ITT: games that can be played with just the left hand

ITT: games that can be played with just the left hand


I'm not that kind of guy

Check out Halfcoordinated on youtube. The guy plays lots of games one handed.

Emulated games can be set for one-handed controls.

This is a good idea, I might play one of the bomberman games I guess.
are there any games that are turnbased and short as well?

Google stretches for Carpal Tunnel. You can thank me later.

nah, its a cartilage tear. I need some shitty games to play while it heals.


Well, in that case, I would suggest turn based RPGs like Fallout 1 or 2.

You could try Sid Meier's Civilization.

Grab an emulator, play some Pokemon

I concur. Personally, I don't see what's so appealing of the game, aside from it's "edginess". As fap material, it's simply western trash.

Set up an emulator control scheme so you only use your left hand, then play old console/handheld RPGs you might have missed.

Phoenix Wright and derivatives.

Angry Birds

Adventure games and classic fps with the right keybinds.

What happened to your right hand man?


It's a walking simulator after all.

I just ended up playing Streets Of Rage 2, its very comfy.


E is attack, wasd to move, space jump, q special.

ah shit, you did that thing didnt you

Bravely Default and its sequel can be played with just the left hand. It's touted as a feature.


THIS I've been playing the SHIT out of Nethack. Just get comfy in bed with my laptop and lazily play until i pass out. I got fucked this one time on floor 1 with a fountain, it had a water demon in it.

Earthbound literally was designed with this feature.

that explains the contextual L button. now my question is why earthbound?

Probably because the design philosophy for Earthbound was that everyone could play it.

VN porn games
The House of the Dead 1, 2 & 3
One Finger Death Punch
Super Mario 64, if you're autistic enough

Or just find a good setup for one handed controls on whatever game you feel like playing.

Mouse to move and aim, left button to shoot, right button to open doors.
Maybe it's not what you meant

We talking one of those high tech mouses with 5 extra keys?



I see what you mean. Shame on me for growing up with a keyboard

Remember that you can only aim to the left and right in Wolfenstein. If I had a normal mouse and wanted to play one-handed, I'd assign X-axis mouse movement to aiming while Y-axis mouse movement would be to move forward and backward. Scroll wheel would be for switching weapons and, since I'd be playing left-handed, would shoot with a right click and sprint with a left click. If possible, I'd make it so left-clicking once would toggle sprinting and holding it would suspend aiming for strafing.

He'll destroy his other hand playing Wolf/Doom with the original mouse controls. System Shock and Ultima Underworld would be better choices.

Metal Gear Solid. Just keymap everything to the left side of the keyboard, it's what I did.

Kirby Air Ride, you primarily use the Analog Stick and A/L/R.

Xanadu Next

I know that feel, OP. I've gotten it three times in my life. Ironically, I had it the third time when I was abstaining from vidya for a month so that I could rest my arm.