Are there any good MMORPGS now a days?

Are there any good MMORPGS now a days?
I used to play conquer online and now i want to get back into them.
Any suggestions?

i think the only "good" one is the FF game

You'd have to quantify what makes an MMO good for you before anyone can accurately make a suggestion for you.

No unless you play pre WoW/FFXI shit thats still alive



You could try some of the more obscure games like Fallen Earth, I heard that was still okay, or join one of the Holla Forums private server games like vanilla wow, phantasy star online 2, or ragnarok

I hope you like grinding dungeons and escorting npcs

Paint a wall and watch it dry or go to a casino.

Not to say that an MMO can't be good, there just aren't any that are.
It's got to be the "genre" with the most wasted potential in all of gaming.

FFXIV is garbage user. Even f2p MMOs are more fun.

Archage was fun.

Shame it went too far in the p2win and shitty moderation department.

For entirely optional cosmetics.
I assume you mean retainers, which you get two for free, with 170 item slots each. That isn't enough?

Whatever to Black Desert? Did the Gooks ruin that as well?

Warframe is sort of okay, you get content once in a blue moon, there's an ingame premium shop, but you can ignore it with HEAVY GRINDING, and the premium currency is tradable with other players, so the playerbase has an econmy of sors based around it. Kickass story and feeling, you play as a fucking space ninja, and it shows, but there's no raids, open world, or shit like that.

The only f2p i would every qualify as sort of okay.

I expect paid cosmetics in a F2P MMO, not a paid game with a monthly fee on top of it. Faggots like you are why MMOs are so shit, if you think this jewish practice is alright. You're already paying for months of no content, they should at least give you those cosmetics.
For paying $15 a month it's not. I don't expect to be nickeled and dime for bank slots in a monthly fee MMO. Hell it's more jewish than most F2P MMOs, there you pay a base fee for bank slots, here they have the balls to charge you an extra MONTHLY fee for more bank slots. You're gonna end up spending more money here for bank slots than a F2P MMO.
Also sounds like you haven't played the game that much. Good luck saving up glamor gear for more then one class with only 170 slots because you aren't going to have enough room, and especially if you do any crafting/gathering. You're fucked.

FXIV has more content then most MMOs on the market though, this arugement doesn't even make sense unless you're doing the latest endgame content/have zero interest in whats left of the game.

I dislike the game because combat is boring as fuck but still, tons of content there.

its still going, they recently announced they were going to make you able to buy cash shop items with in game money and a lot of whales sperged out that they wouldnt be special snowflakes anymore

i wouldnt bother with it as a pvp game though cos the gear system stinks, but the map is ridiculously big and theres loads of other shit to do

wildstar is also quite good

planetside2 is p funny but you have to join up with a gang to actually make it good; if youre just soloing around its shit

i wish nost was still going tho

What does that have to do with their jewish tactics I was talking about? Are you saying it's okay to screw their player base because it has lots of "content"?

Also what content? Weekly lockout tokens? Weekly lockouts of raids? Crafting/Gathering that give you no real advantage? FFXIV has as much content as your usual shitty themepark MMO.

Wasn't the pvp supposed to be the best part of the game?

i think a lot of people expected it to be different from what it is

it basically works like eve where whoever has the most people with the best stuff wins, and to get the best stuff you have to gook grind so only the non functioning autists who just play on the computer all day have all the best shit. it sounded like it was going to be a lot more of a living world, so like you dont have magical WoW banks where u put something in SW and you can get it in Darn, you have to move stuff about either yourself or on caravans. so it sounded like you could rob other peoples caravans, which you also use to trade, so for example a wealthy trader might hire a well regarded guild to protect his caravans from thief players. but it didnt really pan out

i think the best part is just exploring tbh, theres loads of shit



So much of this, pretty much every MMO these days I noticed has to be an RPG.

some video games involve elements of skill
pooping into a sock is not a skill

You just have shitty inventory management fam. I have a few 60s. PLD, DRK, DRG, BLM, working on MIN and CUL.

You just haven't played that much like I said fam. Getting just the new Heavensward sets for one class alone would take up 100 spots. Add in pre-HW sets and you're well past 170. Have gathering/crafting things? You're even more fucked.

I feel like it's hard to find good MMORPGs because developers don't know how to make them MMORPGs. In many ways, they feel too much like single-player games. More and more I'm seeing shit like these:

- You've got a prebuilt questline for your character to follow (God forbid you're some chosen one, along with every other player). If you ever pass up a quest, regardless of whether it's something you or your character would do, you're gimping yourself.

- Each class has some specific identity (the spellsword is a girl with twintails), Any character customization is overstylized within the bounds of the type of character the devs want the PC to be (12 different twintails for the spellsword).

- Areas progress linearly with your level. Equipment progresses linearly with your level. If you don't change to the next location, weapons, and armor set every 5 levels, you're gimping yourself. Expect to see a lot of people who look like you.

- All equipment is class-locked. Can't be an amazon-style staff fighter because staves are mage-only, and fighters only use swords (and shields, unless you want to gimp yourself by just being a swordsman). Axes? Fighters don't use those, "Berzerkers" do.

On top of all this, roleplay is dead. And while we can blame casual players for not roleplaying, it's pretty clear there's usually little-to-no effort on the dev side to put the RP back in MMORPG. Between linear pre-written plots, pre-designed characters masked by a few hair shapes and colors, and a lack of any gameplay outside of the kill-and-collect grind unless you include a single overhyped menial skill that's only really used as an advertising point (an MMORPG where you can plant trees!)… There isn't really much room for players to stake out a story for their characters and interact with the world and other players. And even less incentive.

Are you the type of faggot that holds on to every single piece of armor that you get? They plan on expanding the inventory, armoury chest and retainer space. However, from your posts infinite storage seems to be the only thing that'll make you happy.

Also, you sound like you play it quite a bit. If you hate it so much, don't pay for it, don't play it you Starcade Hellraiser tier mong.

>pooping into a sock is not a skill
It is if someone you hate or love is currently wearing the sock.

Considering that one of the few good things in the game is Glamour, but if you want to have lot's of customization for multiple classes be prepared to shill extra monthly money. Also nice moving the goal post.

No shit there's a reason I stopped playing.

Playing dress up with your dolly was the best part of a video game and you quit because it was too hard to keep playing dressup?
Even gay sex doesn't reach that level of faggotry.

pooping into a sock is not a skill
But swinging it like a medieval flail afterwards is

I think it says more about how little there is to do in the game that playing dress up is the only fun thing to do :^)

Except I didn't. You are whining about storage space for glamour pieces. I have my necessary gear items, a lot of glamour items, and a shit ton of crafting mats on my retainers and inventory. I do hope they follow through with inventory expansion, but you are whining about a non issue because 'muh glamour.' I bet you were just another glamour slut on Balmung.

Oh look at that, nail on the head.

Modern MMORPGs will always be shit because the internet has become shit. Let me tell you, the Golden Age of MMOs (pre-2007) was fantastic not because the games were good (they pretty much weren't), it was fantastic because the people weren't normalfags and so they could present challenges and mechanics that wouldn't fly with the majority of cancer out there today that demands instant or near-instant gratification. Even gaining a level these days in MMOs is like some HUGE FUCKING AMAZING THING HOLY SHIT CONGRATULATIONS even though it took you an hour and not several days to a week like it did in old MMOs.

Try Twin Saga. It's Aeria Games' newest anime mmorpg and it's still in closed beta. PvE combat could be a bit better but I think PvP is fun.

fair point

You did move the goal post
Even WoW got this shit down right when they added in Transmogrify. They gave you infinite space for dress up gear.

pic related


Good riddance.

I knew you were an idiot since you've been defending Jewish tactics on a monthly fee mmo, but wow user.

The yellow jews got too greedy and sunk their trash mmo.

Exactly this

Why do so many MMORPGs have such garbage combat? Which MMO has the best combat?

I'm beginning to think that good combat somehow disrupts the skinner box.

vindictus though supposedly turned into trash now and it's themepark

I'll say what i said like two months ago the last time i saw an MMOS PLZ thread: MMOs are only good with bros at your side. Wait for someone to make a new recruitment thread, get in on the ground floor, and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Alternatively, join one of the already-up MMO threads for Ragnarok Online or Wurm Online or whatever private WOW server we're raiding now, or just find some dead-as-shit MMO that nobody talks about and try to drum up interest. There's usually SOME group of idiots who want to play something nobody talks about.

I genuinely think wildstar is a great MMO and it's only real problem is that the player base is too small.

yeah, i've been playing wildstar for a few days and it's great, combat is fun, and the f2p model is great, you can get premium currency from mobs

Yeah it's a fuckin great game that I put 20 hours into and haven't played for way too long. Need to start playing it again.
remember: aurin a cute

get out exile scum

Project Gorgon user.
Slutty Elves Skills for everything under the sun, Vampiris mand Lichdom upcoming, Psychic mantises, loli liches, Killer Rhinos on fire, Spider people, Freindship and logged off activities, Lore, dedicated playerbase, fun glitches and MMO styled fun, no spoondfeeding, Private chats, and homosexual subtext.

they went too far into furfag territory to have a real userbase

Your trips have my attention. Can you fuck with people?

One race that attracts all the furfags and leaves the vastly superior dominion faction free of their filth.
That sounds like a plus to me.
Mechari all the way

Guild Wars had its campaign missions, but you're no chosen one. If anything, you're the guy who gets constantly dicked out of everything by special people taking the credit for all of the work you've been doing. Side quests you can deny or accept as you want.

Besides monks not having a lot of hair and paragons having no shirts? Not really.

Nope. You can hit the level cap without getting max equipment, and its easy to do so once you do. Lots of customization means lots of different looking characters. Though almost every high level player wanted to show off Chaos Gloves.

Only armour. You can use weapons with any class, just at a disadvantage unless you have the skill. You can take any other class as a secondary profession and use the weapons of that class.

GW2 killed MMOs. Guild Wars was going just fine on its own, and with updates and expansions, it could have gone on forever. Instead, ANet was destroyed from within by SJWs, GW2 was made, and it was a piece of shit that did nothing right. When Guild Wars had its playerbase sliced up and its updates killed off, any chance of MMOs being good died.

Such is life.

So what are the problems with Guild Wars 2? I hear it's been losing like 10% of its playerbase a month.


Guild Wars:


The only thing it does right is letting your character look pretty. It might not even be terrible if this were a parallel world of some kind where Guild Wars never existed, and it somehow did, as an MMO of some different name. As it stands, its an affront to the original that shouldn't exist.

Sounds like I should've tried out Guild Wars when I had the chance, but I feel the list still applies to a very large margin of MMORPGs, to the point where it's hard to find anything good.

Honestly I really liked the idea of skills for different weapons that your class uses being unlocked as you trained and used it, but holy shit the fact they didn't take it far enough was just another nail in the coffin.

Don't forget

It doesn't help everything wants to be a WoW clone, because it seems profitable, never mind they don't even show subscription numbers anymore, it's still a Rousing success, goy!

Honestly it pisses me off talking to my friend as well, because I'll point out how a more open ended mmo would be pretty cool, but all I'll get is

Even for something as stupidly simple as weapons you scavenge or find would occasionally he possessed, with a grab bag of possibilities for personalities and choices. Maybe it's some valiant sounding blade that does a bit more damage towards ghosts, and begins to whisper to you personally at first on rare occasions. Something that would add a bit of flavor to the game and help for some role-playing. What still throws me off is how "for table top" is an argument against MMO suggestions.

Actually, what would you guys think would help developers make a game more suited for role playing, or Fuck, interaction in general? Let's face it, WoWs dungeon and raid finder killed what little socializing was in their game.

It's fira, not fire II.

This is probably part of the crux of the problem. A lot of devs have an idea of what an MMO "is", and are thus unlikely to work outside of that. Cue everything being a WoW clone.

As for what would help with the interaction element… I think an important part of roleplay is the domestic side of a character: that there is a person behind the adventurer. If players are mechanically more than just their combat roles, they may come to depend on eachother in more dynamic ways. This, of course, encourages interaction, but also calls for a lot more gameplay mechanics to need to be implemented. In other words, non-combat skills that aren't treated as a gimmick or afterthought.

I've seen a few games take a shot at this, but usually they're either old games that shut down or don't stand the test of time, or they do it horribly or suck in other ways.

Also, RP servers are important. It's important to have a filter to keep out the "how do i rais str lol", and the best way to do this is just to give them their little own playground.

Hey Holla Forums! Spoonfeed me!: The thread

I agree having separate RP and regular servers really helps in this, as for non combat skills being much more relied on, I think Camelot Unchained is trying that, but since it's still being developed one can only hope they have a good job. They are separating combat and crafting classes and giving weapons and armor from what I read two different bars for an item's "health"


Thats how they are trying to do it, as far as I could read it anyway though since it's in alpha whether or not it'll actually be fun and work out remains to be seen.

I am trying to figure some other ways in which that could be the case, if classes were layered out into more than just dps, tank, and healer, I think you could do something similar to Neverwinter and (oddly enough) world of Warcraft, although I don't think WoW pushed it far enough and Neverwinter made it sort of an afterthought.

But for instance, in WoW certain classes could curse, disease, use magic against you and debuffs reflected that, and certain other classes could cure you of those things. In which case it would be kind of cool if the debuffs were either much more serious, much longer lasting, or a combination of the two, either through npcs or pvp.

Neverwinter on the other hand had it so certain classes were able to open lockboxes, decipher arcane texts, or understand ritualistic items through their class expertise, but it felt a little tacked on. I think having more classes and having their skills do different activities would also really go a long ways on that.

Checking it out, it reminds me of a game called Rakion

Shame it's apart of the nexon cancer group

I'd blame EQ before I'd blame ''WoW' as in reality that's what everything is mostly a clone of these days.

I hear very often Guild Wars and Lineage / Lineage II have the best PvP systems of any MMORPG out there but what exactly makes it good? What even makes for a good PvP system period? For whatever reason, I liked DAoC.

Hey fair enough point on EQ. I have only heard stories of EQ and the little comic that's passed around on these threads once in a while but I use WoW because EQ was before my time. That and because I got to experience Dungeon and later on Raid Finder, which basucally made finding people for either a completely autonomous thing, rather than a social experience. There was no need for interaction, if you all knew what to do, the entire dungeon, or even raids were completely silent affairs. You didn't need to communicate with anyone, from start to finish, and you would at best MAYBE get a greeting from 2 of the 5 people, and that was all.

It certainly wasn't the reason MMOs were bad by any means, but it was one of the killers of the social aspects, if a slow one

Season 3 is garbage. Someone said it was good but everything is tuned for 19k+Attk and all the bosses have this retarded red attack mechanic, plus the boss curse shit forcing you to use secondary weapons is bullshit.

Vindictus is alright, just keep in mind that everything below level 50 has had its damage and health reduced to some 25-30% of what it was on launch so for a long time the game is just going to be a cakewalk. Also go to advanced control options and uncheck "Attack in direction of camera". Otherwise 1-60 Vindictus has some unique boss designs here and there that are pretty good. Also at least try to attempt an Elchulus raid, out of all MMOs I'd have to give it to Devcat's idea of how fighting dragons should feel.

Wildstar did a ton of things wrong, but 5 man dungeon difficulty and getting silver/gold medals on hard mode was THE shit.

EQ was still relatively true to MUD roots though.
Vanilla WoW cribbed heavily from them, yes, but they modified it a great deal in the name of accessibility as time went on.
It's really blizzard's vision of handholding, and later themeparking, that have steered everybody since.

I'd play FFXI or XIV had they no sub fees. Something about their worlds and skill system (particularly XIVs non-combat) is really nice. Charging between FATEs with hordes of people was fun. I just cant justify a monthly payment to play a game.

Also put a fair amount of time into Tera which isn't bad. Combat is quite engaging so long as you don't play gunner and its rather pretty if you can enjoy the high fashion fantasy. Also all the cash shop items can be bought with in-game currency from the market and making money is easy enough.

Shame that Blade & Soul got censored, I heard it was good.

It did?
I didn't hear anything about it before I started playing. But it was pretty fucking lewd all around that I find it hard to believe this statement.

They reduced the skin shown on a lot of the outfits.The game would've been even lewder.

the bigger crime is that they actively work to prevent the nude patches from working

Depends what you want in an MMORPG to begin with. For example, a lot of people don't like PVP and some others do.

And excuse me for asking but what on earth is a themepark mmo? I tried searching and it didn't help at all.

Dragon's Dogma Online is the only MMO I've been able to stomach playing for more than 2 hours
It's dragged down a lot by all the standard f2p mmo trends, but the core gameplay is fun and I can play it like a single player game without having to interact with anyone

I actually like the censored versions betters. it makes me focus on the game better.

anyone wanna bring back the tera guild we used to have??