If this becomes a thing, I will fucking defect

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I'm not fucking up my geography, right?

Holy crap. Where else can we go from here? Independent Navarra? Independent Galicia? Independent Occitania?

No m8 the two regions are right next to eachother I believe, mondragon is more inland to the west and Catalonia is the NE corner of spain..

It will become the Venezuela of Europe, or a second Sweden, I don't know which is worse.


Mondragon is in the Basque region, which coincidentally also has a large separatist movement that is generally left wing.

Fuck the Spain. I want to see Balkanization replaced with Iberization. Teach those bastards a thing or two for what they did to Latin America.

Shitposting aside I'd totally love Basque and Catalan independence.


Not with the amount of anarchists they have

I had no idea so many leftists were this eager to eat zoo animals.

I don't know much about the Iberian separatist movements but why is that other separatist movements in Europe are drinking this kool-aid?

people really are desperately hungry for events in these uneventful times

All of northern Spain seceding and making their own socialist confederation.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but from reading the link, this just looks like a porky region attempting to lower its taxes and bankrupt the rest of Spain.

The catalan secessionist movement is formed by far-left and right wing forces, and the current catalan president is an independentist right-wing. Don't expect any type of anarchism 2.0

Don't expect any type of Catalan independence.


I was in Barcelona a couple weeks ago. Really beautiful place but it was full of tourists.


for some reason the EU is seen as a progressive force. there are left wing eurosceptics but mainly in Scandinavia and the UK/Ireland


Friend…If Catalonia becomes a nation again, it will be through war. Forget this peacefull protests and referedums results. The central government in Madrid will always ignore them.

sign me the fuck up

Spanish Civil War 2.0 please.

I can't speak Kurdish but I can get by with Spanish.

this. Catalonia is rich as fuck and it would spark off secessionist movements across Europe

I want to think that most people here are just burgers that don't know that basically every identifiable subcultural region in (especially southern) Europe has its respective identitarian movement that wants to secede from its corresponding nation state, and they're all at most left (if at all) social democrats.

Some examples of this autism would be the Bretons, Provenceans, Occitanians and Corsicans in France, Flemmish and Walloons in Belgium, Istrians in Croatia, Moravians in the Czech Republic, Bavarians in Germany and the list goes on.

Communists have no dog in these identitarian fights; the workers of the world have no country. Let them be fools to bourgeois interests and the logic of capital. The only use such identitarian crises could have for the communist movement is that angry people are much more approachable and susceptible to radical ideas, but that's it.

There is no Spain. It's basically Castilia that conquered all other regions (or annexed then due to royal marriage).

Catalan independence is no different than potential Asturian, Galician, Navarran, etc independence. This is not a topic for leftists.


the leftypol international brigade would be fucking epic



You know, there are other ways to help in a fight than being on the front line shooting people

I could do that, I think.

also nice Mr Men usage

our Internation Freedom Battalion in Rojava is in the pipeline already