More DLC to gobble, you whores

More DLC to gobble, you whores

I seriously hope nobody on here bought this rehash of R2 and Attila DLC-fest

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lmaoing at retards who bought this.

They need something to play after no man's sky.

I would like to be able to pre-order a season pass for single use DLC.


bump I like talking shit about GW and modern total war.

You cant say you werent expecting this

I don't know what the fuck they're thinking with the pricing on this shit. Maybe its an experiment to see how far they can go before even the most hardcore of fanboys can't justify it anymore.

Denuvo somehow led to increase in shameless cash crabs, guess they need some extra revenue to balance the budget after paying for denuvo.
Who would have guessed.

CA was doing the same shit with their earlier games though

I have a nagging feeling that's been the idea since the start, and they are just watching their schemes fluctuate between tolerable and making sure it's not over the edge.

But boy, do they want to push that edge for profit.

They are adding in troop variety which is the biggest problem with the game.

They probably purposely gimped the variety just to sell this DLC, In two years this will probably resemble a full game and be worth $10-20

Oh god, this is gonna be shit
>Arch Lector, 18+ Regiments of Renown, 5+ new units, Volkmar the Grim, Ghorst, and Vlad von motherfucking Carrstein

If it's good, I'll consider buying it.


does it bother you that i dont see anything wrong with dawn of war 3?


tbh the only good thing about DoW III is the trailer. All DoW trailers are good.

as long as they dont refer to WAAAAGH as WAAARGH my autism will remain calm

Knowing GW, the Company that made Age of Sigmar and a book where the Orks destroyed Holy Terra along with the entirety of the Imperial Fists, I wouldn't count something that stupid out.

Just wait for Chaos DLC

I liked Beginning of the End Times, but I'm pretty sure that was just a translation project

You didn't go into enough detail
Hab Blocked sized orkz and ork diplomats

So what's the subtotal of all the DLC so far?

just for TWW or all of the modern TW games combined?

A little under 40 bucks for very much not 2/3rds the content of the full game.

Just for TWW

I haven't actually looked into, what sort of shit are they selling? Is it even anything that would warrant 5 bucks? Is it shit that should have been in the game in the first place?


Waaagh is war, it's the exagerated cockney way of pronouncing it when you scream it out loud. Orks are based on chav stereotypes from the 80s like football hooligans and skinheads and the like.

>nearly 50 roo bucks

Chaos is 8 bucks and should have been in the game in the first place considering 80% of their units are already in the game as a faction on the campaign map and late game event and you can even do custom battles against the AI using them.
Then there was the blood and dismemberment DLC which was 3 bucks and also should have probably been in the game from the start even though at the levels of zoom you play the game at 99% of the time you'll never see any of it.
Then Beastmen which are like 20 for a race that's functionally basically identical to Chaos but they start on the other side of the map and have a shitty army list that's like more than half composed of weapon swaps of three basic units. They probably shouldn't even be in the game at all because literally no one gives even the tiniest fucks about Beastmen in warhammer.
Now this garbage for 8 bucks when its like maybe ten new models and a fuckload of workshop-tier color swaps.


Is Mordheim City of The Damned any good?

The last time I played it, it was buggy as hell and not all that great

Oh and I guess the beastmen thing also came with a "mini campaign" with a "brand new map" which is just a zoomed in portion of the original map with only beastmen and empire on it. This could have been an interesting and worthwhile thing since total war works best at the medium sized army and territory level except that the campaign is only playable on the beastmen side who are a fucking horde army anyway so the map you put them on has basically zero impact on how you play them.

Jesus fucking christ, I hope people aren't falling for this shit. As long as people keep paying for shit that should already be part of the game, devs will keep doing it.

It's probably been proven that devs will keep doing it even if people don't buy it but I'm too tired to go digging for examples of games that died because too much content was held back for DLC purposes. Evolve I guess?

its the same thing with beastmen. they're added on the campaign map but you have to pay to play as them

I was hoping TWW was going to be decent. I guess I'm one of the few that actually enjoys Warhammer fantasy.

Hearing this shit, I hope they fucking fail hard.

Where should I start? It is even worth it?

It will be decent in five years when its all available in one normally priced bundle. It's basically an unlabeled early access game.

Someone kill me I am too weak

Start with the Storm of Chaos lore, since the Lord of the End Times gets kicked in the dick in that one.

But don't let shit games discourage you from getting into something.

Whelp the only other one and it's competition is that huge mega sized mod for a different Total War game and that one has some issues otherwise I'd be playing that in a heart beat instead.


Oh well, hopefully Space Hulk will be alright.

Radious is trying to do exactly that, create a unique roster for every human faction

Reminder, Beginning of the End Times is free mod for Medieval 2, has a fuckhuge roster, has pretty-much all the factions you could ask for, has a bigger map, and has someone making a sub-mod for it to make the fuckhuge roster even bigger.

I GIVE a fuck about beastmen, they are fucking sick charger army, which got gimped over the years.

Listen here motherfucker

Dude, CA has been doing shit like this since Shogun 2 and people keep on falling for it.
And they will continue doing so for whatever fucking reasons, otherwise CA would've changed their model insted of expanding upon it and useing more kikery then ever before.

crack when goddammit

I admit, if DLC is the only way to make CA fix their fucking AI I'd pay for that DLC like any other sucker.

While this should be true, in game, the beastmen work far better than Chaos as a horde army simply because they can actually recover their casualties without being in norsca near an ally who is always completely retarded, they get no infighting when they put their armies together so when end game starts you can still use 2-3 stacks at a time and lastly they can HIDE THEIR ARMIES when they need to recoup their looses.
Chaos can spend 5-10 turns recovering casualties EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY FIGHT A REAL BATTLE, the attrition will wear down even chosen after a few curb stomp victories and the empire will be sending dozens of stacks after them once chaos starts hitting them in full, your armies get constant attrition if you try to use them together, so they are all constantly sitting exposed for when 2-3 stacks of enemies come charging out of nowhere or you have to take the next city with a full stack of free units defending it while a stack of enemy troops are lurking in the area, and none of your armies can hide, so if one gets damaged in a fight, it has to sit in the open for those 5 to 10 turns it takes to get some troops back, hoping like fuck no enemy army comes by in the mean time. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TAKE A SINGLE CITY because those all have close to a full stack of defenders each.
Playing chaos hordes, doesn't so much put you in command of an unstoppable horde of badasses from the north looking to give the empire a bad time, as its bloody tedious management of your tiny little band of bandits that spends most of its time hiding from all the other guys who are hunting you down. Hardly makes you feel like a harbinger of doom plunging the world into chaos.

TL:DR, with the Beastmen, at least CA figured out how to make horde campaigns suck less.

CA is pretty much a shell of its former self.

I remember reading somewhere that for the vast majority of people involved in the making of Empire this was their first time ever working in the vidya industry.

Someone crossreferenced all the names in the credits with their previous work experiences in the industry and none had ever worked on a game before.

You should play Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the Ends Times.

Its the superior Warhammer Total war.

Other than constantly crashing. Like every 5-10 turns. And all the voice acting is either amateur shit or ripped from other games, quickly gets repetitive and is frequently poorly fitting. And the grafics are severely dated and look like ass. And the games engine can't handle magic or flying monsters. And the ballance is completely broken. Just like most the campaigns.
But other than a few trivial details like that, its a good game, for its time. I like M2TW and have been playing since it came out, but it IS showing its age and Total Warhammer isn't as shit as many buthurt piratefags around here would have you believe. They are just being jackasses because they couldn't play the game due to denuvo.

You forgot

I had crashing issues with CoW and some RTW mods like Roma Surrectum. That all changed when I applied large address aware. Now it crashes rarely, like all TW games

fuck off retard

Not shilling, but too many retards repeat too many lies about the game for anyone else to get any idea what its like. Or did you miss that post I made here about the how the chaos campaign in TW:W is more tedious than anything else?

TWW is really not that bad of a game. I've more than gotten my money's worth out of the base game alone. I don't feel the need to buy any of the DLC. To be fair though too I did get it off G2A for cheaper.

Brah it is in the nature of Holla Forums anons to shit on CA games and really any newly released game because they all want to fit in and can't stand to actually have conversations about vidya anymore. They just parrot hearsay about things they haven't even played or tried.

I just don't find warscape games enjoyable in the same way MTW2 and RTW are. There's a fair number of people who feel this way

Pray tell, what did CA do right with Warhammer?

Did they fix the tedious and moronic AI? Did they magically conjure unit collisions? Did they actually make a game worth having that hasn't been torn to shreds and sold piecemeal?

I fail to see why I need to tolerate bullshit about a game everyone knows is inferior in every aspect to Medieval 2 and even Shogun 2.

How can anyone find it enjoyable? Every mechanic it introduced, from 1 on 1 only fights, to elaborate death animations, to no collisions has fucked every game it has featured in.

Well I've heard people praising Shogun 2. Not really my bag but perhaps people liked aesthetics of gorious samaru dueling. Also CA only had to balance one set of units

From what I've seen, yes. The AI will perform basic tactics in battle (flanking, cavalry harassment, etc). Campaign map AI seems to do fine as well.

Yes, there's finally unit collision AND they've removed the matched combat animations. Battles are probably the best they've ever been.

This is the big problem with the game and the only reason I didn't buy it. It was so obvious they designed the base game to be as bare-minimum as possible so they could whore DLC.

Overall, I'd say that after all the DLC content comes out and bundled with in a discount, this will easily be the best Total War game since Medieval 2 (and I do NOT say this lightly). But, until I see that deal, I'm not buying the game.

The old warscape engine does do some things far better than TW:W ever does. Shooting for example. M2TW handled bows, crossbows and artillery much better than any latter engine. And formation combat, and sieges in general.
TW:W however did fix many of the short comings of the empire engine. Unit collisions haven't been a major issue for me, the battlefield AI works most of the time and isn't completely retarded. Due to the large number of different unit types, they have almost entirely done away with those long ass 1 on 1 fighting animations that made melee feel so weird and awful in empire engine, and instead feels much more like a slightly sped up version of M2TW's melee's. Likely the result of the many different kinds of skeleton animations for all the different races making such 1 on 1 animations impractical.
Cav works. The AI will constantly try to flank and harass you with it too. So you need to be on your toes.
Magic is cool and can swing a battle easily if you use it carefully. And it looks awesome too. Nothing beats the effect of dropping a giant flaming skull into the middle of a huge brawl and see the caster rack up 200-300 kills and cause a major rout.
The giant monsters are fun to unleash and look amazing. It makes for a great spectacle.
The legendary heroes can be made into some real nasty killing machines in the grand campaign. Archeon can rack up ludicrous amounts of kills with well placed magic, Manfred becomes nigh invulnerable with his magic and the dragon and Grimgor ends up being able to chew up any other hero or lord in seconds once he gets some levels sunk into making him better at punching shit. This is all great fun in the campaign.
Like Shogun 2, there's gone a lot of work into the feel and atmosphere of the campaigns too. Undead, Dwarf and Ork's are all fun but also all very different to play. The voice acting is good and there's lots of appropriate atmosphere in general.

On the down side, the maps you fight on are generally small, the sieges are kind of samey and get boring and the campaign AI does have some issues it needs to work out. Namely, to stop spamming all those fucking agents and constantly running away to just barely out of your reach. Every fucking timeā€¦
And lastly, no. The DLC is annoying as fuck, but they'll make a game of the year or collectors edition somewhere down the road with all the various DLC included.

To be honest, magic is completely broken

Buffs, debuffs and vortex spells are great, they really add flavor to the combat, the only bad thing is that not all spells are viable

target base damage spells on the other hand shouldn`t even exist, makes killing generals trivial, and are way overpowerd. They nerfed it a little bit making the damage RNG but it still idiotic

Magic should be a wild card, not a must have for every army

Pic related the best design spell caster in the game, that`s what all lores of magic should be like

I have to agree on the direct damage spells for general sniping. The ones I've tried have mostly been nerfed so hard they mights as well be useless. The big aoe spells are fun and effective though and the buffs/debuffs can make or brake a big fight, just like they should. This is ballanced by the finite amount of mana available for the battle, forcing you save it for crucial moments instead of just spamming it everywhere.

If there is anything I'd like to see improved in the system it would be dispelling, to add some kind of way to limit the enemy's magic.
General sniping needs to stay nerfed for balance reasons, as every game otherwise would just boil down to nuking the enemy's general and casters first. Just increase casting times a little and give enemy casters a prompt to try and dispell it every time you cast a spell. This would balance the power of buffing/debuffing magic.
As it is, the system is still a fun addition to TW style battles, that adds strategic depth with deciding on how you want to use it.

If things had played out according to the campaign results, the Empire would have laid siege to 4 fortress of the Chaos gods and won

because CA hasn't produced good games in a while


And so we will get all Warhammer units by only 60$ base + 80$ DLC. It is truly Games Workshop game.
The worst part is I will most likely buy it on sale.

Also I haven't checked but I assume Bretonia is not done yet? Is it time to start bets what will be first playable Bretonia or balanced Age of Sigmar with proper point system?

Imagine how much more Jewish they'll make Medieval 3 when it comes out.

I don't need to imagine this AoS is already out.

Not in campaign mode afaik, but they have been playable in custom battles for months. Pretty sure there's also mods for making them playable in campaign mode.

Total War: Warhammer ripped all their voicework from other Warhammer games too so I fail to see the big deal about that point.

This is the last thing I care about when playing a Total War game, especially when all the modding community is centered around Medieval 2, if you want to play these games and Mods you're going to have to get used to it.

It was released at the same time as Total War: Warhammer

You sound like one when you say Medieval 2 is showing it's age and Total Warhammer isn't that bad and calling piratefags butthurt because Denuvo in the same sentence even though the reason people don't like this game is because of the practices the Devs are using such as DLC for things that should have (and is) in the game and that it pretty much is a Mod doing the same things other Modders do.

Then there is the fact the Total War game Total Warhammer is based on has it's own problems that dedicated Total War fans despise but that's a different can of worms.


Think that is bad?
Game used to be 80$ if you were to also get the gore and chaos DLC.

[citation needed]

also how long until call of warhammer is shut down by GW like chapter master?

Go throw a temper tantrum elsewhere, kid.

WHfags are retarded enough to buy this anyway.

You should've stopped doing that after Empire.

TWW is a good game, no matter how much Holla Forums wants to decry it.

We'll see after someone cracks it.

It is.
And it doesn't change the fact this DLCs are fucking bullshit and GW are jews.

True, but NOT expecting Maximum Judaism from a cooperation between Sega, GW and CA is naive.


It would be but it doesn't really matter if you should had expect it or not.
It is good game that is still not finished and pricing for it is horrendous.

Holla Forums is the one place where people can call out devs and publishers about their retarded and borderline-malicious practices and then there are still people who act surprised when it happens.

I feel like Holla Forums is simply a place where people really enjoy shitting on things.

congratulations, you've pretty much got it all figured out

Do I get any award?

A Holla Forumsirgin trap dressed as you're waifu.

Does anyone even have a list of the speicifc units and lords they are adding?

It's on the store page

The interesting thing about the Regiments of Renown system is that modders can add units to it too.

I prefer it to other places where mild criticism makes everyone act like you're a god damned heretic. At least here I can be honest when I think someone's being a moron.

Oh that's absolutely true.

Wait a fucking second, I'm just watching a gameplay video with knights with lancers and they are using the fucking things once they've entered a melee.

What the fuck? In Medieval 2 they actually switched to a warhammer/mace when they did that.

Fuck this shit.

but Total War Warhammer is the greatest game of this generation user
just buy it already, we know you want to