Can any German leftypolacks tell me about die Linke...

Can any German leftypolacks tell me about die Linke? There's a small chance I'll be moving to Germany in the next couple of years.

Are they just socdems or larping as the DDR or are they real socialists?

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They're former Stasi members who are pretending to "just" be socdems. Take heart comrade. :^)

It's basically tankie grunen

they're useless, impotent phonies led by a smarmy zionist who hides in toilets when confronted with questions he doesn't like

They're socdems and like all socdems they swiftly abandon all their principles as soon as they get any semblance of power.

Vermin that lust for power that they lost when the Stasi fell over and died.


The party is in fact a coalition of everything, I don't even think of it as a party. The best people are in that party and the worst people, too. Euro, for or against? Both. UBI, for or against? Both. And so on.

That would be Gregor Gysi, but he isn't the leader. The current leaders are Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger. In the toiletgate video, there are some people who make negative comments about him in German. Same party.

They aren't really that much of a unified party, more like two, at least.

In the former GDR it is much more moderate while ironically in the west the party is pretty rad.

yeah i don't keep up with them or their leader changes. still my understanding is that he's a pretty major figure in the party and has a long history with it. either way, he's a retard

Sanders levels of SocDem.

And any coalition acts like it's lowest common denominator.

In this case: cheap populism, no ideology, no responsibility.

Don't believe those idiots.

The SED guys are now either old or marginalized and also Die Linke merged with another SocDem organisation a decade ago that has nothing to do with the GDR. It's literally conservative-liberal propaganda and just confirms the fact that too many on leftypol buy liberal memes all the time. EVERY COURT in Germany confirmed that no prominent member of Die Linke was involved in what modern Germany considers a crime in the GDR. Really, they wanted to nail them. They couldn't.

Die Linke are mostly IdPol ridden SocDems with a small communist platform that is really based but sadly not prominently represented within their leadership with the exception of Sahra Wagenknecht (who tends to be market socialist).

You also got to realize that we are talking about a non-sectarian mass party you can find almost all tendencies of leftism within.

They are the government in the state of Thuringia.
How the fuck are you supposed to get into responsibility when the only potential coalition partners (Greens and SPD) are literally NATO-Shills and globalist liberals without betraying every ideal that you hold dear

same faggotry as SYRIZA you anarkiddies loved to suck the dick of

if not worse

Lol yeah it was definitely anarchists who thought we could vote socialism into power.

this pretty much, they are mostly socdems (albeit more "radical" than Sanders and Corbyn et al.). I don't think they are that infested by idpol though, most of them tend to focus economic issues (raise minimum wage etc.), and quite a bunch are openly anti-capitalism.

This. Dont believe the other retards.

There is a sizeable socialist membership and they create a more favourable situation for socialist activists and organisations when they are in power somewhere. They do good opposition work too.

Also their party foundation sponsors a lot of non socdem leftist organisations and events. Stuff like workshops and education about Marxism.

Oh come on. Syriza only showed their true colors when they rather kept getting fucked by EU instead of leaving it.

Can confirm this.. I will vote them, since the DKP or MLPD are pretty unorganised.

Pink is where they govern.
They have one governship and are junior coaltion partner in another state.

The average age in that party is extremely high in general, higher than the conservatives. The majority of the membership is former SED people, this includes Wagenknecht.

Some good people in the party are Sevim Dağdelen (criticizes Islamist development in Turkey) and Heike Hänsel (she supports the Israel critics Max Blumenthal and David Sheen against Gysi, aka the guys from toiletgate, IIRC she is also in some footage of that).

But that doesn't make them 100% GDR apologists since party membership was mandatory for several affiliations. Actually, those people probably have a very unbiased look on it and provide a good counter-narrative to the mainstream opinion.
The question is, were some of these people informants for the Stasi, not just being an IM (who mostly were just sleeping assets) but someone who actually spied on someone - and none of the party prominence could be convicted for that, despite conservatives and liberals trying hardcore to do so.

And yeah, Gysi is a liberal reformist and has been knee-deep in bourgeois politics for too long. However, more hurtful to the party is Katja Kipping with her IdPol and generally just being unbearable; at least Gysi is popular amongst the population and a good speaker.

just wanted to add that generally die Linke has exceptionally good speakers who regularly BTFO their liberal/conservative counterparts in open debates. It's not enough to stop the massive propaganda in bourgeois media against them though, but it sure helps

Really depending on where you'll going to be.

It helps that the Greens are attracting all kinds of idpol.

suckdem populists. Completely uninteresting, though some people in their youth org are cool afaik.

At this point the Greens in Germany are literal neocons with an environmental agenda.

Seriously, I consider myself well traveled, and every country I visited had more authentic Greens than Germany.

I live in Hessen, they are basically the FDP replacement. It gets worse the further you go south.

Assholes like Rebecca Harms really put the final nail to the coffin.

Well, the typical petit bourgeoisie that drives a car with hybrid engine was always predestined to vote for the Greens.

Like my dad. He's working for a bank making 15k a month but can't be bothered to pay my student fee. He votes for the Greens.

This is the group you want to join, OP.

From what I know of German Orgs, Gegen Kapital und Nation seems the best.

What don't you like about In Defense of Marxism?

formerly really cool niggas from the gdr trying to stop capitalist classcucking

now just a bunch of idpolers

IMT's analysis and toolbox is way out of date, like any modern Party-form they're they've stagnated in their attempt to maintain some form of theoretical orthodoxy.

I mean, there's definitely worse options (like DKP or other ML parties) but I'd recommend some non-tendency organisation.

Was the GDR the most aesthetic Eastern Bloc state?

what the fuck is this toiletgate thing lol