Holla Forums unironically likes this completely broken game

Explain this shit nostalgiautists

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it runs perfect user, but you probablyu are just a faggot who pretends to play bvideo games

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Faggot, Duo Sex isnt a shitty gay rpg like all the crap you are used to play.
You arent locked out of stuff and forced to grind for it, you play it however the fuck you want LIKE A FUCKING GOOD GAME.

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I'm glad square ruined deus ex

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You should play Undertale.


Yeah, and you could also hack any device or unlock any doors with only one tool, regardless of your skills by opening the menu long enough for the action to complete. And you could also get infinite XP by typing again and again the code get inside the ship. And you could also carry heavy crates for free by disabling your strength augmentation while facing a wall so the crate cannot be thrown away.

Deus Ex is a bug-fest, but it doesn't make the game unplayable.


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i think Holla Forums got linked from somewhere so we might be.


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But this thread has nothing to do with that, Holla Forums is always bad

Give me a list of reasons why this thread is bad

You are sitting on this thread waiting for people to take the bait?

Holla Forums was better about 8 or so months ago, then the quality dropped fucking hard.

I can give you one right off the bat.

You're acting like a bug related to your OS or hardware making a game that's over a decade old break is a common occurrence and all of Holla Forums played the game through like that. This thread is just pointless. You're complaining about something unrelated to Holla Forums as a whole, or to the so called "nostalgiautists" who like Deus Ex. Because for some reason in your mind you seem to think the game always runs like that and people only defend the game because of rose tinted goggles.

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Shillary talked about the alt-right movement and a bunch of news sites like the BBC started naming Holla Forums as the HQ of the alt-rights

This isn't the first time Holla Forums was namedropped on mainstream news so I don't think this time will be any different. But Holla Forums also isn't a completely buggy piece of shit anymore so many more retards will stay after the new exodus God forbid

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Flooding the top boards with porn and gore will probably fix that. It has in the past.

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well it is possible to get a sniper and a gep gun in the statue of liberty level. the medkits and tazers are cheated in i think.

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Let me ask you, how much time did you play before you raged quit?

i've been playing it sinc ei made this thread

the problem isn't the game, the problem is that you're literally retarded.


What game is that?

How many threads are you gonna make chaim

Install Deus.exe and the Direct3D 10 renderer. Problems are all solved: pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Deus_Ex#Deus_Exe If, however, you're playing on win10 I can't help you. That's what you get for being retarded.

Anyone dumb enough not to check pcgamingwiki before launching a game older than 10 years shouldn't complain about things being broken (DX1 was perfectly functional on release 16 years ago and actually works fine nowadays, minor graphical issues aside).

Bioshock Infinite.


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In the Naval Shipyard, you use the code 6655 to lower the ramp and access the ship from the front. When using the code, you get a small XP reward. After the ramp is down, type the code in the keypad again, you'll receive another XP bonus. You can do that ad infinitum.



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