I always turn off Anti-Aliasing, SSAO...

I always turn off Anti-Aliasing, SSAO, bloom and blur in every game if I can because games look better without them (especially in the case of antialiasing)


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I just turn my monitor off because it looks better.

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I just mix and match until i get the perfect view for performance

I call bullshit on that, but the rest we can agree on.

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with SSAA

Sure, I get that.

This is literally just a more efficient way to compute ambient occlusion, why would you turn that off?

Why? Are you just fond of rough textures?
Or is this just a thread to discuss how shitty the PC port of that game is?

How much do you want to bet OP just has a shitty PC and AA to him are sour grapes because his shitty GPU can't handle it?


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It looks worse but it's usually not worth the performance hit you get out of it. MSAA takes a lot out of your GPU and FXAA looks like oil's smeared across your screen.
Why would you turn that off?
Understandable but I use it.
Motion blur when your camera moves is fucking awful. The person who thought that was a good idea should be executed.

To be fair, if that's the case, then he's actually making the correct decision.
FPS > Gwafix

Agreed, camera-based motion blur is fucking terrible for gameplay purposes.

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Judging from what I can glean from the header, this is mostly an implementation issue though, right? As in, wrong tool for the job.

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SSAO almost always looks like shit and I've simply never used AA because I run at a decent enough resolution. Bloom and blur are absolute shit always. I also hate god rays.

Roughly as many as there are subjects I have an opinion on.

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I often turn off AA or have it on the lowest setting because I have a 1400p monitor

Sounds about right.


Anti-Aliasing in video games and CG movies is bullshit.

It's just putting vaseline on a camera lens, it's a needless after-effect that muddies the image just because some people don't like sharp images.

Do you even know what it does?

The others are fair though I personally like AO if it's done well (not SSAO though, I mean something like HBAO), and bloom can be nice if it's subtle.

Do you guys even understand how anti-aliasing work?

For example, this guy right here:

Do you understand that if you feel like someone smeared vaseline on the screen you've been using that stupid shit nvidia gives you as an option, and not actual AA?

Just play in a higher resolution.

Why do all Japanese games look like PS2 games running at higher resolution?

95% of their industry is budget bin quality.

as high as your repeated digits?

Because unlike western developers their priority is in having snappy, good gameplay over spending their budget on graphics.
However this really doesn't apply to Koei products, so you've got half a point.

it really depends on the AA type, some AA just blur everything and makes things look muddy.

Even in best cases, the improvement in looks is not worth the hit in performance. Sometimes, however, the use of AA can actually hurt the looks as it (if badly implemented) just blurs everything way too much, making textures lose their clarity and sharpness

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i think this retard means FXAA

That is true, higher FPS should be the priority, but I also think OP just made this thread to talk about the AoT game.

Its a good thing they cut the graphics, or else we wouldn't get all that original and addictive gameplay.

AA is acceptable if it's not the whatsitsname blurry shit, but everything else is fucking cancerous. Especially the HDR which, in real life, does exact fucking opposite of what it does in games.

I agree.

AA is basically the equivalent of TAKING OFF the vaseline, NOT putting it on.

Look at these screenshots, they compare native wii games without AA and emulated dolphin games with AA. Of course, then comes the resolution and texture filtering, but what we're mainly talking about AA and how it makes the game look clean and crisp.
It is not like the Wii or Wii U, PSP, etc, which makes it look like a jaggy piece of dogshit.

If your PC can handle it, you have no excuse not to use it.

AA examples.

Jesus, keep your snappy gameplay to your shit games.

You're also forgetting the frame rate issues. In a game where you can't move in battle. That would be reproducible on a ps1.

I remmeber motion blur being launched on a 3dfx carp in the late 90s. It was mostly used as a gimmick to mask bad framerates by "emulating" film. It didn't work, but that didn't stop every dev from putting it in as an option from then on.

Here are examples of games NOT using AA.
Mainly console games really, 3DS, PS2 and Wii are obvious for spotting jaggies due to lack of AA.

Emulating fixes this.

If it helps at all, wrote Thief: The Dark Project's renderer.

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I never understood this. At high frame rates, subtle motion blur can be great at making the image seem more natural. It can make motion feel more fluid. At low frame rates, there is no way to make the blur subtle. And it just turns everything into a blurry mess.

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Remove "turn based" and "rpg" and you get a modern western game.

I dont even know what the point of motion blur is, only good example of it in video games I can think of is TF2 where it looks just as good with motion blur as without it. in all other cases it makes the screen into a blurry mess.

There are very few examples of well-implemented motion blur. Developers seem to think that screen motion blur when the protagonist moves is a good idea. It's not. The correct way to implement motion blur is to put it on fast-moving objects. I think the Metro games do object-based motion blur, but it's been a while since I played them, so I might remember wrong.

We don't experience mblur in real life when we move our heads because of saccadic masking.

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No AA in games past 2004 or non-FPS is fucking retarded. Even in FPS, AA is nice sometimes.

AA removes the grainy edges, the smearing in those screenshots it from the lowresolution from before the upscale.

With AA, the edges look smooth and crisp instead of grainy and pixely. AA also helps a bit with the textures but not as much as mipmaping and AF does.

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We're on the same boat then, right?

Motion blur works at low frame rates, otherwise it wouldn't work with movies.
The problem is that artificial motion blur isn't accurate. Video camera sensors (and our visual nerves) are constantly exposed to light. At 24fps each frame contains the information of what happened in a time span of 0,042 seconds. This makes the single frames look blurry, but in the animation it will look sharp and make the animation look more smooth.
When rendering something on the computer you don't have exposure time. You always get an exact point in time. The artificial motion blur is not accurate enough to simulate the exposure time. The animation will look blurry and it won't look more smooth.