Why is Uprising so god tier?

Why is Uprising so god tier?
Easily one of, if not the best, 3DS game.

also Palutena is best girl

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Too bad the controls are literally a fucking pain.

Post porn of Pit and Palutena. I refuse to even acknowledge anything of them fuck if not with each other after all the shit Pit has put himself through just for her combined with the fact she teased him about having dirty thoughts about her one chapter in both original Japanese and localized English.

Finally, it's /ss/ with a non retarded shota.

Controls aren't bad tbh. Just takes a little getting used to.

You're waifu a shit, Sakurai.

It's breddy gud
Pros: Fun and upbeat writing (few examples of localization improving a product), God-tier music, interesting gambling difficulty system, tons of interesting enemies and bosses and great rail shooting sections.
Cons: ==the fucking controls==, on-foot sections could drag on sometimes, lots of weapons that end up feeling exactly the same and you will never hold hands with Palutena

fuck that bitch

Honestly, the controls are the best they can possibly be. I can imagine the controls being much slower and less precise if it used dual analog.

Probably because the localization team somehow did an actually good job with it. You can find all sorts of reading material on how the original Japanese version has shittier writing and dialogue than the English release. And then of course it doesn't hurt that it has probably the best DS FPS controls since Prime Hunters, and gameplay that I actually WANT to play more than once


Because the devs had more fun making it than anyone playing it.
Just listen to that boss theme, they fucking knew how much fun the game is.

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Why is nintendo so trash

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All these pistols make me wish the game had shotguns.

And a good inventory system so I could freely swap weapon attributes around.


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Been playing this and while I disagree with it being the best game on the 3DS by a longshot, I will say its pretty great so far. I think its because the writing seems pretty top notch despite where it came from.

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Get creative with how you hold the 3ds. Unless you have an XL, then you're fucked unless you have literal giant hands.


I have a N3DSXL and I find the controls while not great, to be fine.


why not?

3DS emulation will make Kid Icarus Uprising great again.

you sure have a long time to wait then

I waited for DS and PSP emulation, I can wait for 3DS and Vita emulation.

but can you wait for the tpp to go tits up?

pit x palutena is all but confirmed


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where are the tender lovin viridis?

Source? reverse image search didn't give me anything

I already posted a link to it.

I don't get why it's literally all rape/mindbreak
she wasn't that bad
she was tsundere, that's cute
she doesn't need all that

Reminder that Medusa is voiced by a negress.

Who also voiced Foxxy Love and Number 5 on CnKND

Her voice gives me a boner

Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But CPP isn't support for Kid Icarus Uprising


The only reason it's "god tier" is because of the other games released on the system. Who would have thought a nintendo game would be decent on a nintendo system. You have really opened my eyes OP!

The system has plenty of good shit on it. Backwards compatibility with DS games makes it even better.

Actually when KI U was released it really did have no games and was right around the time of ambassador and price drop

As for OP, I disagree
I disliked the tree house meme writing and the controls were painful being left handed

Eh, I suppose that's fair enough. I mean, I find now the system has plenty to play, but I guess before the price drop, it was true enough.

Fucking hell, and I thought excluding the charger for New 3DSs was bad enough already.

Regarding the localisation, Sakurai pretty much told Treehouse to change the dialogue because the original script "is something that takes advantage of the nuances of Japanese conversation, and not all of it works directly in English", and he wanted it to sound more natural for westerners.

From what I've seen from the Japanese version (vid related) pretty much the only things that have changed are the jokes and banter between characters. The story, characters and everything is pretty much the same. Nothing was censored as far as I know.

They hired someone from the onion to help rewrite the jokes if I recall correctly. It's why it's actually good and not bad like the in-house rewrite for FE:Fates

Thats not reassuring at all

Presumably someone from when The Onion was good.

And presumably before Treehouse ran out of ideas for Awakening and decided that memes and ellipses were a perfectly good replacement for character development.

This was before Univision bought them out to convert them into a progressive shill site for Shillary.

Anyone who wanted to bang Cree from KND when they were younger is in luck.

Upon further inspection, they changed the names of some characters as well. Eleka to Phosphora. Nachure to Viridi, Razu to Pyrrhon, Black Pit to Dark Pit.

Though one of the chapters does make a witty translation joke. At least I found it witty.

Another thing. Uprising has, in my opinion, the only good use of dynamic music in a game.

I don't think the controls were THAT bad. I actually found them pretty practical.

Then again, my hands are naturally all kinds of fucked up.

The tracks weren't dynamic though. They were designed/composed with the progression of flight segments in mind. It's like movie music in games but actually good since it matches each the literal ups and downs of the flight sections.

Yeah. That's what I meant to say. I wouldn't be surprised if the flight sections were designed with animatics.

Same here. As a Star Fox sperg, I found the controls to make complete sense. Totally natural to me.

To be fair, Uprising did start off as a Starfox game idea. The idea of separating aiming from movement was played around with for quite some time. That's why Zero ended up doing it with the gamepad tilt aiming.

B-but it's innovative

No you fucking idiots, the 3DS is a monster hunter machine.

Got the wrong user, bud. I disagree though, playing Monster Hunter sucks on it, hate the layout for the 3DS. Nowhere near as good as clawing on the PSP

Best game on the 3DS. The controls work pretty well, since they give you more precision than anything else could on a portable system. And they are only in this game, so it's not exactly something that I will get tired of.

I didn't think the controls were bad at all, they were fantastic and i adjusted to them in seconds.
Too many fucking casuals in this thread.

Except the Uprising and Zero's aiming is exactly the same, dumbass. And Shiggy was a producer, not on the development staff.

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Alright, since I know someone will probably actually think this, and to provide a refutation for any future threads, there's a few key differences here.

Aiming in Uprising doesn't necessitate using the touch screen to get a usable view. Likewise, in flight it is not affected by Pit's movement so long as you're touching the screen. In Star Fox your aiming is. This allows you to know that if you aim anywhere on screen, your shots will always fly towards the same area of the screen, regardless of where the player positions Pit.
Pit's movement in flight is restricted to the borders of the screen, Star Fox has a much larger range of motion and as such a much looser sense of character placement.
On foot, aiming is always in the direction the camera is facing, so there's no disorientation even if Pit is moving, say, towards the camera.

Aiming in Uprising uses a touchscreen and the cursor has momentum when released, Star Fox does not, instead Star Fox operates like a turret. Your inputs in Zero are constantly being read, and due to the nature of not having a tactile measurement of where you are aiming, in comparison to feeling a stylus on a touchscreen, it's much more difficult to maintain a steady shot.

Then there's the gameplay. Unless you're in the chicken walker, in Star Fox the player is always moving forward. The comparison to Uprising's flight segments is already demonstrably false, and with the ground segments comprising the majority of the gameplay.
Uprising has more in common with Sin and Punishment in its aerial segments, and its ground segments have more in common with something like Virtual On than Star Fox. This isn't even getting into the fact that there's a dodge maneuver that can be used in any direction, meaning even if a shot's coming from behind you can dodge it.

But if you want to compare aerial segments, again it's like was stated earlier. It's much easier to keep track of Pit than the Arwing. That plus Aiming not being chained to Pit's position makes Uprising a modern day Space Harrier, than a Star Fox game.

You can adjust Uprising's controls how you see fit.
That alone puts it leagues above Star Fox's.

chaos loli > palutena > medusa > dark lord gaol > mimicutie > pandora > phosphora > pseudo-palutena > viridi

it'd work so well as one too
just give it to the right studio and it'd be amazing

Is that Scary Spice??

Fuck man they were so fucking close to making this game a masterpiece. Sakurai just had to fuck up the fucking controls

Are you talking about the girl that picks up the ring in chapter 18?

Of course.

Had lots of good banter and self-referential humor from the original Kid Icarus though curiously it made no mention of Myths and Monsters (albeit Nintendo forgets that game exists itself a lot of the time), "Pittoo" got grating but everything else was great and Hades had loads of good bantz along with regularly shitting all over Palutena. Control scheme was great even if a bit awkward. I'm interested in Citra actually getting somewhere soon so I can see how the game can be nigger-rigged to work with a proper trackball.

Game surprised me when it brought up teasing Pit for thinking about Palutena in lewd ways along with general ruthlessness from some characters in general, plus Dank Pit nabbing a goddess's powers for himself to skirt around that Palutena never saw it fit to grant Pit with true flight.

Myths and Monsters wasn't released in Japan until the 3ds e-shop, so that's probably why.

That'd certainly do it, surprised I didn't already know it was a Jap-only release.

I honestly wouldn't mind a proper re-release of this game with fixed controls, i.e. twin-sticks instead of stick-and-stylus. I'd like to think Nintendo might do it for NX but considering the game sold like shit and got the very rare Nintendo Discount to move copies I doubt it will ever happen. If it had been on the Wii even, and played like Sin & Punishment, that would have been fucking sexy as fuck.

If only it was on a system designed with human hands in mind

Definitely not social justice at work.
Fun fact: Dark Pit's nickname in the Japanese version was Burapi which can also mean Brad Pitt in Japanese

I'd much rather a new KI game than a remake tbh.
I really want that rumor to be true.

These puns will be the death of me.

Are you advocating for pun control?

Lovable cast, fast paced action, and memorable events