give up.

I believe that we may see a Soul Calibur 6 soon enough, user.
Don't give up hope just yet.

but see, who cares and uses and does OC for vivian

it's us

and reddit

and who represents reddit?

therefore, Gilda should be Vivian's new mum

Note form the Scribes:
Japan has their corporations and industries held by the balls.
Gamergate(and the west in general) need 2 years to take down 1 little blog.

Perhaps some investigation is in order.

Isn't that because they've made cute girls and tits an entire industry that has no choice but to be fulfilled?

I have investigated the issue and it seems an entire country might be more powerful than an Internet-based leaderless movement.


By "Japan" I mean a bunch of Otakus.

Because even revealing their waifu previously had a boyfriend is enough to cost you profits, let alone trying to fuck with those fanservice.

This does not surprise me. So much for ara ara.

Christmas Cakes are superior anyways. Infinitely.

That Akiko is one of the few I'd say rivals them and I've never even fucking played a VN.


Isn't that Oku-san?

get bullied, nerd.

Also, I'm pretty sure aras are just big breasted mature motherly girls who say it.

I'm sure they're fine with ara's. They'd be okay with used goods too as long as they're aware of the fact before they get attached.

I didn't get into Kannagi where that shitstorm occurred but I believe what happened was that her having a previous boyfriend was revealed pretty late into the series. If it was known from the start, they likely wouldn't have rioted. The series would have been less popular too but whatever.

The same happens with idols though.

Has anyone checked if Randi and/or Zoe got more support on patreon after this ? I wouldn't really be surprised.
I have no idea how to see the evolution of donations for a patreon account

Christmas cake is just 25+
Ara is milf, motherly, mature, full figured

Yes it is.


I didn't call her by her name normally because I'm not familiar with the character other than by appearances and description.

Feels too awkward. I'm just indicating I have a basic grasp of them. She's a smoking hot apparently cute acting mom of one of the characters from a VN that people have developed an almost cult following love for.

Thanks love.
Zoe got eight new patrons and like fourty new dollars. Basically she got shit, especially when you consider the fact she's been losing those steadily
Randi got two or three patrons and that's it
so overall it's not even clear whether they did get support from this happening or not; seeing how small the "boost" is, it might be completely coincidental

Wait, since when did Okusan have a VN? I only know the manga

No, I'm talking about from that Kanon VN that she's from. I hate misunderstandings.

All me :^)

Post your face when you found out aGGros spent christmas eve, day and new year's day whining about gamergate.

Post what you were doing on those days!

I was drinking with friends, eating home cooked meals, and visiting my brother that lives states away. (Not in that order)

A beneficial business relationship with Polygon.

Man it would really stink if this were to be made known.

So GG has proof of all this bullshit we've been crying about for 2 years and mainstream journalists won't touch it, many saying that it's not even "newsworthy".

I've been saying for the past year now that GG, or some subset of it a new movement or something, needs to step up and take on the mainstream press for their ridiculous half assed, one sided, biased as fuck horse shit reporting. Even Wikileaks said it over a year ago too.

All you dumbasses celebrating like we "won" anything are truly delusional. The whole point of GG was ethics, maybe you forgot that. Barely any news organization in the world is upholding any form of fucking ethics.

Holy shit, TB actually responded?

I was having a lovely christmas lunch with the family.

People were asking questions, he had to. He's been watching it

>For over 2 years GG is mostly an E-celeb circle jerk with a very justifyed hate bonner for SJWs
>With the (((media))) doing damage control against Trump loving Holla Forumsacs the alt-right now they will try to do the same with Holla Forums when all this shit starts hitting mainstream

GG's back bitches!!!
Praise Kek

Their standards are so low their bring a realdoll fucker into their circle.

There's only 1 standard to be in their group, agree with everything we say.



Ethics was merely our weapon
Holla Forums wanted to purge the SJWs from Vydia
Holla Forums wanted to unmask the (((men behind the curtain)))
The fact that all the aggros were all corrupt bastards is what made Ethics such an effective weapon to bash them with
Every thing else you said is right, we MUST destroy the (((media))) but know that Ethical standards where never our goal

you're not even kidding. Interdasting.

Just having an ordinary christmas with my family.

Go be retarded somewhere else.

Don't reply to the obvious shill, user.

Spent time with my family, I also bought my nephew his very first console, a 3DS with mario kart and pokemon, which he played all day.

I remember the good times when we didn't knew what the SJW where and those where just soccer moms and crazy people.

GG was just the world of gaming convulsing as it finally realised the long cock of cultural Marxism entering it. "Muh ethics" was just a vehicle for rejecting that.

Mark should sticky that CON thread for at least a day. The leaks were posted at night so many people likely missed them.

Also, the leaks need to be in the OP for now on somehow for easy access.

We've tried everything on Femfreq but they won't budge.

Getting videos made is also a bonus, though not required. AlphaOmegaSin is the one with the biggest normalfag audience I can think of outside of broteam (Broteam signal boosting was really good)

Would it be okay to spread this around for ethics? Or keep it on the downlow for more digging?

I'll yell you the same thing I said back in these threads years ago. Give me good solid proof that Soros is funding LW or whatever the current thing is.

Until then fuck off. We have more than enough evidence to go after Polygon and vice.

No. Fuck off.

2 years ago, I came onto this ride to fuck up SJWs.
Corrupt journalists are unethical, thus we used that against them to tear their influence up and run their reputation into the ground.

As Brote aptly pointed out a long time ago. SJWs were the ones who kept propagating "muh ethics".

Nah. I'm here to fuck those fucking faggots up. Whether sending e-mails to advertisers, highlighting their ethical failings to showing that these golden idols are hacks and frauds.

"Muh ethics only" is bullshit. It's just one aspect of GG and not it's entirety.

So you can say she's a big girl.

Spent time with family. Also spent time a bit of time in these threads.
I am pathetic and consider you all my friends.

Don't lie to yourself user
We all kenw Journos could not be trusted, but when we found evidence of their corruption we jumped all over it whit the Ethics hammer cus it was the most effective way to get rid of them

What is this in reference to and how can we use it to slam Vox?

I did nothing special besides going to see my friend and his family I practically live with now. I got some $10 in Yugioh cards I need to make summoning one of my all time favorite monsters, Red Nova Dragon, possible in one turn along with the other $10 being just enough to help me get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS and fully got into the series after a rough first impression from my brother's Tri years ago.

Before anyone objects my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore. They basically just go visit my stepdad's (I personally call him a closer friend because I don't want a dad) family that aside from my grandma and his brother who never has the time to be around anymore I don't ever socialize with.

I was having a relaxing time with my family and played some vidya with online friends.
The only time I cracked open my browser was to celebrate with you faggots in the thread.

Christmas dinner and vidya afterwards.

I spend my time with my family, the only relevant thing I did it to GamerGate was made the new year bread and continue with my family.

user, my friend, look at what's happening as we speak. Gamergate is just a small arm of a very LARGE pushback against not only unethical press, but corruption and yes, SJW ideology. American journalism is burning to the ground and it's gotten so bad they can no longer ignore it. I think it was the New York Times that ran an article saying we are "witnessing the death of american journalism?"

Hillary just a day ago went on tv in front of the nation and cried about twitter trolls. Nobody trust the news anymore. Nobody trust hillary. "Mediagate" is and did happen! It's grown beyond gamergate is all.

When people say "gamergate won" they're not entirely wrong. Gamergate was validated, in every single way. The gaming press is a laughing stock. SJWs are on the run. People are taking back the colleges. And every major enemy and goon that gamergate has made over the last two years has been proven to be either vile, idiotic, or in some cases downright insane. And the cherry on the cake is Gawker, who in their death throws blamed it all on gamergate! Over credited us of course, but the victory still taste just as sweet.

I see a lot of people that say what you say here. Don't fear. We're not going anywhere, and we're not done. And even if all of GG packed up and went home today, it wouldn't matter! Like I said, it's grown beyond GG now. There's no stopping this train.

The press had two choices: clean up their act, or burn down. They choose the later.



Dining with my family and when everyone was asleep watch some porn.

Also suffering some crippling depression because I'm 32 and still I don't have a job nor I have a family to breed children with.

So has anyone started to break these leaks up into some kind of timeline? Maybe chunk them into days/weeks and put them along side news articles, our archives, wikipedia edits, events that happened, and so forth?

jews control the media, if you want to call it porky or whatever you want you can, I really don't care what you call it.

I lie in bed all the time like a human sloth, so I can fap without ever getting caught at any time in the day.

Metabolism and daily walks with my friend to help him lose weight helps keep me in shape.


Praise be to the diggers, whose labours ensure our threads are rich and the common folk are never starved of happenings.

before, we might find the polygon article dollfucker is talking about, so we can speculate the tie from there.

I've said it many times in Gamergate threads, and I'll say it again:

SJWs disproportionately benefit from an incestuous, unethical press. To level the playing field and to hold bullshitters to task would damage them more than just about any other group. The trap that the "muh ethics" people need to avoid is to end up completely playing by SJW rules, because they'd still escape the punishment for their actions that they deserve. The people in it to solely fuck over the reputation of SJWs need to stop chastising people for attempting to improve the state of journalism, since doing so, again, would be mutually beneficial.

Gamergate is a complex subject that encompasses many grievances with the game industry and related industries. Attempting to turn it into a singular subject is unintentional D&C, at best.

GG was the snowball that caused the avalanche Trump is currently surfing on
With out us shitting all over the (((media))) with our meme magic (((They))) wouldn't be so desperatly trying to do damage control

I just saw a new ad against Trump. What's his stance on disability?

I was traveling for work. Not as fun as spending time with my family but I did after in January to make up for it.

Noone does this, people just get upset when others say that gamergate is only ethics as its blatantly false. If they ones saying that don't want to illicit that reaction they should instead say that that is the only part that they care about.

Oh, and adding to this, CNN is being investigated for falsifying polls and data.

Fresh out of hospital after surviving some pretty fucked up shit with my heart and the accompanying surgery.

Felt good to be around family, having my first beer in around 2 months, eating good food.


Ethics is merely our weapon
Our enemy and target has, and will always be (((SJWs)))

Praise the diggers! Praise Kek!

He has no issue with people with disabilities. There was some reporter who had a disability that he made fun of without even realizing that the guy had a disability, the media spun this into him hating disabled people.

Why is whenever shills want to drop the video game aspect and force us to focus on politics, they reframe it as an "ethics vs SJW" thing?

Sorry, I'll ignore them and shut up now.

From the very first five guys thread on cuck Holla Forums, there were people wanting to stick it to SJW, and people wanting game journos to clean up their act. It's a dual issue that has been here since the very beginning, and I accept that. And yes it's always used as the wedge for D&C. Usually by people who don't care about either, and just want Holla Forums to be used as a personal army for other subjects that have nothing to do with videogames.

Wait what?

I hope you are not kidding me.

who else here from freech raid? DX


No one also does "muh ethics". That is a strawman by the usual revolt/ralph crew. Ethics also ties in SJW shit, and encapsulates both. Ethics is the main weapon against journos and sjws because it's objective and they have no ethics.

You should know this. We've been over this for 2 fucking years.

Very convenient all these people all of a sudden come out of the woodwork right after the leaks like the good old days to push DNC.

Fuck off with the derailing

Son of a bitch.

Polite sage for off-topic;
The autist who got triggered over JoJo and anons hating his Powerpuff girls storytime managed to get into a mod position and purge most of Holla Forums.
8/co/ is officially kill.

Isn't everyone posting JoJo in response?

8/co/ was showing signs of convergence for a while, but this is still unfortunate.

This is the beauty of Holla Forums. Make a new Holla Forums. We're not bound by the same limitations cuckchan is.

Anything to deflect incoming fire against the ones paying their wage. It's not a very good tactic. It reeks of desperation.


That was a couple days ago, not now. It'll carry on as usual. 8/co/ isn't dead, but it IS kinda shit.

Shut up. It's the second time you've tried to push this. Everyone made fun of you the first time. Get out.

How the fuck did he become mod!?

Then burn it down and start a new one. That's the self moderating power my brother was talking about.

Except someone just did in the thread which is why others got upset.

Mostly true. I just wanted a better industry and was all too aware of the bullshit dragging it further and further down, its 'journalism' included. GG gave us an opportunity to make it at least a little better, and we've been tugging and pushing as much mileage out of it as we can.

Christmas Eve, I was cozy as hell with the whole family reunited in the living room. The parents had gone to bed as my siblings and I shittalked over whatever Christmas specials we'd downloaded.
Christmas Day, I took TB's advice and sang songs with the family until it got so late that we had to sit down by the fireplace.
For New Years I met friends in town earlier that afternoon, chilled with siblings until they went to bed, and enjoyed the extremely cozy New Years' TV until I slept.

Less than four months until Christmas Day, anons

Just follow the money user
SJWs are indoctrinated in (((universities))) and fed lies by the (((meida)))
Just ask yourself
(((Who))) pays their salaries?
(((Who))) benefits from SJW style censorship all over the web?
(((Who))) created the cultural Marxism used to indoctrinate people into SJWism?

It could be this.
archive.is/20151228200813/http://www.please use archive.is/features/2015/12/21/10619168/top-video-game-news-2015


Holla Forums is full of Holla Forumsmies
They get buttblasted whenever you start posting repill stuff

How the fuck does that happen?

Seriously this is a growing concern with

Can you even read

The entire point of his post was not to get complacent in dumb drama and circlejerking

He wants GG to level up and be "MediaGate" to fuck the media up. has nothing to do with ethics vs sjw dnc.

it just looks like to me you got triggered over the term ethics.

It didn't happen. Stop taking bait without proof.

Fuck me daddy

Dates don't really match, that article is from December 21, 2015 and that section of the log is from March 1, 2015.

Just in time for my yearly DS9 rewatch.

It's January 3rd.

What do you mean it didn't happen, half the catalog literally disappeared and most threads are mentioning how they were deleted. What're you on about?

I must fight my corruption.

I built a snowman with my seven year old niece and gf, we had our Christmas family lunch and me and my niece played some sonic racing transformed later on.

I believe I was celebrating Christmas with my family, marathoning through Tales of the Abyss and celebrating New Years.
Christmas was especially good. Stellar christmas dinner and I slept like an old man after it.

Yeah fine that's my last reply, we have logs for fucks sake, also I need bed soon



The last time I remember being around for a happening was when firetires was debating chu and maymay girl with femanon, making screencaps to post in the thread. Am I permitted to join in this grand reveling even if I faded out?
Also, is anyone making backups of the brote streams?



First time I've heard about it, didn't know it happened a few days ago.

I saw multiple anons saying it's true and half of the catalog on Holla Forums is gone.
My bad, I guess.

I have backups of both streams, along with the stream of Honey Badgers with Ian Miles Cheong. Would you like me to upload those to teknik?

Why wouldn't you be? Send emails tweets to get people to cover this while you're at it so we can use the coverage as ammo in emails to Disney and Twitter investors.


… I actually hadn't noticed. Nor did I know. Maybe that other user is right and I just confused his post with what happened a week or two ago on Holla Forums.
… if it turns out to be true then bully me

Val would defend Holla Forums regardless, so his assertion means little, particularly if half the catalogue is gone.

If you fuckers haven't already spread this…




Do what you like with them, as long as this shit was to never go away

Consider yourself bullied.

>>>Holla Forums458372

Can you make a webM where Ian state the FemFreq finance CON (~1:39:00) in the badger stream ?

Wait, now I realize the problem, you gave the wrong archive link. What's the right one?

I'll see what I can do. My computer's a bit slow, so the cropping will take some time.

It's the right article link.
Scroll down the page.

That femfreq-con thing sounds like some money laundering scheme.

I need to see it too. Can't find DS9 on any of the DL sites I frequent.

Well that's not really proof (the same guy had claimed he'd managed to steal the admin account a while ago too), but yeah, if many Holla Forums threads are gone, it's either a bug that took place because Holla Forums was being fixed, somehow, or indeed he got mod position.
In my memory it was possible to get deleted threads back, though…

This is on the front-page of Imgur.

Comments are red-pilled as well. For a normalfag website with group-think via voting comments, they seem red-pilled.

We're winning lads.
The majority is learning they are the majority.

Grabbing the original tweets now.

Actually this is a seperate event then a few days ago. This did actually happen.

Well even if it didn't, I stand by my statement. Holla Forums is for the users, by the users. If an SJW ever co opts a board, it's a simple matter to make a new one. Unlike cuckchan, where a single mod or butthurt janitor can burn a board to the ground with no recourse for the users, except move to a different site.

so then the byline is December 21st? I feel like I'm just being retarded or something, where does it say it was written in January?

The article was written in December. The log is from January 3rd. It's the closest thing I can find to that date.

I'm just saying a few days back because of timezones, I think. It was like, less than 24 hours ago, no?

Thing is, I doubt Holla Forums would let someone "steal" a board anyway. If you own a board by hacking or some shit, I'd assume he'd just get kicked and the original owner would get it back.

well the log can't possibly be referencing something that had not happened yet, also while I know that most European countries have D/M/Y the US has M/D/Y and its more likely that the logs came from an American. So 03/01/2015 would be March 1st.


From what i'm seeing here, full/co/ is working perfectly fine again.
What did they do to that autist to make him flip out that hard?

Okay, I see what's wrong. My bad.

I don't want to derail, but I took these pictures in an antiques mall a year ago, and I think people can have some fun with them. I don't want to post them to my twitter or whatever, so if anyone wants to make memes or post them elsewhere, have at it.

sage for off topic

well they are not wrong. Trust but verify


While my video editing program is updating, I would like to know if there's an exact time that I should crop out or if it's just a general section that you want cropped out.

the worst kind of real doll

I was watching my friend play Metal Gear Solid 3 last night and I was chilled by a realization.

He was raging so fucking hard at The Fury because : he reminded him too well of Firefly, a villain he hates and thinks is shit outside of The Batman, he's obnoxious, his fire does ridiculous amounts of damage and is apparently hard to avoid, let alone the boss himself, the AI seemed to be broken and capable of not only detecting him way too easily, but also hard to get away from and glitching attacks to somehow land anyways result in in cheap deaths and he couldn't seem to keep his thermal goggles charged. He said he literally hadn't felt such rage since he was a child.

All my life thought anger was both a poison and a kind of twisted strength. Hate gave me all the drive I needed to keep from being overwhelmed by the presence and flood of lies of everything I consider an enemy even as I felt my psychological and emotional stability worsening. In games I've always been able to channel my rage to fearsomely sharpen my gaming senses and reaction time to max just in order to animalistically destroy the source of it. But it didn't help him at all. It just made me worried he was going to punch a hole through his TV.

Anger is supposed to make it easier to destroy enemies. That's literally the point of the fight or flight reaction. How could this happen? It was no power. But it was mine for all this time and I felt like it would help me outlast the cult of socjus like everything before it. Now I feel I can't rely on it at all.

It looks more alive then the real one.

SJWs attempted to corner and limit GG by saying it wasn't about ethics, so that you'd say "it's about ethics"

we know the SPJ and their "professional code of ethics" is fucking garbage these days, it's not 2014 anymore.

We're not really defined by what we're about but by what we oppose

It's probably this article then. archive.is/FTczs




Nothing from TB on twitter, but he did answer on KIA to some accusations.

Also, Cheong updated his article on Heat-St.
Make sure to update the archives you saved:
archive.is/NsOtX (new version saved just now)

How do we keep this info flowing? Get a hashtag up or…?

nah i feel it's this one. Obscures sources (Zen of shit, a fan fic on amazon etc), conclusion meet the dollfucker one. could it have been ghostwritten? archive.is/tVfqq

Might be this, its a bit closer to the date and they were acting like it was recent.

The point of emotions is to be stronger than them. Anger is related to a personal fear, always; however it makes you weak if you let it act for you. Same thing with all strong emotions of course; as long as you can focus and stay in control of who you are over your emotions, you won't just be them.

I'm getting conflicting messages here.

FunFact: Obfuscating Islamic influences while blaming whitey is ethical according to the SPJ.

Don't try to psychoanalyze when you have no idea what you're talking about.

How can you spread a waifu's legs if they're already wide open?

It might be.

That's after the date man.

No its not, the date was March 1st.

Didn't they give Kotaku an award for excellent journalism like a month after Airplay?

The only thing "professional" about them is the fact they make money.

Who do you think you're fooling?

I don't even remember, it was almost two years ago.

But at least I wasn't whining about my family and a hashtag on the internet. I don't feel too close to my family, but at least I don't whine about them like a teenager.

That was a different branch from Koretsky's. They have some level of independence

Remember when they were talking on New Year's Eve it was 12/31/2014, so we know for a fact that format is M/D/Y.

[03/01/2015, 7:47:29 AM] Peter Coffin: I think this is going to be a big year

I blame you murricans and your retarded way to write the date.


Your way is definitely more logical.

What? Fury was by far the easiest not counting Sorrow. Just stand between the walls when he charges and snipe him from across the room.

Anyway, don't worry about it. All you saw was how anger looks like from an onlooker, particularly when no attempts are being made to keep it hidden. Anger is a very powerful emotion and often drives you to succeed. But just as oftenly it does so by making you repeatedly do stupid things because your mindset at that time refuses to back down, give up or admit any sort of defeat. All you have to do is to not let it get the better of you. Let it fuel you but keep a clear enough head to not be driven by it, or else a TV really is getting punched.

You got upset because you're all fucking idiots. Ethics forces these fuckwits to level the playing field. To provide real and fair reporting which is something they have no done for nearly a decade and are still refusing to do and all you select few dumbasses care about it ruining the reputation of a handful of assholes and getting into childish pissing contests with useful idiots on twitter.

Kinda unrelated to GG, but I was reading this article about a Chinese community, mostly female, called "Little Pink"


How shit was Kotaku before they became so infested with boob hating e-cultists?

I remember them always having a bad reputation.

One currently exists - is it worth using?


muh ethics in journalism was a fucking goon meme that you're still falling for years later. It was 3 C's: Cronyism, Corruption, Censorship.

They didn't give it to kotaku, they gave it to a kotaku article. Sadly, kotaku was influential enough to get better sources and research that other sites last year.

50 Cents bitches

The chinks use the same tactics as goons on national scale

Erika Polina OC is pretty much done. I should color it, if I can keep myself from wasting time obsessively making small tweaks as I've been doing.

Fucking this

To dispel all doubt about the date.

I'm a fucking moron.

I'm proud of you faggots.

It's already fucking gorgeous user, and I'm not too fond of Erika


I'm sorry guys, you're all right.

poor son of a bitch

Every passing month, I'm amazed at what these threads bring on the table. Keep it up, GG. I'm looking forward the results of this.

I know where you took that from. And I'm not even surprised.

Hi Nepfags and happy second birthday, along with us.

I haven't watched Yuru Yuri yet. Are people who hate Chinatsu mad because they ship Akari with her big sister who's basically cucked out of luck?


Same as you were actually.
Feels good man, family is great.


Oh, nevermind.
So much for a celebratory get.


Holy shit!

that isn't a get, it's just trips

Love you too, user.


didn't see the reply. Just the ~30 seconds about CON, so I can archive this

Wasn't specifically aiming for a number a get anyway? King of Gets back in the day just aimed for 5 outside of special occasions.

uh oh



Ban this faggot.

Is this worth posting on Twatter? Best to ask before I do.



I wouldn't

you have to search in 'news'

Make a thread on Holla Forums with details, I'm not seeing one.

ah, whoops feel free to billy

It seems nobody added the new developments in here


needs more visibility.

let it trend

Just thought of something. With the Quality Control filter they could just filter this info out easily. How would we be able to bypass that piece of shit filter?

Keep using that then.
Same rules apply: Don't split the tag- don't rebrand.
Try to get as many individual tweets RT'd, not just one tweet all the way to the top.

Oh, and since Twitter will censor it, include $TWTR, the $ acts like a # for stocks & shares. Twitter Corp. code is TWTR.
See where I'm going with it?

You can't. The filter probably have some sort of guilty by connection association. If you follow X and Y your reach gets nerfed, you can't really escape it

They might edit it, so try to source as best you can.

Brote's streams, Chu's tweet confirming it's legit, etc.

Bone Golem also updated his thing.

pepsi, disney, polaris. I see it.

Wait for sourced articles.

Then add the new developments with the articles and reap the salt

You know they will revert and lock it up anyway

The hashtag is either #CONleak or #CONLeaks. The latter I think is slightly more popular but the former is good too.

>>>Holla Forums7276111

that's why we need to spread this shit so we can have sources that are considered credible enough to be added on jimbopedia

I wonder if those companies will dare go against the narrative and not simply push it under the rug.

I-I actually just meant mention it so Twitter's shareholders can see.

@ Polaris and Do Disney's sheckle code.
I hate helping the mouse, but in this instance I'm happy if he rolled on her.

Polaris would be pissed since they lost money on it.
Disney are good goys through and through, so they might not deal with it since it's a very small amount of money they lost, but having SJWs in a place of authority sets a "standard" or status quo, so they can meme that SJWs are trusted in those positions.
We meme the truth.


now all the companys have to know that they got fucked and we are laughing at them

Happy Birthday fuckers

Does it come with George Soros' Hand accessory

I mean, that is a bonus.
Companies that think "SJW = Money" who aren't kool-aided fully will look at this and realize "SJW = Bad PR and Sabotage". The only companies that'll keep doing it are good goys and jews at the top.

So, the mainstream keeps being a cesspool, companies not in the main reject SJW even more, and SJW lose more footing and respectability as the only time you hear their voice is when it's sponsored by Megacorp- who everyone knows has a pseudo monopoly and poor quality service to the point they're shit.


this is really good


but try farting this link instead so it goes up on google


man fuck I wish I hadn't let some douschebag borrow my menacer. fucking dick.

fuck, did we archive? is there a fork or mirror?

The leaks are here but they're not broken down for easy consumption like they were on that site.

What were the leaks about?



Cross really doesn't pass.

All sorts of stuff. He influenced elections around the world, supported BLM and tries to take down putin.

Wow, is Soros a Bond villain?

Hes a chinese middle man

Oh… so a cultist from Lovecraft mythos trying to bring the old ones into the civilized world?

Looking into the past, weren't the paranoid shitheads right most of the time and even under-estimated things?

Hence why Holla Forums is always right

(lucky 7s checked)

Incest is the best, put your sister through the test

So… are we being raid by eggs?

Mods are shit.

Probably that faggot from Holla Forums since the BO woke up and bannned his ass.


Nevermind, cleaned.

Wasn't he a mod butthurt with JoJo threads?

I want to slap the shit out of them and electroshock their brains before starting to reeducate them not to be fucking mad killers and just be little cute pets.

I can't believe that dude's asshurt just because he botched a storytime.

A fun fact is that the term conspiracy theory was originally coined by the CIA in order to discourage people questioning the government in the 60s.

He was a faggot that was butthurt over JoJo and anons making fun of his botched powergirl storytime thread so he cooled his autism and pretended to be someone else so that he can become a vol and ban JoJo threads.
The BO woke up and banned him tho, but this is an accurate summery of the situtation
Now back to digging logs

HA, no, he himself was the OP of the /jojo/ thread that was deleted. Turns out, he deleted it himself and made a new one titled "in which we beg the mods for forgiveness." Naturally, the mods weren't happy that he tried impersonating them.

Don't forget that he later tried claiming that he hacked the mod's email and got moderator access. Even went full "pssh, nothin' personnel, kid" fedoralord after he got banned for once again impersonating mods.


Those are the green movement guys

This is pretty much peak Holla Forums isn't it? It sounds like a line from a dry humour superhero comic.

I was just thinking about that. These con logs show a conspiracy, the rigging of the DNC is a proven conspiracy– a group of people maliciously acting in secret happens all the time. When it began an insult to call someone paranoid is interesting too.

These two twitter accounts have done some breakdown already:

Look for stuff dated 27th August. And act NOW. Never know who's gonna get banned.

To help dig more, pop by:

Ah, I see. Give me a second to laugh then.

For those of you keeping track, today is the 2nd anniversary of Adam Baldwin coining the term #Gamergate.

What's their codename, starting top row left to right.
Borderline, Low-T Bag, Tuck, Chris Talmeth?

That's today? Then in celebration of the anniversary, here's my Gamergate ship and crew in Star Trek online.

So far I have Vivian, Oliver Campbell, and I've made Gilda Mars.

Also, my ship's engines look like penises to me.

please no bully

Thread motivation song.

PozReviews, omegaBurch, Adam's Melon and abort-chan

I knew I was right to be suspicious of her from the first get go. She was a boat anchor when she became co-host to her husband's tv show a long time ago.
dubs checked
FemFreq might be a case of the castle is still standing, but the foundation might be where it can crumbles on itself. If the chat log can chip away at the foundation it might reach a tipping point.
By that I mean companies of all sizes irrevocably backs the fuck away from giving monies and resources to femfreq and other socjus CONjobs. Sheeit even Joshboy is kicked out of FemFreq, right, now he's running some hilarious internet pop detective or whatever fuck insane video ramblings that only going full Mcintosh can provide. Neeta Bonita was the floor salespitch but Mcintosh was the cis white male behind the curtain.

Fuck me this update is taking a long ass time.

If anything, I hope this either reforms or kills Twitter.

Is there a punished Holla Forums?

My mom bought me a backpack after she found me cumming in my old one.

The foundation? You mean Katherine Cross, who is in the logs repeatedly endorsing doxing and harassment of people they don't like?
Yeah, that sounds like the route to go.

family shit, vidya, i admit i was also on the chans but i still did family and vidya first

No…but there will be now! I should be able to make an alien Bridge officer look close enough to him. The pure white skin might be a problem though.

MN9 Dina?

That's pretty cute

That was nice of her

pretty nice though

Yep. She admitted in the logs to fucking with designs and trying to push SJW agenda on the game. Basically, everything Holla Forums accused her of back then turned out to be 100% right, despite her defenders claiming she was just a community manager and couldn't do anything.


Don't forget that she also went "I was going to hide my power level, but since the backers think I'm incompetent, I'm going to go full SJW on this shit."

Oh shit, is Cross still in FemFreq currently? Honest question, I thought -he- got booted out along with Joshboy because Neeta wants the scam operation all to herself now. Sheeeeit, the speed of socjus backstabbing each other and cannibal frenzy can be hard to keep track of sometimes.

Yeah, she's in there a lot. Some juicy bits are:

- Apparently she was a giant pain in the ass to the rest of Comcept and lobbied constantly for them to racebend/genderbend characters in the game.

- Bitching incessantly about her coworkers' sexism, and even referring to them by name.

- Admitting she never read her contract and she was "probably" in violation of it, but didn't care.

Thanks, she still doesn't know about the fact that I want to ride in one on a guys back as he's fucking mygirlfriend.

I had dinner with both of my parents(they're separated) for the first time in almost 20 years that year at a family christmas gathering. Got drunk with my brother and some friends for New Year's and checked in on the threads every once in a while to drunk shitpost.


Does anyone have a good pic of punished Holla Forums? And should that be his actual name? Punished Holla Forums? Or should I change it to Punished Vee or something like that?

So every single aGG scumbag under the sun was in that "group".
I still think mn9 being a blunder is all Kikefune, mostly because he brought her in to the team, and not the other way around

The game probably wouldn't have been good even without her involvement, but there's no doubt she made things worse.

How's that backpack story coming along?

Thank fuck there's at least a MML3 fan game going on. I hope Capcom either leaves them alone or hires them to complete MML3.

Here's some good ones.

Top kek



More music for gamergate

Praise kek

Not only that, but she said "it's in Japanese or some shit," as if it's too much of a pain in the ass to translate.

Pretty good. I'm making it longer, but my first draft can be read here.


The final sex scene is going to be 20 pages long, that's my goal.

The eye patch may be a problem. I think there's one in the game, but it needs to be bought

They also wonder why they are unemployed.

That's a very apt comparison. Male drones are extremely thirsty, sexually frustrated, pussy-whipped betas.



How's this so far? I need to buy the eyepatch, but I can do that later.

Thank fuck my program is done updating. Now to crop.

Looking good so far. Any possibility of making the cheeks fuller?

Sounds to me like they are bullying him to do their bidding.

Rob is UnseenPerfidy? The sex predator guy? So much for those claims he "wasn't affiliated."

Like this? I can also change the face texture. The first one is what use to be called the "heroic" texture. The second pic is a more plain texture.



these people all have mental health issues

I'd go with the plain texture.



What the fuck Blackball means?

To render someone unemployable in a certain industry.

Kicking them out of the industry.

[31/12/2014, 11:11:21 PM] Dina : oh Japanese men in general are on their own level of cognitive dissonance
[31/12/2014, 11:11:21 PM] Athena Hollow: havent seen the xmas special yet
[31/12/2014, 11:11:25 PM] Dina : sorry if that's racist
[31/12/2014, 11:11:30 PM] Athena Hollow: I've heard.
[31/12/2014, 11:11:32 PM] Dina : but in 5 years of living there
[31/12/2014, 11:11:38 PM] live:riotarms: Island nation thinking
[31/12/2014, 11:11:43 PM] Dina : yeah as a society men are pretty fucking awful to women
[31/12/2014, 11:11:43 PM] Athena Hollow: It's especially prevalent among the upper class, is it not?
[31/12/2014, 11:11:51 PM] live:riotarms: They're like us Brits
[31/12/2014, 11:12:03 PM] Dina : classes are not as much of a thing in Japan
[31/12/2014, 11:12:12 PM] Dina : everyone is more or less equally sexist
[31/12/2014, 11:12:14 PM] Athena Hollow: sorry by class I mean more the bosses lol
[31/12/2014, 11:12:20 PM] Dina : like compliment my tits at work sexist
[31/12/2014, 11:12:24 PM] Athena Hollow: O________o
[31/12/2014, 11:12:27 PM] Dina : ^this is considered normal
[31/12/2014, 11:12:35 PM] Athena Hollow: …..
[31/12/2014, 11:12:37 PM] Athena Hollow: sooooooooooooooooooo
[31/12/2014, 11:12:41 PM] Athena Hollow: avoiding Japan. Gotcha. LOL
[31/12/2014, 11:12:46 PM] live:riotarms: Birth rate is through the floor isn't it
[31/12/2014, 11:12:47 PM] Rob: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[31/12/2014, 11:12:52 PM] Dina : like 40 year old coworker calling me at night crying because he overheard me say I was going on a date
[31/12/2014, 11:12:58 PM] Dina : and he thinks we should be together

It means bullied out of the industry by making your name poison within it. Like what Destructoid did to Pinsof with the help of GJP.

Alright, all done. Punished Holla Forums

Fucking cowards.

To be fair that last part is definitely more than believable
**well not about dina being the target of a man's affection, but you know, about a nihonjin dude doing that kinda shit**

That's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Peter Coffin's mental issues.

Comment section closed in 3… 2…


wait, this same Jack Conte?

Wow… that's.. I don't know what to say. They really are low.

Would she love living in Saudi Arabia? Or Germany where rapes are covered up?

Are the Japs that desperate or did she make it up?

Remember the day 'DINA# from M-No.9 got support of the socjus Journo clique?
I have a few journalists friends that may be interested in this
I have a few journalists friends that may be interested in this
I have a few journalists friends that may be interested in this
I have a few journalists friends that may be interested in this


It has many specific meanings relating to different forms and methods of ostracization, dating back to ancient Greece. But the usage here means blocking a person's employment inside an entire industry, achieved by secret persuasion and agreements. The victim usually doesn't know, and has to realize it is going on through suspicion that everyone refuses to hire him/her for no apparent reason.



Why did my spoilers fuck up like that

Okay that's fucking professional hentai-tier and looks amazing, but no, just no.

You wish



Well, confirmed that japan have shit taste in women and they don't deserve their neveraging eternal loli women nor their anime.

Why, Vivian. Why?

Well to be fair, foreign women often have an "exotic" appeal. Meaning that you won't really be that capable of telling which ones are "prettier" than the others, since you weren't used to seeing them in general. So you'll lower your standard as long as they're not morbidly obese.
Hell, even many of us loser NEETs would have more chances of success among moongirls for the mere fact that we'd be able to have facial hair


[31/12/2014, 11:12:58 PM] Dina : and he thinks we should be together
[31/12/2014, 11:13:04 PM] live:riotarms: Oh god
[31/12/2014, 11:13:22 PM] Rob: WTF
[31/12/2014, 11:13:26 PM] Dina : then shaving his head the next day and telling other coworkers it's to make me feel guilty for rejecting him : D
[31/12/2014, 11:13:33 PM] live:riotarms: Way to be sexy and attractive, 40 year old dude
[31/12/2014, 11:13:39 PM] Dina : and sending them endless texts complaining about me : D
[31/12/2014, 11:13:54 PM] Dina : making my whole work environment somehow worse : D
[31/12/2014, 11:13:59 PM] Rob: "MY TEARS ARE A NATURAL APHRODESIAC" - Dina's creepy fucking awful coworker
[31/12/2014, 11:14:14 PM] Dina : and then when I tell the Producer, he says to get over it and I could "ruin his life" with this : D
[31/12/2014, 11:14:26 PM] Dina : and "take it as a compliment, he eventually backed off" : D
[31/12/2014, 11:14:32 PM] live:riotarms: Ugh
[31/12/2014, 11:14:36 PM] Rob: I'd stab people.
[31/12/2014, 11:14:49 PM] Dina : yeah I hate the Producer of MN9 more than life itself
[31/12/2014, 11:15:03 PM] Dina : "don't block people who insult you and be nice to them" Producer
[31/12/2014, 11:15:10 PM] Dina : this is on the MN9 forums
[31/12/2014, 11:15:15 PM] Dina : where I have to work everyday
[31/12/2014, 11:15:30 PM] live:riotarms: Oh damn I'm dumb, I just realised why your name was familiar
[31/12/2014, 11:15:34 PM] Rob: keiji inafune? blah
[31/12/2014, 11:15:58 PM] Dina : no, a rookie called Nick Yu
[31/12/2014, 11:16:01 PM] Rob: Oh
[31/12/2014, 11:16:06 PM] Dina : no game dev experience until comcept
[31/12/2014, 11:16:11 PM] Rob: Okay I was like
[31/12/2014, 11:16:15 PM] Rob: wtf? inafune? that makes me sad
[31/12/2014, 11:16:25 PM] Dina : first shipped game was Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
[31/12/2014, 11:16:44 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: hahaha wtf at the shaving guy story dina x-x
[31/12/2014, 11:16:46 PM] Rob: I always wonder - would people like Yu's tune change if the posts were about them?
[31/12/2014, 11:16:47 PM] Dina : Inafune is regular old man sexist but otherwise a complete sweetie and a great supportive boss
[31/12/2014, 11:16:47 PM] live:riotarms: I heard that's bad
[31/12/2014, 11:17:05 PM] Rob: Like if the forums were flooded with "Nick Yu has a small penis and is a convicted dog fucker"
[31/12/2014, 11:17:22 PM] Dina : Yaiba: youtube.com/watch?v=5BuVfeDhQHI
[31/12/2014, 11:17:27 PM] Dina : please watch this teaser
[31/12/2014, 11:17:35 PM] Dina : it tells you all you need to know about my job
[31/12/2014, 11:17:35 PM] Rob: Watching
[31/12/2014, 11:17:47 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: so are you saying the way to a woman's heart is NOT to call her at 3 in the morning when you barely know her, crying, and shave your head the next day???


Based Nick Yu.

A rookie who has his shit together.

That coworker and that producer do sound like retarded douches, but that "don't block people who are mean, and stay professional" is… well, basic shit regarding community managing ?..

Don't worry, the art's great and you know how to present that shit just like in your chinese porn comics. The issue was just that you picked the wrong girl to be the dom.
Gilda isn't the dom.
She isn't.

Calm down batman!


Updates for the gitgud ready for approval.

Any names here ringing a bell?




What are you nerds doing here? Shouldn't you be going outside and getting a life?




How does Kluweless always manage to outdo himself in every single situation, you think we've reached the limit of how stupid a single man can be but he screams NO, I can go deeper.

Context: 49ers QB refused to stand for the national anthem because the american flag oppresses niggers.

I went outside to get some beer for the anniversary and the whole process was awful.


How the fuck do they come to these conclusions?

Belligerent loud monkeys aren't very smart people

twitter.com/search?q="Colin Kaepernick"&src=tren

I don't know user.

I wish I was oppressed as that guy.

Pic related

this is their editor in chief


I love how savage Brad can be when you mess with him on twitter.

Anyone who runs the GG wiki or someone who knows how to contact them here? There's editor looking to get in contact on /gghq/ >>>/gamergatehq/327054

ID: c40f37 (1)
Hey c40f37, how did you spend your previous christmas and new year?

Holy shit, good thing that bitch is too psycho to fuck him, nigga dodged a artillery shell.




I hope this isn't part of a bigger story

The sooner AAA get their shit together the better. Or they could burn down. Either is fine with me.


I don't know what to think about this. On the one hand, it's very well drawn. On the other, it kind of messes with Gilda's retard moe depictions.

It was obvious since her first shift for MN9 that she was scum and this only cements the fact.

Thank you very much for the update. Where'd you get the Vivian?

If I didn't know any better, that title sounds like a short guide on how to git gud. Too bad the article is a load of shit about "games as art".

Oh yeah, about that new Gearbox Duke Nukem thing from the last thread, it actually gets worse.
It's spoilered for a reason.

!Channers! Give me your Epics KEK's you have.


forgot link


Anyone know where I can find the comic this image is from? I've been trying to find it but I don't think it is saved anywhere outside of imageboards.

This is fake user
Fuck you yes it is, it isn't real and you're not real either

>I about cried when I heard him say "bazinga"

Holy shit, nobody open this.

I don't have all the stories this artist made, but here's the one you're looking for


Already saw this in another thread and it still makes me cringe to the point that I fear that my spine is coming apart.

Source, btw?

Happy 2nd anniversary, GamerGate! We got you a little present.


The full trailer was supposed to release today, but there wasn't enough time to finish everything. It'll come out sometime next month, hopefully. The CON leaks are great news, it proves everything we've been saying for the last two years is true - and I'm not going to let them forget it. Apologies in advance for not sticking around, it's late and I really need to sleep.

Someone should tell him his hair is on upside down

And might as well post another adorable one too

These are the first pages

This is pleasing me greatly.


Thank you very much. Here's hoping for a demo in the future.

I'm looking for a clip. I wanted so bad to call you a lying faggot.

I was giving presents in this thread last year on Christmas.


Was sitting in my viv folder. Saved it a while ago but not sure from where.

Check >>>/vivan/ , >>>/ggis/ , and >>>/gamergatehq/ if want to look for oc you might have missed.

Is this okay or did you want more?

My rather political mother is going to love reading this.

Very well.




Why did she had to show her panties?

By the way, are you going to release more pages?



Has anyone contacted Candice Owens yet to let her know about the revealed and confirmed collusion in CON?

Not that I know.

should have sent them this, they will be clueless about that pic alone



Holy fuck ququ is obsessed

Banana Hitler updated this


Thanks, bruvs

has anyone seen this? is it good? i'm still listening to brotes second stream

link to the podcast

Added it.

We've created a lot of cute content in the last 2 years, and even games! Seeing the sea lion reminds me, is it true what was being said in the leaked logs? Did our sea lion die?


got a guy at CNN and a friend at WSJ

MainstreamMedia, everyone, Main-Stream-Media.

i use some kitten shielding to make it less gory

I don't have a twitter account to contact her. This would probably help cement her understanding of the process CON used to harass her.

That was KiA's thing. Can't find anything about it dying

John kelly killed it after panda told him no riding the sea lion


I thought that was our thing? I didn't think KiA had ops

But remember, we're the privileged ones.

I have no idea why antis made up that rumor, but there was never a sea lion. The "adopt a sea lion" is "symbolic." The money went to the charity, the pandas got a stuffed sea lion. The end. There was never a sea lion to die.

It was a twitter OP. Pandas did it.

Funding a sealion was never an op.

Actually, with all the funny rainbow friendships at the colorefull playground at the CONleaked chat room


what does this make to the article at the wikipedia

What the fuck is wrong with these idiots?

Do you have a link to the archive where they discuss how to harass Owens? I only know about Owens from hearsay, and personally still think that her project was retarded, but I'd still send her a message if that helps to clear up things and shift the pressure around.

Apparently the $5000 was just to fund a sealion sanctuary.

You forgot the [#GG + #NYS] in the thread title, baker, that's what I always use to search for these breads

I don't buy games why would I buy a sealion

I generally just put "#N" in the search bar.

It was an emergency bake. And why the fuck do you not just search for #GG.

I do use #GG to search for it, but you'll see that its not there in the thread title.

I have no idea. These chatlogs don't even seem like they were written by actual human beings half the time. Lifschitz especially is all over the place. At one point he's bragging about using his trust fund to buy banner ads on Reddit, then an hour later he's calling Gators privileged manchildren that have never worked a day in their lives. Then an hour after that he declares that "self-awareness is our [aGG's] strength"! If these people were characters in a comedy film critics would be calling them poorly written and unrealistic.

nah. just this one page. was planning a whole comic but this is all i can muster.

i guess i am happy that i can make that cause then i can just make more.

These are disturbing. We were right all along. These fuckers had connections and they used them to push a knowingly false narrative. It's all there, plain as day. The greatest journalistic failing of our time.

And to think, these are the fuckers that have been telling us to check our privilege this whole fucking time,

These logs were way before Owens came on the scene but it shows HOW they colluded in the past and IIRC Cheong revealed that they started to use a place where there would be no records of their conversations unlike with the leaked chat logs. It shows a "previous history" of collusion.

No, its just the only one you are fully aware of. As Assange said this goes all the way to the top, if they lied about a little squabble over video games what else do you think they have lied about?

meant for

The twitter front is kind of dead. Is it because it's weekend or is their content filter kicking in?

twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=conlogs OR conleaks OR conleak&src=typd


This is what bothers me the most. It's all so hypocritical. And I read the shit these fuckers say, it was so involved. And a lot of them come off legit crazy people. When Devin screams about gamer nerds being worse than ISIS, he means it. These fuckers are nuts.

To see it all laid bare. We oppose corrupt unethical press, so they utilise corrupt unethical press in a desperate bid to stop us. They've painted this picture of us being horrible monsters worse than Hitler, then at the same time insist that we're stupid manchildren. Then they defend censorship. They basically defended anything we opposed, and I can't help but wonder if everything they've done has been entirely in response to us. If gamergate came out tomorrow in favor of transgender rights, would they all oppose it the next day? They seem to live solely for spite.

Which brings me to my next point, Holla Forums. They really have it out for Holla Forums. The logs make it sound like they were trying hard to get the site taken down. They tried to nail it with anything they could. Do the logs confirm that they were manufacturing evidence, like we said?

This also makes me realise that when Google delisted Holla Forums, it was almost assuredly in response to something these people did. After all, they have connections.

These logs cover only 2 weeks and yet there's so much gold in them. Oh lord, please let us have more. We're addicted to them now.

I made some new OC for today's anniversary

The fact that, with all their media and government(!) connections, the best they could do is get us kicked off Google, speaks volumes to either their incompetence or Holla Forums's innocence. Probably both.

here's a list of people the writer follows and that follows him back

missed opportunity for twin towers

Why do they have it out so bad for Wardell, sure they try and fuck over everyone who cross them but I swear they go after him harder then most other people.


He's one of the only prominent industry people who is openly pro-GG.

It's adorable. Thanks a lot user.

Remember, it wasn't just Patreon. Holla Forums and /baphomet/ with the help of Hotwheels confirmed that they were going after payment processors like paypal and others(I think Stripe was one) to get it kicked off. Izzy and Pedo Dan were both confirmed to be doing this as well as two others that my memory is failing me on.

this is gonna be a very truthful article, i can sense it

I think it primarily speaks to our autistic persistence.

That has fucking nothing to do with what user said.

I'm sure people would love to see more!


Nyberg and that Myers guy with the tumblertale avatar are there too

How's LewdGamer doing?

Maybe it can help with connecting to the nips in the spirit of dick, unity.

I don't keep up with this crap, but who are the others next to Vivian and Holla Forums?

Good work though, I like it.

Also, how is everything going here?
Any updates?

actually this one's fine. But I'll bully you for the other two.

Probably both, and some people are spreading the leaks without that tag

Still running from the looks of it. Just the boss guy is living out of his car last I heard.

Spending time with my family, and friends. Friend and I even agreed not to talk about any GG stuff or anything, it was Christmas.

He got me a copy of Nier so I could finally play it, was fucking amazing.

Left to right:

1. Freya (DF-Tan, does the Digging)
2, Vivian (GG-Tan)
3. V-Tan (. . .)
4. Gilda Mars (Retarded Reddit-Tan that nobody likes. Ever.)
5. Danielle (DF-Tan, does the Archiving)


It'a fuckin' adorable, holy shit.

I thought it was Danielle that does the digging and Freya that does the freezing (archiving).

Bake the thread as soon as possible and then spam Danielle to 700.

All in favor?

More fun tan stuff

No. I like Danielle, but there's no need to spam to 700 just to reach a new thread.

Most artwork I saw of the two had Danielle as the archiver. That being said, I guess theyre kinda interchangeable.


Why does 3d stuff always look so much worse than the 2d stuff


You have to go back

Do you really have to ask?
3DPD nigga.

I think it looks good, besides HS is still just a demo the full version wont be out until September.

Personally, I find that bodies look better in 3D while faces look better in 2D. I'd prefer that more artists draw breasts like Kloah does.

Explain Liru.

It would be interesting if GG could rally around an event/situation/happening that causes aGG to oppose it out of spite in such a way that makes the hardcore aGG seem ridiculous to even people who disagree with GG.

It would have to be some kind of thing where GG's stance is still "defiant" (like opposing a company or gov) in order for it to be a cause worth rallying around.

Like, there has to be a point where neutral and non-hardcore leftist look at spiteful arguments and think "WTF is wrong with you people unable to consider your opinions logically instead of tying it to hatred of who says them?"

exception that proves the rule



I only like when she wants to lez it up with Vivian.

I kinda wish I was baiting but I'm not.
Gamergate has been so slow for the last year that I stopped coming here properly and I forgot a lot of stuff.


Not if it's 3D made to look 2D.


But user yuri is pure.

The fucking "bzzz, downvote!" is so fucking adorable.

Yeah those comics actually managed to make gilda very cute and even somewhat touching
Don't tell Gildafag though


In that stream they mentioned Bioware funds the autoblocker, do they also fund CON?

Now only if someone could make porn comics of her keeping that character

Where's this full stream?

There actually is quite a bit of it out there, user. Vivian and Gilda have shared a lot of fluids.

I'm right here buddy. What did you want to tell me?


That sounds like he's asking for a hit.

G-go home Gilda. You suck and you can't even play good games.
But… I mean, at least it's fun to make you lose every time, you know. So… yeah, I guess it's fine to play with you from time to time.
As long as we don't play your shitty games.



back when filenames were kept when you saved pics


Having fun it's what matters after all! Can we play now some games, please? I hope you don't mind if I sit on you, sir, I only have a chair.

Get my fucking dick out of your fucking ass you whore. Never touch me again. I swear to god.

Is it this one?


>rondo duo
This isn't yuri, this is futanari!

I hope you are happy, you made Gilda cry. Now she will never want to see you again, you lolicon scum

I hope you don't mind if little Danielle plays with you too.

Don't be shy, Danielle, they're nice people who would never sexualize the body of a little girl and risk 25 years in federal prison

Found this while sorting some old files; I think the logs have made it relevant again?

From what I gathered it's only temporary like the cold, instead of getting the sniffles you grow a benis for a few days or something.

Did I hear someone say

At this point someone should give a recap, archive, and summary to the authorities, particularly the FBI, who would have an open case related to GG or fake bomb threats etc.
To add to their files of course or to pair up with any attempts to shut down Holla Forums they may have received from the colluding group leaked recently .

So the story of this game is "woman with penis ebola: I am growing lewder" ?

There's an english translation for it you know. The story's actually even somewhat interesting and touching, no joke, this hentai dick VN is actually deeper and more intelligent than the near entirety of pseudo-intellectual comics and games the polygon crowd got us used to.
The animation's extremely impressive and the porn is amazing.


Just posted this to FBI and CIA. Let's see if they respond. twitter.com/camedei_sp707/status/769660891763585024

Holla Forums stickied the CON leaks

Also, Saved that image for later. It could come in handy as a smug or laughter.

Did revolt get out of Holla Forums already?

revolttards are actually convinced that the leaks are proof they were right all along you know. Hell, one of them was using tb's post about his mail to quinn as absolute undeniable evidence that there was control of GG's speech through its e-celebs.



not that they were paid to shill these threads and gghq/gamergate/ etc.?

which means Holla Forums isn't going to help and the thread will reduced to revolt shitposting and circlejerking.

well shit

Anyone here use Opera? For some reason Youtube has decided to stop working and I can't figure out why.

Someone doesn't know about precocious puberty.

So tomorrow's the day
Two years have passed since then

Holla Forums here.

Most of us haven't had our hands in this since early in the year. A good portion of the board no longer cares, and sees GG as a whole having gone the way of Chanology: A good idea whose actual load-bearing members bailed when it was swarmed by wannabe celebs and ideologically uncommitted fad-followers.

At this point I think those people have left already

Has Daiz offered GG his support?

Which Holla Forums

/pol. when we got here or current stormfront tier Holla Forums



Well, FBI is in the 8/pol thread on the CON leaks.

I knew /a/ was wrong about him. I hope they found refuge.

Anyone baking or should I do it?

revoltards going after the wrong targets as usual

Well, it's been confirmed that they're just a bunch of Goons and useful idiots, so what's new?

When have they ever been useful ?

I fucking hate revolt.

Don't worry, they do too.
Hate themselves and each other I mean.

Useful for their purposes, I suppose. After all, they go around acting like jackasses, and all the usual suspects just go "muh ethics, amirite?"

The same way SJWs are useful idiots for corporations and governments wanting to censor. They aren't useful idiots for us for for the opposition.

Posting some more 'old files' from the same timeframe as the chatlogs. Let's end the thread with some nostalgia.

iirc most people who said daiz was shit said that ironically/are his competitors, I never found a definite answer. he supported HW and that's enough for me



Slightly OT but does anyone have a link to the paper written by a female australian DiGRA academic that did the paper concerning nerdporn? I cannot find it.

I now have a gamergate pupper too.

Which is a shame since once all the e-celebs burnt out, Holla Forums kept things going in the background. That Gawker line about
Every time there was something stupid, the Holla Forums thread would push a new wave of emails. I thought they were doing nothing for a while, but Max Read was nice enough to let us know that tactic still works.

Yeah, I saw that QuQu post. Hilarious he extols the virtues of user posting, when he's been one of the guys so pissed off at Holla Forums.



plenty(if not most) people on /a/ dislike him because when fakku licenses a hentai manga, it will get deleted from h-manga/doujin site like sad-panda. So many jap porn artists stuff has been rendered hard to find because of it.

Someone claiming to have been a paid shill on our side(even if true you can bet they had some self-interest)
>>>Holla Forums7279747


it's actually making me feel really sad for that person but I still laughed nonetheless


Holla Forums here, most of you fell for D&C shills. Fucking dumbasses.

Jesus, even his biggest success is a complete failure.


That's all for now, but I made sure to post my favourite one last.

I honestly can't tell if the "internet slang" pic is actually real or not anymore

Hello /goymergate/. Without you fullchan wouldn't be like it is today.


hm thank you?

Keep being good gwei

I don't know how to take that

I'm just an autist. I tried to be positive.

a big guy, just for you.

I see you guys already lurking the Holla Forums bread. Take a look into blue whales history.

Am I just crazy or is it shilling even if his story was true? If he was paid to kill Gawker wouldn't he be motivated to keep the topic on Gawker and not allow discussion on DiGRA or Vox for that matter?

so Holla Forums gets a sticky about CONgate >>>Holla Forums7275931 and we dont. mark confirmed for pozzed SJeW.

All the corruption leads to the same rabbit hole.

they could easily prove themselves by adding a new line to their pastebins– I highly doubt they would type 10 hours and not save it or have it at the ready

GG is tangentially related to games at this point. Besides, anytime a sticky goes up, it gets shit on by faggots.

Kill yourself.

Oh, for fuck's sake, Nick. But enough about him, let's talk about the other failure.
Man, they're getting slapped down repeatedly by the courts, and they're still talking shit.


Putting aside the black lives matter bullshit, it's pretty funny seeing the jingoist hardos get massively rustled that someone didn't do something as simple as stand up.


Something to add

I would have taken his rice cooker. Then post on liveleak taking a dump on it

/summon baker


You know, I can actually believe this fucker as its a good explanation of why shills always hit so fucking hard when Vox came up.

sitting on the bench is how Kaepernick is practicing for his role on the team this season


wrong reply


No fuck this nigger

In spicland you see REAL police brutality


D-Delete this



It's weird, the number 8 isn't even an infinity symbol in Egypt… is it?

Turn the 8 sideways…

You know, as fucking retarded as the supposed outrage over MJ's actress's race is (I mean, come on, it's being pushed by fucking Devin Faraci on behalf of that Pascal shithead), the people trying to defend it are even worse.


pic related

It's a huge coincidence regardless between completely, well mostly different cultures.


Gamergate self-deported from 4chan guys.
>>>Holla Forums7280364

Oh, so I guess moot's "stop talking about this shit or get banned, you fucking faggots" sticky on Holla Forums was just our imagination, then.

Would you kindly add Brote's second stream link (youtube.com/watch?v=_I-l2IC13UA)
? Thanks in advance.

At least I know that the faggot was bullshitting the whole time now, he had me going for a while.

Why do you think the mainstream media tried to skewer Gamergate?

They read their tea leaves and knew their harbinger had come.

And here I thought Correct the Record was on their way out.
Somebody must've thrown some more cash at them.


Someone help me call that faggot out on his shit, Holla Forums is so full of newfags that don't even know what happened in the first exodus that almost noone else is.

How do you do these collages? Couldn't it be tweaked to collect names instead of avatars?



>>>Holla Forums7280451



He's a revoltfag, why is he surprised?

You're being as much of a faggot as the Holla Forumslacks, fuck off

Holy shit how many of you are new

myowngalpal on dumblr

Gee, I wonder why?

It's-a me!

I was talking about Holla Forums's self deportation during Holla Forums harbor. Faggot in question takes himself too seriously, can't accept that elements of GG had reached chanology tier at that point, argues like a (((talmud enthusiast)))

If anyone wants to make any $ bets on whether I was actually there for GG or not, I'd be down to make some extra whiskeybux

vodka is superior


Random thought since everyone likes accusing me of being a shill for telling people to steal, pirate, or buy Chaos Monkeys in order to understand what's going on behind the scenes of tech companies, so as to better know how to deal with them and their dyed hair social media posses-

would you buy a Stalker themed vodka?

Also conjugating Posse is hard when drinking.

Let me guess. You work in advertising?

Nope. Long story short, distillery near me, willing to do private label. Vodka is vodka basically they'll do the same thing Titos does, which is buy pure industrial ethanol by the tanker truck, mix it with some home made vodka from their licensed still, then sell it.

But anyway. Stalker themed vodka. Cheap, drinkable. Would you?

Are you going to slink off? Faggot.

Commas man, they keep you from becoming pedo.

That would depend on how "drinkable" the vodka is. I have had some cheap and nasty vodka while in Russia. You could easily smell methanol in the drink and a 50 mL shot of it made me break out into a sweat.
It would also depend on if the game came with the bottle. It would be a novice way to expand a market. I don't own a copy myself

Oxford commas man

…are a shit unless used in context:

"Chocolate, vanilla, cookies, and cream"
"Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream"