Portland protest thread

Hello fellow anons, let's discuss portland's riots and how we need to defend the little guy!

I think he may have died. He went out to protest against capitalism and evil corrupt systems that oppress the working class and his stream is dead.


seems like a reporter from People OnLine news just got assaulted

I hope Henry's all right. He wants to take down drumpf and his deplirables

typical response from trump supporters tbh fam, I hope he's alright

I sure do love diversity and Karl Marx!

Reports are coming into the office that the big guys with assault rifles are taking positions along the rooftops. Can our men on the ground DudeWeed or CoolBeans confirm?

Goodness gracious!

Hey Holla Forums, what's the difference between Jesus and a prostitute?

what is it?

*mumble mumble* when you're nailing them!

Really makes you think


Henry you fucking madman

I wouldn't call anything involving the electoral college fair.

every time

Eh, the game is retarded but he played it and won it by the rules.

Is this the thread for protesting the election?

we can send you your cuckporn to your gulag Holla Forumsyp


Yeah, no. get out of here with this low energy shit. Fucking commies I swear.

communists will meet the same end as Jeb!

The nigs just stole his smokes.

I am not even american kek


Just admit that you got cucked by a shitty lying politician. It happened to us too with Syriza, no shame in admitting it.

hi Holla Forums

What the hui is going on in this thread? A discussion about a streamer with no stream, a ushanka clad man with no teeth, and some angry niggos with no Marlboros?

Fill me in boys no homo

You're right, California should decide the president for the whole country. After all, the rest of America is exactly like California in every important way.

He has not done this lol. the media is just full of extremely butthurt losers. Trump is going to build the wall, deport mexicans, ban muslims and repeal obama care to at least a degree of 90%.

Sup, cancer. How're you liking Bannon being appointed to Trump's "he lied and will be establishment, user!" cabinet? WE'RE IN THE WHITEHOUSE NOW.

California is the sixth largest economy in the world. pathetic red states shouldn't even get a vote.
rightists shouldn't be allowed to vote becuase of there lower Autism Levels

You mean that investment banker who worked for Goldman Sachs?
Not surprised at all.

The vote in California would be much closer if popular votes counted. Republicans don't even campaign here as they assume it can't pass 50%.

You are all cancer, but at least some cancers are operable.

Goodnight you Nation-hating fagots.

Go kill yourself


Yeaaah, about that…