Thoughts on the Oculus Rift?

Thoughts on the Oculus Rift?

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Never have tried it

Got a Dev kit 2. Its pretty cool actually. I lost the fucking screen mount for the head tracker though so I haven't used it in months

We had a thread about VR here not too long, less than half of the replies are calling it a dead fad which is a nice change.

Oculus fucked up hard with proprietary bullshit but we should have seen that coming from Facebook.
I have used a friends Vive and it's much better than I expected 1st gen. VR to be. Still the res is too low to read small writing so I'll be waiting for gen 2 or 3 so I can read the gauges in my flight sims.

Waste of money. There's just not enough content to make it worth while. I don't even think they'll be enough content when gen 2 hardware comes out.

walking simulators op walking simulators everywhere

I want walking simulator versions of my oriental picture books. Also, playing a porn game in VR will probably just make you realize there's no good porn games.

Vive and oculus are actually considered second gen devices

I care not what the marketer says they are first gen too me.

They ruined it with kikery. They know a layered approach nets them the most shekels. First they charge a very high price, and get the sales from people who would pay for it no matter what. Then they slowly move down the tiers making it slightly cheaper each time to strip mine the customers. If they made it affordable from the start then the rich kids would also be paying the cheaper price. The first version of oculus rift should have been the DK2 and then they announce a new version when better tech allows for a replacement at the same price but that would have been too good of a deal.

To be fair to Facebook Palmer Luckey was on reddit a year prior to the acquisition defending their SDK's incompatibility with the GPL.

Most of the software written by Facebook and isn't associated with VR is BSD licensed. It might be a horrible company but they're not the ones that ruined Oculus, it was shit from the very beginning.

Practically everything they initially promised has either been put on hold indefinitely(Mac/Linux support) or dropped altogether in the case of it being an open platform. The tech community was bamboozled by slick presentation and vague promises from a con artist as usual.

You mean teleporting simulators. normalfags can't handle walking in VR. It makes them sick.

Looking into this a bit more turns out that it's BSD licensed with a ridiculous clause;

As usual rms's prediction that without strong safeguards 'open source' would become a vacuous marketing buzzword have been proven correct.

Those here that don't know what rms, GPL or BSD is read this:

Aren't their better places for marketing research?

A lot of cheap foot-based control schemes that would work great for VR walking are still under a few more years of patent protection. That's why no one's doing very obvious things like making oversized touchpad foot mats to be placed under your desk; those ideas are still under patents made during the first VR fad that fizzled out.


Thanks for the heads up. I was almost ready to drop 800 shekels so I could play awesome games such as "Kitchen Simulator" and "Selfie Tennis"

Just like the shilling campaigns for Overwatch, No Man's Sky and Evolve even though almost everyone in those threads is spewing a concentrated beam of fecal matter over them in one way or another, right?

I own the CV1.
Its pretty cool but has some problems,
cool things first.

and for the negatives

Hope I was informative, never reviewed something before. Its really cool tech with a ton of room for improvement, I'd advise people to wait till they iron out some of the problems.
If anyone has questions feel free to ask.

Exposure is exposure. Games are different, you either like them or you don't. Technology though can easily be shilled, and that has precisely happened with VR shit.

I regret getting the Vive. I only use VR for porn. Coulda spent a hundred bucks on a nice GearVR setup instead or shell out for the significantly cheaper OSVR devices coming soon.

Who is this fluid druid?

You're surprised by tiered economics? This is fundamental shit that applies literally everywhere.

cool but impractical and expensive

I want cuckerberg to leave

its the effect of mass production, demand and competition.

at the beginning market is smaller so automation is low so that they can revise the product. When there is low automation costs are also higher.

If demand picks up sufficiently and product revision doesn't need to happen as often then businesses will invest in more automation.

Competition forces companies to control costs better resulting in an overall price drop to gain market share.

At the start it was just oculus, then it was vive as well. Now theres a crap tonne of cheaper options using phones and gear vr etc. Open Source VR is also picking up. Forcing Vive and Oculus to be more competitive.

I don't have thoughts about vr. I don't really think about it. Since when did you decide to become my psychiatrist, op?

Currently just gimmicky and nausea inducing with little to no content to enjoy with the devices at all.

It's not worth talking about till they improve the technology and at least make most old games work on the damn things.

As neat as it is, were missing far too much right now for it best to sit on that egg and wait for it to hatch for now, because as it stands currently it's nothing anyone wants.

it's a pretty pricey paper weight