ITT: Games anons should complete at least once

ITT: Games anons should complete at least once.

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Fuck off, Deceased Crab.

Heeeeeeey La-Mulanites! Bakesale Huzzah!

Am i missing something

He's a youtuber from back when let's plays were new who let's played the game like 3 times.

la mulana is the only game I was too casual to play

Agreed user. La mulana is my shit.


This chart still applies.

I've been told to avoid the Enhanced Edition since too much shit was changed, is this correct? I'd really like to play it.

sengoku rance is a joke, right?

also when the hell did morrowind get cut

Probably when skyrim came out and was associated with it.


Do it user, do it for sweet music and some really great riddles.
Scan everything, write everything down on a notepad and explore every area, don't expect to finish an entire area first before moving on to the next one, besides maybe the first three(And even then you'll still have some things you'll have to go back for).

Why ? I was actually looking at it and wondered if it was worth a pirate. What's wrong with it?


When her arms are raised, go up onto a platform until her eyes follow you, then quickly run to the top platform on the other side and double jump when it reaches you.
It's not hard but if you're choking during the fight you'll probably fuck it up so I advise just using subweapons for it if you can't do it consistently.

Tiamat is the true final boss of the game. Mother's easy as shit.

its gr8

ignore that fag


ne where ya boi can still gets da free 1 tho?

Aeon Genesis

Some of games that I think will/are loved by everyone.

Good list.

I tried to finish that game without checking for any hints or help, I tried so hard, but eventually I got stuck. And after hours and hours of just walking around everywhere I could get to and randomly trying to do everything I could think of to everything that seemed remotely interactive, I gave in and checked a faq. Usually that old "try everything everywhere" fallback solves any situation where I don't know what to do next in a game, but not this time. I found a few things in the process of random desperation searching, but never anything that really made progress in terms of getting new places I hadn't been before. The combat itself is no big deal at all, but man do those puzzles get way too vague eventually. And then they only get even harder to figure out after that.

Generally speaking, the most frustrating question was whether I simply did not yet have what it took to get past and/or solve something, or I had the necessary tools but hadn't figured out what exactly to do. Ultimately, it turned out I had completely missed one thing that meant I couldn't quite advance the sequence enough to get the things necessary to solve several other puzzles I had partially stumbled through via try-everything desperation searching. But for all I knew, any one of those was what what the game did expect me to figure out with what I currently had.

Anyway, in the end there's no question that if I were the Professor, the mystery of La-Mulana probably would not have been solved.

Yes. It doesn't really improve anything that would merit playing it with the changes in mind. Also >DLC character

What was the item? Also La Mulana is pretty unique in that you can spend hours looking for something staring you right in the face. To me that's really good and one of its biggest merits but I can see why others may see it as a bad thing.

I'm in the exact same position you are, except I just flat out refused to look up walkthroughs. Which in actuality just means the save file has been sitting on my disk for years now, unfinished and without any progress made.
Honestly, I think your approach is probably the better one.

Buying this game, a notebook, and a pack of pens, and playing it through while staying radio dark was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had.

It's a… decent game with bad porn.
Like honestly, it's pretty mediocre, the game really feels it's length if you don't care about the porn.
It's better gameplay wise than Kamidori, but saying it's good is a massive overstatement

I can't remember exactly, I played it over a year ago, but it wasn't an item that really actively did anything to increase your abilities. It was just one of the "hold it in exactly the right spot while walking left on wednesday of a leap year" sorta deals.

Anyway, fine, I'll admit it, I needed "puzzle easy mode." Really, if the game would have simply been able to tell me what puzzles I could not possibly solve because I didn't have the required items, that would have helped so much. Just to know if I'm doing it wrong, or I'm not even supposed to be able to solve this particular thing at all yet. I do remember that once I got past that one bump, I did make a lot more progress on my own. Though I did have to check faqs again for a few more things and the very final puzzle to get the good ending, and I seriously have a hard time seeing the vast majority of people figuring that out on their own with only the in-game hints. It took reading the faq to even understand what the in-game hints were supposed to be about in the first place, they were beyond cryptic.

I'm not proud of what I did, but after two days of just wandering in futility, I realized that realistically, I was either going to have to check a faq or unofficially give up on the game entirely, like you did.

It wouldn't happen to be the Maternal Statue now would it?

Good luck getting it to run if you're on W7 or W8 or 8.1, it takes a little work

I never see Arcanum on these kind of lists, but it's one of my favourites and is certainly one of the very best CRPGs out there


its a mediocre hentai game, overrated as fuck.

>Couldn't manage to beat Mother

because the game would keep crashing after I killed her

Acquire profiency

It a very interesting strange game but it's nothing close to masterpiece like all the spergs who praise it to be. Its clunky, tedious, extremely vague and overall just not that fun to play for more than an hour. Hoping that the remake can solve all of its problems. Also Dungeon Keeper needs to be on this list.

That chart is good, but lacking some essentials

lol, it's a shit RPG mechanics wise, you recommend it because it has le random weird humor? Let this faggot meme die that Earthbound was ever any good


this game right here

this is a good list, although red alert can stay or go since RTS aren't for everyone

i would add at the least yakuza 2, and at most the yakuza series as a whole for a Holla Forumscore standard


It's not even the best Rance game.

no Gothic
RIP :^(


Original Doom with mouse support, maybe Doom 2, and RE 4.


sweet ending & boss at least

No it doesn't.

I mean 999 is enjoyable but it has no place on any even Top 100 lists overall. The puzzles are too easy and the last one is a fucking sudoku for crying out loud, not to mention going for all the endings you have to do the first beginning puzzle every time you restart, a retarded design.

I haven't played Pokemon MD but actually all games you listed are not essential gaming by any means.



You know it to be true, anons!


I feel like a loser and I should get back to it, but man I just feel so burned out, this shit was so hard.


Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is the perfect example of what an immersive action adventure game should be and if you haven't played it you aren't qualified to talk about the genre.

I prefer this one



you can shoot