Post em

Post em.

in b4 some retard accepting some random post claiming to be inside knowledge at face value and having his own personal definition of data mining



I'm unfamiliar with this meme. Let me guess, we cant post about our favorite games because some company might be watching? And the proof for this is probably a random anonymous post I'm guessing? Why not just move to a different site then if your so worried about Holla Forums being watched.

These threads are fucking terrible.
Nobody cares what your favourite games are.

Exactly, some retards here will believe literally anything if it allows them to think they are brave heroes fighting against marketers.


Good taste all around

posting this version before someone posts the version without the names like they always do

Alright, nigger.
Post 'em.

1/4. Only ever played Doom a lot, never tried SS2, Deus Ex, or Thief.

2/4. Never played Deus Ex, and couldn't get into FEAR 1.


Are there really, honestly, actually people who still play Doom to this day? I don't mean people who think "it's a good game for its time", but actually PLAY IT?!

You, uh, gonna put Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man in there, too?

I still go back and play it from time to time, especially thanks to the amount of user made levels it has. Everything in that game just clicked for me.


Modern source ports and WADs make it entertaining to this day.

Set the keybinds to a modern config, load up Smooth Doom.wad in GZdoom, and tell me you're not having fun.

I wonder about you guys sometimes.

I need to revisit this and maybe change some things, but I am HYPE for the Dead Rising PC port.

This is the one on my hard drive, though it's probably different by now.
I like Okami a lot, but I'd replace it with something else. Maybe one of the Yakuza games or something.


these looks like shit, user

I dig Osamu Sato, though

I definitely do and I wasn't even alive when Doom came out, It's just a really fun game.

Why there are so many of you fags? Are you unironically like this piece of shit? There are lots of better platforming games like megaman, valis, ristar, kirby, shinobi and so on, but you choose "run forward and occasionally jump to win" game?

Has anyone here played the Holla Forums wad?
I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to get doom installed again.
That Don Davis track has me interested tbh

There are plenty of better maps in existence.


5/8 (+Walking, -Maerry, -Go Rotten, +D/L, +Demonophobia, -Close Your Eyes, +KDFW
Still need to play Neftelia.
Other charts are cool too.




Fuck off gook.


Grandia has one of the best combat systems of any jrpg I've ever played


Mah nigga


Unless you like really old Holla Forums memes its not worth playing at all.



I genuinely don't get the nostalgia that makes people put Skies of Arcadia in otherwise good lists of games. I played it at the time, and it was (and remains) generic and bland. Hell, even on that one system Evolution was more fun.

Postan one I made for another thread.



3/4 Morrowind is shit.


5/5 I like Dynamite Headdy more that Gunstar Heroes.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles is one of the best examples of game design out there. If you can't understand that you are a hipster or an underageb&.

Undertale is SHIT





3/5. Nightfire is omega god tier.

3/3 +ss2, doom, thief
deus ex and rainbow six are on my backlog

2/2 +rondo of blood, chaos theory
tfw no console to play rez in

3/3 +sotn, ss2, jsr
I want to say morrowind is shit but I only ever played it for 10 minutes

2.5/3 +unreal tournament, doom
+-counter strike
never played tf2 pre-hats

1/1 +cave story
there's so much shit on here I still have to play

1/1 +homm3
same as above

4.5/6 +doom, spacechem, ss2
+-undertale, dark souls, halo

1.5/3 +-super meat boy, warcraft 3, dark souls

1/2 +warband

4.5/5 +doom 2, half life, hotline miami, quake 3

3/3 +quake, eye, deadly premonition

is this one of those alignment maymays with the chaotic neutral and other tumblr genders?

Lurk moar you fucking newfag.


here's mine

that retard was the first thing that came to mind when i saw the thread

And the fuck off tumblrtale sperglord in 5… 4…. 3….


I'm too lazy to make an image, fuck you. I hope you get kicked in the balls by a nigger for asking me to do that shit you worthless shit OP.

So in order:

Lots of booty*

There's never any discussion in "favorite" threads.

That's because the only ones who cares about your favorite games are marketers.








Okay I'll admit, I never participated in those threads but now I kind of want to How do I make a 3x3?

bighugelabs mosaic if you're lazy
otherwise gimp/photoshop/krita/mspaint

One game per franchise is sort of an unspoken rule but it isn't required.

Thank you user and sorry for my raging faggotry

4/4, +Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Doom, Thief

4/4, +MGS2, Deus Ex, FEAR, Sonic 3 & Knuckles

4/5, +SH2, System Shock 2, MGS1, RE2

3/4, +Spyro, TF2, Doom
-Dead Rising

6/6, +S3&K, DMC3, Cave Story, Gunstar Heroes, ZoE2, Okami

4/4, +BG2, NWN2, KotOR2, VtM:B
The rest of your games are on my backlog. Good taste, bro.

3/4, +SH2, Doom, SS2
-Dark Souls

0/1, -Dark Souls

4/5, +DMC3, Metro, SoC, MGS3
-Dark Souls

1/1, +Warband
Need to get around to Alpha Centauri

5/5, +Doom 2, Half-Life, Quake 3, L4D, RCT

4/4, +Quake 3, Doom, FEAR, New Vegas

4/5, +Spyro 3, Arcanum, New Vegas, Ratchet & Clank 3
-Dark Souls

2/2, +Doom, Painkiller

Fable can be swapped out for Tales of Symphonia at any point, but I'm just lazy.

3/4 +SS2, Riven, Doom -Deus Ex

3/4 +Swat, Grandia, FEAR -Deus Ex

2/3 +SS2, JSR -Morrowind

6/7 +Spyro, CS, Dead Rising, TimeSplitters, TF2, Doom -Halo

1/2 +Kid Icarus, -Wonderful 101

2/3 +NWN2, HoMM3 -KoToR2

3/4 +Doom, Dark Souls, SS2 -Halo

4/4 +WC3, Bayonetta, Metroid, Dark Souls

3/4 +Dragon's Dogma, Metro, Dark Souls -Dragon Age

2/4 +Mountain Blade, SC4 -Minecraft, Alpha Centauri

1/1 +Splatoon

4/4 +RCT, Half Life, Hotline Miami, L4D

1/1 +Shenmue

2/2 +Jet Set, MnB

3/3 +FEAR, Doom, Commando

4/4 +DaS, Animal Crossing, Hotline, DDDA

4/4 +Dragon's Crown, Animal Crossing, Chrono, DaS

4/4 +Dorf, Doom, Serious Sam, HoMM

4/4 +Civ, Chrono, Spyro, Doom

Go to cuckchan for those threads, fags.



Didn't even bother to make it right, my bad.

This is some nice bait.


Trolling is is a art.

That composer has some great ass tunes

There's too many for me to list +'s.





I've not played a single one of the games on this.



4/5 -MGS3 I just don't care for it, I don't are for the gameplay of any MGS after the first but at least 2 had a compelling theme.

4/5 -Minecraft It bores me to tears.

Another I haven't played any of.


3/5 -EYE I played it for a few hours and none of the mechanics clicked at all and there was a AAA color filter over everything. -Arcanum Tried to get into it twice and had a very similar reaction with regards to mechanics.

2/3 Same as above regarding Arcanum, I'll probably give it another go eventually.


2/3 -Vagrant Story Fuck the loading times in this game holy shit, visually the game is beautiful but the loading times, especially for the weapon customisation are just soul crushing.


4/6 -SS Cyberspace is impossible to control but I love everything else about it above SS2, though I've never held SS2 as high as most people either. -FC3 Take your malaria pills yet?

I actually have a 9 by 9 grid and I just pluck off whatever my mood determines for these threads.