Trump won't cancel the Iran peace deal; he won't cancel Obama care; and he won't build the wall...

Trump won't cancel the Iran peace deal; he won't cancel Obama care; and he won't build the wall. He is the Tsipras of the alt-right.

Instead of focusing on things he hasn't even said or done, perhaps you should focus on taking back leftism.
Democrats were so focused on opposing Trump they failed to effectively get their own message out. But go right ahead, let 2020 be a repeat of 2016.

the first two are not contradictory to the alt right

It's about spectacular populism, either from right or left, in spite of all hype which is raised end up a mountain gives birth to a mouse, because role of managing state's function for reproduction of capital during the implosive capitalist crises doesn't leave much space for major political turns. Basically, most of their election campaign promises were unkeepable

It's not relevant who will in 2020, as i's not relevant who won now

First wave of left-right polarisation since the beginnig of 2008 crises has proven to be farce, next wave will be more harsh


"It will include some fencing."

You mean like this left-right polarization, but on global level

me on the far left

fine, where was that protest ?

People here have been trying so hard to make a big deal out of Trump flip-flopping to the point it is starting to feel desperate.

This is maybe the 5th thread saying some variation this.

I'm on the far left in the 1st pic mate.

the one on the left end with hoodie and black and red flag-stick ?

No the far far left

cop ?

Black Bloc, I'm CIA



>>damn anarcho-autonomists ruining our marches

startpage "trump tpp" and filter results by past week

that's a great analogy tbh


I love how liberals are pretending that this is the biggest gotcha shit of all time

No, it isn't. The problem with Syriza was that they didn't have a B plan and the main guys got scared because of effective EU blackmailing. They fucked up majorly and should be criticized for it precisely because it's a lesson for other parties.
While Trump has been mainly just a simulation from the very beginning. As if that wasn't fucking obvious from a mile away.


He has planned to repeal the Obamacare mandate (and the fine for not having health insurance), he stated this recently - again. He also plans to build the wall. That did not change.

On Iran? I don't know. We'll see.


he never breached 50 %,
and both him and clinton didn't even make as many votes as romney in 2012.

i know it's hard to take in but trump is not popular. in fact, less so than the fucking hag clinton.

no, tsiparis is worse
don't delude yourself, noone can ever top of the faggotry the revleft and anarkiddies pulled off with sucking that morons dick

The funny thing is that most of what is below the black line is actually coming true, aside from deporting illegals which he won't do any more than Obama did (rightcucks think he didn't at all).

You are likely correct about the Iran deal.
Obama care might keep it's name, but it will be substantially changed. Making it something other than it currently is.
That wall is going to be built.

The Chinese are making sure of it.

There already is a "wall", Trump was playing off of how illegal immigration is widely misunderstood, and not just by GOP voters. People unironically think that Obama just let them waltz in with a warm welcome.

Where's ">Trump will never kill all jews and black people and form a fascist ethnostate"? Did you conveniently forget about that, Holla Forums? Did you finally decide to settle for a fence with a big beautiful door and muh Obamacare?


in a way it doesnt "matter" if he flip-flops, he is wholly insubstantial, completely post-modern and unassailable. he can say two contradictory things on two different days and no one will call him on it, his cult will always love him and his detractors will always hate him (giving him the negative attention he craves). it's expected of him. this is what's really happening, we have to deal with the facts.

This is a bad thing?