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HOLY DOGSHIT, People were saying that you needed to grind LESS in this fucking game? Slow as fuck, but I am beyond PYST

It requires a ton less Armor Spheres, so it cuts down on the mindless grinding for those, and has you fighting more monsters instead.

Counting those aditional materials everything needs about the same amount as before but with the benefit of not requiring specific parts, you'd often need to go kill the same monster again for a single scale, now you can use a shell instead.

True, but armor spheres are so easy to get from the trader so you wouldn't have to grind for them anyway.

New non-shit, non-handheld MH fucking when

Never, now fuck off.


Yeah, it got redundant in that sense, to be sure though fuck going for Heavy Armor

When any of the non-handhelds become nearly as profitable or market dominating as the 3DS maybe.

Same post every thread, go home.
Bunch of shit to upgrade stuff, probably more chameleos soon.
Clownsuit with Narga, Rathalos, EX cenetaur and shiggy micdiggy
Chameleos HBG
Rathalos, Barroth, Gog and Nercylla
Piscine wyverns, Yian Garuga

Playing pure with no arts feels good. How's Ukanlos this go around?

Fucking hell it's Barroth/Barrioth all over again. I don't know if it's the localizers or the whoever names the things Japan but someone needs to be fired.

I like this upgrade system for armour a lot more than just armor spheres they just have to tweak the economy so it isn't such a zenny sink. I would like the weapon upgrades a lot more if they changed more aesthetically as they upgraded. Also not every weapon should upgrade to an end game strength.

I'm very confused.

Someone please tell me the unlock quest tree to get Savage Deviljho. I don't want to have to do all these shitty village quests.

Save me from this fucking slog.

Trying to upgrade some weapons before getting through to HR7, right now I need some HR Lavasioth parts, a Glavenus scale, and some other shit.
Once I get my Glavenus bow upgraded, I'm gonna grind out Lagiacrus until I can make the gunner armor. Also gonna make the Duramboros blademaster set.
Currently HR Malfestio gunner gear; my skills:
- Use Blast Coat
- Negate Sleep
- Weakness Exploit
- Capture Guru
- Trap Master
Blessed Rain Lv. 3 currently, the Mizu bow.
Tamamitsune, Stygian Zinogre, Daimyo Hermitaur, Tigrex
Yian Garuga

why wouldn't you hit the head with HH?

Glavenus Plate*

It got a pretty massive stun nerf, and somehow someone saying it's pretty low on the headtime priority list became a forced meme.

Come and post your keys, urgents or whatever you need done. I'm just trying to get some cash4gold.

I somehow got disconnected from an empty lobby. New room, same password if anyone is still interested.

HH actually got it's KO damage nerfed pretty good in MHX/G. It isn't trash, for instance soloing a monster with HH without solely focusing on the head I can still score a KO. However Hammer, S&S, and CB all out perform HH in terms of KO damage. So if you're ever playing as a HH with one of each of those you probably shouldn't be given space at the head for a topple.

The rooms were all listed as prowler only holy shit how do these autists function in the real world?

Anyone up for some HR5/HR6 hunts? I'm just grinding some shit out for weapons currently, but we can alternate quests

Room: 47-2275-4133-4023
Pass: 4667

oh. Shame about the nerf, that was one of the best things about it in MH4U.

I see. Hopefully HH will be back where it belongs next game; just under the Hammer.

Giggiloli is pretty lewd she just looks so soft and squishy.

just come join us if your room is empty

Now imagine her cousin Khezu cockblocking you with SKREEEEE spam. Truly the fucking worst.

The Khezu isn't as roar spammy in MHG I'm having a way harder time fighting him though.

sure! I'll just do that then.

Holy shit these disconnects. Though I assume I was kicked.

The disconnects have actually been getting better for me. Last night I was playing for 4 hours without a single one.

By being illiterate and allowing immigrants free into their country.

I just don't know if it's the servers or what, but a month ago this shit never happened.


I hate the small monsters so much.

After that I slaughter all small monsters wholesale. Under any circumstance.

Aerial style is a fucking crutch for players who can't get in hits when the monster isn't lying still.
Unless it's for the IG.


guess I will too. I'll think of it as a time investment.

>having something to prove on an anonymous image board
fuck it, I'll take the bait

You sure showed me user.

They can be used to your advantage in some situations like where you are up against a monster that likes to spam any type of stun, or for LS users who start up their combo and the monster jumps away you can aim it towards a little one and finish it that way sometimes.

It's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons of what your up against.

Rarely do small monsters fuck my shit during the actual hunt, barring bullfangos on occasion. Where small monsters really fuck my shit though is when I'm trying to carve after completion and a pack of genpreys paralyze me while the end quest timer ticks down. Especially annoying if I gotta run to carve a tail.

Lost more than a few carves to this crap and it always leaves me wondering if I missed out on a skyemerald or mantle.

ah yes, I used to do that back on 3U
I do SnS now probably shittily. I just like the idea of taking monsters down with a tiny sword 'n board since every other weapon is a giant hulking thing

remember sword and board is good for status and element damage
bomb element is best SnS

of course
eventually I'm going to make a habit of knocking things to sleep, then blowing barrel L+ on things' faces.

SnS is probably the strongest weapon in the game right now.
It's the element king, and the stun king, it's HAs are great and the striker style is actually beneficial to it because it removes the last hit of your combo that you always canceled out of anyways

I sure love when devs don't understand shit about rewards.

I never left 4U. I'm going to pass on Gen, since spinoff and no G rank. Also, the way anons have been talking about it, like , it just seems like a headache of an experience

It really is, like there's some neat ideas in it, but it's mired by bad execution.
It somehow makes it frustrating to play at times

There are some fun additions, and good ideas (prowlers are great and while styles and HAs feel tacked on, they are mostly fun), but it's also really amateurish in quite a few places. Broken setups, useless ones, abusively high upgrade hurdles for meh equipment, this kind of stuff.
Best way I can describe it ? It's a total conversion mod. It's a mess in comparison to the main series, but the mess also makes for fun broken shit.
I got it for free and a mouse so heh

just kill me now. My purpose is lost

I never really did much in 3U. I might get back to that soon since I never really did much in High Rank or G Rank. I don't expect the servers to be up much longer.

Can someone explain me what the fuck is happening here?
Like not even 4 generals ago the consensus was that everyone hated prowlers and gajinhunter was a huge faggot for advocating prowlers, now suddently everyone loves them?
Make up your goddamn minds already.

Prowlers are bad from a "doing damage and fast kills" perspective because it forces you into a very set skill loadout.
They're fun for a "fuck around" perspective.

I hate prowler, I think it's trash. But it's fun to boomerang down a dobson shark.


Prowlers are only semi decent for gathering quests but they can be outdone by just having gathering skills equipped.
Never tried to play as a prowler outside of their specific quests because their playstyle is too slow and weak unless you're spamming the boomerang in which case you might as well use a bow.

Best gimmick in MHG is hellblade gunner armor letting me sharpen my bow/bowgun for a little more damage.

okay what's this?

Grinder skill.

gunners have weapon sharpness now?

No, the grinder skill makes it so that when you sharpen your weapon you get bonus damage for a while, gunners can you the skill eve if they don't need to sharped for any other reason.

Prowlers are an absolute godsend for gathering (faster runners and miners, unhindered by stamina and heat), a good way to make slaying quests fun (and with plunderang you get free monster items from the unstables) and have some really neat skills when you take the time to manage that.
But evidently they're not going to be the jam of anyone who has kill times on the mind. Taking control of a cat isn't going to be as efficient as a hunter for taking down a huge monster, golly gee who would have thought ?

Is that also true in 4U?

The skill doesn't exist in 4U.

Nyanters also just aren't fun to control for the most part. I don't like the way the weapon swings, and throwing boomerangs is boring. They're glorified gatherbots.

There's no grinder skill in 4U, it's one of the new skills introduced in Gen.


I'm on village 5☆ in gen, how long until I have to replace my garuga armor survive?

You could clear to hr 4 or 5 with that armor

Prowlers are trash outside of lazy gathering and fucking about, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

How do i git gud with Gunlance?
Whenever i fire a shell the recoil time allows the boss to rape me as much as he wants, and sidehopping/backhopping don't really do much in many cases.
I'm playing MH4U G Rank btw.

Long or Wide?
If it's normal then the only way out is killing yourself.

That seems to be my problem.
When i have a GL with good damage/sharpness I shoot as little as i can and it works wonderful.
When i have a wide one i shoot very little and i never fast reload.
Now that i think of it my problem with normal is that i do many fast reloads in the attempt of unloading the full barrel into the boss.
I guess i'll have to change that, at least i figured it out.
Thanks user!

I'm new and i have a few questions: how does affinity works exaclty? i know it's a probability of doing crit on hit but i'd like to know more. Should i go with high raw, low affinity or low row high affinity? which weapons should use the first and the last?
What's better: att up, elm/status up or crit eye?

Depends on the weapon.
If you use a slow weapon, like GS, GL, or Hammer, go for high RAW.
If you go for fast weapons, like DS, SnS or IG use element or status.
If you use medium weapons you're good with w/e

Atk Up > Crit Eye on 90% of the times.
Crit eye only starts being better than atk up at an unsually high base raw(I don't know the exact number, but it's at least 220).
Do the math for yourself and you'll see.
Affinity is basically a chance for your attack to do extra 25% damage.Every 10 affinity is a 2.5% increase in DPS.

To answer your question better, crits in moster hunter deal 1.25 times your actual damage, excluding the element and the status (but there are skills to crit with those aswell as the weapon).
If a crit is positive, that's the chance of the weapon dealing 1.25 times damage, but if it's negative, it's the prpbability of the same weapon to deal 0.75 times the damage.
Generally, weapons with low crit have high raw, and vice versa.
Uklanos weapons are a good way to feel the difference, cause they are so strong by the time you make them, that the negative crit doesn't do much, expecially if you can deal with the low sharpness.

does affinity also determines the probability of the crit?

for example a weapon with 36 affinity has a 36% possibilty of landing a crit?

Exactly that

Yes but weapon affinity is always in multiples of 5. Also, every level of the Critical Eye skill increases it by 10.

thanks, i was wondering if a nargacuga sns with crit+3 was still good or if i should just stick with other weapons

Not true, in MH4U you go from affinity +3 straight to +5

IMO the best weapons are the ones with low negative crit like Rajang's.
That's because you can easily turn it into positive, meaning you still benefit from the high RAW and the weapon starts dealing positive crits if you get enough.

I was talking about Generations specifically.

No "IMO"s, just do the math and you'll see which one is best.

Idk how crit +3 works
Also >which one is better
You can play however you like man

Does anyone know how much critical up boosts the crit multiplier? Also, does it stack with elemental/status crit?

Can someone spoonfeed me how to calculate damage?

Are you a fucking double retard?Crit eye does not change gameplay, it's a goddamn damage increase.
Sometimes it's better than atk up and sometimes it's not, this is why you do the math.

Isn't there a skill to make crits stronger?

Yeah there's a skill called "Crit Boost" that makes crits go from 1.25 to 1.40. I think it's new.

Depends on the monster, the weapon and the hitzone. Run the math for weapons you want to use on specific monsters.

This makes you autistic tho

Get out

You don't need a fucking spreadsheet


damn son

next you'll say basic math is for cucks

That's autistic m8


Y'know what's totally rad and anti-autistic? Downing a quart of bleach, famoroni. :^)

Sage for taking the bait

Is Load Up really that good for the CB?

I'm a bit of a completionist and I love monster hunter, but if there is one thing that makes me think it's completely insane to try and 100% the guild card is the fucking size crowns.

How is it even feasible to get all the crowns within one lifetime of playing the game? There are monsters I've fought upwards of 30 times that I have neither the small nor gold crowns.

I'll have to get this off my chest.
The Gen 4 maps suck ass
and the people who designed them should be gassed

Primal Forest is shit but why do you hate Ancestral Steppe?

Not him, but I do think they exaggerate on the slopes and jumping spots, to the point where playing as ranged (including boomerang cat) gets fucking annoying. You need to -constantly- adjust your aim vertically, and in the case of the boomerang, it's likely for it to just go over the monsters or hit the ground.

You responded because you think if you don't someone might think it's true, which it is.

is autism my man.

They were the most natural and fluid looking though. I felt like I was actually in a wild environment, unlike the ones we got now.

Ancestral Steppe is the only one I really like

Exactly this

Shit gets real annoying real fast, especially with faster moving monster like Yian Garuga.

Hopefully the devs realize their retardation and will change their design for MH5

there's this one canopy in the primal forest, area 2, where there's something like a speed bump, which can be used to do jump attacks, but the elevation on either side of it is roughly the same.
Do you mean things like that?

It's annoying with insect glaive too. Any slight incline fucks up getting extracts. Ledges are alright, but slopes can be really shitty.

Since we're on this, I'd like to ask: can you aim the cat boomerang vertically? When the AI cats throw them it always follow the monsters, but when playing as one it just seems to go forward.

So damage calculation is just:
([raw]+[attack up])*([affinity %]*[1.25]) = damage
([element/status]+[elemental/status up])*([elemental/status crit?]*[affinity %]*[1.25]) = elemental/status damage

and swap 1.25 with 1.4 if you've got critical boost

They should add a slight auto aim that makes you shoot at the same vertical height a monster is at when you're shooting from the hip, unless the monster is flying or jumping. This wouldn't remove that much skill from gunning, but it would make it much less annoying on vertical maps.

I mean things like when the entire area is on a slope which makes free aiming useless
So you constantly have to stop and manually adjust your vertical aim.

Aesthetically I don't like the maps either
They look too much like fairy tail land fantasy shit

Yes, vertical auto aim would just eliminate the hindrance of slopes that really only affects a few weapons and not others.

They really should just keep most areas level.

that would be for the best, but it looks like gen4 areas aren't going away

I didn't like Proweler melee either, until started intermingling boomerang and melee attacks. It actually makes for combos similar to S&S.

The dodges are godlike because you can go both forwards and sideways three times, and doing an attack out of a dodge resets the count so you can continue dodging.

Playing as a Prowler is like Sword & Shield and fully charged Dual Swords at the same time, but also with an actually useful attacking Kinsect and a bunch of Arts.

If we're talking about shit that needs to be implemented, an option to remove the short cut of when you press the lock on button twice from ti pointing forward would be nice.

There's this horrible delay when you press the lock on and I'm wired to think that I didn't press it right and end up pressing it twice a lot of times.

Also, request quests that every person needs to solve their own felt like one of the stupidest fucking additions. I'm fine with urgents being that way, but no one wants to do someone else's triple hyper monster quest.


Nothing wrong with it. Might as well complain that some people dodge roll into walls and hit A to climb without sheathing.

I don't have a circle pro pad or a new 3ds. Aiming with the touchscreen is even more cumbersome than any of the other shit we've been talking about combined.

You poor soul. Here I was annoyed that I couldn't fine tune my vertical aim with the c-stick because mine doesn't work well. Having just the d-pad must be torture.

Why not use the physical d-pad?

Sorry, I didn't just mean aiming, I meant moving the camera in general. You tend to need to focus on the monster WHILE you're running around. I don't think you can do both with the d-pad unless you contort your hand into a really uncomfortable pose.

I'm going to do all of these village quests. What am I in for?

That was business as usual with PSP. We had to employ the claw maneuver to play properly.

Running around until the fence switch is ready.

Tons of gathering until 5* I think.

Many players do that because it's essentially a better right stick than the nub, especially if you custimize it to be on the upper rightmost side as possible.
But on the downside you're making the touch screen dirty with your filthy filthy hands.

A metric shit ton of boring gathering.

IIRC Load Up makes Yellow load 5 phials and Red load 10 phials, so it's a good skill for the 10 phial HA. I'm not a CB man though, so I can't really attest to its usefulness. In my eyes, it doesn't seem useful outside of Ultra abuse and the Energy Blade HA.

Ah, yeah that would be a hassle without the nub/cpp.

The nub is shit, but I've tried using the touch screen d-pad and it feels really unresponsive. I don't see how it could be better than the nub, aside from the size being more more accommodating to your thumb.

Or scratching it up if you're a savage with disgustingly maintained fingernails. Have you ever seen some people's touch screens, covered in scratches because they claw at it with their fingertips like animals?

Good thing I eat mine then


Why are you fighting monsters then?
You are the monster.

I miss the thumb cover the original DS had. It was a little strap with a loop on the end, and a small rounded plastic plate on the loop so you could thumb the screen without smudging it. AND the strap worked as a cleaning cloth. I need to scrap together a thing like that for my 3DS.

If I had a tail that grew back like Jho's I'd probably eat it.

just end my suffering

I wish I knew how palico skills worked.

You attack a monster to gain points, and you use those points to activate skills. It's not that hard.

Some are attacks, some give you boosts, others give others boosts, and there are those like sonic bombs and traps.

I haven't been to these generals much, so I don't know what people think of gaijinhunter's cat builds, but I've tried it and it seems pretty effective.

I think it's pretty underwhelming unless you're doing boomerang cat on xboxhueg monsters.

No I mean how getting said skills works, not how to use them.

I think the skills tell you the requirements. Like "Hunt X monster as a cat to unlock"

Cats really fuck up hermitaur and garuga for some reason.

The pierce boomerangs hit a set number of times, they don't continue hitting after that even if they keep going. If you throw them right you can get every hit in even on smaller monsters, either by getting the boomerang to hit at the point where it stops and turns back, or by hitting a few times when it goes and the rest when it comes back.

But yeah, you'll likely get less hits on smaller mosnters, but you can still deal a significant amount of damage and you have a lot of mobility due to being ranged combined with the speed of prowlers.

Done a ton of solo quests with one, and while it takes slightly longer than with my best blademaster equip, I get hit way less. I even managed to do the 3 rajang quest without losing a single acorn.

It's either as a Nyanter or bringing an Otomo with the Skill you want unlocked along. They just have to be present, you don't actually need to play as them.

I hate snow nigger monkey slav shitter so fucking much, I can't take it anymore.


He's not as bad as Tigrex or Garuga. Tigrex just spams charge all day and Garuga has completely broken hitboxes. Blagonga is a cheap cunt but it is somewhat of an interesting fight at least.

It is autism if you can play the game just as well if not better by trial and error and honing your reflexes and muscle memory.
You don't need to be the strongest ever, it just helps.

100% agree. Go back and play 3U/G again and hit up the volcano and sandy plains. They blow the shit out of everything in 4th gen AND 2nd gen.

And don't even get me started on the fuckfest that is MHX's new jurassic whatever map with monsters skipping 6 fucking zones to go take a nap.

I'll take both of them in the arena with no items and a chunk of horse radish stuck in my pooper over the absolute shitfest that is the 3 Blingo-Blango-Blazingo quest.

Sandy plains is my favorite map, this new desert sucks ass

It's a rehash of the Old Desert. I don't really care for either version.

I don't mind snow monkey because he dies quickly. Tigrex, on the other hand has way too much health. If a monster is a spammy fuck it should be a glass cannon like sergio or snow monkey.

The only time I ever thought that was the first time I did the real Tigrex hunt back in MHFU, and that's only because it was my first MH game and I hadn't gotten gud yet. As far as health goes Tigrex is stock generic right in the center of average.

This doesn't count variants or ferocious which all have stupidly bloated health though.

I still use the one from the original DS on my 3DS. There's no reason you can't keep using it, unless it saying "DS" instead of "3DS" rustles up your autism. I wouldn't blame you. It rustles mine, but having a screen covered in finger prints is worse so I can bear it.

While we're on the subject, what should one look for when aiming for the perfect collector palico?
Is hanging out with 2 of em a good idea over healers and fighters?

Hi there, made a hub to hunter Hyper-Tetsu if anyone is interested. Come for the frog bits, or just sell them for cash but I need someone since no one is biting and I'm not good enough to solo the Battletoad

No password, since it's not like this is a popular quest anyways.




Are you talking about the hyper blagonga because I just unlocked that I can tell you what to do. If you mean the regular one I have it but did it forever ago and all I can tell you is the Wycoon gives you the quest.

Is there porn of Toa Tesukatora? I could have sworn I saw it somewhere but I'm not sure where. I don't terribly care for it in particular but I'd really like to know if it actually exists or not.

Jesus that's some deviantart-tier garbage colour scheme.

It's one of the best Frontier OCs believe it or not which is kinda sad.

Sure it wasn't Lunastra?


Nah man, if anyone in the world would know about Lunastra porn it would be me.

Yeah the nips can keep this shit.


Sorry I just used google image search and those were the only ones that were anthropomorphized.

>retard runs to it tee-hee

Why are these advanced village quests so fucking hard? The monsters do so much god damn damage. The 7* hub quests where you fight 5 monsters are considerably easier than these ones. It isn't even that I'm running out of time or potions. The monsters just do so much damage that I get hit twice and die from 100%.

Who thought this was a good idea?

I want monster hunter where you hunt kaiju instead.

farming HR Lagiacrus, get in here niggers

Room: 64-6822-8858-6148
Pass: 2255

They almost fixed it and made something like Apex that wasn't broken. Why in the fuck did they inflate the HP, at all really.

Kaiju Busters and Kaiju Busters Powered on the DS too bad they bombed and we're never getting a sequel

Kill me, Pete.

Don't you have any VE Silver Tickets?

I don't think so. Were does one procure said tickets?
I might have never traded with the Veggie Elder, now that I think about it.

Just playing online with other people will make the old NPC in the center of the hub area give you tickets. Basically they give you a VE ticket, then a bronze, a silver and then a gold, and then it starts over.

You can then trade silver tickets for plates and gold tickets for gems (except elder dragon gems I think),

But I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't been playing online much, because it takes a ton of quests.

Tickets are basically charity rares for carried shitters.

Yeah, just looked it up. Something about raising unity via hunting with guild carded friends.

Right. Back to killing flaming faglizards.

This. It's a real shame because I like the concept, but making it a multiplayer thing was a really bad idea.

Really? The situation we're talking about at this very fucking moment is a guy that's been grinding a plate for over 3 hours with no luck, and your train of thought is "well, only people who get carried need this!"

How the fuck can you even reach a conclusion like that when a full non-mixed set now needs 5 gems to be fully upgraded. Fucking hell.

Consider how many online hunts you have to actually do in order to unlock silver tickets in the first place. Honestly only people that are carried even HAVE that many online hunts, because hunting online is literally the only way they can play the game.

Not him, but I assumed it was because the method of acquisition was multiplayer, so someone like him who specifically deserves it can't have it

I suppose that makes sense. I have a bit of a bias because I play with friends a lot and got a few tickets that really bailed me out from some boring grinding.

Yeah, I can see that, the problem is that for most of us they might as well not even exist due to not being present in the game proper, and basically requiring hacking to acquire.

That is a very questionable way of thinking.
When you reach the end of the game and you have full access to an internet connection or a group of friends that also play MH, what the hell do you do?
Just play singleplayer forever while jacking off whispering "oh i'm such a badass"?

Some people do play online to be carried, but online isn't just there to carry you, it's also just playing MH online, wich is fun in itself, especially if you a have a regular hunting group you always do shit with.

Hell it doesn't even make sense because if your reasoning is entirely focused on the skill aspect of the game, why don't you just stick to the PS2 games for the rest of your life?
You will be completely alone and have all the possible street cred you can have.

The thing is, you're assuming multiplayer is automatically a positive, when in MonHun it's usually the opposite due to either being exceptionally boring due to tearing apart a monster designed for one Hunter with four who all know what they're doing, or instantly carting because the other three are free kills for the monster.

So i've been trying to smokebomb my way to victory in the Gold Rathian/ Silver Rathalos quest but the fucking silver faggot always walks over after a few seconds and notices us.
Am i doing something wrong?

But that's why you find ONE good player you know and play multiplayer with him alone.
Literally the best way of playing multi.

Is this new to Gen?
What I do I dung bomb the monster I want to leave.

That honestly doesn't sound like fun though, one of the best parts of vidya is being able to turn it on and off completely at your whim and not having to adjust for other people's schedules or other meatspace shit. I want to play when I want to play.

Like it or not, multiplayer is an integral aspect of the game, in japan MH got big due to the fact that everyone played it, and everyone ended up playing it with each other.

It was mostly local multiplayer as opposed to internet based multiplayer, but you get my point.

Looking down on multiplayer in general in this series is, i think, the wrong mindset.

Yes, people do use multiplayer to get carried, yes, you take 4 skilled hunters in good gear and they're gonna fuck shit up even at endgame G rank if they know what they're doing, that doesn't invalidate an entire core aspect of the game just because of those facts.

Just because you're great ad doing solos doesn't mean it's not fun to perform in a band.

I'm aware of why it's popular, but that doesn't make it fun to play that way. There's no challenge, no satisfaction in a fight meant to be a devastating blow for blow being reduced to a three minute beating because you suddenly have three other beings of equivalent power to you all beating down on the monster at once.

For you. I like playing with other people. Some of my favorite MH memories are from multiplayer hunts. If I want a real challenge I'll solo, but that isn't the only reason to play the game to me.

While I do like that I learn the move sets and patterns of monsters who shit on me, resulting on me shitting on them, there's something so damn cathartic about gang raping the shit of a monster that once gave me troubles.
I think it was in the last thread that someone posted about a group of 4 people pummeling a dragon to flinching, to flash bombing it while getting away, to trapping it before it gets up, to toppling it, to someone else setting another trap under it and then quest complete.
It's a different kind of fun

Exactly, for me. You're welcome to enjoy whatever you want, but to me multiplayer will always be a waste of resources at best (like in MonHun) or a crippling flaw that kills what could've been an interesting and fun game because all the attention goes to focusing on it and leaving a bare bones two-hour long game that could've been so much more due to it (like in the case of Splatoon.) Thus, I will always have "the wrong mindset" because the "right" mindset simply isn't fun for me at all.

If that's what floats your boat, go for it. That's not what I consider fun.


Doing that once in a blue moon while jerking off is fine, but doing that fifty fucking times in a row? Shameful display.

I like special things, user.
You wanna solo, you turn on the game, BAM you're soloing.
You play with someone, you DCED, BAM, you're soloing.
But playing with someone, sometimes a random stranger with a good but not op set, for several missions, it's special.
You don't know how competent that player is against that specific boss, so you'll take good care of having your lifepowder close, and he'll sometimes do the same.
Being healed into not carting, after an unlucky combo from the boss, and withouth asking for it, it's just special.
Trying to topple the boss, managing to only do a golfswing with the hammer, and instead throwing with that attack another player onto the boss, and he topples it, it's special.
You're preventing yourself from playing the game in all ways there are.

I was talking MH4U, sorry for being unclear.
You can't poop silver and gold rath, because you usually fight them in an arena.

Does monhun play better on a new 3DS ?

4U does, Gen there's not much difference

4th gen engine runs like shit on either.

Looking for stylish AND practical sets for guild gs. I always suck at making them look nice afTer using ASS.

I was thinking more in terms of controls than performance, it having a second stick and all.

I whipped up a mosgharl/seregios crit draw+focus set. It looks pretty good tbh fam.

The second stick is nice to use sometimes, but if you can't manage with lock on and slipping a finger to the screen quickly, you should practice more.

The additional bumpers are nice for hunter arts, especially guild style, as you can put 1 and 2 to bumpers, and have a signal button, saving you from having to open menu and press x to ping.

I play on a 2ds mainly, so Im not sure how hard it is to use the screen to rotate, but on 2dses, its really nice and easy.

Post it you kind user.

O3DS had a second stick too, and it was arguably more comfortable and useful than the N3DS nub. As a personal opinion I hate how the camera in 4th gen works. It simply rotates too god damn slowly, and that's just a straight software design rather than a hardware one.

The N3DS can have the nub replaced with a PSP stick pad pretty easily, and that makes it "better".

Small mobs 24/7

I think, but dont quote me here, that you can set camera speed.


How pretty does it look, if you can take a photo. If not, ill just make it and hope.

I have no idea how to do that, other than taking a picture of my screen with my phone and posting that. It's pretty good if you set your armor colors to black or white because it recolors the entire mosgharl set to a color that doesn't clash with the gold seregios gear.

if you have a New 3DS you can press the home button, go to miiverse and there's an option to save to screenshot album, then you can go to Miiverse from your PC and get the picture from there.

I'll give a go, then. Just got to find a sharp 10 or similar talisman and that might be a pretty good set.

tfw you will never get a good 10 ooo tali

If you have a 3DS you can install CFW on it and take screenshots normally.

Dung Bombs.


Dung bombs on small?
Is this some meme I'm not aware of?

They actually do work, I saw someone use it on a Rhenoplos and he escaped.

It would be weird to talk about building sets in MHGen if you didn't have a 3DS.

No, it really does work. I'm dead serious, try it.

A single rheno….
How useful when the problem is 5 velociprey

I had to take a second glance on that post, but he was making a joke. are you making a joke now?

Were you watching the Brooklyn Rangers?


Weird, I didn't catch that. Jokes are usually supposed to be funny, right?

Never said it was a good one.

Keylay best ranger.
Don't know why I didn't really consider anyone else watched these guys. They're pretty much the only decent MH group I've seen on youtube and pump out videos of their grinding daily.

You forgot the cherry on this shit sundae.

Last day i got a Handicraft +4 ooo talisman.
I find it quite awesome given with a Handicraft 3+ gem in it i reach +7 only with that, and most G Rank shit has that couple points anyway.

Lord have mercy, but my autism compels me to max the fuck out of my equipment when I get it.
Why did the team behind Gen\X have such a boner for tickets? It's like I'm drowning in the fucking things.

It's their inelegant solution for "you need X gem".

And yet they still require gems and shit too, fuck.

I;d rather play the chances and see if I can get 1 or 2 gems in half as many hunts rather tahn doa glorified WAITING IN LINE for my glorious EXACTLY 1 TICKET hand out, especially if I have more than enough fucking materials to craft the thing in question. Atleast I can curse my poor luck and kinda laugh it off instead of just being aggravated by the slow drip of tickets I'm allowed.

I really hope the fucking team tones down their coupon hunter lust by the next game

Just picked up generations yesterday.
God the fucking ruined CB it no longer is satisfying to use and everything seems less fluid.
using aerial hammer now.
Also you guys werent kidding about the slog of bullshit at the beginning.

Also GS seems way fucking slower and I can't seem to do the charge when you hole the sword behind you.

Stopped reading there, CB was hilariously OP in 4U and it got a well deserved nerf.
You got spoiled by babby mode CB and put back in the place where you belong, deal with it.

I wouldnt have given a single shit if they just reduced the damage. they ruined the fluidity of the weapon for me.

Look up the key missions using Kiranico, come back and do that bullshit with a Prowler for lulz or OP gear to wreck it

GS is exactly the same speed as 4u, and I think the motion values are thr same.

Why can't you do it? It's the same as 4u. X, slap, hold down on the circle pad while pressung X, or roll fowards, slap, then hold down and press X, or A slash, then hold A.

Some styles don't have access to it.

Pass 1488

Hunting HR teostra and silver rathalos.

And other shit.

Come if you feel like it.


Oh yeah, forgot people play other than Guild.

Only play Guild. Anything else is an afront to the GreatSwordGods, except MAYBE Striker, as that 5 second lvl 3 Brimstone is nice, coupled with a lions maw every 3 hits.


le gib gub XDDD


Why the fuck can't I find that one HR single Blangonga quest? Is cycling still a thing?

Also, fuck those random ass material requirements for upgrades.

Fucking Bulfangos. A week later and i am still mad.



P3rd had it right, even with the infinite scrap glitch.

MHX fixed more than just that. They tossed out the RNG madness that was 4G's endgame with RNG weapons and RNG armors and RNG cats and RNG charms and RNG quests in RNG maps.

But in return

it's just not a full game.

Nakarkos is the most unsatisfying solo fight in the world.

This is bunk.

I think they should have made the deviant armors have more OP skills. Or imagine deviant tickets letting you make/upgrade talisman. So you'd be grinding hellblade glavenous to craft a handicraft+3 talisman up to a handicraft+10 no slot talisman for example. It would take out the bullshit of charm farming and make deviants worth it for more than just weapons.

I think a cuttlefish monster would have been a lot more fun if it was normal sized.
The anticipation was cool, the sticky mucus/bone status is nice and it was great when you found out what he really was, but yeah the fight itself is shit.

I find that aerial GS is the best for solo grinding it. Just keep lvl3 charging his tentacles, face, and weak spot.

I've only touched Bow and DB so far. still HR5 waiting to GET SOME FUCKING TEOSTRA CLAWS before i start farming for other weapon sets.

Git gud

The Dreadking rath armor is fine but grinding deviants is horrible boring.

well aerial GS is great for grinding the squid if you've got the mats to make a set. Literally just jump and hold X.

God damn this fish.


Imagine if they brought back underwater hunts and let you fight him under water.

Imagine a dual Ceadeus+Ostugaora quest where they fucking hate eachother and you're caught in the crossfire trying to kill both of them.

They're not bringing underwater hunts back unless series returns to home consoles(neberever)

But what if NX is handheld and home console niggs. WHAT THEN.

The NX is going to sink with Amiibo tied around it's neck.

Well then I don't know
I ain't gonna buy it, not after the Wii U anyways. Fucking MH3U at silky smooth 25fps with input delay-machine

We will either get midair fights with ninja stylized wingpacks or space fights, but not fucking underwater fights.

So the best GS i could make was the Dios one BECAUSE THE FUCKER WONT DROP THE HAMMERS FOR MY BOW and for aerial GS what stats should i look for on sets?

so they will give us the tonfa then?

No, they need that to act as a bandaid for the hemorrhaging Frontier players. They'll give us medium bowguns again for one game.

Christ just drop it already, they're never coming back.

crit draw, sharpness+ if you need it, vault, general atk up skills

fucking hell i honestly want to fuck around with the tonfa's as they seem fun and not to mention that they also act as fucking pilebunkers


So at HR4-5 G maccau S?

the only mh game i've played is mhfu, how is the combat in this in comparison?
i found the monster attack patterns a bit simple in mhfu.

by 'this' i meant mh4u

That would have been terrible.

Dont you like giant wolfs user?

Idea for new weapon. Pair of large fist punchy weapons that come together to form something like one of those american gladiator weapons.

The second form is too similiar to the IG, denied.
Keep it simple, one form, just the large fists, but give them a shit ton of depth with many different combos etc.

We've been asking for fist weapons for years now.

heres that closest to fist weapon you guys want. aside from baki dual blades

No more transforming weapons either, they're kinda dumb and either really shitty or really good.


rape man.

I know, but i want to punch shit.
A pile bunker is fine but i'd love to literally punch, combo, perhaps even grapple shit.

Whata bout a whip weapon that can turn rigid and into a large boomerang/disc?

Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

Thanks you user, thank you so much, you're a good man.

I feel we need more blunt damaging weapons. Boomerang that can be used as a glider could be good too.

was actually designed in a manga and i think that was just in one chapter as it was a experimental weapon


neat I never really followed MH outside the games
and porn

Idea: more weapons that have unique characteristics like the sergio and shaggy maggy weapons.
How about a monster where all it's weapons do a bit of stun damage, with reduced raw damage, affinity and sharpness to compensate.
The opposite - a HH and hammer that do a small bit of cutting damage, but with otherwise reduced stats. So with these, you'd be doing significantly less damage, but could stun with DB or cut tails with a hammer.
It would have been cool if Grindr wasn't an armor skill but was unique to glavenus weapons, or if the water fox's weapons had the bubble skill.

/r/ing that big boomerang concept art. I love that idea.

I'd say go for sharpness+2 first if you can.

Welp from what scraps i had i made a set with airborn, constitution knockout king and sharpness +1 ill use that to farm some proper shit.

The monsters are more random and much faster in the newer games. The combat has much more variety in it now with the new weapons and the changes to old weapons.


So whats the deal with aerial GS then? does it remove the 3 stage charge on the ground with something in the air? i just nuked a G.maccau and once in the air i got the charge visual but not sure what i did.
blame the blast GS i guess.

So yeah charge works in the air and with constitution you can combo into itself again i guess?

Wherever i go, i must grapple.


It's pretty effective and essentially you're always ON the monster requiring less skill to play overall and it's less stressful.

But on the downside you're basically doing one move over and over and over, it's really boring.

Also really fucking annoying caemrawise on Nakarkos.

By the way, gajin hunter triggers some people here and makes threads go to utter shit so careful before posting it.

Additionally, i found myself in the role of having to link tutorials to someone that is just starting out, and i found vid related to be much more helpful.

They're slightly less in depth on some things but the most important part is that he writes down the button combinations you need to press on the upper part of the screen as he's talking.
Obviously this isn't a huge deal with GS but it really helped him out when trying to figure how to make specific combos with shit like the CB.

I sometimes forget that people new to the game need all the help they can get and precise visual cues on shit that might come off as basic for the rest of us.

His videos are fine, he just has shit taste
He is normal as monhun players can get.

Don't forget he's friends with the 8-4 crew and defends their shitty localizations.


At least the fuck apologized and changed that shit asap after the hunt was over.

Stop using spinning meteor 3.

You also deal less damage overall because you lose all combo potential, so it's a more support GS if that makes sense.
Striker GS is just plain awful, and Bushido is like striker but also shit because locked charge behind dodge.
Aerial is the only decent non-guild style

Trying to unlock Akantor R armor if anyone wants to play.

First quest is hyper toad x3

Get in here!

I'm trying out the lost musket taking lots of crag shots and clusts to the quests and I don't seem to be able to kill as fast as with melee weapons, am I doing something wrong or are LBG just shit at doing damage?

are these allegations about gaijin hunter?

Gaijin will always have the upperhand since he speaks moon and can take information directly from the japs. Such a shame.

They're true. He was defending them on twitter over the Xenoblade/Fire Emblem shit months back.
I think his videos are okay sometimes, but he is a huge faggot.

You make it sound like some YouTube eceleb is the only way to get that kind of information.

Same art Komori chan, i just want to meteor smash but nakarkos wont let me.

I thought his videos were great and super helpful
I guess I'll just listen when he schools me on monhun, but ignore everything else.
but I'm curious. what were his defenses of shitty localizations?

The usual shit.


Its more common now than a trap placement message about boku no pico.

So in the HR3 version of Nakarkos when you knock him down what are you meant to attack? I assume his back anus for shells but the whole think is a yellow brown mess on original 3DS.

There's a multicolored spot on its back that you can reach when it falls

On his back there is an opal colored area. It takes high damage from Cut, Impact and Shot.

Is that in a different place from the mining point in HR7 version?

Don't you dare talk shit about my bug tank waifu. or THICC in general, for that matter

I think it's a little further back.

Its just funny to see Seltas Queen go up on the board instantly, appropos of nothing else at least 2 people going UHHHHHHHH THIIICCCKKKKK

You have taste.

The highest faggotry.

Annoying online shit?

God damn why is the plesioth urgents damage so ridiculous? a tail swipe is half my health, anything else is a one shot.

On the off chance any of these turbo niggers were any of you I want you to know the following two hunts I netted three webbings each and maxed out my Ala armour and SnS within the next few hours with some groups who weren't autistic leechers.

Also, end your lives.

Yeah I don't get it if your farming a monster shouldn't you be breaking everything regardless. Everyone just break the part they need if it doesn't get broken it's their own damn fault.

Most people think that killing it fast is better, despite certain parts being behind breaks. From my experience, most of these people play aerial style.

Really if your one of those assholes who just wants to kill things the fastest you should be playing L/HBG and nothing else. That way you can just stun lock the monster to death. Aerial style actually the worst thing you can do for time mounting monsters is slower then fighting without them. Aerial style is actually really good for breaking a lot of parts since you get a super high attack with mind's eye, really good for getting high up parts.

I just don't get it either. If you want to break a specific part then bring the tool to do it.

bring a blunt weapon or ammo

bring cutting weapon or ammo

None of these fags bothered to bring ANY of these things to do the job, and I have to assume they wanted someone with some fucking common sense and skill to do it for them.


As long as the blunt weapon for the horns isn't the Hunting Horn, I agree with you.

11/10 Stellar memetics, friendo. Can't wait to bear witness to your next work of art. :^)

I know this is a troll but MH needs more blunt weapons 2 out of 14 is just way out of balance.

what am I doing wrong fucking HR

What monster?

ok im retarded I just looked it up and you cant cut plesioth/lavasioth/zamtrios tails
I thought I was getting rusty only cutting 1/3 monsters tails

Give me some brass knuckles with some kick attacks in here and there and I'm golden. Don't know why we got bugstick instead of that in MH4.

Reminds me of when me and a friend spent 3 hunts trying to cut off the Nibblesnarf's tail in 3U.

Yeah the gauntlets in Toukiden almost made me play that game.

It feels llike you should given how tough it is to get his tail visible

It'd be way easier to cut the tail than the fucking bullshit sand-spewers, that's for sure.

Farming HR Lagiacrus, come hop in!

Room: 18-3868-3625-0081
Pass: 4411

i'd love to uppercut an Uragaan in the jaw, or get my hands on a Tigrex and smash it in to the side of wall or into the ground, KOing it. That would be so fun. Toukiden has gauntlets, too bad they, along with Toukiden as a whole, are absolute garbage.

Fucking hell it's going to be hard to hunt in this set.


No, you kys. Normal is the best GL type in mhx. Not for standard playstyle though.

What the fuck are you doing? If you want to unload the whole barrel use burst, shell quickreload slam boom, or even easier with aerial, hop slam boom.

Your a wrong. 10% of an a outdo AuS at 400. What you might have thought is comparing prowlers AuL with CuS+CuL, that would do worse at around 266.5.

No, you are skipping +4, as in, you still have to get 30 points of crit eye instead of 25.

It's garbage introductory zone and almost all areas are underused as fuck, there are better maps to like in 4th gen, like H.mountrathalos.

Cannon bat, part hammer, part gunlance, part hbg.

It has trash mount and nerfed motionvalues, lvl 3 charge deals 73 instead of 110, you also tend to undershoot with it, so yeah. Overall aerial funlance does a better job of it.

His videos are okay as long as he follows japs opinions and research on things, the moment he brings his opinions into it, it instantly becomes shit, because people even on chans take it as granted.

Anyone here interested in getting the MHX dlc in Gen? I've already converted the files and am in the process of translation. I'd be fine hosting the finished product on mega if there's any interest.

Whats this stuff gaijin talks about with motion values dropping off depending when you hit during the animation? I've never sen someone actualy talk about it in detail, just mentioning 'Oh, Gaijin says so'

Few questions:

What is the process for using it?
Drag and drop onto the sd card?
Are you fluent in Runes or just using google?

There are two types of damage drop offs depending on how you hit.
1. If you hit too far from the center of the GS blade you get a damage drop off(around 20-25% I believe).
2. If you hit too early or too late in the attack animation with yellow sharpness you get 70% drop off for hitting early and 20% for hitting late.
There might be other mechanics, but since no one mentions it looks like they aren't worth a mention.

1) Using the homebrew tool MHX Data Manager ( to import the quests. I've already imported and tested a few of them without any issue.
2) The hardest part of the process is just getting the homebrew tool on your 3ds. I just used FBI to download via the QR code. Then from there just drag drop into the right folder on your sd and import through the manager app.
3) I have a list of most of the quest names translated by someone who does seem to know japanese so there's only the few newer ones that I'll have to struggle with, but I'm keeping a list of the original names and the translation to run by one or two of my friends who are natively fluent.

I only really want the necessary information like title, objective/subquest and so on. I don't have too much interest in the fluff text. I'll leave that to [8-4] to meme up. Instead I was thinking of just leaving basic DLC info such as "Naked fight against Hyper Gammoth" or "Crows Manga Collaboration."
I'd also be fine with uploading my tracking .txt for public shaming/advice on translation

I'll also note that I'm not even close to the first to do this, but I'm going ahead anyway because download links have been cleansed on larger forums due to copyright worries.

i cant think of another none arena shooter where hackers fuck others over more than themselves.

Most of the translation is self-explanatory (ex: "Hunt 2 Yian Garuga" or "Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear") and I'm just using the style established in MHgen release so the naming is the only place which needs actual translation.

I wouldnt mind that, then.
Iut of curiosity, would you have a list of all rewards you can dump with them? I like the idea of having all those extra weapons and armour, but not online.

How hacked are the palicos? Like stupid attack/def? It its just skills, they might be legit dojo cats.

impossible stats.

Oh, just remembered a funny story from 4u.

I laughed a bit. Probably just went into a cheated quest.

What is the max for atk/def?


Oh i bet capcoms gonna be watching this shit if the nx is putting them off now sonys once again top dog in the home console market.

Most of them just give tickets or craft coins for the actual DLC which would make it a bit of a pain to manually write up. I'd just suggest using kiranico or ping's mhgen dex for viewing and then work backward from there to find which quests give the craft materials.

I had a lower HR (4-5) show up clad in White Fatty gear. He left the room after a few lines.

ban Frontier
Ban online

If it tests the waters for a multiplat MH5 i dont care how many tonfas it has. I like the comfyness of Monhun on handhelds, i started with the PSP in fact, but if NX is full hybrid and they could put MH5 on all 3 consoles that would be the best.

Now that youve said that, it may of been the same guy. I thought it was white ajantor, but all akantors are white. Perhaps is was white fat gear and akantornsword.

I'm not partial to the cats at all so I have no Idea what skills are hacks and legit. I did use them for completing those simple village and hub quests but not much beyond that.

Some random joined my hub and gave me this Palico only saying "world's strongest" and doing one quest with me before I was disconnected.

Should I burn this?

That may just be the Japanese DLC distribution cat in which case I'd keep it.

Its ogre.

I always wondered, what an edgelord beltan zipper Benimaru would look like.

Because the discussion was related to youtube as a source of information.

Guess I'll keep it for later high rank prowler quests.

4 U

So in terms of Dragon element weapons is the nakarkos or the dark weapons the better option?

Because aerial GS makes mincemeat of nakarkos and the dark one seems like it could be a waste of elder dragon bones.

What do?

We're never getting a good MH game on home consoles, aren't we?
The last actual good home console port was MHP3HD, and unless you had a japanese PS account with japanese moonrock money you missed out on that and got stuck with the shit tastic MH3U port on WiiU.

P3rd HD had a physical release.

Are those actually deviants or "deviants"? Either way the endgame will probably be saturated with more bullshit instead of adding 3rd and 4th gen stuff and maps that aren't around 5-6 areas long.

So they dont want anyone to play them then.

You make it sound like the handhelds aren't the dominating force for vidya. Besides, the PS3 version of P3rd is considered a separate title.

If they can make some psp/vita games run on ps3/4 they can do it for all of them damn it!

There's not much motivation in the case of Portable 3rd since there's already a separate PS3 version for it anyway. Besides, very few people would choose to play it on a telly instead of on a handheld.

I have only ever played psp and 3ds monhuns, i just want it on my big tv so i can be a lazy piece of shit living the life of NEET excess.

Understandable, and it is comfy and all, just saying that by and large the portables dominate the industry, so from a seller's point of view there's little point in bothering with the less profitable market

Jesus fuck Gammoth as aerial GS is annoying if you are going for the head not a mount. it constantly spins if you bring palicos and its so fucking big 9 times out of 10 you mount it and slide off instantly because its clipping outside the walls of the zone.

This game really has some issues with large monsters.

Did it ever occur to you to switch to Guild style or try ranged?

This is a really unfun aerial fight.

farming trunkspine, this is the only way ive ever gotten them to drop. you need to break the trunk and its faceplate.

Nakarkos' Skeletal weapons have awful sharpness, negative affinity, and relatively low elemental damage. Their only decent point is high raw. The black weapons have terrible sharpness, too, but it's better than the skeletal ones. If you mean the upgraded Nakarkos weapons, their elemental damage is hilariously low, and their raw is even worse than the black weapons; they're sharp, and that's about all they have. The black weapons are better than either of Nakarkos' for elemental damage, but you'll need either a mind's eye + bludgeoning set or handicraft.
You could consider a Gore weapon, too. They have much better sharpness than black or skeletal, element damage slightly lower than black but higher than either of Nakarkos', and raw slightly lower than black. If you're willing to consider Alatreon's weapons, they have great sharpness and extremely good element damage, but their raw is a bit low.

Yeah i used giggy miggys bow for a lot of monster hunter big guy edition and wondered if there was a different one. I know 'just go teostra' is the uncontested best but i like to make every single type of weapon i main for the choice.

So doing nothing new just farming a few brachy hunts for the bow mats i got a new village quest for a Kirin, did that and 3 villages gave me the following:
All listed as 'advanced', i thought you only got the hard single player quests from increasing HR?

Some are given through village requests.

Why cant capcom just release to NX and PS4. Do capcom forget how to make money other than outdated overpriced micro transactions

I finished all my requests before even touching online, i've done nothing and the kirin quest just showed up.

I could see nintendo and sony trying to make a monhun and street fighter V deal. Boy would that fuck over the xbox adopters.

Shit the low rank gammoth GS is a fucking murder machine.

That would be the opposite effect - telly consoles don't make money, the handhelds do. Also, MonHun has never had microtransactions other than for Tri on the Wii which required you to pay to play online.

I know MOnhun has never had any but every other capcom game is dying because of them

If capcom tried to add them I'm sure the CEOs would be murdered in their sleep by autists

Never paid a single smackaroon to go online.

Well monhanbu does have ties to the Yakuza.

Mainline MonHun is safe due to nepotism protection, thank goodness.

I haven't actually played Tri since I haven't gotten around to figuring out how the Wii part of my Wii U works, but on the back of the box for Tri it clearly states that Network Mode is a pay service. If they changed that later, I don't know, but at least at launch it had an online fee.

It wasn't paid. I had it at launch and never paid a dime.

Are you an NA/EU person? From what I'm seeing on Wikipedia apparently the foreign versions had free online which I find odd considering that usually it's you guys who get fucked over on this, but then MonHun isn't nearly as big overseas as it is here

never heard of it in bongland.

Any big business in japan has ties to the yakuza.
But it's not the yakuza people think when they imagine classic yakuza.
No more jackets, tatoos, knives and guns, or at least not if they can find other, less messy methods.
It's more of a conglomerate of white collar business criminals that have more in common with american CEOs and managers.

It's actually funny because "oldschool" yakuza lifestyle is in serious trouble as old yakuzas find themselves unable to find any work once their clans disband or are incorporated into bigger "smarter" and "cleaner" economic based frauds, thus making finding new recruits impossible as it's less and less appealing for young men, regardless if they feel like rebels or not.

Essentially eventually japan will become like the US, where yakuza will be nothing but big corporations doing the exact same shit they did before, but under the protection of national laws custom tailored to give them free reign.

You don't need a gun and a silly tatoo anymore when all major political parties and decades of various presidents are directly financed by you and have to answer to your hand picked men seated firmly in key positions of power.

Sorry for the small tangent.

NA. Looking at the back of the box right now. There is not a mention of payment for online at all.

Oh they will be extinct by then with the birth rates. Even their desperate attempt to push THICC and mature in all their media aint breaking that decline quick enough.

Yeah, it's apparently free in the foreign areas, they charged for it domestically though. I don't believe they did for Tri-G at least though, since the box for that doesn't mention it.

Oh boy.

New thread

I've been running a GS set with Judgement (250 raw, decent green) and the regular 'los set (AuL, weakness exploit) with a talisman that lets me get bludgeoner (but drops it to AuM). It wrecks shit.

I think bludgeoner sets don't usually need minds eye, unless you're hunting the metal raths. Just aim for weak spots. Even with the nakarkos, just aim for its tentacles and head.

I like using HH on gammoth and hitting the head, or some other very mobile weapon like SnS or bow, with adept style so I can avoid his surprisingly quick attacks. Fucker wont stay still for being such a huge monster. Worst new monster, aside from squid.

Enjoy the rape. I did so bad in that I think I chugged 8 mega potions on snow monkey alone.