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How did Ken Levine go from being the most cucked individual on the planet to being bearable? Guess SJWs told him he was a racist bigot for Bioshock Infinite

he really has a weak and stunted mind if he needed drugs to come up with anything in that pedestrian piece of shit game.

Is this the guy who can't stand SFM porn?

hes a jew tho.

Irrational Games laid off 75 employees after the negative reception of Bileshit Infaggot (studio was at 90 originally). Making shit anti-racism games apparently aren't good for business.

Didn't his original idea for Bioshock Infinite get completely fucked?
If you play that pile of garbage it's obvious the game was supposed to have an inventory and hub areas, and who knows what else was planned.
If I were him I'd be pissed at the establishment for ruining my game, not maintaining a cuck act to appease them.

This thread. Wow. Doge.jpg. Memes.

It was porn of Elithabeth to be precise. Begged to have her kept sacred.

I could go find 5 articles on Vice right now that tell you why you should smoke weed wax through your asshole.

Bioshock came out like a fucking decade ago.

Why is this faggot trying to stay relevant?

Well, that explains why there is so much shitty SFM porn with Elizabeth in it.

The original Bioshock was supposed to be a lot like System Shock 2 with inventories and hub worlds, then play testers complained the game was too hard so it got dumbed down.

Every fucking time. Assholes

All I'd care is if nobody makes NTRshit.

I could give literal shit taste fags the ultimate middle finger as simply as removing the need for an excretory system.

more like the developers didn't want to do their fucking jobs and got playtestors to justify the changes.

I think I had a screencap of something he posted on plebbit about enjoying writing about subjects that "make him feel stupid".

What I gleam from that is he is indeed stupid but loves faux intellectualism like many other stupid people. Idiots like him are pretty common, they watch John Oliver, shut their brains off, get fed a lot of snark in a British accent & feel intellectually superior without ever actually picking up a book. They watch Big Bang Theory & laugh on cue at anything that sounds nerdy/smart & thay are left with a false sense of mental superiority.

Levine is a dime-a-dozen idiot who likely got into his position by being born jewish with pre-established wealth & connections. True privilege, not the made-up "privilege" used to bash the majority for the mere mathematical fact of being a majority thus occupying more positions.

When I make a game, I'm making you niggas my playtesters and paying attention to actual intelligent feedback from anyone who isn't shitposting.

I intend to never make a game anything but FOR FREE anyways. Completely harmless and not even advertising. Just see what would make the actual game better.

If you play Infinite, though, the Vox Populi are just as shit as the whites they rebel against. Frankly, though, that didn't help the game much because then it just wafted into saying "all extremes are bad." It gave very little of substance and was just another sign of how much Infinite suffered from poor direction.

Actually, given how our current times are, maybe that was a moral well needed for the liberals who played this game.
Infinite peaked at Hall of Heroes, anyway. That part was good.

Well, gotta keep in mind that big ass companies hire playtesters that usually just play simple games, like FIFA, mobile games and the like they don't use intelligent feedback they just complain it's too hard and that it has to be removed. They are usually dumb and cheap and can't get a decent job, otherwise their 'job' wouldn't be a fucking play tester.
I've seen this shit once, never again. Holla Forums might complain a lot about shit but a lot of the complaining and discussions that come out of it are pretty good to follow and read, that's a baseline I'd use.

Future yandev 2.0 right here

Please no.

You should make you're own vision instead of trying to please anyone on Holla Forums. Use a small group at best. The way Croteam goes about it is to only have a small group deciding the core of the game to avoid "too many cooks in the kitchen" IE. too many people = no one can decide on anything & not enough people = scope of ideas/advice is too limited. It's a good philosophy which larger focus groups ruin.

I don't know it's almost like he's a person with a unique set of opinions that don't adhere to your arbitrary USvs.Them rulebook.

Pray tell, what are his opinions anyway?

Infinite was just a mess of poorly thought out ideas and an attempt by a smug little cunt to give us another "mature" take on "racism in videogames".

What game would you be making? Did you make games before?

He thinks he's a misunderstood writer genius and anybody who critizes him for whatever reason is a retard.

Because people will grab the bait.

Case in point; this thread.

But that wasn't drugs, that was genetic enhancement.

Except he sucked SJW cock all throughout the time infinite came out, even reduced Elizabeths breast size because "problematic"

the issue is that his take on racism was so poorly executed it could have been good. The overall lesson he was trying to show was that everyone is shitty, no matter the color of their skin. Its why you started fighting the Vox at the end of the game. It went from being a rich white Utopia who used slavery and racism as a means for profit then fell into chaos when the rich white people were dethroned. Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses, mainly that the rich people are cunts but smart while the Vox are oppressed but fucking stupid and savage.

Could have been good but he rewrote the entire game in 6 months so what do you expect

How is he "bearable" now?

SS2 got to his head, and the pretentious narrative in BioShock 1 didn't help any.

Point is, racism is never well executed because it's always cooked up by some leftist cuck that has no wish to portray matters fairly.

Again, this is nothing special. It's the typical "everyone is stupid but me" approach pretentious writers take when tackling a controversial topic. It's just as lazy as having the whites be evil and the blacks be saint.

He should have just stuck with the original concept instead of fucking it up time and again.

He's not making games anymore.


Anyone and anything in the way of or completely opposed to shit I like gets attitude from me regardless of social status or authority. I'm no cuck. I don't get intimidated by things that aren't spiders or the sea.

And I'm not some little bitch who can't take criticism or power through shitposting. This is Holla Forums. It desensitizes you to it and makes you cut through the bullshit wherever it is.

No, I know exactly what I'm thinking, I just need people who understand what makes good game design posting if a level or boss is shit or not. People who have played all kinds of great games of old without any kind of corrupted influence.

This platformer doesn't have enough routes or unlockable rewarding secrets like the Super Emeralds, this RPG doesn't have enough variety in equipment, classes or sidequests, this action game doesn't have enough combo chaining potential or challenging enemies. The only shit that matters. I know what I actually would need to listen to.

Feedback is good for tweaking, like "this level needs more platforms" or "the gun needs to fire faster". It's not good for "I think half the mechanics should be ripped out" or "why are there drugs in this game" or the inevitable "this is too haaaaard".


Ayn rand did nothing wrong and this trash writer has a lot to answer for as he poisoned a generation with anti-rand nonsense.


Someone could tell me if the physics aren't working right or the AI is retarded.


No, but I have all the time in the world to and I'm bored as shit all the time lately.

I'm hard at work trying to figure out what I can manage without a computer because poorfag. In fact I'm constantly trying to figure out a mobile program to assign sufficiently functional properties to shapes I make. Phone game shit does it all the time, there has a to be a simple way of doing it.

I just felt the need to shit on gametesters for personal bias that hurts a game in the long run.


I don't believe this.

You don`t believe what? Your idols devs were actually hack frauds all along? Welcome to the club bud

No, I never thought that.

Only man I idolize is Carmack.


A jew who promotes the use of retard herb, big surprise.

even after he sold himself to the highest first bider?

He's been pretty acceptable the past couple of years.

He didn't.

He just wants to work on the Oculus. He doesn't care about Kikebook.

Don't apply laws and morals of mere mortals to The Carmack user.

You poor bastards.


He is a man like me and you, and he have a paradigm shifting hardware to a company known for spying their users

To this day I can`t decide if it is enraging or saddening

I meant "gave"

I always find this funny

system shock> system shock 2 >bioshock > bioshock 2> bioshock infinite


ask for suggests on reddit too but do the complete opposite of everything they say. if they bitch about the menus being too blue make them bluer.

Nice try. He merely has man's best interests at heart. They're undoubtedly being played like a damn filddle.

Yes, but Ken Levine was the one who fucked it. He kept arbitrarily deciding to overhaul the game, rewrite the entire story, change characters, mechanics, and everything else.

I remember an article saying that this happened several times before the publisher got impatient and told them to finish the fucking game and ship it otherwise the whole thing would be canceled.

Also, shit like this was rampant
Bad playtesters and early build feedback led them to aggressively dumb down their games.. and it worked, because normalfags fucking loved Bioshit Infinite specifically because it was a game that gave them the illusion of challenge, choice, and a complex narrative, when it's actually an exceedingly retarded, poorly conceived game that doesn't even partially understand the concepts or mechanics it uses.

Much worse.

he doesnt care about anything except computing problems

Every part of Infinite suffered from poor direction


Carmack is an autistic psychopath, all he cares about is inventing shit, never mind who's paying.

This only bothers newfags who play it before the other shock games. Those who didn't, were never asking for yearly releases of System Shock. And learn to appreciate different focus in different games.

Typically, when you call something a "spiritual successor" it implies that you intent to do much of what the original did, while also doing your own thing.

Doing significantly less and failing to even emulate the basic concepts of the thing being spiritually succeeded means they done fucked up.

I think I'll give infinite another go since I learned fire or electricity makes the fight easy. That should improve the quality of any playthrough

Bioshock 1 is among the best 10 games that came out in the last five years.

user that was like 9 years ago XD you silly fuck

Bioshock 1 came out 9 years ago.


That isn't going to make the game good user.

I'm glad there are funny pictures and replies from some random retards on 4Chan at the bottom of this image to help me understand how to feel about it.

Remaster is coming out soon.


Bioshock 2 came out 6 years ago

Remaster releases in [CURRENT YEAR]. Are you telling me there have been 10 better games released in the last 5 years? No? Then it counts.

Your opinion is shit and wrong

Yours too

Yes there were

Bioshock was always shit.

ah yes such masterpieces as fez and destiny

>meanwhile autistic neckbeards on >>>Holla Forums meme about vim and emacs

Show that list user. It's not perfect but I can't think of 10 better ones released semirecently.

AANon you FUCK

No u.


true cancer of gaming

You can disintigrate the ghost soldiers with fire and electricity vigors but that only helps to fix the 3 shitty boss fights and nothing else wrong with the game. You can even cheese the second encounter by using long range weapons and staying out of the siren room.

There are plenty of other games that deserve more attention that BSI, if you haven't played Minerva's Den you definitely need to.

Foucs groups are the cancer of everything. Movies, games, music ,etc. They somehow manage to find the most retarded people ever to use in focus groups.

next thing you know hes going to respond to buzzfeed or kotaku

thats who they want to market to though.
who is to blame here? the tardos, or the ones who take them seriously?

and yet, they still make a profit, most of the time

I thought Valve playtesters were the dumbest

thats the point, they spend 6 billion dollars on marketing, they better make damn sure they get it back.
they could just not deal with the ridiculous marketers but they want large numbers because thats what investors are attracted to. plus im sure they get something under the table for spending so damn much.



Kamiya should have listened.

Is that the game I think it is?

I don't know, is it user?


I wasn't serious, but eh sure
You know what i can't get 3 more games


The retardation of playtesters and focus groups doesn't escape /tg/. Learning about what they do to card games and RPGs hurts my soul.

/tg/ can go fuck itself. They're no better than Holla Forums.

You probably don't play vidya then.

You're a rare specimen of user and I salute your honesty. Won't even rip into your choices. Binary Domain was a rare gem, excellent taste there.

it's not under the table.
the marketing costs go to in house marketing teams and relatives who are attached to the team for the project. they can claim it as an expenditure but they're largely just paying themselves.
this happens a lot.

Got to love when the industry looks especially stupid in hindsight.

One thing I like about Bioshock was the art gallery level. It was the only time when the overdramatic shadows, crazed splicers, 50s aesthetic, poetic audio logs, questions of human intention, and jumpscares actually made sense in principle.



Only good thing I can say about Bioshock is that the shooting was solid.

But seriously, FUCK, Ken "I like it when you make me feel stupid" Levine is gaming's m night shyamalan, he made a decent story with a twist, and now he thinks he's absolute hotshit, and won't stop bragging for 5 seconds about his only few good stories.

SS2 was good because it was made on an already existing world with lore, nothing more.

No, I know you think you are too tough to be affected by mean comments from shitposters and 2kool4skool, but asking Holla Forums for feedback outside of /agdg/ is a legitimately bad idea. In some way I understand YanDev (he is still a faggot, though), because I went through something similar.

Basically, you won't get feedback about your game. You will get several types of comments, and only some really scarce posters will provide legitimate criticism and reviews. You will find the guys who
>people who will pick up some really small detail they don't like, then proceed to bombard you with shitposting until you change it. This will be very abundant, and it will probably make up like 70% of your threads, if you put anything remotely resembling of political correctness, such as nonwhite characters or pretty much anything Holla Forums types may not like please keep your dicks inside your pants, you know this is true.

stay triggered. Bioshock is garbage and no amount of vacuum critique will ever change that.

This is one of my biggest fears regarding game design to be honest. It seems that no matter where you look you hear

If I tell SJWs to fuck off for being retarded and Holla Forums tells me to fuck off for having anything other than pure white Aryan males in my game, who the fuck is going to play it?


Everyone who knows you're not a tumblrtard just from posting?

If I made nonwhites, they'd be smoking hot 2D brown girls in a fictional world with no relation whatsoever to any kind of mudslimes or straight up aliens, so I can make them blue for all I care.

youre not thinking of Holla Forums

2D and 3DPD brown are very different things and I don't think Holla Forums complains about 2D brown if they're cute and not blatant SJW pandering

I got told to fuck off for that reason by motherfucking 4/x/, tumblr's holidays house. Holla Forums would do the same, maybe even worse.

They did, though. By the way, some black girls do look like a 3D port of 2D dark skin girls; they are just extremely rare, and probably not African-American


Holla Forumslack here, can confirm.

Every board has people with shit taste.

No. You are mentally ill and attracted to animals. Seek help.

I was going to shit on carmack the cuck, but I see you're more of a faggot than anyone else in this thread.

Brown is shit.

I'm glad you're not so stupid that you can't tell what your feces look like.

Despite my brother redpilling the fuck out of me I've resolved to hold onto my love for everything I like about 2D no matter what retards spew degenerate at me.

Also, I heard Holla Forums's become full of edgy faggots that blindly hate and project shit without real arguments.

Kill yourself.

So long as you don't delude yourself 3DPG brown/black women are anything like brown 2D girls you'll be fine.

Yup. They've gone into full autism mode since the election campaign has started.

3D brown is shit, 2D is essentially just very tanned white.

That's because someone drew a white woman and painted it brown.

Brown girls are best girls tbh, I've never met a white woman worth fucking/loving as much as a brown girl.

Should have gone to a bar, not a zoo.

Face it, brown girls with catholic upbringings are by far the greatest women, whites girls don't even know how to take care of their skin, let alone the rest of their body.

Why do you keep attempting to justify your mental illness?

All my fetishes are basically exclusive to 2D where they're not warped to actual degenerate shit like what infuriatingly happens with lesbians being permanently associated with buzzcut, butch/landwhale abominations who hate the very existence of men or any and all incest being associated with retarded rednecks with no vocabulary or dental hygiene.

Stick that shit in an idealized setting or entire other world where none of society's influence can make anyone into disgusting retards. That's exactly what you can do with drawings.

the elections have nothing to do with it, they wanted a hugbox and theyve got one.

Enjoy your unwashed whore more obsessed with herself than with the world around her.

he… he's the same. same croc wearing starbucks drinking basic bitch leftist.



into the gas chamber with you!


You're the typical halfcuck Holla Forums that believes shitting on everything, somehow elevates him.

Instead that just a baseline for those with no guiding principles of their own. And to gain what, exactly? Kid elitists end up becoming SJWs.


They're a mongrel race consisting of a mix of nigger slaves, native niggers and Spaniards.

All sjw and liberals need to change their political affiliation name to stupidacy.


Reminder that Ken Levine is a Jewish Zionist who has admitted in an interview he wrote Bioshock Infinite about "white privilege", paraphrasing, he said something about "*us whites* having privilege" and wanting to write about how unfair that is.

Ahh, the good old "us whites" Jew trick. Classic Jewish infiltration.

Shut up you dumb muslim faggot.



Cucks smoke weed or at the very least, pretend that they do.

anybody who calls him a dunce for not understanding dr. who's plot is a retard?

So I finished Buried at Sea, gotta say and admit I loved it. Although, the bullet spongy enemies were a bit annoying on Hard.

I think the DLC saves the base game. Blew my mind in sorts. I'm a bit frustrated with Elizabeth dying, though. The last scene was Sally returning to Jack(Booker?) Like, I think I'm missing a connection. I've tried looking up explanations but everyone has their own opinion on it.

Is that why it was so shit?

Smart game for smart gaymers wasn't all that bad, at first, though it was certainly nothing special. Just kind of a bland shooter with rails and a 1hko meele, but then after you reach the Fink factory, it's just becomes a clusterfuck of nonsense that only gets more and more unintelligible and pretentious until it just ends.

That's why I said the base game was a bit of a flop. The DLC is what nailed it for me. I doubt anyone will make as great of Bioshock games as 1 and Infinite/BaS or carry on the story while pertaining to the other games.

I disliked the combat, but eh. I skipped most of it.

Bug testers are good, play testers are bad. The former breaks shit and tells the devs how they broke it, the latter bitches about design, mechanics and difficulty.

If you want to see how retarded the average play tester is go onto the forum of any open alpha game, you will find the devs normally select bug testers while all retards serve as play testers.


leftists contradict themselves a lot

incomplete products as an artistic statement?
Sounds like a kojima gayme

Nah BaS is shit and even more insulting to whatever lore original Bio had. So it's not enough for an entire plot of Infinite revolve around Levine's daughterfu, he had to make it so the universe of original Bioshock revolved around her too. Infinite would be a decent arena shooter if you could mode in weapon wheel from dlc

forget to spoiler

Bioshock 2 still remains one of my all-time favorite games. Letting Levine do anything with Bioshock beyond the first game was a mistake.

Kill yourself

Which one is it? No that it matters, you can't choose sides in Bioshock Infinite anyway,

Should have done like Kamiya for Viewtiful Joe and only listened to the actual helpful opinions.

Also, it gets me everytime that they used 12 year olds to change the style drastically of game made for an older audience than the testers could legally get. Nobody saw how stupid this situation was?

Speaking of which, what should I do if I'll ever need competent bug/playtesters and focus groups? Only /agdg/?

Playtesters are there to balance out the experience the devs have had playing the game while making the levels to prevent the game from being too difficult. Bug testing is usually secondary because the devs find that shit on their own most of the time because they themselves can tell what is intentional and what isn't.

Excessive drug use would go a long way towards explaining Bioshock Infinite's story.

Hall of Heroes was where it first felt to me that the concepts of the game were running dry, actually.

You know, disguised (((costs))) also fall under the intended usage of the term under-the-table.

it gave us a hotter elizabeth for even more porn so i appreciate it

Fuck off idiot.

Bioshock 2 is better in every way yes. Hell even the multiplayer was some good old fun, usually I fucking hate multiplayer.

Play System Shock, Thief or some other real immersive sim, you fucking pleb.


I guess that is the kind of woman that user enjoys.

And by women you mean prostitutes.

my dick doesn't care about her personality


Can never unsee

He just has bad days sometimes, okay?

can confirm from experience