Jojo thread: 36 Kars on Mars Edition

Alright, started this thread up to catch up on how the Jojo 7th Stand User 2 game is coming along, to talk about Jojo games and to fuck your head with translated plot points from the Jorge Joestar novel that Araki wrote.

All of it is fucking canon, as it takes place during the universe resets in Part 6


So aside from that, how's the fangame coming along?


I can dig it.

Doesn't Kars also steal Killer Queen from Kira?



But he didn't write the novel

reminder that heaven's door is the most laughably underutilized stand in the series

The end of part 6 really irked me


I really want to see the Vittorio fight animated.

I still can't tell if jotaro, jolyne and all the other original characters are in the reset universe

He is looking pretty spooky

do you think they'll animate purple haze feedback if we have a part 5 anime?

we might as well get rohan at the fucking louvre

I wanna see a Jorge Joestar animated more than Purple Haze Feedback. I love the redesignsmovie stands in JJ.

from what it looks, all of them are, just obviously slightly different.

I think Rohan at the louvre is less a side story and more Akari getting a big fanboy boner over being featured at a the louvre

Well, getting featured at Le Louvre as a manga artist is a big accomplishment. In any case, Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is more of a side series than Le Louvre.

would make for some fucking interesting filler

What the fuck? Is that just a one scene thing for some spooks or have they actually made him look like that?

He summons his stand in layers in the manga. Like skeleton, then muscles, then skin.
He is the ONLY person who does it that way.

him being a seriously fucked up serial killer probably has something to do with it.

I don't remember him doing that. Was it a singe appearance?

i'm starting SBR right now and I fu'cking hate pocoloco, seriously what a fucking stupid joke character nigger

Yeah, I think he only did it once.

I'm at Ringo Roadagain. Last time I read JoJo I blazed through 5, 6, and 7 so fast I barely remembered them.
5 and 6 were a lot better than I remembered. 6 is still pretty lame, but it has its moments, like Underworld and shit.

I thinks its to hammer home the skull symbolism in the OP's and ED too, either way its a really good shot and honestly creepy

So have you realized yet that that song is about Kira, not Josuke?

Like from Kira's point of view chasing Josuke or the other way around?

I think it's more about him chasing and stalking victims than Josuke specifically, but yeah, that's definitely the idea.

I quite like that it could be both. Like the line " My most precious things seem about to be stolen" could mean Kira's peaceful life and for Josuke its the exact same thing or maybe Shigechi if you wanna get all gay about it

Yeah, I'm not crazy about the music itself, but it's a clever song.

I don't remember kira doing that
got pics from the manga of it?

where ya read deez novels tho fammo?

Hmmmm, maybe I'm making it up. I looked up that part of the manga, and Killer Queen just has a weird shadow face. I could swear he does that at one point, but I really don't feel like looking through all of DiU for the times Kira summons his stand, haha.

I don't know, some people are working on a translation i heard, but so far it's only japanese.

As the normalfag animu population becomes more aware, there will be translations out the ass, because there's a few people who are willing to either translate it or foot the bill for a translator.

what is this faggot fanfiction bullshit?

i ain't think normal fag gon dig it tbh monica

dey ain't finna get deep w/ it u know

It basically is professional fanfiction

It's a JoJo light novel that Araki illustrated himself. It's peak Bizarre for sure, if nothing else.

Also original Battle Tendency Kars gets post DiU Killer Queen and BITES ZA DUSTO.

I'm still stratching my head over why the fuck Carne looks like that. He looks like Dio's spores got to him and then fucked off mid-transformation.

Written by Otaro Maijo, actually, though Araki did provide illustrations.