I'm having some trouble with settings in Deus Ex

I'm having some trouble with settings in Deus Ex.
I have a 1600x900 screen, so I'm at the horrible midway point where if I put GUI scaling to 1 it's small as fuck, and if I put it to 2 it just goes outside my screen. I can't find whatever ini file changes this to try and set it to 1.5.

I also can't seem to rebind my flashlight (automatically bound to F12) to anything else but that. I tried changing it in the User.ini, but the game still tells me there's no augmentation bound to that button, and the option doesn't seem to be present in the game menu.
I mean I have the whole set from F1 to F12 to rebind, but for whatever reason I can't rebind F12 to F4.

Deus Ex thread?

Playing this shit for the first time makes me realize how bad I am at orienting myself without a map

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Boy, what did developers do, when they had to scale between 320x200 and 1600x1200?

Why not just set your display to a custom resolution and have it downscaled to your monitor's size? Seems like that would be easier than dealing with the UI problems. You are using the DeusExe launcher, right?

No reason to rebind the flashlight key either, since eventually all of the function keys will be used for something.

You can't rebind F12-F4 but you can have secondary keys, so just put flashlight to both F12 and F for example.
I am also playing right now with New Vision and HDTP and having issues with lighting randomly changing, and sometimes the game just goes pitch black and I have to restart

Well the flashlight is by far the aug that I use the most, and it's all the way on the other side of where my hand is. Not to mention it's bound to take screenshots for steam.

Also having to set my monitor to a custom resolution every time I play seems very annoying, I'd rather not do that.

Guess I'll have to settle for that, wish my mouse had more buttons

Is it? I played the Steam version and don't remember having any problems with that, no screenshots on file at all.

JC's augmented eyes adjust to the light, it can go too far sometimes

It is for me at least

Also, when I'm in Hong Kong, and I'm stuck having to free the helicopter, is there really no other way into the Control Room 1?

I tried stacking a bunch of boxes in the vents to get to it without going through the door, but I still can't reach it.
Just seems weird but I looked everywhere and I can't find any other way in

Reminder that putting points in swimming is extremely productive and swimming being useless is just a meme.

I tried crawling through the vents, too, user.

only one solution I know of: the key is literally out in plain sight but it's easy to miss.

This part is basically the Water Temple of Deus Ex, because everyone got stuck on it in their first playthrough.

Have you installed Deus.exe and a custom renderer?

Use OpenGL

Yeah no I looked it up, my main issue with it is that if you don't have lockpicks or weapons you just can't progress, it's just meh

I have

I don't see how this would help

Just fucking do it you fag.

Also remember to kill Odd Mechanic.

do what

If there's a mechanic who's acting kinda like a fag blow his shit up. Not kidding.


Fine, knife him or shoot him in the face.

Get the fucking wide screen mod/patch. Holy shit, it isn't hard.

This disregard for advice is going to cost you. :^)

Nigger I have it, the problem isn't that, the problem is that the GUI, even when rescaled, doesn't fit in the fucking screen


Don't have that

Fuck yeah a DX thread.

Anyone ITT ever played Project 2027? Zodiac? Nihilum?

Have you tried Shifter and/or pic related?

What's pic related?
like where is that from

Kentie's DeusExe.

No matter what I do the game crashes before it loads on the GoG GOTY edition copy.
And if I run safemode it stops working after 30 sec. Kelpie patch is no help.
Maybe its DEP? Idk it just seems too much work to get running.

If your screen goes randomly black: alt-tab for a sec and go back. Happens with me too.

There's your problem. Pirate it from TPB or buy the CD version, I had issues with the GoG version too.

And you don't get the funny cutscene with Jock too.

Okay then I'm not sure what I'm using
I have this because it was the only exe that worked

UE was archaic, even back in '00.

Try not to use Borderless and use Automatic FoV?

I don't see why that would fix it
the problem is that it's resizing it too big and I can't select values inbetween 1 and 2

Just saw you're using a newer version of DeusExe, but still try fullscreen instead of Borderless, it might help.

Otherwise, idk. I haven't done shit to my DX install in a while. (which I should because my inis are broken)

Nope, looks the same

Weird! Then idk, sorry.

Yeah I tried non-gog copy+ kenties patch+Visual Studio 2015 runtimes.
Always same crash at launch. OH WELL. Guess Ill just never play this game.

There is no 1.5 setting.
You can run at a resolution of 1600x1024, and force the aspect ratio to scale properly in your GPU panel. The downside is the 124 pixels (1024-900=124) at the bottom of screen will be unreachable with your cursor, but doing a quick romp through training it did not affect me. There is nothing that low in the inventory; or other things, that require your cursor, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Pics related for you.

Make sure you're on patch 1.112fm. GOTY Edition comes prepatched, other versions don't.
I have a v1.002f disc image that I install, then I patch it to 1.112fm, then Direct3D10 Renderer, then Kentie's DeusExe, then New Vision for graffix. In fact, I just unistalled and reinstalled the game trying to find a UI scaling solution.

How do I even change my GUI size to begin with?

I play at 1600 windowed and I am very anal about this. It's too small to read.

Nevermind, I hadn't updated Deus Exe in a year

It auto scales.
That's why x900 was small, because that's the stock UI size. Once it hit x1024 it automatically applied Custom Gui Scaling x2. It didn't before that because it wouldn't fit as OP discovered.

You weren't really asking that, but I'm posting it anyway.

Alright now I'm having renderer issues.

Direct3D Support looks great but the menu takes a million years to open menus. If you want to pause you're held up for about 10 seconds.

All the others look like shit, with model flickering and more.

I am looking for some mods for deus ex. Currently trying to decide between GMDX, and Nihilum. The Malkavian mod looks promising to, maybe I should just try them all at once


Or P2027. Then do Nihilum.

That is the missions as Paul denton then right? Ok, I will give a shot

OpenGL seems the best visually. It retains the shiny surfaces entirely and there's no shadow flicker for me during the start of the intro, and NewVision works with it. I'm not sure why I never used it. Only downside is it brightens my entire monitor instead of just the game, and I have no idea why it does that. That means recording gameplay footage will be darker than it should be.
D3D is slow and awful.

Manually brightened the OpenGL screenshot. Honestly not a big deal, but annoying.

tl;dr try OpenGL

How's the GMDX mod, Holla Forums?


Why are the arches reflecting in the floor, but only the giant hand's shadow is visible?

Give it another look lad, it's there, in the same spot.

it's probably the best and most comprehensive mod out there

Oh I see it now

Is this supposed to happen?
The fuck is going on?
I don't have a save file before this what the fuck do I do?

I think I sequence broke the game and now I'm stuck in new york

The helicopter isn't coming and troops automatically home in to my position for no reason


Anybody know how to fix this or should I just kill myself

Did you visit Smuggler?

I did

Download Deusexe mod, it fixes alot of display issues


that's what I'm using

I don't know. Jock should spawn on the roof after you leave Dowd.
And don't shoot Dowd, dummy. That won't solve anything.