Mark V Thread

What does Holla Forums think of SEGA's best console and its games?

CD and 32X also welcome.

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Best Genesis game coming through.

What do I think of Sega's best console? Why, I loved the Dreamcast.

Wrong game nigger.

I thought the Master System was SEGA Mark III, what was Mark IV? Game Gear?

No, I'm pretty sure the genesis/MD was the mark IV. OP just made a typo

classless, basic games


Also I think "SEGA Mark IV" is just a revision of the Master System.

Move over fags.



That's not even the best Treasure game on the Genesis.

It's a cooler sounding name. Mega Drive sounds like something from Power Rangers.

Those are just the babby editions of the actual best game on Mega Drive

Nice Master System game, but what's it doing on Genesis?

are you kidding me?

That game is great, but not the best


Nice taste m8.

but which song was better?

The JP version.

Just like all the other music in that game.

SEGA CD. The other one sounds like some faggot made an AMV featuring some kind of pseudo j-pop.

So should I buy this?

It's $87.

yes, although I consider genesis a console that is emulation appropriate. If you've got a great CRT, all the more reason to.

I've got a Sony Trinitron from 2005 or 2006. I've almost given it away twice because it's too fucking heavy, but it's got such a nice picture…

it's cheaper than M.U.S.H.A.

what size is it? Also is it one of those EDTVs? I've got a BVM coming in the next week, gonna be playing the fuck out of my Saturn on it.

Every song and jingle in the JP version is better with the sole exception of the opening song.

Sonic Boom is better.

I bet if the US track and the JP track were switched, you'd pick the US track just because it's Japanese wouldn't you?

I wonder what happened to the rights to You Can Do Anything that resulted in the weird knockoff version in all stars transformed.

Apparently the black dude died and they couldn't get the rights to the vocals or something.

Don't know about that, i can think of a few contenders.

Does anybody have any experience on 3rd party power adaptors for mega drive model 1 (european outlet)? I have browsed some in ebay but they are from chinese sellers and they don't have any pictures where you see the info label on the power adapter.

US is significantly better.

Why would you want that over the real ones?

The song is a remix of Green Hills Zone from Sonic 2 MS/GG. The Transformed version could be closer to the original than You Can Do Anything (despite taking some cues from the latter).

Good taste, but I still like Dynamite Heady more.

I honestly kinda liked Virtua Fighter on 32x, granted I've barely if ever played a fighter game ever.

You know, I actually enjoyed the SNES game more than RKA.

RKA goes a little too overboard on the autoscroll sections.

The sega cd has a small handful of very fun games. And the 32x has that knucles game. But truth be told? Just the base system, and then go play sonic cd on windows. But the genesis is greatest of all time. My favorite console to be honest.

From SegaRetro:

>The Sega Master System (セガ・マスターシステム) or SMS, is a cartridge-based video game console manufactured by Sega. It is a rebranding of the Sega Mark III intended for western markets, which in turn was a successor to the SG-1000 and SG-1000 II. In South Korea the Master System was distributed by Samsung and known as the Gam*Boy (겜보이) and later Aladdin Boy (알라딘 보이). It was codenamed the Sega Mark IV during development.

also this

Anyone else play this?

Isn't the Sega Pico just a Genesis with one less chip and a baby-tier interface?

I have no idea but I know it was the only Sega console to have Nintendo games on it.


Stardust Good Future is better

Yeah, but it at least keeps them varied enough that they never really felt repetitive.







Nigger, sorry, was too busy loving my CRT

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. Still, it's always nice to see some good taste on Holla Forums.

Why is American cover so much better?


anonymous! real man!!!

I like both

Pretty good Bomberman clone.

It's not.

I was thinking of getting one of those, but there are two versions and I don't know which to get.

may just be compatibility differences. See if it affects games you want to play and then decide based on which one is cheapest.

I dont see why not though Megadrive emulation is more than viable/serviceable. It also allows you to play Master System games natively without an adaptor.

its a good alternative but original hardware is always better.


What a coincidence. Me too.
I often wonder how the Dreamcast would have evolved if Sega didn't shitcan it after 2 years. Or was is 3 years? Well whatever

It was only officially killed in 2001 in America. In Japan it still got first-party games until like 2004.

It was officially discontinued everywhere in 2001, not even 2 years in america and europe, and a little over 2 in japland.

Citation of a SoJ exec saying it was dead?

Only Peter Moore killed it off in the US.

It would kill Sony. I don't think they could handle both MS and SEGA competition, both consoles had better hardware. If anything SEGA could do, it's definitely powerful hardware.

The last official Dreamcast game was released in 2007.

Also, SEGA exclusives were most of the time way better, especially for its time, the same Shenmue can easily compete with many modern games, this fucking old thing is still better than Sony's Bloodborne and I can bet my ass Sony will never get better exclusives than Dreamcast. Or Jet Set Radio, another greatest game of all time which is very difficult to leave. Pretty sure people are still playing Dreamcast and these games with many others.

Now think what would happen if SEGA didn't kill Dreamcast or even Saturn which also had potential and was more powerful than PS1.

SEGA should've killed the guy who was in charge of killing both Saturn and Dreamcast instead of listening him.

and production of the consoles halted in 2001

Yeah, but it means something when a dead console which lasted just 3 years is still receiving support and if we count unofficial games, the latest unofficial game came in 2015. After its death Dreamcast was still very popular in Japan especially.

This is not true. Are you seriously saying that having an OG Gameboy or any of the first handhelds for that matter, is better than emulation?
Hardware has flaws too you know.

I have to agree with this.

Having played an original Atari Lynx back in the day, it is FAR more enjoyable to fire up Mednafen than to look at the original screen.

Playing Super Mario Land on a 55" Flatscreen via Gambatte is much easier on the eyes than on an original Gameboy.

Did anyone else have one of these things ITT?

ghosting may have been used in many senses to enhance the visuals, developers in the 90s were famous for using the limitations or quirks of displays to convey things in interesting ways.

In the case of the gameboy, why would you use it over a GBC? GBA? SP? modded GBA? You're already trying to paint someone who is in favor and encourages the use of original hardware into a corner, and it just shows the limitations of your argument.

Best Contra. Great tastethere user.

Was great for rentals.

Consoles and games should be designed for this in mind.

Most games will not be bought. They will be loaned or rented.

Repeatedly rented if they are good.

So discs are dumb. Discs get scratched.

Best system would be for rental stores/libraries to buy hard drives instea of games. Have multiple selection systems or by phone.

Plug in hard drive/USB stick to get the title when your number is ready. Continue tk browse in the mean time.

Pirate shops in countries that fight off governement can already just do this.

In this system people could rent hard drives if they don't have one.

Using their own of they do. Most wouldn't.
Some pre-installed media kn hard drives for those who don't want to wait of have shit choice.

Everything is illegal. Ignore scum, dk the righ thing.

Back to the main point:
Store so full of hard drives it's exciting even as they do nothing. All kinds of hardware. For those without hard drives could locate the one with the title stored on it. Fines would be extreme though so the hard drives would need to be coupled with trackers upon exit, located by phone.

Ahem, that wasn't the point. This is:
Games that are the size of entire hard drives from the future. Yes lazer warriors and dragon princesses this means your new to be favorite thing is big, detailed and hard enough for you to return to over and over as hardware gets better to show more of it off.

No remasters. You get everything but the commentary and behind the scenes in full glory and lenght/depth.

Phones will just have to get bigger wont they.
Girls are already waiting for men to let them complain about their portable vibrators being to small. Pocket sized my ass. Demure little things.

If people want to buy things they need to reallyx5 like them, costing the title plus hard drive. Mostly hard drive. Hard drive companies partnering with entertainment/adventure as there is a mutual beneficial relationship can have one without the other, empty hard drives can be neglected but space piracy cannot. They both help eachother or one of them walks the plank.

No scraps. All money not going into ramdrives with superbatteries goes to transparent clothing/whims of game devs, money a printed object for them. Movies too but yeah.

Fuck money.

Greed compromise:
People give things ratings, and an auto amount of their income is deducted from their bank account as it comes in. Some silly small percentage so people are more honest and hire out more stuff.

No bank account? Thankyou very much for doing your bit to save the country.

Get offered stuff to do for dindus requesting help with stuff, pay by action in helping what you like.

Around your neck.

CRT is the way of the future. Nazis did digital and look what happened.

CRT/VHS post processing anyway.

2Dto3D conversion needs much more attention. Already fine to watch things.

Good enough could turn all those cool covers into games.

Make the games they came from or tried to be.

Dedicated rental shops for good stuff/libraries need to be.

Select a title and hire out what it needs as a secret thing.

Choose well get something cool. Like a lamp, get a chair. Game, console and tv obviously.

The right kind of tv to play it.

PC games too. Get a PC to play it, everything already installed.

Keep the original packaging. Let things live throuh care or die a good death worn out. Or repaired, who things are unlucky enough to fail on incur the cost of repairing them. Weird repairs part of their character. Eventually what they wanted to be.

In making something for it now what would impress would be animations:

Like Flashback.

Put all processing after establishig a scene to animations. Keep high resolution. Very good pixel art, characters and backgrounds blending in with eachother.

No puzzle solving. Just dangers to be recognised slow and fast later, recurring dangers and new ones. If it seems like it is then it probably is, find another way or take a risk. Enemies moving about similar. With the environment generally against them too. Use environment to eliminate enemies.

Highest animations to main character. Input lag so realising dangers as they are moved towards, last moment actions. Virtual inertia.

A kick to just survive.

Gettig used to that. Need to move, need to act immediately when there is a danger. Act before things turn bad. Make jumps timing them by character position. Telling your body to do somethjng ahead of when it needs to be done.

320x240 is a high resolution if 640x480 costs too much or pixel artists prefer it having other ideas a higher res strains their attention too much for them to go on with a section complete.

Story obviously survive and rescue girl/prove interesting to a girl/evil not evil tyrant "witch" who has nothing wrong with her at all/soft girl who's sold out to evil scum that are actually just stupid.

Colour pallete by whatever they want. No gradients. Put detail everywhere.

Same for sidescrolling R-Type clone.

Lots of animations. Skip backgrounds to save performance.

Upgrade at start of level.

The quirk is firing slows down craft. Get more rewards shooting less and getting to end faster. Shooting everything is easy mode.

Later levels much harder.

Avoiding enemy attacks. Different controls in atamosphere areas. Use button presses to go up.

Some areas with backgrounds. Enemy fleets.

Gameplay of keep close to the ground in atamosphere areas without crashing too, groind going ip and down just enough time to clear them, but don't play safely or get a low score/bad ending/don't get good, need precision later. Final area only possible with good timing, having mastered everything else.

Also don't destroy anything get a better ending where everything else has you as an example, showing being good means no killing and being awesome. Points too for toying with enemies.

Stars whissing by if anything but no dots. Unnescessary distraction bit a good indicator of speed. Long and drawn out crashes also emphasising this. Also set lives, eject, dedicated eject button, eject and ship looks different, performs better maybe, or worse randomly.


Probably would cost less to make a good console. Save on parts. Smaller.

240x240 screen. Portable.
Include entire master system, megadrive and dreamcast library on console. Also sega releases on other consoles/PC.

Use 8 tegra X1 successors. Sell 1kg power pack alongside it, durable cable with swivel. Screen protection.

2 sticks but only 1 high quality. The one to aim with. No dpad. 8 triggers. 2 turn buttons on the side (turn gripping hand to use them 2 possible actions per button).

Will greatly outperform other consoles due to forced screen res. Use 120hz analogue 3D screen as a selling point.

Battery seperate.

Games made for 4:3 squeezed so looking taller. Everything getting CRT shading. 4xHQ scaling and resizing as an option. Games that are messed up with the lower resolution get supersampling to fix them.

A huge free library to get good. Games made for the system played by USB-C. USB slots. Both used to halve charging time. Can play with stick inserted, and charge/battery cable connected.

Space conservative browser when wifi switch turned on. When on wifi points listed. Auto join free one after a short selection delay. Program auto ignores terms and conditions, not even showin them. All pictures above 16x16 resized to 16x16 monochrome icons except for in SEGA website/store. All saved to USB stick/drive. Already filled internal storage, updates sent to stick. Media saved to stick as well. Selecting icons opens them. Type using triggers. Side buttons for comma, full stop, space and enter. Both at once to escape/go back. Trigger depth for letter. Alphabet orientated eg light press A.

Standards for games to be approved for inclusion in library/sale:
Constant 120fps
Pricing by game size giving users an indication of the scale of something. Also enabling short but complete games from being bloated. Some very large games at relevant prices to test the waters for them. They may remain as cult favorites and with advertising get successors for similar prices. If large games are viable then more focus on them. Or game-centric. Quality assured. Regardless of demand no animu. Users can rely on a good experience from bought games. Past ones played by users rated. Highest rated ones getting sequels. Ratings cumilative. Even if players give low scores. Games played the most get sequels. Any game that is liked offer player involvement in sequel, list what would be needed to get it done, player selecting things they may be able to do/surely can/suggest other tasks and get sent what they need and passes to dev areas. Include being subject matter as a skill. If the game was about them they may offer insightful pointers.

Also for games they didn't like/alkng with any score suggest how they could be better. Also a question if they'd like to participate in making it better.

Maybe original games can have versions under them. The original always at the lowest price.

A system that was a phone would be better sold. Sticks and triggers included in build is a must though. Or 2 detatchable parts so the luone can be used as a HMD. Phone part slideable with the controls detatched to suit eyes. Lenses included with system, flip over when controller detatched.

Multiples of 240x240 such as 960x960 or 2160x2160. But keep 240x240 as game render res and use nearest neighbour filtering. Regardless of res force same space conservation. Do more with spare space, don't waste it. Demonstrate lower res is generally better.

240x240/2160x2160 screen could be 3D when gamepad attatched and move to 2 seperate screens when used as HMD.

Include instructional video as screensaver. Several short ones for different features. Narrated in a confidant male american accent. Fit person, Army. Like an animated airline safety manual, Wii had similar.

For kids to comply with parents told 3D is harmful to kids have a switch to turn off 3D, using the screen below as a backlight for extra brightness.

Maybe a circle screen.
Use WW2 era sunglasses as reference as how system should look when worn. Have system spec in hefty control grips, when screen connected info sent via contact, when worn via wireless.

Implement share processing network for all mmos/online compedative multiplayer. Deny any addictive games such as exp based affairs. Wantig more scenery is fine and a better incentive to progress. Single player games requiring shared processing network either helped by fans to have an optimised local hardware mode or specifying the amount of local hardware needed in order to play them offline. System able to make use of other hardware.

Might be better for a high end desktop card to be used instead of multiple low power chips. Low power chips may be cheaper though. Used for other devices that shouldn't exist. Eg: cars should use phone/console/laptop for processing. As should all other devices.

The specised parts of other devices eg ultrasound should connect as USB peipherals to a portable system. Games greatly advance bardware capebilities. Could advertise system as a good thing, additional applications shown as they are workable and buyable.

3 USB-C ports, 1 power, 1 storage, 1 peipheral (tool)
Universal heatsink connector.
As long as connects are sturdy and offer thousands of times more data transfer potential/charging speed and UHI is safe with a USB connector, should be strange enough to get attention. System demonstratedly functional to please all parties, future proofed enough to invest in.

I expect more out of things than i've witnessed.


Short, hardcore games confirmed for being the master race.

never knew why they changed the name of Thunder Force IV in the west when TF I-III were in the west under the Thunder Force name

Who /tempo/ here?

Dumb marketing decision, most likely. Worst of all is that stupid ass typo on lightning.
at least "L"FIV has a bug that gives you 99 lives if you set them to zero in options

It's good to see you again schizo user.