Just built my first PC. How the fuck do I get Windows on it? Can't find any real torrents

Just built my first PC. How the fuck do I get Windows on it? Can't find any real torrents.

Pic related. Fair budget build.

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Are you actually retarded? How can you not find a torrent of windows? They're fucking everywhere.

Never got into torrenting

are you a girl

install ganoo+loonix
then find out how to get your windows

Nope, he's just gay.

Yes I'm a grill.

Nice socks you faggot.

That phone costs as much as "fair budget PC"

Never a bad time to start kiddo.

Install gentoo on it


Buy Windows you filthy cretin. People slaved away to make that OS, give them something to give them the incentive to continue work on it.

You faggots will be the death of technology I swear to fucking christ.




Why buy windows when you can support Linux by getting it free?!

It's not fair to the people who made it you poor faggot.

Enjoy not doing much outside getting green text on screen, wow, amazing feat of freedom.

Seems like the thread to ask. Anyone got a link for Windows 95, 98 or XP? 98 preferred since games.

Hell, I'd take DOS.

Oh gee I sure do feel bad for those people who like their customers to pay for spyware.

But it's not fair to the Linux either if you only give money to your microshaft overlord.

You should. They're doing it for your benefit, what's the concern?

Yes it is, broken shit isn't worth shot.

But you pay for it…

No, Microsoft work hard and make a good OS that doesn't break. You're just a retard.

Your whole statement is retarded. Microshaft break hard and make a good OS that doesn't work.


Okay. Whatever you say.


Just don't.

You see, Operating System is made for human to operate the PC, but Windows is made for Microshaft to operate the user, that shit is more broken than your logic!

1. Go to Microsoft's official website
2. Use an already existing product key from another computer, like a laptop or something
3. Download, it will be an ISO
4. Either burn the ISO onto a disc or use a program called Rufus to make a USB into a bootable drive

If you don't want to do that, then find a torrent for christ sake and tits or gtfo

Why couldn't Steve Jobs see in his house?
Because he didn't have windows


You take the hard drive from your previous computer and stick it inside

Maybe you're just an extremely ugly who lies about being a man so you can feel better about your personal appearance.

Windows is the best, you'd be a retard to think otherwise. Fuck off to Mac if you want to bitch about it.


Fucking normalfags.

Prove me wrong then faggot.

OP I am curious now, what did that Jar originally contain? Was it peanut butter?

That doesn't werk with windows because it isn't free.

You can install windows on Mac!

Win2000 aint bad either.

I have no experience with it.

No you can't. They're different you fucking retard.

I never owned it legit either, but it seems to run most older games I throw at it.

I know you're pretending to be retarded but it's not as if the people who work on windows get a commission every time someone buys winblows.
They get paid a set wage like normal workers.

It looks like it still contains peanut butter. Maybe it's fucking sand for all I know.

Fair enough then.

As you can see, nobody in this thread can give you a proper answer.

Why? Because Windows is an overrated piece of garbage Bill Gates is the King of Hacks.

Pic related, an actual fucking action OS that invented/standardized a bunch of techniques that are norm nowadays.

It doesn't have to be good if it's famous. People will praise Windows regardless. 75% of people who cum over this game have probably never even played it, or saw it on youtube.

Like LOTR is a masterpiece when it's just a whacky yet pretentious fantasy book.

Like the Beatles are great legends when musically speaking they're below One Direction.

They came out at the right time and the generation at the time idealized them.

And as decades passed, they got a reputation of being "revolutionary" while in fact they are artistically equivalent to modern day garbage.

"Contrarian" is just a term people use when they're being challenged on arguments that to them must be untouchable. It's a neologism that's as cancerous as it gets.

It's anti-intellectual by definition, because it negates any possibility of discussion without being ad hominem'd by the masses.

It is going to torment me for the rest of the night. I really must know what it contains and if it's peanut butter, what does it taste like?

Stop being pretentious, use an OS that fucking works than garbage. 10 was free for fuck sake, can't you even afford space?

install gentoo

russian torrent sites are fast

go away shit taste

no tits, of course not

Here's a vid of some russian dude tracing some packets that were being sent to Microsoft, even though all of the telemetry setting are off. He decrypts the traffic to find out that the data being sent is actually a screenshot of the desktop, which was being sent every so often. That's just one example.

Aside from security concerns, Windows is only "good" if you take into account the proprietary DirectX framework (vidya), and the fact that any moron who can rub two braincells together can operate a computer with Windows.

Well, given that OP is a gigantic faggot, and that he's likely gotten his grubby hands all over said peanut butter, it probably tastes like normal peanut butter but with traces of semen, sweat, fecal matter, and desperation.

You have three choices
I would push for the third choice and do a GPU passthrough, if you have the autism for it.

Fuck, wrong webm.

So being user friendly is a bad thing now? Wow. Continue being a fucking elitist then you faggot, enjoy PC dying.

Also ever trusting Russians with anything. Pretty funny user.

It tastes like peanut butter, you cuck.

So it tastes like /tg/? Thanks user, good to know.

No, no, you mean Mac OS or OS X, it's a bit unix but almost windows, so broken.

I don't agree with this ebin guy, but he knows his windows.

Aha! So you admit OP it is peanut butter? Answer me this, why do you keep peanut butter on that shelf?

Just because you're tech illiterate doesn't mean it's broken. Fucking hell, this site's full of retards.

get a load of this plebian, I bet you can't even watch videos with framebuffer output


Why would I need to when I have flash? Just because you can make it sound flashy with big words doesn't make it good you fucking faggot.

you don't need flash to watch youtube videos any more kiddo

Yes you do though?

if you don't have flash, youtube will default to html5 video player

but you can just feed a video url to the youtube-dl application to download videos or pipe them into a video player like vlc/mplayer/mpv

you need compatible hardware as well as autism, friendo

That's not a question.

Flash is safer.

Fuck off faggot.


I can almost guarantee that OP doesnt have hardware that supports hardware passthrough.

It's not so much the fact that's it's user friendly that's bad. Its more the fact that it only seems user friendly. Windows is a shitty amalgamation of terrible decisions; most users don't realize this because they either don't care or they just don't know anything else. Look at the file-system structure. The only thing the user needs to know is that their programs are in a folder called My Programs, and that all their files can be found in their own user directory. Everything else is a complete mystery. Old dlls clogging up sys32, a registry so full of holes that it looks like swiss cheese, terrible user account protection, bloated page files. Running a fresh install of Win7 on my machine takes up and above a gig of ram just to idle, it's fucking madness. There's not a problem in using it, it's just a terrible OS and no one seems to know any better. Here's an excerpt from some poor microsoft devs.

Can you even purchase windows 7 anymore?

Every PC store I've gone to only stock 10 now. 7 is only sold for businesses.


ayy not bad

Yes. Go online and buy it like a respectable individual, give people who made it the money they deserve for delivering a product. Fuck. It's sad I have to even explain this.

Except it is. How don't you know this? Your clearly shit with PCs, please leave.

Allow me to deliver. Here's Win7: thepiratebay.org/torrent/14969378/

And my suggestion: have two HDs in your computer, install Win7 in one (for vidya) and Linux in the other (for freedom). Gradually try to use Windows less and less, until you can do without. And for fuck's sake don't go with Win10 if you can avoid it. That thing is a clusterfuck.

(Yes, you can install two systems in the same drive. But it's harder to set up and Windows is more likely to fuck up something.)

What is the difference between niggers and cancer?
Cancer got Jobs

Seems likely prominent businesses are the only ones who can get access, hell my last job had pirated copies of 7 running their registers

Yeah dude being contraction is so cool. Want to play Legos after you finish your homework?

I still use fucking XP in my workplace.
Hey, it's cheap then. Can't complain. Just be shitting yourself if anyone comes checking.

that's kinda funny.
If winblows really wanted to drive out linux, they should have kept 10 free. Seems like a stupid decision now.

Install Gentoo


There's a reason you can't load flash files directly from 8ch any more.
Hint:it's because it's not safe

There's no reason for anyone to use flash now that html5 can play video.
Also, when you can stream a video with youtube-dl and livestreamer, there's no point to even watching video in a browser.

Op I hope you're happy, all of this shitposting is your fault.

Just imagine, all those windows employees on the street because you're too cheap to pay $120 for Windows 10 and then an extra fee for all the windows store exclusives


Great response user. Really thought that through, fuck off and play with legos.

Flash is useful and you get Adobe stuff with it when you download and install it. What's not to like?

Thats not how you use that meme

That's pretty good user, but I got another one.

What do you call a fat skeleton?
a SkeleTON


To be perfectly fair, a company only deserves my money for their products if they make the products exactly how I want them. Any deviation means they forfeit the money.
Too bad for them, they should do it right the next time.

Poorfags are the worst. Kill yourself. By your logic, if food has one extra chemical in it, you'd refuse to eat it.

It's worse than that: he'd still eat it, but he'd refuse to pay.

Installing a pirated OS is a really stupid idea, OP. It will have back doors built into it and steal your personal info.

Install linux instead.

Last year when I built my own PC I went to a local Fry's Electronics, and they had it.

ONE-HUNDRED-AND-THIRTY KIKEFUCKING SHEKELS just for the basic 32-bit Home edition. I didn't even ask about the other options. That's fucking INSANE. Like going to a grocery store and finding they're selling gallons of expired milk for $20 a pop.

I went back home and pirated Win7 Ultimate for 64-bit plus everything else.

You know that win10-tan doesn't wear panties because win10 is one huge backdoor

Oh yea I remember doing that!

Is your porn in binary too?

Talking about computers

That fucking strange trick to put a almost dead video card into a fucking over actually works? I might actually do it since I am storing it for no real reason

Don't do it user.

Honestly, if it's already broken I doubt it'll make a difference either way. It's not going to get MORE broken, and I think it stands about same chance at getting fixed as it would it you… say, tossed it against the wall a few times. Probably, it would do nothing.

I mean, besides making your kitchen and the next 50 things you cook in the oven smell like burnt plastic, anyway.

Hope the rest of PC where you gonna test it is just as disposable

It works for somethings, if you think the card is already fucked, then you have nothing to lose anyway. Sometimes works for laptop motherboards too, and xbox360's.
You definitely want to be careful about doing it, check online guides to make sure your oven is at the right temp, use foil to shield anything that shouldn't be baked, make sure it's level when heated

also MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD VENTILATION, THERE WILL BE TOXIC FUMES, and clean out the fucking oven before you cook ANYTHING in it again

I've totally done that with my card while I was waiting for the next one to ship. The old card wasn't stable, it rendered red rectangles in 2D mode and would crash the OS when switching to 3D mode.

I put it in the oven on struts and the card worked in 2D and 3D mode without errors for at least a week. It's for sure not going to be a permanent fix but you can make a zombie that will work long enough for you to order a new one.

This, I have 2 exhaust fans right by my stove that go directly outside.

But a pirate of windows 7 is nothing more than a legal purchase of windows 10 :^)

This is actually the worst time in history to start torrenting, they've missed the best websites and their haydays

pretty sad tbqh

may as well let net neutrality fall at this point, everyone just goes to google and facebook anyway

OP, how fucking broken of a human being can you possibly be?
I figured this shit out when I was like 7 when everyone still used Limewire. I had nobody figure it out for me. Its easy, stupid easy.

I mean fuck I know I look like I'm spurging out but I can't fucking stand mouth breathing morons who need spoonfeeding for fucking everything including the most rudimentary shit

Fucking learn how, its not that hard holy shit

This thread was just an excuse to shitpost from the start. Don't act like you don't already know that

do you also install all those free browser toolbars you see on the internet?

convinced me that it's not worth

I hope so user, I hope so

Smoke all you want, you're going to get hit by a bus.

I always like your PC threads, Holla Forums. They never disappoint.

I just can't understand why anyone would pay for an OS. Before I used linux distributions, all the computers I bought would have windows installed. But for the life of me I can't imagine how people think it's okay to pay money for an operating system. It'd be like buying a car and paying $200 extra for the tires. Idk, maybe I've been spoiled by free software.

that case is the only respectable part of your entire contribution to this thread, and even then it's a stretch


Shit analogy tbhfam. You do have to pay for tires.

What I don't understand is why linux is reputed to be the most popular OS, yet most programs are oriented towards the windows platform?
.exe files are the buggiest shit, and windows libraries are a fucking nightmare to navigate. I know most consumers don't give a shit about that, but why should the coffers of the uneducated outweigh those that actually use computers?
oh and uh, videogames.

most people use linux not as a desktop os
yet linux was originally created as a desktop os but serves as a better purpose, being implemented into most services and devices, not mainly the whole os, sometimes only the kernel with other proprietary or foss code on top like android.

wayland never ever, pulseaudio and ALSA never replaced along with systemd

Linux isn't used on jack fucking shit. And its not an OS, its a kernel. It IS the most popular kernel currently, but not in all of history, that's still Windows. But only on OS' like Android. And Google is actually planning on developing a new in-house *nix kernel to replace Linux for future versions of Android because they don't want to have to deal with arguing with kernel maintainers over mainline contributions

The reason why Windows has significantly more programs is because of legacy. Whereas Linux has fucking nonexistent backwards compatibility on an ABI level. And Android has only been popular for the past decade. Windows has been the most popular OS of all time overall. With a legacy going back to MS-DOS for 32-bit versions and Windows 95 for 64-bit versions

I actually don't mind ALSA, its pretty basic and hardly ever breaks on me. It's only when I pipe it through pulse things start to get messy.

Not surprising, I'd do the same too if it meant not having to tangle with Linus.

When I first learned of linux, it was a real eye opener as to how retarded microsoft's business model was.
>every branded PC ships with latest windows version because of deals with microsoft
>after that, it's useless unless you buy another license for retail price $99+
nevermind that the features don't get better, the software doesn't run any better, and they add more shit to keep bloating it up

Windows 10 Pro is literally $25 on playasia right now.
freedom is priceless


The first Microsoft OS to become the most used OS was Windows 95. Quite a bit of years before Microsofts licensing programs. The move to Windows NT for consumers was necessitated by the fact Windows 9x used MS-DOS as a kernel during a time when Windows NT was still a research OS. And MS-DOS was not equipped for multi-user networking like NT was.

Windows 2000 was a lot more unstable than XP, what the fuck are you smoking? It had more restricted memory limitations as well. Windows XP was the first NT OS to be marketed to consumers while 2000 was still for businesses.

And the NT subsystems, including the driver subsystems and HAL, have been rewritten at least twice since XP, the first with Windows Vista/7 and lastly with Windows 8/10.

And as someone who's first experience with Linux was Slackware back in 2003, I can tell you GNU/Linux was a horribly unusable piece of garbage until very recently, as recently as 2010

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called Linux, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called Linux distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux!

also want to add
.exe is a file extension. You're most likely referring to the "Portable Executable" format typically used for .exe files. and the so-called "buggiest shit" is used as the main executable format on every modern computers UEFI BIOS

and here comes the tpp

Holy shit I thought I was crazy for remembering that

sometimes a simple tyrian like game would start up when the old 486 booted and was left alone for a while

Uh huh, basically prepping an
Sort of thing
Usually people are being called contrarians when they can't actually provide REAL, SOLID POINTS ABOUT WHY ONE THING IS SHIT AND ONE THING IS NOT, or even if they do, its usually a skin/surface-deep analysis that doesn't really
show anything besides the debater's lack of knowledge and insight on the item being discussed
Contrarianism is especially evident when the debater can only provide subjective reasoning for their arguments
At any rate, here's a (you) for a half-decent bait.
Sage for OT