Why do nazis hate islam ?

why do nazis hate islam ?

they got along really well back in the 40s

Because there were no Muslims in Germany and because they had a common enemy in Britain and France.

There were actually 3000 Bosniaks in Berlin area.

I'm pretty sure it was opposite. Hitler actually respected Islam.

A famous anecdote about Adolf Hitler's perspectives towards Islam and the Arabs is recounted by Albert Speer in his best-selling memoir, Inside the Third Reich. Speer reports that "Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs."

"Inside the Third Reich" by Albert Speer, (NY: The Macmillan Co.; 1970), p.142

0.1% Islamic population is quite acceptable outside muslim countries which can be as muslim as the nation wants to be.

Because a lot of what Islam is, a religion essentially built to justify/guide the rule of a perpetually conquering army and enforce strict laws of morality under threat of violent action, is everything that the Nazis wish they could have had.

Unfortunately for them, due to historical circumstance, Islam was far from their borders. While you did see attempts to take bits and pieces of such sentiments to integrate into things like the Volkisch movement, ultimately attempts at turning fascist ideology into outright religious dogma ran against their simultaneous appeals to a kind of traditionalism that was actually palatable by the general populace (namely coming from the very Christian period of German history rather than the piecemeal mostly-fictional pagan history the party wanted to push).

Because it's basically a semi-successful nazism for shitskins.

And by shitskins I mean "untermensch" in nazi terms.

I don't think nazism was succesful with the other shitskins either, after all, germany lost the war

National SociaIists don't hate Islam. Conservatives who want nonwhites to "integrate" do.

Read Veronica Clark.

I don't hate Islam. I just want it to go the fuck back to where it came from.

Everyone with a brain hates Islam, because Islam is a literally cancerous ideology that grows out of control and destroys its host.

So like Nazism.



Kuffar occultists.

Have you read Gelner's critique of Islam as a closed system of thought? Or any anthropology or historiography of modernity on Islam never attaining civil society?

It doesn't have to be radical wings of Islam. Any wing of Islam is radical because it is totalitarian and reactionary by nature, and it naturally muh privileges the a class of conservative ulema or fanatics (take your pick).

To 99.999% of practitioners, a folk religion indistinguishable from everyday Islam. Sufism being some big deal is a meme. Very, very few Sufis are sincerely philosophical – at about the same rate as Western evangelical baptists become philosophical esoterics, i.e., statistically insignificant and not an outgrowth of the practice itself.

Also, if you know any practicing Sufis in real life, many of them tend to do zikr until they develop schizophrenia. Especially post-modern ones who are trying to go hardcore traditionalist to escape the failures of modernity. It's fucking sad.

so is leftism. communism especially

Depends on your definition of radical. Even communism can be vulgar fatalist economism without any radical breaks or revolutionary turning points, or a gradualist struggle to contest civil society and dissolve bourgeois culture, etc.

Islam by comparison wants to kill anything that is not Islam. There's no gradualism, no contesting the civil sphere (except superficially, in preparation for the imposition of real hegemony by poisoning another country's civil sphere).

dictionary definition is the only definition i'm aware of

"For a large class of cases of the employment of the word ‘meaning’ – though not for all – this word can be explained in this way: the meaning of a word is its *use* in the language. And the meaning of a name is sometimes explained by pointing to its bearer."

"Now what do the words of this language signify? – What is supposed to shew what they signify, if not the kind of use they have?"

"Of course, what confuses us is the uniform appearance of words when we hear them spoken or meet them in script and print. For their application is not presented to us so clearly."

oh so words mean whatever the mouthbreathing masses use them to mean. gotcha

If that's how you identify, who am I to judge.


Thing is, Bosniaks and Albanians were never like Arabs even if they were both Muslims.


gotta hate somethin

in Nazis' minds Muslims = non-white, so they hate them

Sounds like capitalism