The right is completely inferior to the left. Imagine if the left was what we grew up with instead

The right is completely inferior to the left. Imagine if the left was what we grew up with instead.

Now imagine that instead of that shitty teen titans game we got on ps2 in 2006, we got a game based on it.

teen titans was never good

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The Mad Mod episodes were alright.

I agree, Cyborg does look so much better when they follow the source material closer.

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I like how sexualised she is in the left like every female superhero needs one of those boobie sunroofs while the cucks at DCuck go on about the opposite yet do the opposite.


Name 3 heroes with those windows.

fuck you teen titans was the shit

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Teen Titans Go is the best Teen Titans

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That Teen Titan show wanted so desperately to be 'anime'.
Such as they knew the japanese would sometimes have characters go off-model or have exaggerated expressions. It was like monkeys finding a tool box, but having no idea how the tools are meant to be used, so they just gouged peoples eyes out with them instead.

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He's talking about the images.

Teen Titans Go isn't even worse than the original. At least it knew what it was going for, instead of wasting half of every episode on chibi anime face bullshit before getting to the action.

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It was charming. Fuck off.

user, having a show revolve entirely around drivel is worst than it being a fairly OK cartoon that was occasionally waylaid with drivel.

user, comedy is a thing

that's fair
but it could've been just as charming if it had been more like the justice league cartoon

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and it's unfortunate that teen titans go doesn't take advantage of its existence.

fucking watch justice league unlimited or BTAS if you want good cape cartoons

pic related



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