Pcgamer thinks baldur's gate 2 is turn-based

"Andy: I love it when games make you feel like a stranger in a strange land, and BGII does this brilliantly. Transplanting the hero to Amn against their will is a brilliant device to change the setting, and it’s one of the most vibrant, interesting places I’ve explored in an RPG—particularly the giant city of Athkatla. It’s a huge game, with complex characters, hundreds of hours of questing, and a deep turn-based combat system."

Tell me, Holla Forums, how do you fuck up this bad? HOW?

I really want to know.

It's hot, people are going to do retarded stuff.
Give mankind a break.
Or ACs.

A turn is ten rounds.


Taking an RTS engine and LARPing D&D rules on top of it doesn't suddenly make it not real time, fam.

classic PC crpgs are just bad games. all of them are shit.

Effect durations are calculated in turns. It is an objective fact that BG2 is a turn-based game.

just post some good BG2 stories already

we all know no modern rpg can match the feeling of grand adventure that comes with BG2, not even the rpgs that are being made by obsidian now.

Appearances can be deceiving you know.

The hell you memeing at me for, nerdroid.

Bioware never called it turn-based for a reason. It's "real time with pause"–complete with hedges like attack animations looping infinitely to make up for that fact.

Probably because it is turn based, with the added gimmick that you can get additional turns based on rolls.

Yeah, marketing. The whole combat mechanics are turn based though.

The game was marketed to D&Dfags. Calling it turn-based would have been a net plus. They had an RTS engine and used it to make a D&D RPG. Calling it "turn-based" could be technically true if you really wanted to be a pedant, but it is not "turn-based" like pretty much every other game you'd call turn-based.

It's another variant of the "Doom is an RPG because you are playing a ROLE :^)" argument.

Every game is turn based because it's simulated with separate ticks.

It is.
It's just turns happen separately for every unit on the map, usually simultaneously. Basically to do anything your dude needs to finish previous action first. It's real-time but is also turn-based.

Its real time otherwise every game with ticks is turn based and you know damn well thats wrong. Every game has a timer ticking away behind the scenes. The pcgamer author never played it and used what he read on wikipedia.


It's technically partially turn based.
The term is "real time with pause".

Yes, calling it turn absed is incorrect, but at the same time it's not the worst thing you can call it, because if you're playing correctly most of the game you're supposed to pause the action to issue orders to everyone, essentially you're deciding your own "turns".

It's not, never was, never will be.
It's real time with pause.

Like the fact that you can keep moving all the time no matter whose "turn" it is?

Its a shity ass overrated game

Who cares

Fucking biofags, just die

This is true in every case where there is no physics systems and the entire sequence of actions can be deterministically deduced from start to finish ahead of time, down to the exact tick. Turns out this doesn't describe a lot of games.
Baldur's Gate is technically a hybrid system, as multiple actions can occur during a turn simultaneously, including moving, but it is still at least partially turn-based, whether you like it or not.


This. Actions happen every N seconds.

Oh damn, you showed me.

You sure showed everyone with your

That is what it would read like if you ignore literally the entire post except for the last sentence like a fucking spastic.

Why bother when you post stupid shit like
when bg has no turns.

Thats pretty stupid.

Pic is turn based.

maybe ign's reviewers are so slow they see life as being turn based

How fucked up is that?

That if more people buy into this obvious mistake, say goodbye to turn based, since these people run the show with their godawful opinions.

THAC0 wins.

It's such a satisfying system, Am I the only one who turned the AI for all companions?

Diplomacy is a board game where multiple actions take place during a turn simultaneously. It's not a new concept and it doesn't preclude turns. All that is required for turns is that each turn is well-defined and self-contained, and turns do not overlap.

THAC0 is not a meme but a shorthand for how the system of being hit works in DnD that Baldur's Gate is based on.

And DnD is a turnbased ruleset
Even though the game continually progresses, actions are set to occur at synchronized moments throughout the turn

Though im not surprised Holla Forums is having trouble with this they probably never played actual RPGs before

After having studied the entire 2nd edition DnD ruleset I can safely say that there is no better ruleset for any RPG.

Finally someone who isn't a total retard.


Then explain to me this GURPS, I am always interested in rulesets.

I bet you think NWN isn't turn based you stupid weeb, stick to your cartoons

Think of GURPS as a better version of Fallout 1 and 2's SPECIAL system. The devs of Fallout wanted to use GURPS but Steve Jackson wanted too much money or something, so Chris Taylor, Jesse Heinig, and Tim Cook made a similar system.

Basically, unlike D&D which is mostly for high fantasy settings, GURPS allows for a diversity of settings that aren't just Tolkien + Conan.

I prefer more specialized rulesets, but thank you for the explanation.

Hell yeah GURPS! Open source DnD with a better perk system! It really does make role playing that much more interesting.

by being a virgin loser who whines about pointless shit?

bg2 is the best rpg of all time btw, pure turn-based combat is trash

Neither the IE nor Aurora/Electron engine games were TB. For an actual example of what you people seem to imagine Biowares engines work like, look at Summoner.

RTwP isn't turn-based in the slightest, because RTwP has nothing to do with timekeeping. RTwP is a human interface mechanic whereby actions can be queued when the game is paused.

I dunno. Back in the day, I thought dual/multiclassing didn't feel right in a class-based system.

Wasn't it also at least partly because he thought Fallout was too edgy for SJG's delicate sensibilities?

Wins at being retarded.

I don't mind Pathfinder. It has some serious balance issues, but it's designed so you can pretty much freeform whatever roles you want with your class, between the classic Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard. Want to make a shitty Cleric/Rogue hybrid? There's a base class that fills that niche. Archetypes exists for races and classes that allow you to alter you basic abilities so you can further tweak or optimize your builds. You can even double up and do Wiz/Wiz in the form of the Arcanist.

I do enjoy 3rd edition's rule of +/-2 modifiers to favorable or unfavorable situations, and the liberal amount of skills. It fits general adventuring a lot better than the arbitrary mishmash of 2e's handling of noncombat skills.

I do really like 2e, I have the core rulebooks for them. 3e didn't really change the mechanics for THAC0 - you still have a 50% chance to hit or miss an unarmored target at level 1; it does make more sense to have a target number to exceed with bonuses, rather than a number that gets smaller as you level up, at different rates depending on class, and subtracting the enemy's AC

2e's character building is dull as fuck, not to mention how sparse everything not related to combat is. You could always handwave that by "well just roleplay it lads", but system-wise it's a clear failing.

As long as it's not a martial class :^)

3e's handling of skills wasn't particularly good as well, due to DCs climbing up with level, so you had to keep dumping points into the same shit you got at charcreation. That in turn shafted already shafted classes with low amount of skillpoints.

This never really bothered me. I always looked at it as "You have N different skills to get really good at". If you're a Wizard, sucks, but at least you have a good INT.

What's the point of having classes, if it's mix'n'match? Why not go point-buy if that's what you want?

They also seem to think Bioshock Infinite belongs above Half Life in a top 100. PCGamer went to shit many years ago and purposefully put out shit for clicks.

Why do you expect to see anything but retarded and/or completely out of touch numales when you make the horrible decision to pay attention to any form of press, let alone gaming press? They're glorified bloggers, the "articles" these people write are just shitposts with sources like reddit comments and yet they're paid a living wage to shit that kind of garbage out on a daily basis. There are no good journalists, archive everything and stop rewarding them with attention.