4 AM

Losing control?

Whats the last game you got 100% on?

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Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)

inb4 waifu avatarfags

I wish Randy Savage could liver forever and shill Slim Jims forever.


Kirby 64

At least you got dubs.

Morning everyone!

3 of my figs came today at once! Got 2 Ritsus and a Mio. Was pretty nice. Also got to buy a bunch of energy drinks, horrible for kidney stones but I love not being sleepy all day.

Good morning everybody
How was your day/is your morning so far?
Looking forward to anything coming up?

Virtue's Last Reward, a good 5 or 6 months ago. I'm not much of a completionist, but i felt like VLR demanded as much.

Probably Spyro 2 a few years back when I was replaying it. It was on a friend's memory card and PS1 and I never got a chance to copy that save over; fuck escorting that alchemist again.

hung out with the normalfags too hard tonight, but i still got some bourbon left to jack myself off to sleep in a bit pushing my luck with a girl i dead ass know i shouldn't try my luck with

is it fucking winter yet? the weather only seems to be getting hotter despite it being almost September

honestly can't remember, probably bloodborne, recent games i was going for 100% on i gave up at like the 90% mark cuz getting the lat stuff out of the way was fucking tedious

Armored Core 2

What's an alternative to thepiratebay?
Its flooded with blatant viruses and shit downloads with 7000 seeders but no comments

Is katcr.io legit?


anyone want doodles

Pretty good had some pizza. Gonna wait til Deus Ex gets fixed to play that or get something else.


What you been up to lately?

Better to try and fail than not try at all.

Draw Chen and Ran

Adventurers of Holla Forums, the gods call you once again to fuck shit up.


Can't even remember. Working on 100%ing Breath of Fire 3. Getting the Goo King Sword is going to be murder.

So I have something I need from Holla Forums. Every other day I go out & search for things to resell, & while doing that I have a playlist of music I listen too. Could Holla Forums build aplaylist for me? Any songs about making money, Japanese jazz, or Bicycle themed music would be fine too.

This song really hit me today. I tried really hard & made maybe $100-$120 off of a few used book stores today.


do some fun meme


I really need to get back to BoF III sometime. Seemed really good, but I cannot seem to get the hang of the fishing system for the life of me, but I won't blame that on the game.

Shit was pretty good. Got to go to the range with enough ammunition to use most of my hour.
I wanted to go for the plat in VLR but the ending aggravated me so much I lost the motivation for it

But I haven't posted on /k/ since getting this trip

she's fucking nuts, but she's cute and has good taste in movies and i get along with her, and recently single

i'm in over my head though, but all things considered since she's single now we can hang out more which is pleasant enough even if i don't score

don't think for a second i'm being a beta here, i aint a floormate or buying her shit, hanging out is just fun since she can hold her booze and likes movies

Just watching some stuff making fun of DSP. Pretty alright.
It's been so long I have no idea.

Can you do a finished drawing instead and post it when the thread reaches bump limit?

Draw Bane

must be someone else then

Did something major happen that brought all these faggots here again?
It's been fine, I've spent the whole day playing Stalker CoC. And I guess I'm looking forward to the end of burger summer

100%? I almost got it in DDDA, but I got bored before finishing hard mode. Guess that'd make Neptunia Rebirth 1 the winner

What are some alternatives to thepiratebay
is katcr.io legit?

Just keep your fish icon within the green line. It's not hard. The stronger rods make it easier. BOF4 is actually one of like 5 games that uses the PS1 fishing controller surprisingly.

post bicycle music I can play while searching for stuff to resell

I still don't understand the big deal about this. It's the standard autism that you'd find on /mai/, the waifu threads, or /r9k/. Hell, it's the standard autism for the site.

More things about the threads.

I'm using torrent project right now.

All girls are nuts in some way. And if she actually has taste, most girls never have that. Go for it user!

The BBC linked to Holla Forums as "The evil center of nationalism" or some shit.

I honestly do not remember.

It's the eternal summer. Give it another month.

I really doubt that did jack shit.

p4 has some pretty best girls but certainly ran its fucking course

anyone else here excited for this cool looking show called Mob Psycho 88?

why can't we just ban this thread

The fact that people in this thread and the mods are getting pissy and banning me for a little autism really lets you know how much leddit has leaked into this site.

Holla Forums has been appearing in the news lately (I've seen some poor anons there that haven't even heard of Gondola and use lmao unironically), the Time article probably got us some exposure considering that magazine goes in every waiting room in America, and BBC made an article about us.

God damn it, why won't they leave us in peace?

You looking for older stuff or newer stuff? For older games, Emuparadise is pretty decent, but they're direct download instead of torrenting.

I don't even remember what rod I had. Main issue was that nothing seemed inclined to bite, even with bait and moving the line back and forth to try to generate interest.

kickass.cd is the team's official attempt at trying to make a comback from my understanding. Every other kat.whatever alternative have always tried to get me to make an account on some third party site.

What was wrong with it on launch? Just bugged out to all hell and back? I thought it was just a shitty sequel to Human Revolution

Same old same old. Work, monster hunter, trying different teas. Gonna start studying my PTCB book on Monday though.

Draw Yoza drinking tea or something.

Nice! It's been fucking forever since I went to the range of course, I don't own a FUN yet either.

I probably wouldn't have gone for it normally, but by the time I'd gotten every single other ending, and then beat the game, I was only missing a few little extra things that took no time to take care of.

Yeah, it'll be nice once all the summerfags are gone.

I finished Aria of Sorrow yesterday. Only %99.8 though, had to look up online to find this hidden room at Clock Tower. It was a really fun game.
Is the games on PS2 worth playing?

post your funs

There's a rhythm you can pull the bait in to to attract fish. You can look it up in the tutorial. What I did was just save before a fishing spot & use top class bait like the heavy carro to catch fish & then just reload if I lost it.

post funs

Hey 4am, any oldfags here? How would you guys describe early 90's internet, before the first eternal September?


A Gelgoog Marine and a Qubeley trying to raise their Re-Gelgu baby.

Tea? What are you british?

Really though what kind we talkin?

got any fun guns? i don't own any but in about a month i get to hang out out of state with my buddies who down own some and go shooting in a cool place in the northeast again

i hope my buddy brings his SKS again, that was really fun


Funnily enough outside of Holla Forums and I assume Holla Forums, I don't browse it regularly enough there's a lot less of this cancer.

I really want to get back to playing Aria and Symphony.

I'm looking for Fallout 4 plus all the DLC
Torrent Project looks pretty legit, but its hard to tell with no comments.

Yeah, but I still loved it.

How long have you been the 4 AM OP?
Is it just you every night or do you co-ordinate?
How is it you manage to make this thread perfectly on time every night?

Because if they keep driving normalfags to chans eventually the anons that belong will become diluted/divided if they have to leave for elsewhere.

At the very least that speech Shillary gave made her sound like a lunatic and I don't think people are going to be taking her or the media reporting it too seriously.

I've heard rather mixed things about them. I also seem to recall hearing that Curse of Darkness was better on the Xbox.

I'd have to see what sort of quality bait I have access to at this point in the game. I'm at the spot where it's required to make some food for that old sailor guy.

gods chosen people, the irish, drink more tea than the english

the english were a mistake


i liked it but all the spin offs were pretty fucking gary

There was also the Time article.

It's a new influx of people looking for ebin maymays because we have the reputation 4chan used to have.

Reddit has been killing the site since 2014. We just didn't care as much as we should because cripplecuck was still "based"

Looking at usenet logs that have been floating around, I'd assume the only difference was that it had less people.

It's because the boards aren't flooded with people.

it's just fucking ritsu before he puts his trip on

Morning fags. How's it going?
I called back the job center yesterday and now I have an interview on Tuesday. I think I'll have a job soon. Honestly feels like a load of my shoulders.
Now I can play video games the entire weekend with a clear conscience.

In a game that has more going on besides the story? Shit, I don't think I ever 100% anything. I tried to collect all the treasure chests in AssCreed 4 only because I had a boner for sailing and treasure hunting at the time, but I think I gave up on it when I had a handful left.

Hypocrisy isn't going to get your point across fam

Oh yeah, seems we are again the boogeyman

It can't end soon enough I tell you

Yeah, it will be slower than before, but I sure won't miss the overall quality that we've been having



her relationship history is dangerous but i still wanna smash

If its got tons of seeders 99% of the time its safe, go for it user.

Few months
Just me, I'm here every night anyway and it stops there being 3 threads made each night

He dindu muffin

But why? It's completely trash. I played it when it was released and I can safely say it was a pretty boring Open-world FPS.

Shit. I got the BBC shit mixed up with the Time shit. I didn't find out about the BBC shit. Imageboards are dead.

Holla Forums's quality is WAY worse than Holla Forums considering there are full-on normalfags flocking to there for some reason.
Holla Forums's quality has dipped but it's always been that way for a while on here. Nothing but fapbait generals. There was a little bit of drama going on with the new mod last night, though.

Kept spreading that meme, it'll catch on eventually.

Nice! What kind of job is it?

Yeah, I heard some shit things about maybe wait till the bugs are dealt with.

I only cared about the fightan games.

I crie evry tiem

You had to be on at 4AM because the rates were better. They charged you per MB of bandwidth. The horrible scream of 1000 tortured souls echoed through your house as you tried to log onto AOL. Looking at porn was a constant battle with your erection as a 15kb DBZ screenshot of bulma would slowly load from the in 5% intervals from the top to the bottom.

I had so many AOL discs mailed to me we used them as coasters & freebees. Later on I would learn there was a button on my modem to turn off the sound it made when logging on. All these years I could have avoided waking up my family but never knew. Also you could take pretty much any username on AOL as not that many people had registered yet.

Well I'll be dammed

Are you happy, Holla Forums?

is it gook law that characters named Makoto are cute tomboys

i played the fighting games but didn't really like them as much as other fighters, it was just fun to play as my niggas junpei and kanji

My groupings were only slightly better than the last time but more than anything it was really great to go out and get a better feel for the thing. There were also lots of people there so it was cool to socialize a little.
I think I only had to back to some rooms and get the documents floating around outside the safes.

I just have the one fun

It's pretty fun, though thirteen shots go by really fast

Just factory work. They produce plastic pipes and shit.

Not sure if that counts as a 100% but I have every achievement for the REmake rerelease.

Is being an alcoholic counts as losing control?

Yeah but like on thepiratebay there was one with like 7000 seeders, but the file was only like 17 migs.

I'll try this one I found on torrent project.

It may be trash but its the only game where I can shoot minorities and subhuman mutants as a big tittied aryan goddess stomping around in power armor making Gundam sounds.

They've been dead for 6 years. Even longer for the people who were around in 2003.

I'd argue that at least some of it is Stormfront completely fucking the board over on 4cuck ages ago, and then moot fucking over the board before selling the site

fast thread

New Vegas I think
not too hard just time consuming

how about hobo wizard in a tie fighter

I see you're not ashamed in the slightest. Fair enough


Probably a more masculine name that females can also use. Theres a few like that in english too

I guess so, though the 40k tournement was cancelled **Though I didn't have everything I needed, which I didn't know, for next time I'll have to find the .apk of the 40k codexes and use a tablet or something*8

There's always textboards, they'll never get touched by normalfags and underages.

Remember to filter tripfags. On a different note, the classic Shadow Warrior is the hands down hardest shit I have ever played. I like it.

Interesting choice. I've never met anyone with a Daewoo before. What made you buy it, and would you recommend it?

I could never do that. It takes me two hours just to eat & take a shit. I could never be somewhere on time. That's why I do the whole reselling thing. Much easier to just go into a pawn shop 7 pick out some obscure Noir films on DVD than to be at an office job or something.

what's the best one

I am tired. Very very very very tired, but i dont want to stop playing vidya.

Give me an energy drink pls.


Not really.

You can create fast lanes and slow lanes on your router too, to throttle other users connections or at least give you priority over everyone else

Nah, I'm burger through and through.
I'm drinking some Chamomile right now. Lemon Lift is some good shit too though, I can't lie. I'm gonna pick up a fruit tea sampler next paycheck too, gotta get my blueberry fix.

Quality > Quantity, every time. It'll be nice once we get into winter again. I'm looking forward to sweatpants and hoodie weather. Plus just another excuse to drink even more tea/coffee than I already do.

Yeah, I haven't cared enough to look into myself, but the general consensus from what I've come across seems very…disappointed.


I can't say anything about my accuracy or grouping, it's been a good 4 or 5 years since I last went to the range.
Neat you got to socialize a little though, that's nice every now and again.

fukn luv gondola fam

oh is it hard monica? i never went in on it b4.

Don't forget the imageboards that get next to no traffic because the bigger name ones exist.

What was the community like though?

I also have to start losing weight because I'm a fat fuck that weighs 240 pounds

Once it is no longer fucking 119 degrees outside at night I'll start jogging.

Just popping in to say that all mods will become petty/corrupt when given any sort of power, Holla Forums literally did nothing wrong.


Good luck! Enjoy that burning plastic smell. Fucking hated working at a plastic factory that one time.

They are making my heart feel all wonky. I'd give them away if I could.

Sounds pretty delicious. Maybe I'll give it a try. Looking for something I can stay hydrated on and not get sick of.

it will probably slow down later like usual

I played a bit of that, was good but I barely play vidia any more

sup fam



Would you consider 180 to be fat?

Whats up you fucking niggers?
Fuck pizza places with minimum delivery prices.

Yeah, I just don't play much fightan games.

Also, no Malik for Adam, so fuck it.

If I posted another picture of megumin I would get banned

how tall are you?

No. I want to off myself.

Why can't I get a job, Holla Forums?


Not really. I was 180 my freshman year of high school.

That's why I love working at my place.
You could order a cup of garlic sauce and we'd deliver it to you.
We do charge a flat delivery fee though

I saw little bits of that shit. Good luck with that clusterfuck.

I'll be happy as long as I have Megu fampai.

Eh, I'm going to give you shit for playing Toddout 4 but I understand.

It's a consideration. I'm considering making a guide for all the imageboard as kind of a last resort thing.

Finding good mods is pretty much impossible. A good mod is just autistic enough to spend all day on a Venetian sail crafting board but not autistic enough to sperg the fuck out at the slightest offense.
Needless to say this unique blend of mental illness and rationality is extremely rare.


This tbh

You'd lose more weight running in the heat at least.

I'll post one for you

I hope that thing holds up better than their cars.

Being addicted to literally anything else fucks up your life less, so I'm gonna say yes.

Sounds like something a jihadi john would use.

It's voxel paradise, mang. Pair-a-dice.
But thanks to [current year] FPS games I can't navigate non-linear games for shit

Can you describe this in more detail?
I am also a lazy piece of shit who would like a job without the wagecuck thing

Is everyone having a nice Friday night?

The best thing to do is abuse the fact that they become corrupt for shitposting power. I miss Holla Forums

Bel was worse. I'm fucking agreeing with you faggot.

It's not really related to how to fit in just use LURK MORE FAGIT, but here's this.

It'll be my turn to face summer when that happens. Can't say I'll miss the humidity and the bugs, but dealing with the heat is going to be a real pain

Indeed. Though I can't say I miss the avatarfagging. Ritsu with a trip is a lot more bearable

I said nothing of the sort

das ryt

yo yo monica how u been u workin fam?

i had anotha baby monica if u ain't heard. ffix still comfy af

Thats how you know theyre working. Just wait till your hand starts to shake and you cant stop it. Or when your head starts to feel weird.

At least it'll have its moment in the limelight. and Holla Forums will have more than a thread or two up on the main page, rather than it being Holla Forums and Holla Forums. It's ridiculous that were the biggest board but have so few fast threads.

I'd rather die than work in some faggy office.
How's that work out for you?

fug I didn't even think about that. I hope they're not burning shit.

So I assume you go and do a up to a 20 minute drive to deliver some sause
sounds fun

What do Holla Forums?
If I go back to school I'll miss out on many things cause I got no money.
If I continue working I'll hate myself and miss out on life cause I have no free time.

I want to go to college really bad, but I'm afraid I won't make it just by studying hard, I don't think I'm stupid but I think there are more intelligent people I can't match just by trying harder.

Should I just end it?

My heads felt weird all night already.

Wassup nugga?

There's also a secret rout in the Second level of sonic the hedgehog 2 you can take to avoid the underwater portions of Chemical Plant zone.

Shortcut at 1:15

Are you the other Megu poster? Is it time we begin dumping?

Just teach yourself nigger.

I love Gondola too.

make sure to livestream it

What do you plan to do in life?

studying for exams, even harder since i failed my first one yet again
i'm annoyed that they're all a day or two between each other, so i probably wont have time to go to my locals to get the new yugioh tins (i mostly want them for the new d/d/d support, god cards are neat too)
i can already see myself flunking, hopefully i can get a job
i did finally get an interview as a unity gamedev, but they wanted me to at least make some kind of demo to show them, since i have close to no experience working with mobile gaems. i did get started on pic related, still need to add some actual combat for it to be considered a game

Was too young to be using usenet, but essentially the entire internet was misspelled. I was one of the original 1000 members of smashboards & it was really just what you would expect from a bunch of kids talking about super smash bros. Kazzaa & napster were big game changers though. Youtube is a godsend.

If they are molding plastic then theres gonna be that smell.

You could always do part time job and college. I say go back if you can do it on scholarships. Don't go in debt though. At least not a ton.

I'd rather run slightly longer and burn the same amount than run for a shorter time and feel like I could spontaneously combust.

I suppose time is of the essence. Your best bet would be to find something you want to do for the rest of your life and focus all on studying what's necessary for it

i wanted to hang around longer but i'm knackered, catch you guys later

Tea is pretty great for it. There's god-only-knows how many different flavors and shit of tea. When I can't get my hands on a hot cup of tea, I'll spring for Arizona tea even I love the Half Mango, Half Tea one.

Gonna shill some tea a bit, but Bigelow has a nice big sampler box of 8 different flavors, you get 8 packs of each flavor for 64 total, and the box is about $15, It's a good starting point to see what kinda teas you'll like or not-like. I didn't think I'd enjoy the chamomile this much, but damn it's good. It's got a subtle sweetness thats really sort of relaxing.

always is. At least with cold weather you can always bundle up to get warm, but you can't bundle up to get cooler in hot weather. Also, fuck cicadas, territorial vicious bastards. They like to live on my porch lights, and attack me when I come home from work at night during the summer

Gondola is great



What I mean is there was no auto correct. When I say the internet was misspelled I mean it. Literally nobody knew how to type out sentences worth a damn unless you were part of the usenet crowd (which I was too young to be a part of)

you need to tell us more about yourself for us to answer that fam

for starters what is your age
what jobs have you applied for
have you at least pretended to be busy and volunteered your time so you can pad your resume?

according to BMI you are overweight

been doin fine fam, almost got my papers in order for applying to a new job and a new place

you had another kid? cool shit man boy or girl?

funny news, Holla Forums was getting it's shit together and havign content threads then some faggot mod nuked half the board including the stickies for share and rules

College is a joke fam
you are building your resume, just work on improving yourself, like make sure you have a zinc pill with your meal if you don't eat meat

also don't post so many anime girls

Gondolas are great, especially ones with sound

Fuck college. Learn a trade.

It was full of rich kids.

I've never played sonic before

Well except battle adventure 2 or something. The one with the choas pet things

Hope you get that job user, then you can maybe make the next game that sucks addicts in and rakes in the money.

Might be an iron deficiency. Should eat more meat.

Whats your game going to be? A sidescroller like Shovel Knight?

Sell drugs.

Well Gondola serves the same role as us in that he is the observer, that's why Gondola is great

My little sister also moved up to New York with her boyfriend

He's in the military as an intelligence analyst.
He's also redpilled as fuck so that's a plus.

I'm hoping I'm able to lose weight before I can save up to go see her, or before she comes back down to visit for christmas or thanksgiving.

I'm alright. I live comfortably and I have my waifu.
Only thing I really want for is some friends that don't live two hours away

It caught my attention mostly because I never thought I'd actually stumble upon one while browsing in a store. What got me to buy it was the price point. They were asking for $150 less than what they typically go for and I was on a tight budget.
It's pretty antiquated which is to be expected from a soon to be thirty year old gun and it doesn't bring much to the table other than the magic of triple action but it's a very interesting feature. Embed related does a better job explaining.
If money is no object I'd say go for a Lionheart LH9 instead. It's pretty much an updated version of it that costs nearly twice as much.

I imagine it will. Replacement parts aren't hard to find so if anything does go wrong it should be an easy fix

Night user!

Sweet thanks user! I can maybe convince my folks to get that actually

Meat is like 75% of my diet. Probably why I get kidney stones.

I like it man

I heard he's trying to go around to various boards and fucking shit over.

This place is $20 minimum + delivery fee. I mean, it's 10 minutes one way down the road, but it's pitch black. And a bad neighborhood.

That's…that's nice. Don't mind me, I'm just an oldfag who grew up on it Sonic 2. That shortcut saves you from an annoying underwater section that killed kids constantly.

I'm playing Dragon's Dogma for the first time, any reason I should not make an entire party of lolis?

mobile could have been good, if the business model wasn't freemium

so far it just has a save/load system, an inventory that doesn't actually equip items, just stores them, character dialogue for which i haven't figured out how to get the right font size
and i'm just using placeholder sprites from the store, so the player has a walk/idle/attack animation. no clue how i can make decent gameplay for the combat out of that

20. Have applied for everything that doesn't require a degree or other training (cashier, sotckboy, etc) and no, fuck working for free.

Morning everyone.
Posting from my laptop.
What would be a good and fun first car to buy /4am/?

It's weird, I don't look overweight, just a tad bit flabby on the side.

Fags are going to be fags. Simple as that.

It's time for

Megumin a shit

Even by old fps standards Shadow Warrior is hard as shit to navigate. I've been defeated before by the map itself and I never remember having that problem in DOOM.

Yeah some new cunt. Odds are hes going to ruin story time too. I knew I shouldve saved Judge Dredd when i could.. . . .

I doubt that, it's probably the not showering. I eat a LOT of meat, and i've never had to give birth through my urethra.

You gotta have some kind of plan? if theres no overarching plan it wont work well together.

Something cheap and durable. First car is never pretty, its why shes a fixer-upper.

I just didn't own any sega consoles as a kid or I would have. Actually my dentist had one of those kick ass console arcade boxes with I think a genesis in it, I do remember playing sonic on it a lot when I went.

Get an AE86

Or do like our ae86 did and get a cheap mustang for a couple of grand

Banish all pawns and throw yours into the ocean and don't revive it. Go Solo as a Warrior.

Enjoy playing Berserk: The Game.

I don't know shit about cars. You looking for something new or second hand?

Are those pre-made assets, or did you make those yourself?

Adapt. I had the same exact problem. No money, so I started with what I knew, & I knew expensive & rare vidya. When the reselling boom for videogames burst & they all dried on I started learning what vinyl records are worth, then CDs, then cassette tapes, then VHS, then books, etc, etc

basically you have to be adaptable. Try doing 10 different things a little at a time & see what sticks. I literally rip off salvation armies & goodwills for a living, but it;s not for everyone.

It's not really visually interesting but if that's what you want to do there's no gameplay reason why you shouldn't

Does that mean it's even worse than Doom 2's city levels? Those haunt me

You best take that back Diamond platinum.

i guess i'm just gonna have to try and make some extra sprites for attacks on my own

they're free assets from the store, i was just trying to even get something playable on my phone first

Yeah. Gonna need to set up at least 3 fans only to keep my computer from exploding in the middle of my shitposting. Mosquitoes are the worst in my case, every night is a battle trying to kill them. Fucking spiders are at least civil and don't get in the way, mosquitoes just buzz around like they own the place.

I know someone who did that. Didn't end up very well


Goes to show how easy it is to infiltrate the high brass with enough autism fuel


My life is so out of control nothing really matters anymore.

how you doin riss i watched this thang explain y k-on b comfy thinkin bout watchin it since i'm stuk here w/ dis kid

he jus make me feel so hopeful about da future n wistful about da past

g'night man ty fam fo'really tho

had a boi monica named him exodus

das good man you lookin for somethin new or like a sidegrade type deal fam

A shit.

you really have to ask?

Us gamers, am I right?

Mid to Late 90's Japanese Sedan or Hatch is a pretty good option


I mean, you could just do what the older games did and make it vibrate and then do one of those animated slash effects across an enemy, like older jrpg games did. But then again, still gotta figure out the endgame. Dont worry user, im sure you can do it.

Right, should add dont be stupid when you do illegal things.

Because Automation

Because they devalued all degrees by passing as many people as possible

because college is a scam

because you're a wonderful person who can think for himself, has standards, & thinks for himself.

Because you post on Holla Forums. Don't forget, you're here forever.

You the lain user? What crazy story is your life right now?

I think I know what vid you are talking about. You should watch it if you are looking for comfy, they go way out of their way to make the atmosphere super comfy.

Well its more for my older brother, he always gives me shit for how fat I am. Then again he sells drugs and plays disc golf for a living so fuck him.

Me seeing my sister again is just a reasonable timeframe for weight loss.

I'm afraid I have no idea, do tell me. Word for word

I didn't follow it that close
I just know he's a mega faggot

lots of time, I'm 29 almost 30 and lots of hope

have you checked for temp work and seasonable labor jobs?

my "city" web page lists seasonal and professional work, you should check yours

user that's the wrong attitude to have but also you need to at least make it look like you kept busy or all they will see on your resume is jack shit from a lazy shit that doesn't really want to work

that is overweight user
BMI above overweight is obese 1 or some shit
IE fat


more like dick sucking and apathy in managment

good for you man
same shit more hours better pay possibly more hipster co-workers

they're gonna make marmalade

Anybody having issues seeing images through mobile? I'm using overchan and every image (strangely only on Holla Forums) is not showing, with an apparent 404 error.

I'm not UNhappy, if anything. I'm relatively content. I rather dislike my job, so I'm looking for another, but it won't be the end of the world if I can't manage to get another. Gonna have to start paying my folks about $130 a month in rent, which isn't bad all things considered, since that's covering mainly just for my cellphone and car insurance anyway. But I don't have anything to be unhappy about I suppose, though I still get pretty down every now and again.

No problem Soritsu. Tea is good shit.
And most of the caffeinated ones have about half the caffeine of the standard cup of coffee, though if you're looking for a caffeine fix, I think there are some high-caff ones. Tea's more of a rest and relax sorta thing though, or always seemed that way to me.

get a water cooling system nigga
I'd rather have mosquitos than spiders. Rather, i wouldn't mind spiders up in webs in the corner of the room or something, like a house spider or something. But where I live we usually get water spiders and wolf spiders that like to run around the house and scurry about, pisses me off. I crush one every time I see one.
Sounds like you have mosquitoes in your house though? What's up with that? Just close the window nigga

Prove it.

I was just poking around various threads and people were talking about it.

Images went down the other day when they messed with cross board duplicate images. I bet they fucked up mobile.

I wouldn't mind caffeine ones. I'm dying for it since giving up coffee/soda.

user, if venom snake can conquer a chunk of africa, defeat a gundam, conquer russians and a piece of muslim land and not go nuclear with all his mental issues, im sure you can make it in the end. Just ask yourself, what would Big Boss do?

Thanks. That video though
Kek, my carry gun went into service in 1964. I bet he would shit his pants if I pulled out my 1906 Nagant revovler.


c'mon son

shit where i sign up fam

yea i think the one niqqa on there said sumthin like exogenic

i cain't fuk w/ hipsters fam. fucked me over re-printin my shit on vinyl fam dem niggas ain't cop

i want summa dat gondola soda fam

wasn't it jus 4am dat got fugged tho?


Seconding this. My brother does air condition repair. He was literally paid $200 yesterday to go to someone's basement & turn on their pilot light.

Try Lemon Juice & Cayenne pepper. It won't stick unless you keep eating right afterwards, but it's a fast way to lose weight.

You get kidney stones because you DON"T INTAKE ANY CITRIC ACID LIKE I TOLD YOU. Fuck man, you don't have to juice a lemon everyday. Just order the powder off amazon & mix it with a cup of water once a day. A teaspoon should do it.


da nigga don't kno english tho

How did you spend your 20's? I'm just starting, and already I have very little optimism.
Also, what would you consider someone who is fat to look like?

Why can't you prove it?

What? That you shit in the shower?
This is getting old, is there anything else I can make fun of you with?

I fucking love my nagant, so fucking sexy. I wish the ammo were easier to get though, but I guess they wouldn't be so cheap if it were.

The fuck is that.

And Idk, wasn't posting in other threads at the time. I did notice a bunch of pics messed up in other threads that day though. Probably posted during those hours.

Guess what I just made for you faggots.

Money is tight fam
Well as long as it doesn't get in my way I let it live. If it's making its home in my room it either gets the boot or gets drowned depending on size.
It doesn't stop them, they come every hour, even if I seal the whole house they still manage to appear. At least it's not more than a few at a time

Yeah, I had a heck of a time going through DOOM 2's city levels, but I eventually found my way through. I've been straight up stumped by some of Shadow Warrior's levels.

You can't even prove that it actually happened. Maybe it was an advanced form of shitposting. Even pretended to have cancer and people believed it.


Fuck I can't keep up with the thread.

I actually bought lemonade and lemon tea today. I mean its minutemaid shit so I dunno if it will work but I did follow your advice!

Ooooh that one. I actually skipped that one when I noticed the pajeet in the thumbnail.

I'm not complaining tho

I pay over $500 in rent a month. That's nothing.

Tell him you'll get fit if he stops being a drug selling degenerate.
Then get fit anyway

**Nah, don't try "merely pretending" out of this one. I wish honok

Gotta pick up your speed reading skills user


If that's what you want to believe, so be it.

Mcfucking sent it early by accident. I wish homoko was still here to bully you. is what I meant to say

I guess one day I'll stop by and see if you faggots do anything more than a daily 2 hour shitpost

i pay about 70-100$ for rent a month
slavlands are best countries

4th-gen Camaro or Firebird.
+not bad for a 90s GMshit car
+totally not a Chrysler Sebring

Fuck it, I caved and bought pizza. But I haven't eaten for at least 24 hours, so it's going to taste fucking amazing.


What kind of pizza?

Pretty sure they've whined about nobody showing up for the past month

What toppings?

What kind?

Oh please, I managed to bully him enough to say he's in love with Belrose.

I want to play tacticool vidya.

Exercise fatty. Not that I'm any better.

That's pretty gay.

Don't go. It's cancer. Not that it's any better than here.

I want pizza.

Is nowhere safe from spiders?
Fug this is like when I was a kid and learned alligators could run around on land as well as swim.

I feel bad that you guys never seem to play consistently. I haven't replied, but I might be able to join since the date changed. I won't be a nigger about it too, I would show up and have an actual character sheet, ejtc.


dayyuuum how much child support?

das a big gondola fam

You dont seem like Huey, unless he's got copycat defecators, i doubt you're him.

How do you even play d&d online with people? Why not just play a virtual card game?

Good choice. Remember to nuked some extra cheese on the top for the flavor. Nachos too, they go great with pizza.


Shiet nigga, you can't be drankan on dat soda trash dawg, cancer in a bottle mayne. QT Gondola wouldn't want mah nigga drankan on dat soda cancer

Thanks Stu

heard that.
If it's making its home in my room, it gets the boot or the bug spray no questions asked.
well damn, they're just relentless. You could always put some mosquito traps outside wherever you think they could be coming in from, and a few inside the house too.

This isn't even a fast thread user. This is sort of just a regular night.

I wasn't complaining. I'm well aware how good i've got it, considering I haven't had to pay rent up until now in the first place. I'm gonna take full advantage of my situation and not move out until I have a better-paying job, at least $13~$15/hr.

damn man, what kind of pizza you get?

So many anons have fucked off already, presumably regaining control of their lives. When are you going to? When am I?

cockroaches can fly

Minutemaid has never had anything close to a lemon in it. It's just artificial lemon flavoring with very little to no citric acid. Holy shit user. If you think Minutemaid is good for you then you have some serious problems.

I hate you so fucking much. Juice a lemon, or buy some citric acid. That's IT. That's all you have to do.


It's like you're not even a fuccboi

if it good enough for gondola i'ma cop me summa dat trust me fam, DMX got an affinity fo self-moderation balee dat

I'm glad I learned what CIA meant today

very nice

I wasn't browsing much today just say that Holla Forums had gone through some shit

been doing project shit today like setting up my WinXP64 VM to run my duplex scanner and reading up on 3DS modding trying to work that out

yeah nah that's the potential downside, progressive hipsters in a college town

but if I work nights and never see em that will be good

I grew up shelterd as fuck so I don't think I had a job until I was 23 and up to that point I was kinda a bum/mooch living with the parents hanging out with my not sheltered friend often going to parties and drinking

my first job in my early 20s was seasonal temp work at 13 an hour, minimum was like 8 or 9, where we went around clearing overgrown vegetation and shoveling dead animals off of the road

my co-workers were even younger and squeamish so I usually got the shovel, I didn't mind and I was usually the one to get out and dump the trash bag of animal

squirrels I gave a twist and flung around then sent flying off of trash mountain, house cats, never saw dogs, we took to a shelter or something so owners could ID them

they really needed people for the job so they had adds in the paper a month after the position opened and I liked it anyway, ended up getting enough money for a decent video card upgrade and a great headset

Bronski is fat, nervous eater and war makes him nervous

Well shit I was afraid of this.

I'll get some citric acid today. Thats that super sour sugar stuff right?

I bet you don't rape other men in shower do you faggot.

I would, but i don't have the ingredients for sauce or cheese.

Margarita and mushroom deluxe
It's amazing what wonders apathy does for losing excess weight.

Just be glad arachnids can't fly. I'd fucking kill myself if I found out whip scorpions and cave spiders could fly.

You hang it up on your wall.

Like cute gondolas do you?

Enjoy waking up at 4AM every day from now on. After the 18 hour mark your body goes into panic mode. You're body now thnks this.

Guess who's waking up at 4AM every day from now on!

This would be acceptable if we were talking about huniepop belrose

Because I've gotten stronger.

I'm the bottom of the barrel for the threads propped up as the lifestyle to avoid. I can't leave, lest someone else's life gets as bad as mine.


Allright, check the thread on 4am

Well, D&D this late and when everyone is busy shitposting was bound to flop

Where do you think we are?

Nowhere is safe, they can move fast through water and land, they can jump. There's probably a variant that can fly too

No idea, never done it before. Probably using the roll system good ol /tg/ had

I need to buy some mosquito repellent, one of those that you power up and shoos them

So that's why that happens
A shame no game utilities and accurately recreates this function

Needs more meat but does sound good.

You're right. Bel is my fuccboi

my one indian niqqa tol me u can get custom tapestries n shit made in india cheap af. he got sum sadhu smokan on dat tree looked pretty good.

finna go cop me a gondola tapestry


just playan i'd hit

Going to start getting drug injections soon so I'm just off my meds now. I'm being cucked by my doctor to get help and all I do nowadays is lurk around and do nothing. Future seems bleak and I've lost all the fight in me.

While cutting one of the drugs I became so suggestable I probably could've done anything someone could've told me. Attivan is one hell of a drug.

I have to admit in hindsight psychosis is fun to experience and look back on. I look back on my paranoid delusions with pride and I hope that the further I fall down the rabbit hole the more fun things get.

tbh I could start abusing attivan and just shitpost 24/7 but I'd probably just deteriorate into conspiritard levels of funposting.

I'd fuck that.

I'm starting Cathrine, I'm going to try and get the best enfding

so is gondola wiping his head with his foot?

Aight, I'm off to bed guys. My shift starts a bit early tomorrow, well, today I guess.

Sleep tight everybody, catch you guys on the flipside~

Aight, you right you right. You do you mah nigga, keep on keepin' on mayne, I balee in dat

Holy shit user, top-tier taste. Been ages since I had Margarita pizza. I had some spinach/parmesan/mushroom/balsamic pizza a few weeks ago, it was pretty good.

Damn right I do. I'd even hold hands feet with a qt gondola girl like that

You should get some of those Tiki Torches that have repellent in them.

I thought I was on 16chan. Oh wait.

You can get back into my good books on one condition. You only post Megu.

What do you do now? Do you still feel young/ in touch with how you felt during your late teen years?
I guess I am fat by standard, but I don't have a stomach bulge. Oh well, I've been feelin out of shape anyways, so might as well exercise.

I would, but this place just has the shitty shoelace ham that I don't really like.


What kind of drug injections? This stuff seem like its working for you at least?

They should schedule it for 2am, cause yeah people from 4am would rather post in 4am I'm assuming, especially considering its on faster weekend threads.


no legs, only benis.

It's literally what they use to make sour stuff more sour. Use no more than a teaspoon per huge glass of water, otherwise it's going to be to sour for you to drink.

WARNING: I'm telling you to basically drink lemon juice powder, so after you down a cup of water with a small amount in it you have to rinse out your mouth so it doesn't damage your teeth.

If your body is that acidic that it's producing kidney stones, then the effects may be immediately noticeable. Better sleep, easier to move joints, improved mood, etc.

Does gondola have 2 benis

You could also buy concentrated lemon juice. Cheap, is available at any grocery store.

Shouldn't you be praying on a rug or something?

fucking kek

I'm like 20% sure you're Milo's boyfriend going through the bookmarks on his work pc right now.


shieet fam mental illness no joke man

plus doctors got the game fucked up too so it's hard to trust slime in a situation where u already hard up for trust man fo'real

you eva try like eastern techniques n shit find yo center n what not monica?

das ryt fam
good night breh

is lyk how pants is a pair even tho they 1 so you got yo benis but yo penis could be shaped all sortsa ways specially with a gondola dat ain't in frame monica c'mon nao

Huey is a chubby /cuteboy/. You expect me to believe this nonsense.

Hm, could work I suppose. Definitely worth a try if nothing else.

Me too

Night yoza!

Who are you?

The fuck kind of place doesn't have sausage for pizza?

I've switched to my laptop so I have a small screen to browse the thread as well as worn as hell keyboard to type shit up with while also wanting to do other things in the background. It's hard to keep up.

It's his benis.

He possesses the correct amount of benises he needs.


Well, I guess that certainly explains why I can't sleep at night anymore.

Lemon Juice ain't that cheap, it's like $3 for a 200ml bottle

I don't own a rug.

I am some user on the internet. Obviously my opinion of you matters. After all you are a tripfag. :^)

Sleep tight Irish babe

I wonder if we'll see ourselves there sooner rather than later

Well D&D lasts quite a while if done properly. I say it should be scheduled for 1 am or at most midnight. That way it ends before the shitposting hour.

Though I'd rather play card games tbh, it's easier and doesn't require putting much trust in someone else

That'd be nice. My sleep has been fucked up for weeks.


Thanks too, maybe I can mix something tasty with that.

Yeah, but like I said, shitty quality meat- but I'm pretty sure they don't have sausage. I'm picky when it comes to meat on pizza. Mushrooms have the same meaty quality without being shitty.

Hey DMX I started Def Jam Fight for NY Takeover, was sad you weren't in it so I made my character as close to you as I could

Take natural drugs. Any of these foods will improve your mood.

- Raw Cacao Powder
- Lemon Juice
- Raw Garlic

You're probably just in a funk from not eating right. You would be surprised how often that's the problem.


Try pushing your sleep schedule forward an hour until it's not so fucked up.
Alternatively you could join me in my quest to divide my sleeping in two. A month ago I had it like this where I'd sleep a little at night and take a nap in the afternoon. This resulted in me being active at normal human hours


Welp, I'm going to bed. I'm getting real sleepy here.
Nice time chatting with you, except for Ritsu, he's a fag.

I'll have you know, ritsu is going to recognize you from now on. I have observed this specific kind of autism, he is able to recognize anonymous posters by one post to two, usually. He probably knows who I am too, even though I haven't even posted an avatar. I admire his autism.

It's only natural. He is the next evolution of spurdo.

Night Audit
front desk at a hotel at night

god I hope not
I feel more alive now than I ever did then and I feel like I have a hell of a lot more direction in life

I do a hell of a lot more shit now too, Tuesday I went to the skate rink, I didn't even know we had one until about a month or so ago when my best bud invited me because they planned on closing down

hanging out with him there was the first time I tried skating in years and I did way better at it than when I was 8 because I had figured out most of what I was doing wrong

Tuesday I skated for like 3 and a half hours and had a great time just skating by myself and getting it down and tiring myself out
what made it extra fun was I was still in my dress shirt and dress pants and tie from work so I got to be the guy in business attire rollerskating

Are you stupid or something? Of course he is.

He still did nothing wrong.

I might actually be falling apart though, since I have a patch of bruising on my waist that showed up out of nowhere several months ago that will leak fluid and I get rashes under my armpits. Can't forget my back and knees are almost in constant pain and that I've developed a fixation on grooming my hair to the point I'm pulling out small portions with a comb.

You're losing it.

Someone ought to make a Gondola version of this. I still can't tell if Yuri's supposed to have two vestigial legs when he shifts into it, or if he grows a second dick. Given the nature of the series, it could really be either.

Fuck that was good.

Guess so. I love cheap greasy pizza anyway. The cheaper and crappier the better.

Night too user!

user… I…

If he doesn't know who I am despite being on here for a little while then you're theory is wrong.

RIP. Josh is still a faggot though.

he is a fag but he is good company

good ngiht


yea shoulda copped dat vendetta retail fam

night fam ty monica

think i'ma b off myself, lil exodus sleepin

yo i ain't fa sho but i gotta feelin this lil niqqa gon b a kang

I hope you didn't get banned for Gondoling

Also can someone fill me in on why all the filenames for the Holla Forums server are all weird now.

Sounds like you're the one whos losing it.

Yeah I just found out. Well we'll figure something out

Holy shit get some help nigger. Have you considered going to the doctor? Are these the detrimental health effects of showershitting? :^)

Night dmx, dream of drive bys or whatever it is you dream of!

seek help

Nope, he'll just give you the same old shit about how he wants it to get bad enough to that he dies.

When will these threads end. Shits not healthy, why not go onto the other boards that support this behaviour and post there.

Codemonkey came up with that idea to fix the image duplication glitch

Apparently something like that happened recently for another series. **Some /a/non thinks he's to blame for getting the guy into anime to begin with

This is NOT 100% lemon juice and shouldn't be advertised at such. Read the ingredients list on the label.

This is america, & if something isn't technically illegal, then it's not illegal.

Real Lemon Does not = Realemon

I think I may have to take a break from these threads. I can't stand this.

This is what shower shitting does to you, folks. Remember this.

He did nothing wrong. I'm letting my slight ego getting to me when I say that I'm shocked there hasn't been an edit of this for me.

I'll be fine.

I want to see how bad it gets.

Codemonkey dropped Unix timestamping to cut down on server demand.

ritsu u a lot of things fam but i neva thot u b so racis n so stupid man.

i would never let my dreams b dreams fam

Theres some card apps you can use that can help to prevent cheating, though with the amount of cheaters in card games, who knows?

Its ironic if he wasnt such an autist wed be on next right now, but like half of Holla Forums he was too autistic to make the necessary changes. Almost poetic really.

We were here first nigger. Dont make me call the EU on you.

Fuck, but now the filenames won't be chronological. Should've added the hash after the numbering.

That's why I got the margarita, for that sloppy cheese with some of the sauce on top and the dried herbs.
Fuuuuuuuuck you shitzu, my pizza isn't coming for another 45 minutes and I'm salivating.

Oh wait, nevermind it's here.

Roughly an hour, maybe 2

Ha of course not

Fuck, screwed up the spoiler. Whatever.

But can he recognize ME?

Why did I make chocolate pudding?

Good night

They're trying to say I have bipolar disorder because of family history but I think it's a shot in the dark. I'm pretty much over being crazy and deluded. All I have currently that really affects me is a headache, tinnitus, and light sensitivity.

During my latest bout of insanity I decided that people can believe anything and the world is just insane so why not add to the insanity? I've been starting to come around after having a taste for bitter red pills.

Need to stay woke as fuck and start paying attention to the shitshow that is the fall of western civilization.


I got you confused for the other feelsguy the other day. But you aren't him!

why do i always end up in these threads

Alright that's enough for today. I'll see you next time. Remember that even if you are autistic and in some cases retarded you are still family

Sounds like internal bleeding man. Get help or you'll be dead really soon.

Sounds pretty fuckin nice man. Glad you didn't go the way of the wizard. I always just assumed that 30 is when people tend to stagnate and start becoming more over-encumbered with responsibilities.

All the same you should probably shower. Twice.
It'll help in the long run, and hot showers feel great.

So he ruined a fun gimmick that wasnt a problem by ruining our img file names? FFS.

Dont ever watch the Truman show.

Because you like them.

that's the tomboy isn't it

I fucking love timboys

I don't know man, but I end up here because I got free time during work

You lost control of your life fam

Night user!

Hope you have a good nights rest.

I don't have much hope. I'm going to piss off further into the depth of the internet with some obscure shit. All the alternatives right now seem like shit at face value.

This wouldn't be so much of an issue if we could save files as their filenames like what we could do on Holla Forums.

Next being a catastrophe was at the fault of everyone if you ask me. Josh being a fucking autistic sperg, Hotwheels being an incompetent webdev and us for being gigantic fucking faggots (not that we can do anything but be faggots).

Because you're lonely and want to talk to some. That's why I'm usually here.

Because you like me so much

night fam

Says the guy who thinks he's the only reason the threads get any activity and picked up a trip :^)

But that's the end goal.

Hot showers are nice, but depending on where you live they can also make you feel like shit. It's hot as hell where I live, so I always have to take a hot shower, followed by a cold one to cool down. Otherwise you just feel muggy when you get out.

i don't
i fucking hate these threads

i will tear open your heart and eat it

Protip: Even though Citric is an Acid when you eat it, when your body breaks it down it's alkaline so it's not making your body more acid. It actually does the opposite.


Going out on a limb here, but you don't use deodorant do you? If so, check to see if it has aluminum in it. They use that to seal your sweat glands. Due to this, your pits cannot breath & basically die off if you use too much. I never touch the stuff.

So that's why all my Webms post & save as triangles.

Think of all the times it's not reported. I'm sure it happens all the time.

Anti psychotic drug. Hopefully it helps but I have my doubts as the orals just complicated things and I was on 3 different medications at once before.

Because we must post wizard lolis.

No you won't. You love me

Because you want more Konata.

Stockholm Syndrome?

I suddenly feel like regaining control.

At least I'm up front about my avatar/tripfagging. You can't go a single thread without bringing up who you are, even meta threads.

I'm not even really sure what causes kidney stones so thats all just words to me honestly.

Heres to hoping at least.

The real catch there was that the girl comes back to life later, or something. He offed himself for nothing.

it jus seem lyk insanity cuz eybody else b so fukn blue pilled monica keep up the good fight man we gonna get deez ends in da ends feel me.

when dey ain't no reason
nigga iz sleasin season

embed related was sumwhat interesting. i b into a lot of world mythologies n shieet n da lotr always seemed like an overly complicated fantasy jaunt but as i read it it seemed like there was sumthin mo to it lyk sum underlying meter I couldn't quite pick up on fam. idk.

what the niqqas in this yt series talk about is really sorta off the wall but sum of it definitely resonates w/ what otha niggas b sayin about ancient history n occult mofuckas.


dis a good read if you lookin for a red peel

good night tho, didn't wanna lee u hangin fam

I swear I'll gather up my lewd Megumins to dump into this thread one day.

I'll go weeks without taking a shower.

Jokes on you, I barely even post on Holla Forums and most of it isn't related to 4am.

you forgot to link me fam, I started to wonder

that is a real possibility user but I don't think I'll stagnate

see I'm eyeing this qt on POF who's 24 and once I don't live in my damned moms house, achievable even on my current budget at my current job, I plan to hit her up

24, qt, and some christian values

I'll probably end up giving up vidia for the most part, and hopefully porn, and then knock her up with like 5 kids

that would be an ideal life


what a novel idea

all i can hear is the pain that i will ensue upon you

Ain't Margarita just a Cheese pizza

For the last time, megu is NOT for lewd!
I'm wondering if the mods actually keep count of how often I post images of the same characters before I get banned.

I still hold josh most at fault. His approach towards the community was insane. Hell, we lost /sp/ cause of it. Those were fun times though, everyone working together to yell at josh.

You should too. You might like it~

And yet here you are, back again. Just admit its a love/hate relationship. Like an Irish marriage.

You uh, you remember akari is usually unnoticeable but always wants to be the center of attention. Who did Huey used to avatarfag as?

I was >implying
that I had not gotten them all.
You know that I would love to do it too
I'll make sure to throw in some Ritsu that you missed a few days ago


I actually had a moment like the Truman show recently. I was in a daze and was for sure certain I was being watched. Everything felt scripted and I was wary about the black cars in the neighbourhood. I ended up snapping photos of random shit and looking back on it I was being retarded


I'm not disagreeing with you there. Josh is a fucking sperg after all.

Make me.

As long as you aren't "well known" or have some faggot spam reports on you, you will never be banned for it.

Thats real deep



I just drank 6 cups of tea in one draught.
And have some snus under my lip.

Intestines: Maximum Overgurgle





Muh nigger. You got me.

It's like you want them to read books
Fuckin shoot for it man, don't end up a wizard.

Morning, hoping the weekend is off to a good start
Making chicken and curly fries at 5am and jamming to the jsr stream. Living the dream

Does the good snus give you heartburn like the crappy kind does me?

Just one won't hurt.


Speaking of imaginary girlfriends, I just learned who Peter Coffin is. How have I never heard of this man before?

Reported :^)
t. Lime


I can't wait for the 2nd season to come out. Think of all the doujinshi of Megumin to come out. Plus maybe some of goddess rouge.

I don't even know how the rules work anymore- I just do whatever the fuck and hope that I don't get banned since that's what it's devolved into now.

Because only /cow/ has been shitting on him for a while.

why i asure you there is no avatar posting here

Is she your waifu? I'll stop if shes your waifu.

Curly fries sound fucking awesome, I haven't had those in years.

Love how many edits this has been made into.

user there is a difference between me quitting vidia and cutting off future kids from vidia

I'm not a wizard she was fat and I was like 24
at least I know I can into sex

Ah, I'm glad that's true. I can trust a good, honest man like you, right?

just made it now


She isn't. But I would very much like to hug her.

Ever got that feeling that it's all fake and you're 100% sure that theres a camera watching you? I used to get that as a teen, freaked me the fuck out.
We all act a bit retarded sometimes. Just the way it goes really.

An entertaining sperg though. Those were fun times, even if the post time ques were insane.

If you go take a shower, i'll give you nudes of Leslie jones.

Damn avatarfaggots.

Hey what's happening tonight fellas? I'm playing some Poker Night 2. What's going on with you?

Why would you do this to yourself?

Kidney stones are caused by a buuldup of minerals in the kidneys which is caused by 2 things.

1: Not enough citric acid to make minerals in your body water soluable so you can pee the excess salt/calcium/ etc out of your system on a daily basis

2: lack of water to carry those minerals out of your system.

Basically your not drinking enough water, & you're not taking enough vitamin C rich citrus fruits.

Well then you're asking for this. You have no right to complain.

Nobody's following you. Ask your self, why would ANYONE follow you. If you can't come up with any good reasons then it's just you.

As for things being scripted. People follow the path of least resistance. Even saying hi to a random person on the street doesn't do much anymore because everyone is in their own little world.

I blame the lack of communities. I don't even know my neighbors, & I had a bar B Q in their backyard yesterday.

My Advice to you: Stop giving a fuck. 90% of shit doesn't matter. Focus on that last 10% & your good.

I haven't played a modern game since dark souls 3. There's just nothing coming out that interests me.

we're praying the gay away

I feel sorry for you.

Fuck off Sam Hyde.

I want it to get worse so I don't have to bother putting the work into killing myself

shitposting of course

inb4 banned

Whats stopping you from making her the one fam?

What you up to plank?

Ever hear back from that thing?

anyone have tabletop simulator? fug sounds really comfy right now

But im not jewish. Shit im not even circumcised.

You and I are very alike, fellow meguposter.

why don't your avatarfags have the guts to do that

Yeah, tossing moonman into anime is pretty funny.

Pretty sure I do, don't think I've ever used it before though

I know your tricks you antisemitic monster. People like you should be shot.

What? The world, or your spiral into depression? I was depressed when I was younger, but when you realize nothing really matters you boomerang around into being alpha as fuck. I basically became Jim Carrey in Yes man.

Try new things & the rest will follow.

I know for sure I'm dehydrated, didn't know of the other bit though. Big thanks! I've read a bunch about kidney stones but its never that clear about it.

If I knew for sure she was on the other side waiting I would.

I'm about to go sleep.
See you guys tomorrow

I'm late again

Night peko!

Hope you can dream of her!

What kind of fuck is awake at 5:30?

follow this example archive.fo/9CU2y

You can play stuff on a tablet and whatnot, autism out

fuck off spider

I already hit the point were nothing matters. I just don't see the point in doing anything and would rather just end up going innawoods and dying out there.

Shoo shoo pedo Holla Forums



Dont be ridiculous. Everyone knows Israel is americas greatest ally.


Mornin spiderbro.


good night fam

Well shit I hope that works out for you guys.

The usual

Security guard job? I go in on monday morning for interview. Wonder how that's going to go.

Night my nigs

What's up spiderbro

sheeeit that's a dank webm

Sam please. Stop pretending.

I normally wake up at 5 to work out. Unfortunately that plan is awash.

>implying you don't want to see Megumin in more fanworks getting her hand held and having her head patted while also having her lips ravished and having her tight pussy plunged into with the dick of her lover

What's up Plank?

I already have a waifu.

Great minds think a like.


Can't beat the Breen. Theres a reason why hes the legend!

I'm not sam, i'm evan. At least respect my identity.

What kind of faggot tries to kill them self

I love that guy

hey spider

Yes you do.

I've seen through your lies one too many times.

Alright, fucking off now. Hope you all sleep well and don't die. Reminder that Jesus is there for you.

that takes me to a share thread user

Yup, my friend gifted me a copy for us to play twilight imperium while he was out of the country for school. Plans kinda just fell apart and I was waiting for Poots to deliver the Monster module for tts like he promised

morning folks

Shoo shoo pedo Holla Forums

good night fam

the mental lunatic who "loves" his waifu

You a big guy?

Who? And why are you cheating on her?

Come back

i want to bathe in your blood while i hang your lifeless body on display for the world to see


Slowly realizing that myself. I was on a lot of drugs at the time so it all feels kind of hazy.

Currently I don't give any shits unless it's myself. I want to improve myself and get better at living life how I see fit.

I've been putting off preparing to make a game. Currently the idea is a sentai / mecha game set in an ancap utopian society.

what a bitch

Stop bullying me josh.

be nice.

It's too late Sam. I'm going to wipe you off the face of the planet. You're fucking dead kiddo.

ironically he deserves more respect than avatarfags, since he stopped being a nuisance to society

Yeah, hes such a badass. Hes what I imagine Strelok would be like.

Stop bullying people!

untrue user, now he is 15 years of wasted resources, tho since he was a spic that could be argued anyway

all living fags have the potential to redeem and become great, even untermench

pretty sure Strelok was an asshole
this guy is a patriot

Too bad. You brought this upon yourself. I bet you don't have any friends and took your mom as a date to prom.

Not a day goes by where can we enjoy a moment without jewish tricks such as from this poster. Rev up those ovens.

Gensokyo is a trap. She'll feed your soul to lesser youkai.




take the first step and learn to make a simple game on any engine

Nope. I'm a fucking skeleton. I've seen security guards be as skinny as me, so I don't think it matters too much really. I heard the bigger guys get more positions.

Just playing some relaxing poker. You?

potential needs to be realized to matter
I had the potential to be a fucking athlete at some point, that train left the station a while ago

my mother and sister are going to come over to take these crap sofas out but we were supposed to go out shopping again however the shop is shut because it's the weekend

S-stop it!


Typically you are just there to call the cops and hide if someone shows up anyway.

My first project is to recreate chess. I want to make vaporwave chess for shits

Nobody cares pedo Holla Forums

It's too late to stop now nerd.

You deserve it for saving that kind of quality though user

no it didn't user, you can achieve your dreams

I believe in you

too late fucker

user chess is a big step

start with checkers

>not having her as a qt adopted daughter
Why must 2d torture me so!



Why is breath fog so damn lewd

hot things are hot

well becoming an athlete wasn't my dream but my "potential"

it's been getting pretty /a/ tier levels of autism in here lately with that wizurd skank everywhere

I-I SAID. . .!


well that does make things easier thinking about it.

Fugg, I ate a whole large pizza by myself

I know user

but I believe in you


I keep forgetting that my diploma is going to be shipped soon. They way they called it a technical certificate rather than an Associates Degree makes me worry though.

Don't make me cut off your hands so you can never hold hands with a qt3.14 or give her head pats.

Getting slammed at work with all these fucking calls and dealing with retarded workers from other departments.

You are just making this worse on yourself

I know you can do it though user

then you're a absolute madman
because that ain't ever happening

Take some tums/pepto



I't doesn't have to user

but I believe in you who can achieve your goals

just give up now before you make yourself look even more foolish

Aqua is better you double nigger.


That's sad. But I do see she does have a good ass though.
But not as good as Mugumin's


I-i-I-I'll do it! I'll really do it!!
It's probably fine. Certs are usually for tech fields

It's ok, not everyone can have good taste.

lets see if this works, anyone up for dicking around?
server: 4am
pw: 4am

you can't DND because it is unreasonable to expect people that have no control of their lives to stick to a consistent schedule

Heres a handy guide.

You wont do it. You're too scared to do it.


no as in movers are around

Just kidding!


Got my hopes up for nothin

was right
you are a whimp


well then

my bad

Where you work?

Yeah that's what I've heard. People tend to think security guards are supposed to restrain people all the time. They do that sometimes, sure but they aren't the police.




watching my mother try to backseat them and them saying they know what they're doing was rather asmuing


You will remember today! As the day! You ALMOST got CAPTAIN Karen!

Only ones who do are the types that don't care if the guys who hired them get sued or not.

I always do

nice work man

sounds like it was worth a laugh

But Karen, I already have you.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

it's always nice to see my mother get shut down

I'm sure ahmed will take care of it for me eventually.

I never do


Florida. For a specific telecommunications company
Night shift is great. I get to shitpost while working- plus no managers to worry about.

More like this, or with that guy?

I don't understand the question

well this thread is mostly dead
i'm going to go back to watching my shitty anime



ngiht fag

More videos with the guy who is calm af while things are exploding

slavs in general

that guy is a hero from during the ukranian crimean event, his stuff is great

also russian dash cams

Welp it's Saturday, I just woke up and those incompetent college fucks haven't given me my money and those disabilities program has not been able to find me a job for months now so I'm gonna go job hunting today.
I think I'm finally regaining control now that I'm getting into college, like if that fire inside of me long ago is starting to heat up again.
now al I need is to pirate my college text books and microsoft office and I'll be ready. I even had a dream where I went back to high school with Honoo from Blue Blazes

well I guess after sunday is where I won't be able to come back for a good chunk of a while unless I wake up very early so I guess this is where I kinda depart, I guess. I dunno, it was fun being here with y'all except you, Ritsu, you unhygienic fuck. Take a fucking shower.

Hey guys, just dropping in to say you are all fags, but thank you for at least keeping it in your shitty containment thread at an hour when most people wont see it.

Keep up the good work.

good fortune in all your travels fam

Night fuqboi

whelp, that was fun maybe, no one joined maybe I'll try another night

you too, fam. thanks for that drawing you requested of me

I'm at wrok and I don't have it famalam

you should thank the drawfag, you're a good mate for saying tho

sweet, thanks


Are the cytubes in 4 AM ever any good btw?

no excuses!

Does coming here make me autistic?

no, don't come there



I suppose I should get it when it's on sale on humble

it's japanese funk and gundams and classic rock

and psychadelic and other shit

And magic!

Come to think of it, I have something to contriboot too


bretty good



welp dead thread, have a good night


at least your trips redeem you

See you tonight, senpai :3