Pol.yps started collecting and doxing portlan protestors, among them many comrades...

pol.yps started collecting and doxing portlan protestors, among them many comrades. whether you protest with the libs or not this is going to be an issue from now, they team up with their friends within the police and feds to start manhunts and cyber abuse.
what can burger comrades do and how we non-burgers can help them.
europoor btw.

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concern bump

Truly Holla Forumstards are the same as SJWs.

Was there ever an iota of doubt?

SJWs with severe psychopathy. they however as i have seen have tendency to turn up at different dumptrump protests to taunt participants. attend the protests and try to single out these ppl. take note of them, they are most certainly active stormfag posters.
also there was some retard showing up on this board the other day advertising Arktos a company run by a Swede, so they could be connected to that branch,
these shits do this as a day job, and get paid for it.



is it really doxing if they're just using public info–mugshots/arrest records?

they're probably just pissed these people aren't afraid to show their faces for their politics, unlike Holla Forums

These wastes of space are not my comrades, fam

your extreme lack of solidarity is concerning

These coddled idpol pieces of shit are a cancer on the left.

Solidarity in what?

What noble cause is this that we're supposed to be taking part in?

Oh yeah Hillary lost and the other plutocrat won instead.

Yeah this is so worth going onto the streets for.

Trump's environmental policies alone are enough of a reason to protest, you fucking liberal.

How do you know if they subscribe to idpol or if they voted hillary? Because they look like they might?

they're not protesting about that. they're angry that their candidate lost; that the mean man who says nasty things won; that's it. there's no deeper meaning or objective.

Are you judging them based on their looks?

yes he is, he's shallow and therfore thinks everyone is shallow as himself

wake up, lad

I don't understand why leftypol is quick to say that. Half of Hillary's voters only voted for her because they thought Trump would be worse. These are not people who are mad their candidates lost, but who are mad the other guy won, they don't care about Hillary. And before you say "well but hillary is worse" well yea, I know, but the point of liberal capitalism is to tranquilize to masses and appear more enlightened and reasonable to parts of the working class, so it's no wonder people don't stay calm when liberalism loses.
Also, it sound like you're trying to be more rightful than smart. People are extremely open to leftist ideas now, because centrism has failed. If you prefer to sulk in the corner and hate them for voting for the dems then you lost a huge number of potential leftists.

because it's exactly what comes out of their mouths, their twitters, and the signs they carry at their pathetic "protests"
don't care
i'm not trying to be anything. i'm just observing and illuminating the stupidity and inefficacy of others. don't like it? ignore me
"trump is a racist/misogynist/nazi/fascist!!1" "it was HER turn!11" is not "leftist ideas"
i hate them because they're idiots. and if they were "potential leftists" they wouldn't think as they do in the first place.

One iota of support for Hillary fucking Clinton displays irreversible spookedness.

Your groups will be co-opted as long as they rely on open forums. Learn to TOX and I2P.

And? These aren't the only ideas expressed in those protests, and besides I said that people are open to leftist ideas, that doesn't mean they're shouting them on the street right now, but that it's far easier to radicalize them now than ever.

they're overwhelmingly the main ones. there's been no indication of class consciousness and radical thought expressed during the past week. it's all liberal idpol bitching from angry clinton cultists

You could help yourselves by allowing people to get to work, not conducting satanic rituals in the street, not waving Mexican flags and not "non-violently" destroying property

lol oh no, think of the porkers!
who cares

Bump because I'm still concerned

I sure hope Holla Forums is right on this one and the protests are organised by Soros.

As someone who had to suffer from those Orange revolutions I hope Americans themselves will know how it feels when your country gets taken over by people who's only interest is to sell as much of your country to foreign interest as possible, while doing so somehow will help us defend from Russian aggression.