but srsly, polyps, if you want to become true radicals, we can definitely help

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two years from now Trump will start a natalist program to get black men and White Women to breed with each other and Holla Forums will defend it somehow

Donald "I used to play golf with Bill Clinton" Trump will sure gulag the Clintons!

Has Holla Forums reacted to this yet?


Unfortunately, Holla Forums's almost completely deluded in their worship of "God Emperor Trump." Their interpretation is generally the same as . They're spinning it as "Trump didn't say he won't go after Clinton, so he will but he doesn't want media backlash" (wouldn't that mean he's been cucked by the media?). He's obviously walking back what he said. It's pathetic, really.

Ah, of course. Trump is playing pentadimensional chess or something, right?

I honestly wonder how long the excuses for him will last.

Isn't it fucking obvious that Trump doesn't want to be president and it was a PR stunt that went on too far?

He never expected to win, he wanted to get within a hair of Clinton and lose, but because it was just a hair, he'll just claim "Oh it was probably rigged, but I don't give a fuck, come watch my new Trump media network!"

You can so tell this was the case because ever since he's won, he's looked depressed as fuck from his face, the way he's speaking to his body language. he's vague as fuck on policy and even shit like on election night, he was in a conference room while Clinton had a stadium, his victory speech was fucking made up on the spot and the "victory" song was "You Can’t Always Get What You Want."

Which is what makes this even more hilarious.

Clinton worked for like 40 years to get to the top, was going to be the first female president going into the history books and ended up being the worst democratic candidate in 100 years.

Trump went into it just for PR press, but didn't want to be president but kept winning and winning and winning until he won it all.

Pence sure looks glad he won, but Trump looks miserable.


My gott.



are you fucking serious

so when are we raiding Holla Forums? and I do mean a massive raid, we have more than enough material

those bags started to appear under his eyes

this will be a great ride

Lol, even David Duke is turning on him now.


I've heard there were some communist revolutions before

did any of them turn out to be extremely disappointing and not what people really wanted

I had a question for one of you, before the thread got deleted

At least Holla Forums is doing something. What's lefty doing? What are they investigating? What movement have they started? What people do they support? I don't know, it's a slow board and I don't go there.

Have you guys slipped into arrogance and nihilism again? You don't need to do anything because the world is fucked and any form of opposition we start is fucked and doomed from the beginning anyway? Is that the new mentality for lefty now?

w e w

But Holla Forums isn't nihilistic. They always have a project going on. A nihilist thinks it's all for nothing so he wouldn't even bother.


You laugh for now, but he is indeed concocting strategy far greater than you can imagine. He's a far more successful businessman than you, after all.

w e w

You are literally a horde of pagan barbarians with internet access.

Study history closely, lad. You are going to be crushed.

That's not how nihilists behave Holla Forumsyp

And Holla Forums is either happy or angry. But they do show emotions. You guys, what do you guys do?


The definition of Nihilism, quote "Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy."

Now how are you are you guys not nihilistic?

Trump's been winking at us the whole time

Oh, look! It's another episode of Idiot Tries to Understand Philosophy by Reading the Dictionary.

And listen, there are nihilist who do work and work hard, but it's usually for their own gain and enjoyment. All the things Holla Forums does they do to support someone else. Be that Trump, or Assange, or a group of people. But they're not working for themselves. A nihilist would never support someone, especially not a presidential candidate in the US.

You're still not saying why i'm wrong.

16 Quadrillion dimensional Dota.

The only thing that unites any of us here is that we think workers should own the means of their own production. That's largely it. Because we don't know how exactly to get there, aside from destroying the current system, we focus on the one thing that we can agree on. Capitalism must go. It looks like nihilism from the outside, because you haven't spent enough time here.

When's the last time /lefty/ backed anyone? From what I know you guys didn't really support Bernie all that much. And you had that whole "Both Trump and Clinton are awful" thing going on. And if you don't support neither Republicans or Democrats, not even Libertarians. Then what exactly do you support right now? What are you aiming for?

damn, your tears are delicious


From the mouths of babes. They have this little window to be happy before openly turns on Trump, don't steal it from them.

You don't even know what the fuck nihilism is. Why does it piss you off?

Well I'm Mexican, and here we have this guy that is like the Mexican Sanders, but not a weakling or a sellout and far more furious and anti-establishment, considering he's been running for president for more that a decade now. Personally I don't support him. How do you guys feel about Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador?

I just wanna know what your pourpouse as a political board is. Comment on stuff. At least the guy above you gave a real answer.

Worker control of the means of production.

and the gulaging of Kulaks

Crashing this system…

with no survivors!



When Trump puts away his white nationalist dog whistle and turns out to be a center right neoliberal like Bush and Obama all of Holla Forums will disavow him, thus exposing your pessimism, your lack of loyalty and your lack of purpose other than a completely blind impulse to destroy "the globalists" - whatever the fuck that means, since you idiots seem to ascribe a rather fluid meaning to it (the Jews, the "Washington establishment," "Cultural Marxists," anything but "capitalists" because you're all so god damn stupid and myopic). A lot of you are already admitting that you supported Trump in bad faith.

Does he want to put the means of production in the hands of workers? That's literally all we care about here.

How do you plan to reach such thing? And I suppose that it is the US where you plan to reach Socialism?

You mean with no Socialist party. Bernie was your closest, and yet he cucked up for millenials and identity politics. Who cares about all that race stuff? You guys are more about worker's rights rather that multicuturalism, right?

There's a book out there that would tell you if polyps weren't allergic to reading.

The proletariat owning the means of production. Neither Clinton or Trump (and especially not the lolberts) would bring that about hence why we didn't support any of them. How is this a hard concept to grasp?

ten muchacho, lee estos tres, Max - El Unico y su Propiedad.pdf

Imagine the average petty bourg, and then add some racial self-hatred, thats how Holla Forumsyps are here

its beyond disgusting

When you're born on such a politically fucked country, you make some weird choices. I plan to one day become a politician and avoid getting killed by Narcos like Colosio or being turned into a joke like AMLO.

Yes, among some other thingsés_Manuel_López_Obrador
He tried with the Labor Party and then MORENA, but had to cuck out for PGR to get more popularity and chances of winning this time around.

We plan on reaching it by capitalizing on the growing discontent with the liberal establishment by directing people's frustrations at the people actually responsible: global capitalists, international plutocrats, the big industrialists and the 1%. We need to spread the idea that capitalism can be replaced, and there are dozens of models that exist to do this. Even with Sanders we greatly appreciated him because he was the only candidate that actually directed voter's anger at the right people instead of just scapegoating immigrants.

The U.S. is just one front, our goal is to establish socialism across the globe.

I'm a flip flopper man. One moment I can sympathise with Nazis, the other I can deeply hate Holla Forums and wish for the collapse of white civilization. But in the end my people come first, i'm just gonna steal everything Holla Forums has done to reach succes and help my country.

Either way i'm not a reliable person to any party that isn't my own people, because I will eventually turn on you if you come for them.

The only way it will happen will be if the workers fight for that control.

eso es, buen trabajador, recuerda, hay que seguir trabajando, por que esto es para mi tercer yate… ahem, es para luchar por tu gente

He's playing rhombicosidodecahedronic checkers, you just watch!

I'm not sure if I can trust Marx talking about Worker's rights and the poor knowing he was a white trustfund baby. But perhaps you can change my views? I'm open to anything, in fact I favor Socialism when it comes to Mexico.

tal vez deberias leerlo, y tambien considerar que Marx no es el unico con una opinion diferente respecto a la economia

Trust fund baby or not it has no effect on the content of his arguments.

Mostly forming groups such as alt-left. Plenty of leftists who are pissed off at SJWS and feminism as you are.

Trump's big flip flops.

See first answer

Comrade Corbyn, and Zizek.


I really need to study how to not end up like AMLO. The media here made a circus out of him and i'm not sure if that's really full on manipulation on their part or the man really made a fool of himself.

I think I actually have his books lying around somewhere in my computer. I like to keep books about any subject around. Do any of you know of any Mexican or just Latino books about Socialism? I think I need a special approach when it comes to Socialism in Mexico.

We're probably backing Subcommandante Marcos.

i voted for jill stein

Yes. The function of the political system is to maintain the economic system that best serves the interests of those who control them both. The political system, by design, provides no avenue by which the economic system might be overthrown. It can only be destroyed by way of material changes.

That guy is still hiding somewhere in the woods. Can't wait for any saviors to come around in this Country, you gotta be the change you want for your people.

I'll admit she's a GILF.

He's going to fuck them so hard once he is sworn in. Until then he's focusing on not getting suicided, and on making sure the EC does not do a freak out. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR HIM TO RISK ANYTHING.

What's all this shit about the EC anyway. What's it for, burguers?


I hope he pulls down his pants and does his state of the union using his penis as a ventriloquist puppet and everybody scrambles to figure out whether or not that's impeachable.



what's a league of a legend and what's it for?


I don't get it. We know trump is an untrustworthy piece of shit who says one thing, yet does another, however, we are taking what he said to the MSM as gospel now?

He's going to fuck them over the first chance he gets.


At this point I'm tired of the MSM saying trump flips on something. They've been saying it since the Primaries tbh and yet the arc of his campaign was consistent.

This is the most butthurt I've ever seen in one thread on Holla Forums

because it's realistic. no one thought trump could pull off most of his controversial policies, and he's amending/abandoning them now that he's president and cant talk out his ass at rallies all day.

pol please

I think you are lost friend. This is /r/communism

I don't know a WHOLE lot about AMLO but to me it seems like he has the momentum to win in 2018 (even despite the smears, which people will be happy to forget after 6 years, especially if the PRI makes any bigger of a mess) especially with How Do We Solve A Problem Like The Donald going on. His party is, at least, the lesser evil in Mexico, though I'm not sure if PRI is pure evil or somewhat decent (it seems like a lot of labor horror stories from around 2006-2012 would've been PAN's doing)

Oh God I'd love to see that. It'd make him completely un-reelectable, naturally, and the Republicans would suffer a bloodbath in midterms.

Butthurt? About what? This is the outcome we wanted, some of us even after Bernie "lost".

Let me tell you something about Trump and about his election campaign. Trump, despite his secure standing within the capitalist class, as for his entire life felt spurned by New York and Los Angles high society, a culture he wants more than anything to be accepted by and to gain the approval of. It explains his prior attempts to get close with the Clinton's while they were the arch-elite of New York. But he was never taken seriously by anyone, and this was made painfully clear at he Washington press dunner, where they mocked his grandiose posturing of presidential bid. So, now there was just one thing he could do to gain the acceptance (not the power) he so craved.

He ran for president, not to make america great again, but to make the american cultural elite accept them finally as one of their own. And he won. He's not an idiot, and his populist rhetoric was effective and timely, he is a truly talented con-man - after all he played you motherfuckers like a fiddle.

Now that he is in office he is going to attempt to reach his original goal - not MAGA, not even revenge on an elite culture that rejected him, no. He has already begone rolling back his prole-feed populism that worried so many at the top in order to convince the elite he is safe, on their side and as president finally worthy of their ranks.

Beyond a few watered down bones tossed at you from congress that he "provided leadership for" - You can expect now that he no longer needs you, Trump will be one of the most establishment-cucked presidents in american history.

Holla Forums here

I would love to explain to you cucks how we are using Trump to bring about a fascist government but first we need to talk about parallel universes.

wow who would have tought

Nice meme

Just build up for as long as I live, please.

you mean the parallel universe in which the founding fathers didn't invent the three branches of government and separations between state and federal that would precisely thwart your retarded plan?

you see these guys were really smart and designed this shit so it was so needlessly complex that the likes of you wouldn't be able to make any sense of it, no matter how much power you controlled

great job




Well, we're fucked

any more pics like this to annoy Holla Forumstards with?

Just so Holla Forums is aware, Holla Forums was sold out to Trump's campaign by the mods early in the Republicuck primaries, otherwise a thread on this wouldn't be deleted. This post may sound revisionist or may feel like pure NaCl but it's the truth. Assuming Holla Forums doesn't have shit mods, it's probably the only politics board with any integrity left, aside from the dead ones.

t. banned from Holla Forums


it would have to be 4pol, 8pol's mods will delete anything

What are YOU investigating?

i believe it. they won't even let the more hardcore 1488ers discuss trump's jews unless it's in a positive tone

newfags can't spookpost

not my comrades.

Warhammer is already played in 3D. Flyers exist.

I'd like to play 40k against Trump though. I wonder what army he would play.

Help with what? Which circlejerk philoswank of yours is better than the other?

Face it, you're about as much on the path to global revolution as they are. All bark, 0 bite. It's funny to laugh at you online but nobody has any expectation you'll matter in thirty years.


Oh I see, the patented Holla Forums "spamming image macros counts as legitimate political thought!" technique. Do you even have a thought outside of your hivemind?

Granted, Holla Forums may have no organisation and filled with people who spend most time in their rooms, but Socialism isnt going anywhere, comrade.

Hell, a decent amount of people on Holla Forums ARE part of organisations that try to get shit done irl anyway.

Where's the original political thought in your post other than being sour grapes? Face it, you paraded a political candidate as a solution to Holla Forums's problems and now he's going to reveal himself as the crony capitalist he is while putting his boys in all the high places.

If anything, Trump was to make sure you cucks were contained and pacified.

cry harder classcuck faggot

He doesn't want to hurt them.
He needs to hurt them.

Unpainted Space Marines.


what a difference a week makes

This post is correct

If Holla Forums wasn't full of underage fags that don't remember the Bush years none of this would have happened.