Still Waiting

Well that sucked.


Eh, the Warband CRPG fanboys are wanting to jump on anything now adays.

A bomb could go off in your face and you still wouldnt know if it was a bad thing

Watched the combat trailer. Looks like Warband with less variety and more polished animations. I don't want to get the idea that "everything medieval is mountain blade", but it really does look the same.

Its from dudes who run the CRPG server for Warband I think.




Fucking hell kid, relax.
Bannerlord will be good, but I don't think it is really focusing on Multiplayer, if that means anything to you.

Enjoy not being able to admire your sick ass armor, pleb


nice one butterlord

What now, footfag?

>not staring at yourself in the mirror party screen all day long

wewlad you need to keep up with the news

I don't even care what it is

How did you expect any other outcome?

I find it pretty intresting the empty void Warband/NW leaves in peoples PC gaming hearts. Nothing really compares too it.

is this a joke?

The new siege defense video has new sfx.


shut the fuck up, dont lie




Screencap my posts, we already put it in the game.

It was one of the things they released about the game right after they first announced it though. Go check their blog.

latest interviews said "we're thinking about it but no" so suck my cock you turkish bastard

I think this is a shit maymay.

t. not a russian


There was an interview recently where a dev was asked about coop because it was the most player requested feature. Dev said it was "hopeful". Take that for what you will.

Is this from FEAR?