Holla Forums, 1931

Holla Forums, 1931

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Source on notsocs working with other parties

One thing liberals and nazis have in common is that both believe this delusional.

Holla Forums, 1945

Holla Forums, 1946

Holla Forums, 1945

Well he didn't.

God damn I love how Holla Forums is so salty they have to come over here and yell at us being smug over in the corner. We didn't go up to them and rub it in, they came over here because they're insecure about it.


Holla Forums, 15th century

lel Zizek is gonna open up them libel laws on u

Even Dubya was edgier

Is this in reference to something or is it just unfunny autism?

What part of any of those statements is actually false? Other then the Nazi-Soviet "alliance" which was just a non-aggression pact

Holla Forums, 2000

Holla Forums, 4000 BC

Liberal jokes aren't funny

leftypol, Stalingrad

Stay unwoke then.
Live in perpetual misery.

Holla Forums Saigon 1975

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Holla Forums 1941

cry more nazi.

Well, lot of good "throwing commies out of planes" did for the Chiléan economy.

Relax friend, i'm having fun, here's one for Holla Forums.

Holla Forums, 1861.

Holla Forums 56239 AD

Holla Forums 1944

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/sp/, 1908

not funny

/fringe/ 2016

Holla Forums 2013

SomethingAwful, 2005

Lol it's funny to go through Usenet posts made by Sega fanboys back in the day.

Some of their essence was absorbed by PlayStation.

Baneposting was the most unfunny and stretched out meme 4chan has ever shat out. And that's including shit like Giga Puddi in there.

Holla Forums, 1986
This Chernobyl disaster, it's not going to affect me, right?

Holla Forums, 1895

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Holla Forums, Itally 1945

/tumblr/, 1865

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Holla Forums, 1862.

Holla Forums, 1940.

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Holla Forums, everlasting

Holla Forums, everlasting

Sargon, 1940

Sargon, 1942

Holla Forums, 16th century.

Martin Luther is a degenerate sodomite, he's right about the jews though.

Holla Forums or a liberal? Who can tell anymore!

youtube -> zizek cut the balls


Haha, what?