What are yall's opinions on post-Keynesian economics?

What are yall's opinions on post-Keynesian economics?

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pdf.steerweb.org/The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics - J. King (Elgar, 2003) WW.pdf

Pretty based especially if you are a socdem. Neo-ricardians and neo-marxians are great too, I don't know why aren't theses three noticed so much.

It's the only policy that's makes the dysfunctional capitalist system work for people.

Anytime it's been abandoned like now we head nose first into a depression. Socdem and Keynes are the only reason we haven't had more depressions. There were 3 in the 1800s.

It also highlights how inefficient capitalism is. Smashing windows to create demand does get needed capital into prole hands, but seems stupid af even to lumperoles

It's just correct, too bad it doesn't get any attention.

It's capitalism.

Kalecki > Minsky > Sraffa



Post-keynesian economics isn't either pro-capitalist or anti-capitalist. It's a neutral description of how a capitalist economy functions.

An incorrect one, Austrian and Chicagoan schools are thought are far better at describing how government spending is bad for the economy long-term because of lack of development and a waste of resources.


Austrian "economics" are literally a moral philosophy and the Chicago school has made an ass of itself already; the Chilean "miracle" that imploded into recession is a good example.

Don't tell me you're a socialist.

MMT is the red pill

i don't know what that is

somebody please explain it to me

The works of Krugman or someone like that, it an economic idea encouraging lots of spending rather than investing.

ITT: People who haven't read or otherwise don't understand post-Keynesian theory

Last time a thread like this occurred I asked for reading recommendations and I was given a book that was basically a 400 page glossary. Nobody here has actually read Kalecki or Minsky.

Krugman isn't a post keynesian you retard.

Shit, they criticise neo-classicals but their theories depart/use from the same base/misconceptions of the former, and to make thing worse they accept the neo-Ricardian line on Marx's(witch is nothing but a giant strawman).
But serious, their work on debt is good, but they treat it as the cause of crises, and if you undestand Marx you would know that debt crises are the result of the falling rate of profits, witch they ignore.

Anwar Shaikh has a good lecture about it, youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1uqxcCESK6B1juh_wnKoxftZCcqA1go


I admit I don't know much about it. Most people here will just dismiss it as "socdem" because it has Keynes's name in it and they haven't read a word of a post-Keynesian author.

I admit my ignorance. I'm gonna start reading up on it when I have time

According to wikipedia, he's a classical economist. Is that true?


pdf.steerweb.org/The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics - J. King (Elgar, 2003) WW.pdf
This is a fine intro. Also this guy on youtube (youtube.com/channel/UCM1ubsbE-tG9ru61mc3zX8A) is a post-keynesian and uploads some of his lectures.

No, he's marxian economist.

The Elgar Companion was exactly the book I was making fun of. I'll check out the youtube link though.

Lenin did not ever fucking say that


This one is very good. He explains why neoclassical (mainstream) economics is wrong.

I can also recommend these two.

What are you talking about? Didn't you read State and Revolution?


Also, if you want Kalecki, this short paper is classical Kalecki:

Irrelevant af

Why the fuck did rebel keep shilling this trash? are there any actually good post-keynesian socialists cause this is like yugoslav shitpost-tier

Because he's a secret porky subversive.

Because his ideology is Egoist Contrarianism

there's nothing wrong with market socialism

there are though. It preserves everything about capitalism except the boss-worker relationship. You can say "well, that's the best we can do. communism is impractical," but you can't say "there is nothing wrong with this system." It clearly has its problems.


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but I did. Rebel you just gotta accept that you love trash sometimes. That's ok.

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